Christmas 2014


I’m taking a break from AoTR for the next few weeks, I’ll get back to it again in January.

‘Tis the season to remind your “conservative” friends that the war on Christmas is just one front in the jew-led war on Whites; that the worship of a mythical jew named Jesus is being steadily replaced by an even more queer, more explicit worship of the jews, as a people, in the right here and now; and that this newer form of jew worship is enthusiastically embraced by even the most powerful and irreligious “liberals”. See, for example, Joe Biden Lights Menorah With Praise for Jews and Obama: I’m Jewish ‘in my soul’.

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  1. that gross Judaic symbol on the WH lawn tells us exactly Who Rules. One can only imagine the Jew/MSM reaction if, for instance, an overt Christian symbol – say, a creche – was similarly displayed

  2. Merry Christmas and a White New Year

    Medieval Sourcebook:
    Antiochus Strategos: The Sack of Jerusalem (614)

    The beginning of the struggle of the Persians with the Christians of Jerusalem was on the 15th April, in the second indiction, in the fourth year of the Emperor Heraclius. They spent twenty days in the struggle. And they shot from their ballistas with such violence, that on the twenty-first day they broke down the city wall. Thereupon the evil; foemen entered the city in great fury, like infuriated wild beasts and irritated serpents. The men however, who defended the city wall fled, and hid themselves in caverns, fosses and cisterns in order to save themselves; and the people in crowds fled into churches and altars; and there they destroyed them. For the enemy entered in a mighty wrath, gnashing their teeth in violent fury; like evil beasts they roared, bellowed like lions, hissed like ferocious serpents, and slew all whom they found. Lile mad dogs they tore with their teeth the flesh of the faithful, and respected non at all, neither male nor female, neither young nor old, neither child nor baby, neither priest no monk, neither virgin nor widow….

    Meanwhile the evil Persians, who had no pity in their hearts, raced to every place in the city and with one accord extirpated all the people. Anyone who ran away in terror they caught hold of; and if any cried out from fear, they roared at them with gashing teeth, and by breaking their teeth on the ground forced them to close their mouths. They slaughtered tender infants on the ground, and then with loud yelps called their parents. The parents bewailed the children with vociferations and sobbings, but were promptly despatched along with them. Any that were caught armed were massacred with their own weapons. Those who ran swiftly were pierced with arrows, the unresisting and quiet they slew without mercy. They listened not to the appeals of supplicants, nor pitied youthful beuty nor had compassion on old men’s age, nor blushed before the humility of the clergy. On the contrary they destroyed persons of every age, massacred them like animals, cut them into pieces, mowed sundry of them down like cabbages, so that all alike had severally to drain the cup full of bitterness. Lamentation and terror might be seen in Jerusale. Holy churches were burned with fire, other were demolished, majestic altars fell prone, sacred crosses were trampled underfoot, life-giving icons were spat upon by the unclean. Then their wrath fell upon priests and deacons; they slew them in their churches like dumb animals.


    Thereupon the vile Jews, enemies of the truth and haters of Christ, when they perceived that the Christians were given over into the hands of the enemy, rejoiced exceedingly, because they detested the Christians; and they conceived an evil plan in keeping with their vileness about the people. For in the eyes of the Persians their importance was great, because they were the betrayers of the Christians. And in this season then the Jews approached the edge of the reservoir and called out to the children of God, while they were shut up therein, and said to them: “If ye would escape from death, become Jews and deny Christ; and then ye shall step up from your place and join us. We will ransom you with our money, and ye shall be benefited by us.” But their plot and desire were not fulfilled, their labours proved to be in vain; because the children of the Holy Church chose death for Christ’s sake rather than to live in godlessness: and they reckoned it better for their flesh to be punished, rather than their souls ruined, so that their portion were not with the Jews. And when the unclean Jews saw the steadfast uprightness of the Christians and their immovable faith, then they were agitated with lively ire, like evil beasts, and thereupon imagined an other plot. As of old they bought the Lord from the Jews with silver, so they purchased Christians out of the reservoir; for they gave the Persians silver, and they bought a Christian and slew him like a sheep. The Christians however rejoiced because they were being slain for Christ’s sake and shed their blood for His blood, and took on themselves death in return for His death….

    When the people were carried into Persia, and the Jews were left in Jerusalem, they began with their own hands to demolish and burn such of the holy churches as were left standing….

    How many souls were slain in the reservoir of Mamel! How many perished of hunger and thirst! How many priests and monks were massacred by the sword! How many infants were crushed under foot, or perished by hunger and thirst, or languished through fear and horror of the foe! How many maidens, refusing their abominable outrages, were given over to death by the enemy! How many parents perished on top of their own children! How many of the people were bought up by the Jews and butchered, and became confessors of Christ! How many persons, fathers, mothers, and tender infants, having concealed themselves in fosses and cisterns, perished of darkness and hunger! How many fled into the Church of the Anastasis, into that of Sion and other churches, and were therein massacred and consumed with fire! Who can count the multitude of the corpses of those who were massacred in Jerusalem?

  3. Know nothing about this venue (TFeed), but seems to let me comment. You speak of Jesus very irreverently. And though I am an evangelical, I don’t intend to lecture. I try to avoid the futile. But I see you as a thoughtful, reasonable man with whom I agree on the Jewish issue. You are clearly an advocate of white interests and seem to exhibit a rare integrity. This I especially gleaned from an interview I heard you on the receiving end of in which you questioned a self-professed Jewish man who admitted to essentially rejecting “Jewishness” asking if he would in all forthrightness leave the domain of whites if it would further their interests. He said he would, but the implication of your question was that you would in all integrity do so yourself. I was a little surprised by this but I believed you to be sincere and it spoke loudly as to your genuineness. Ahem, now to my point. The Europeans that settled, created this country were Christians in absolute terms – 99%, P, 1% RC, 1789. This reality as to their peoplehood is so great a dimension that it has pervaded everything they have been for two millenia and if asked two generations ago would have consistently confessed it to be the most salent identifier as to their peoplehood. Let us leave for this moment the other great dimension – their genetic identity. What I am perplexed and frustrated about is the frequent open hostility to this great, and historically most cherished of all dimensions of white people by white advocates. I am not speaking about their personal position on religion. I am talking about the respect and deference that is due this matter. Why would civilized, thoughtful, and advocacy oriented whites gratuitously so disrespect other white people in this way considering the obviousness of what I have just related? I do not speak here of just criticism. This is due in severest terms. I do it myself. It is certainly possible to assail the “church” culture at large today and still show onesself defferential to the historic religion and to such a large portion of the people who still cherish it. I speak of a reasoned, rational balance here. Perhaps I am wasting my time with this. And yet to me it is so obvious in its reasonable ness that it smacks of the fatuous. But I tell you this, as serious an identity person that I am, it is a soreness between me and those who exhibit a despising, sneering posture in this vital matter. Should this not be an obvious and most human response on my part? If I represented but a tiny remnant of said Christian whites, it might be an inconsequential matter ultimately. The question is, do I? And finally, may I just appeal to common human (if not Christian) decency. Where is the kindness as in kindredness?

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