Fear and Genocide


I argued in the last installment, Pathology and Pathogen, that jewish psychoanalytic theories of “anti-semitism”, as a form of inborn mental disorder that afflicts non-jews, are not just a pseudo-scientific fraud, a one-sided view of jews as blameless dressed up as disinterested and authoritative science, but that behind that fraud, driving it and enabling it to work effectively, are real racial differences in consciousness and mentality.

In short, the jews deliberately psychopathologize Whites to manipulate Whites. And they generally get the defensive, demoralized, ennervated reaction they seek. As an example, even some Whites who have a greater than average understanding of race and the jews pay lip service to a vaguely defined “white pathology”, a loaded term which to a degree adopts the jewish view, seeing Whites as afflicted with a congenital mental disease which is the ultimate source of any problem we complain about.

Andrew Joyce’s article, which I was responding to, at least implied a connection between White pathological behavior and the jews. I only drew a line connecting those dots. In many other cases, however, the use of the term “white pathology” seems to have the effect if not intent to distract anyone from making a connection to anyone but Whites. The very idea of pointing a finger at anyone besides Whites is seen as irresponsible, as a sign of stupidiy or insanity, or even “white pathology”. It is in these more blatant examples that the solipsistic and tautological nature of the term “white pathology” becomes clear.

I didn’t know until today that when you google “white pathology” the top two hits are to Tim “White Like Me” Wise, a jew who literally makes a living at psychopathologizing Whites. I’ll leave it to the pro-White people who continue to use the term “white pathology” to try and distinguish their thinking and purpose from Tim Wise’s.

One response I got to Pathology and Pathogen reminded me of an important point, another connection, which I’ve neglected to mention.

Tanstaafl is still caught up in his monocausal explanation of White pathology : it’s all the fault of the Jews. … There must exist some congenital weakness in Whites, but Tanstaafl refuses to acknowledge that. In this he is remarkably similar to the Jews themselves : the own group is never at fault.

This kind of comment is an illustration of the jewish psychopathologization I’m talking about. The term “monocausalism” is another way of saying “anti-semitism”. It’s more psychoanalysis. The implication of the term in either case is that it’s stupid and even crazy to find fault with the jews – the only difference is in how much fault.

I took this comment as an attempt to use the very psychological mechanism, the weakness I described Whites as having relative to jews. Jews exploit the White tendency to objectivity and even-handedness by cultivating a truly pathological fear, the fear that siding wholeheartedly with our own race against its enemies is stupid or crazy.

At the root of all this, and the point I’m trying to emphasize this time, is the comforting delusion that Whites don’t have any real problems or enemies but ourselves. In fact, this term “monocausalism” was actually coined a few years ago by someone who was upset that I had identified and criticized the promotion of this delusion, which I called the “suicide meme”. What I had noticed is that certain pundits use the term “white suicide” as a way of blaming Whites and excusing the jews. The idea is that something’s wrong. What’s wrong? Whites are killing themselves! Therefore, not the jews. This kind of thinking is particularly popular with pundits and in forums which allow some limited expression of racial awareness but more or less actively suppress criticism of the jews.

There’s a connection between “white suicide” and “white pathology”. They operate on the same psychological mechanism. The rationale is that we’re supposedly smart and sane if we take responsibility, if we DON’T blame someone else, or at least as long as we don’t blame the jews. So instead we’re encouraged to do something truly stupid and insane, and blame our own race. Not ourselves personally, mind you. That’s a key part of the trick. It’s an appeal to SELF-esteem as opposed to GROUP-esteem. This idea is that our poor race is ill, but not we individuals who are capable and enlightened and accept “white pathology”.

Seeing these mind games and finger-pointing as part of a “conflict of interest” between Whites and jews is a way to explain what’s happening objectively. It’s accurate enough. But perception of the conflict really shifts when you shake off the urge to stick to an objective view, above and outside the conflict. When you recognize jewish manipulation and fraud and take it personally rather than detaching yourself from it. When you recognize the insidiously stealthy and consciously aggressive hostility of an implacable racial enemy. Once you see it this way it’s impossible to justify inaction. When you see the asymmetric relationship between Whites and jews as essentially parasitic, when you realize it has gone on for millenia, then attempts to excuse and shift blame become beside the point. Do you side with your own kind, or with the parasite, the pathogen afflicting them?

Here is another reason why recognizing the long-term, parasitic, asymmetric racial conflict for what it is is more useful than any amount of demoralizing hand-wringing about “white pathology”, “white suicide”, or “monocausalism”. The inevitable fallback, the next false fear that gets played up whenever the “not the jews” trick fails, is that Whites will become “just like the jews”, “as bad as the jews”. The host will turn into a parasite? Wouldn’t that be a neat trick. It’s based on the same premise as Boasianism – the jewish fraud that racial characteristics are superficial and plastic. Who would Whites parasitize even if we could start thinking and behaving like parasites? The other parasites? How would that be worse than being preyed upon and blaming ourselves into extinction?

The nonsense of the “suicide meme” really comes out when compared and contrasted with the more apt term, genocide. I ran across an excellent example this week on Twitter.

Bronze Age Pervert: “When you use made-up words like “genocide” remember to whose tune you’re dancing, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raphael_Lemkin there’s a reason word didn’t exist”

Indeed, let’s never forget and never forgive the jews for coining and promoting the word “genocide”, which like “racism” they have used to guilt-trip and psychopathologize Whites. But at least “genocide” captures the essence of the phenomenon, the group conflict, and doesn’t let anyone else off the hook like “suicide” does. I’d be happy to use another word. We could call it “jewicide”, death by jewing. That would fit the toxic effect jews have even on non-White groups. But there’s no good reason for Whites to care about any other genocide more than White genocide. Decrying White genocide is an appeal to White sanity, not a plea for mercy from the jews.

Bronze Age Pervert: “You don’t have to be Frankfurt skrewl Marxist pro-diversity/whatever to be turned off by silliness of “white genocide”/”love your race” bs”

Here’s the pervert’s real problem. He doesn’t identify positively as White. He doesn’t love his race. Even overhearing somebody else saying they do “turns him off”. It’s somebody else’s fault that he’s a narcissist.

Bronze Age Pervert: “@caseysuperstar It’s trite stuff savages do, other races with no history of achievements. White people who need this boosterism are fucked.”

Only “savages” have the good sense to cheer for their own team. “Civilized” folk sneer at their own team. Deny they even have a team. This is how rootless cosmopolitans actually think.

Bronze Age Pervert: “@caseysuperstar It’s sappy victimology, gives comfort to enemy, worst of all false. Problem is white suicide, not genocide.”

That’s the crux of it: “sappy victimology, gives comfort to enemy, worst of all false”. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But that same criticism applies just as well to calling it “suicide”.

I summed up this pervert’s line of thinking: “I wish they’d stop complaining about genocide, it’s suicide”. If it’s suicide, something voluntary, why is anyone complaining about it? Why complain about that complaining? How does that help?

Casey, a self-professed national socialist, didn’t see it my way – he liked the pervert’s twits, and retwitted that last one, which is how I found the rest. Casey summed up his own rationale this way:

Casey: “@eurorabbit @BronzeAgePerv If you want all the good men to run away, don’t take responsibility for anything and create a victim complex.”

“Victim complex”! Psychoanalysis again. We might turn into jews!

Calling it “white suicide” is the opposite of taking responsibility. First, it’s excusing anyone but Whites from having any role. Second, and probably more important, it’s about running away. By calling it “suicide” you’re excusing yourself from having any role in doing something about it.

I’ll wrap up this installment with a few minutes from a recent podcast by Bill Rhyes (“Anders Behring Breivik 2”, 12:12-16:50, 6 Feb 2015). Rhyes addresses the importance of getting our heads straight and offers a clear, unblinking view of the harsh reality of our situation. For that very reason his attitude is an inspiration to good men, good White men.

Fear of genocide. Fear that you’re responsible for not doing anything about it, that you won’t even recognize it for what it is. These are legitimate fears for good White men to have.

18 thoughts on “Fear and Genocide”

  1. “… the fear that siding wholeheartedly with our own race against its enemies is stupid or crazy.” or unchristian. This is what I find amongst well meaning Christians. “Love thy enemy” the implication being “even if it kills you”. Is this not the nihilism Nietzsche spoke of. It is time for a revaluation of values.

  2. Good point Helvena. Christianity has been and still remains the most prominent example of European mentality being manipulated by jews, not to mention facilitating their infiltration from the very start. Of course, the jews have infiltrated, manipulated and exploited others too, even where Christianity wasn’t/isn’t a factor. Their injection, substitution and mutation of moral codes is key.

  3. About Raphael Lemkin – He was no friend of us. He was involved in creating the gas chamber narrative after the war, as described in a book by James Joseph Martin. So, it is strange that the same Lemkin also wrote this in 1944:

    “Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed against the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed against individuals, not in their individual capacity, but as members of the national group.”

    I wonder what is the explanation for that text, because it doesn’t fit too well with the objectives of today’s Jewish holocaust narrative. It describes a genocide without mass killings. Maybe it describes how Lemkin saw the Polish policy towards Jews in the 1930s? It would be interesting to know what he wrote before the war about efforts to assimilate the Jews by force.

    What I like about Lemkin is that his definition of genocide was adopted by the United Nations and incorporated in the laws of western countries. The penalty for organizing genocide in France is a life sentence. Of course, the government will not send itself to jail. But still, it’s great that the Jewish inventor of the word said that genocide doesn’t have to be accomplished by mass killings. And also, the UN description mentions race, births, children, and the physical destruction of a group. Even though it doesn’t mention race replacement through government organized mass immigration, it still conveys the idea that deliberately destroying the biological continuity of a race is a great crime. And it doesn’t say an exception should be made in the case of White people. So, it is clearly incompatible with today’s Jewish agenda of wiping out the White race, and with the idea that non-White invaders are just as American as the children of White Americans.

    I think Lemkin’s example shows that Jews make mistakes. They don’t always know what they are doing. They may have been parasites for more than 2000 years, but it doesn’t mean they follow a particular plan. I don’t think they invented Christianity and Islam to have control over the goyim. At different moments in history, the church may have been subverted by Jews. Today, many priests think that the Christian thing to do is to bring in as many non-whites as possible and to forget about transcendence. But at other times, Christian institutions have served as a protection against Jews.

    Some people think that today’s troubles are rooted in the distant past: they think some kind of toxic liberal seed coming from the Puritans or from the Jews was planted in White society at some time, and it was all downhill from then on. But I think they pay too much attention to the history of ideas and ideologies. In fact, the current racial crisis in the USA is due to the massive Jewish immigration that took place in the last part of the 19th century. The political ideas of the Founding Fathers are not responsible for that. If all the Jews had been expelled to Palestine after WWII, there wouldn’t be any big racial crisis today in the West.

  4. Pretty good smackdown of whoever was propagating the suicide meme. I don’t particularly care for it. I think it is an attempt to stifle White collectivism, which at this point in time, is suicide.

    I don’t know if your conclusion that it is irresponsible to call it White suicide necessarily follows from your premise,but as this is rhetoric and not dialectic,it hardly matters.Dialectically, I call it-not irresponsibility,but reckless disregard for the interests of Whites.

    I’m a big fan of personal freedom and the consideration of individual rights and liberties,but those are not what is being threatened. What is being threatened are the collective interests,culture,traditions,history,language,arts,sciences,civil rights, and genetic identity of the White race.

    Without the White race and their civilization, nothing in the way of individual rights can ever exist for anyone.

    Hence, for practical reasons, the concern for individual rights,status,or freedoms must give way to the interests and rights of the White collective under the nation-state model.To blame the challenges the White race faces on the White race itself does nothing but demoralize the majority of ACTUAL good White men who are out there risking their livelihoods,their health,their reputations, their safety, and sometimes their lives for…a bunch of useless crippled masochists,I guess, according to the suiciders.

    That is without even getting into the dangerousness of directing the attention of the troops providing cover fire towards their own ranks when the bullets are coming from the other direction and we know they are because the jews use “tracer rounds” in the form of proudly announcing their attacks against us even as they attack us.

    I don’t want to silence or censor those exploring the psychology of the White race,wherever it may lead,but we all have to get on the same team here.Even if White genocide did not exist, which it does, because the jews admit they are doing it, it would still be just the kick in the ass that complacent middle-class Whites need to get their acts together and stop bending over for the government and our racial enemies.I should state here that I have no class animus against them,I can see that they’ve been trying to do SOMETHING. The problem is that what they are doing starts with reformist assumptions and thus they eschew the radical Whites who offer the only realistic pathway to White sovereignty and White agency;burn everything to the ground and start over.

    The Constitution,it turns out, was a poor contract with government for Whites. Whites need a new contract with government, and the only way to get that is by convening a new government.

    Whites must learn from the mistakes of Adolf Hitler and Jefferson Davis.There can be no compromise.No surrender. No peace on terms even slightly amenable to our enemies.

    They must be broken,humiliated,and finally obliterated.

    Then we must trample their martyrs and heroes,vandalize their monuments,temples, and icons, desecrate every aspect of their identities,every cherished belief and precept, in perpetuity.

    We must do it to them because if we don’t, they will do it to us.

    We cannot bargain our way out of this. We cannot simply stick our toes into this business,making half-hearted appeals to White identitarianism that are false into the bargain. We must dive into the blood and filth and festering sewage with both feet,hope it washes off, but if not then we shall consider ourselves lucky to have died of noxious contamination serving our race and safeguarding its survival rather than crawling on our knees before our jewish masters.

    We must be prepared to meet the enemy on its own terms and to win on the enemy’s terms and to deal with the conquered in the same way that they have dealt with us. This is absolutely guaranteed to shock the enemy to its very core and leave them reeling in disbelief.

    We must do to them the very thing that they were planning to do to us. Nothing else will guarantee lasting victory.

  5. thanatos, agreed. Jews and other non-Whites hate us and want our genocide, so their hatred must be outmatched by ours. The Germans thought they could win WWII honorably and without hatred of the Allies. Hatred, however, is necessary to win wars; the outcome provd that. The Christian impulse for non-judgment and aloofness needs to be stamped out. We need to see our racial enemies as pure evil.

  6. Tanstaafl, you complain about the slogan “self genocide” applied to the white race. You stated, it takes “two to tango”, so that cannot be the case, if it was not self inflicted, then it cannot be called “self genocide”. Well, if a species allows it’s environment to become a hazardous killing ground, and it’s offspring to be trained to participate in said activities. No matter the influences, all the while that species possesses the abilities and ability to create the tools to stop such an assault, I would claim Tanstaafl is only arguing semantics.

    Just another middle class well groomed, passable diction, sprinkled with a well asssortement of adjectives. But in the final analysis another liberal bloviating populism in place of the complexity and hard choices of real positive solutions.
    Nah…..real positive solutions are boring, unexciting, and require long term commitment.
    Oy Vey….its christianity, nope capitalism, er uh maybe democracy…….ad nauseum.

  7. Northpal,

    you complain about the slogan “self genocide”

    I’ve never heard that particular contradiction in terms.

    I would claim Tanstaafl is only arguing semantics

    I think semantics are important. And that your claim comes across as tu quoque.

    the complexity and hard choices of real positive solutions


  8. So you came here to complain that I’m not doing work that’s consistent or hard enough in your eyes. Let me address that point in language I think you can appreciate. Go fuck yourself.

    From that radio clip it seems you recognize at some level that you’re urging Whites to do what they don’t have any problem doing – creating, operating, and flocking to nice, safe, local, local, local places to live. I think what Whites have a problem with is not in their hindbrain, in their instincts, but in their forebrains – in failing to explicitly see and identify positively as part of a larger racial group with common interests and common enemies. I think you can’t understand why there’s a jew on every local school board, and believe national socialists aren’t because they’re just lazy, because you don’t understand that most Whites don’t see jews as their enemy. Worse, you may not even believe they need to.

  9. ” Let me address that point in language I think you can appreciate. Go fuck yourself.” – spoken like a true coward. (from far away).

    “you can’t understand why there’s a jew on every local school board, and believe national socialists aren’t because they’re just lazy, because you don’t understand that most Whites don’t see jews as their enemy” – As usual, you egg heads have an answer for lack of action. So what you are telling me is that most whites in mainly white areas accept the feminizing gender bending, race mixing,anti white hostility and white guilt.
    That taking office in a white community to improve that community is itself unworthy and threatening. In other words , have no civic pride.

    Then, explain to me “white flight”, explain to me the resistance to gun control, explain to me the over whelming white male vote against Obama second term.

    But you would be the idiot on a soap box yelling “it’s the jews” instead of quietly, methodically eliminating the threat (especially to children) from the jew. And for your information, a lot more people realize the jews corruption but for many reasons are too timid to just say it, but do acknowledge it. It is the jew school taught holohoax which is slowly state by state becoming mandatory that applies the mental block.
    But you are going to “wake” everyone up with a indullectual little chat ?
    So you reach 10% of 30 yr olds who graduated from jewVersity and by now are entrenched in the economic and social strata. Well there are the 90% you never reach, then the 90% of the previous graduated class, then the 90% …all the way down to the indoctrinated 14yr olds entering high school. Even you must see the law of attrition mounting against you. Forget the fact that the person you might “wake” can have a spouse who will influence said person back to “sleep”. Forget the fact that for every race mixer,they are denying other whites racial mates.
    You do not see the numbers game you are headed to lose?
    Finally, clue me in on ah…….a half dozen racially aware candidates for school boards in the last 5 years.
    Now, get off your self appointed high horse and start contributing REAL solutions, other than just “pissing in the wind”.
    And no my panties did not get all knotted up because someone disagrees with me, and with false bravado, curse you out. But, if I poked a hole in your home made fort in your room and the cold fresh air instead of clearing your mind slapped your scowling jowl, I never once demanded the throne of your self appointed kingship.

  10. Where have you done what you’re urging others to do? Are you leading by example in any way other than simply haranguing others on the internet?

    Then, explain to me “white flight”, explain to me the resistance to gun control, explain to me the over whelming white male vote against Obama second term.

    I already did. These are all examples indicating that White instincts for self-preservation are not the problem.

    You do not see the numbers game you are headed to lose?

    I’m concerned more about acquiring and propagating an accurate understanding of reality, whatever the numbers.

    spoken like a true coward
    you egg heads
    the idiot on a soap box
    self appointed high horse
    pissing in the wind
    the throne of your self appointed kingship

    Your panties certainly are in a bunch. You should take your own advice. Stop talking and do something.

  11. I’m concerned more about acquiring and propagating an accurate understanding of reality, whatever the numbers.
    The conversation is always ,what’s best for the race as a whole, it is not about YOU.
    Your panties certainly are in a bunch. You should take your own advice. Stop talking and do something.
    First off, I have been doing “something” since before you were born. It’s your turn, youth and energy are a limited resource as you will soon find.
    Us know nothings are in a fight , dismantling a well known teachers union. That’s as far I’ll go on that, I do not need to post a resume to the likes of you..
    We have been trying to part just a wee bit of knowledge to the rest of our white European brothers. This internet is both good and bad. Yes we need good propaganda, but what is the purpose of it, the end game ?
    We must hold or get our governments and resources back, where we can. Our biggest fights have not been with non-whites but other whites. It never fails, every time we make a stride, it is undone or relentlessly attacked by the next generation of “educated” fresh faced dupes backed by jews. That jew controlled education system is more deadly than the FED.
    Then they play the generation (divides families) gap via the media and you are two steps back for one gained. With that strategy, in time they will win. The collapse every keyboard commando is hoping for has already started, the day Reagan got in dragging his neocon contingency, it is not their fault that they don’t see it because they only know their life experience.
    They actually failed in their attempt to do it in the mid 1950-1960’s, but via Vietnam War and Great Society the reserves needed to reorganize the economy were spent.
    But it is not that hard to check non military industrial output and efficiency per the total population and realize we have become a non producing paper pushing (technology has only masked it) resource wasting rotting empire. Now the coup of massive immigration to strip the generational wealth built by post WWII white families along with those families is under way. The only defense possible is blood and soil white areas.
    That is controlling the political, educational, and resources for our benefit. Do not kid yourself, in the end it will come down to a fight, do you want feminized,drugged whiggers, and half breeds to draw from, or non jewdazed healthy intelligent race aware white men ?
    That is the difference between self genocide and self determination.
    That is the point, it never had anything to do with you or what you are doing or not doing. Only a statement from what I gathered about your observation if I am paraphrasing correctly. that it cannot be called self genocide because it isn’t our doing.
    So if you are such a vain person whom cannot be challenged , well, be careful around a reflection pool.
    If not, you may want to be more constructive.

  12. I’m sorry to see Tan engaged with uninteresting naysayers in the comments again. He certainly needn’t do so on my account. I only hope it doesn’t deflate him or take him away from what he is doing, which is producing the very best analysis of Jewish power on the planet.

  13. Northpal,

    it is not about YOU

    You missed the significance of the word propagating.

    Us know nothings are in a fight , dismantling a well known teachers union. That’s as far I’ll go on that, I do not need to post a resume to the likes of you..

    You know nothing of what transpires in my life. And yet here you are telling me what I should be doing while not wanting to describe what you are doing.

    In other words, you’re full of shit.

    So if you are such a vain person whom cannot be challenged , well, be careful around a reflection pool.

    Yet here you are. Challenging me. And here I am, publishing and answering your criticisms.

    It’s you who needs to look in a mirror. Take your own medicine, doctor. Stop wasting time on the internet. Lead us to victory by seizing control of your local school board. I know something of the subject. It’s not the panacea you present it as.

  14. Tanstaafl,
    Lead us to victory by seizing control of your local school board..
    First off, I apologize, little did I know, I was dealing with a woman. But when you step in the arena with men, you must expect to be treated as such.
    You keep up the indullectual firesides, as the SELF inflicted genocide continues.

  15. Even if you actually did try to do what you advocate, and it could work, you’d fail at it Northpal. Because your attitude sucks. You don’t inspire, you annoy.

  16. The clip was good. The fights in the comments section not so good, but whatever.
    Buchanan’s “The Suicide of a Superpower” was properly titled.
    We’re talking about semantics, and we’re also talking about the perception or lack of perception in the white community. Let me explain. I knew for many years that something was VERY wrong, but I was in a daze. The bailouts of 08 opened the window for me, and Matt Taibbi’s books helped me to understand that the BIG JEWS are beyond the law. And I kept digging. “The Israel Lobby” was a great source. “The Culture of Critique” blew me away. Bit by bit I attained “clarity” on the JQ.
    But it came in STAGES. First stage it really DOES look like whites are suicidal and throwing it all away. To get to the understanding of the socially engineered genocide takes a GREAT DEAL of work and doesn’t happen overnight. To the uninitiated the word “genocide” seems ludicrous because there are no dead bodies piled up. The labeling of what is being done to us is very difficult to distill. I told a very dear old friend about the Jews, very directly, and he didn’t buy it at all. Someone I’ve known all my life. He told me to calm down or i would stress myself out and have a heart attack.
    He’s correct that this issue really does give me sleepless nights.
    Nazism was the mirror image of Judaism. In the most horrible sense, we DO need to “turn into
    Jews” by using and imitating the same cohesive group strategies that they use on us. And the awful corollary, especially for the Christian, is the danger of selling ones soul and becoming the very thing that one is fighting against.
    We’re in an awful spot, to be sure.
    And I too fear that civil unrest is inevitable. Our shabbos goy leadership sells us out at every opportunity. We have no voice.
    We have to fight back and fight back HARD. No matter what our situation is called, genocide or suicide, no matter whether whose fault it is that we got into this predicament, we have no choice but to FIGHT.
    Our children’s children are depending on us.

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