Pathology and Pathogen


Andrew Joyce’s recent article, The Bizarre World of Dr Theodore Isaac Rubin, is mostly excellent. It’s about how jews explain “anti-semitism”:

Although written in 2009, Ted Rubin’s Anti-Semitism: A Disease of the Mind,[1] is in several respects a relic of a by-gone era in that it is a classic work of old-school Freudianism and psychoanalysis. Kevin MacDonald has noted in The Culture of Critique that:

One way in which psychoanalysis has served specific Jewish interests is the development of theories of anti-Semitism that bear the mantle of science by deemphasizing the importance of conflicts of interest between Jews and gentiles. Although these theories very greatly in detail — and, as typical of psychoanalytic theories generally, there is no way to empirically decide among them — within this body of theory anti-Semitism is viewed as a form of gentile psychopathology resulting from projections, repressions, and reaction formations stemming ultimately from a pathology-inducing society.[2]

Rather than antipathy being a natural and normal result of real conflicts of interest, antipathy towards Jews is thus seen as a psychological illness — owing absolutely nothing to the behavior of Jews, and everything to Western culture. This is the central thrust of Rubin’s book.

Rubin wastes no time in applying medical and psychiatric language to anti-Jewish attitudes. They comprise (11–12) a “malignant emotional illness,” a “psychiatric illness,” and a “chronic, pandemic and incredibly destructive disease.”

I agree with Joyce and MacDonald’s assessment. Antipathy is a natural and normal result of real conflicts of interest. I would add that the key word in “conflicts of interest” is conflict, and the roots of the antipathy and conflict are racial. More than anything else, Joyce’s article brings out the clash between White and jewish mentality – the completely different way each group sees the conflict between the groups.

These are racial differences in mental processes. MacDonald explains some of these differences in a recent article of his own, On the HBD Chick Interview. There he summarizes part of a chapter from the first volume of his trilogy on jews, A People That Shall Dwell Alone:

Briefly, the idea is that Jews, or at least Ashkenazi Jews, are high on several personality systems, resulting in 1.) tendencies toward personalities that react intensely to environmental contingencies (i.e., high on the emotionality system), 2.) strongly attracted to dominance, social status, reward (including sex), and prone to aggressiveness (i.e., high on the behavioral approach system), and 3.) able to have strong top-down control over modular systems related to emotions and behavioral approach (i.e., high on the conscientiousness system).

. . .

I updated some of this material in “Background Traits for Jewish Activism” (2003) which focuses on traits that are most important for the success of Jewish activism: hyper-ethnocentrism, intelligence, psychological intensity (emotionality), and aggressiveness.

To put it in less genteel terms, the jews are a race of ruthless crooks and liars, at least when it comes to dealing with Whites.

Jews are instinctively collectivist and assign jewish interests the highest priority, to the point they have co-opted science and committed fraud to serve that end. In the jewish mind emotionalism trumps rationalism. They also tend to project their negative thinking onto the Other.

Whites, in contrast, are relatively individualist and universalist, with a higher regard for objectivity. In the White mind rationalism trumps emotionalism. Whites tend to project our positive thinking onto the Other. These are tendencies, partly encoded in our genes, partly inculcated into our minds after birth. The big difference is group consciousness. The jews inculcate their own with an unapologetic preference for their own kind and distaste for the Other. Jews inculcate most Whites too, but with exactly the opposite moral standards.

This kind of lopsidedness, or asymmetry, is characteristic of the entire history and nature of the conflict between Whites and jews. Jews have continuously aggressed against Whites. Whites, for the most part, have been oblivious of this. As Joyce observes, jews unabashedly distort reality and invert the conflict, placing 100% of the blame for it on Whites. Jews use the most harsh-sounding biomedical terms, describing their enemies not as participants in a conflict with an opposing point of view, but as pests who should be simply silenced and even exterminated.

Whites, in contrast, have generally reacted to this kind of bombast by recoiling defensively, in denial, trying to argue that they aren’t the congenital monsters the jews accuse them of being. In accordance with our instinct for objectivity, Whites consistently step outside and above the conflict, to seek out some less harsh-sounding explanation for it. We imagine, for example, that the jews aren’t so different and must be deceiving themselves, because that’s how Whites tend to deal with unpleasant realities.

The real root of this asymmetry, as the jews recognize, is biomedical. The jews are racially distinct. They are far more racially conscious, far more aware of racial distinctions. They not only see the distinction between themselves and others more clearly, they are more willing and able to ruthlessly exploit those differences.

The jews dedicate a great deal of effort not only to nurturing their own consciousness, but to tearing down such consciousness in their hosts. The jewish pseudo-science of psychoanalysis Joyce examines is an example of both – excusing and leveraging their own consciousness and ethnocentrism while at the same time they psychopathologize White consciousness and ethnocentrism.

Joyce calls attention to the key component of this psychopathologizing:

Another of Rubin’s assertions, and this is equally common among many Jewish psychologists and academics, is that those holding anti-Jewish attitudes are low in self-esteem and are (31) “desperate for simplistic explanation and solutions, especially for those they may find outside themselves.” But ‘anti-Jewish theory,’ if one wants to call it that, is far from simplistic. The assumption is made by the psychoanalysts that since the only problem causing conflict with Jews exists solely in the mind of the ‘anti-Semite,’ then the ‘anti-Semite’ needs only a ‘symbol’ to cure his own inner conflicts — this symbol is the Jew. He is said to cling to the simplistic belief that “the Jews” are behind all of his personal problems, and thus he can externalize his internal conflicts by ‘hating’ Jews, and somehow raising his own self-importance and self-esteem in the process. But this assessment is built on a deeply flawed assessment of both anti-Semitism and the holder of anti-Jewish attitudes.

Overall I think Joyce is very perceptive, but in this I think it’s his assessment of jewish behavior that’s flawed. The jews are not making a mistake. It is about esteem.

First of all, by blaming “anti-semitism” they are excusing themselves, placating and even feeding their own already enormous collective esteem for themselves as a people. Second, they are deliberately attacking the esteem of “anti-semites”, in other words, those Whites who are most racially conscious and most aware of the jews. The attack the jews make elicits a defensive posture, causing their enemy to question themselves. That the jews cloak their attack in scientific terms, as a medical diagnosis, is an intentional deception. Such fraud is a feature of their aggression, not a flaw.

The psychoanalysts never acknowledge that some of the most high-profile anti-Jewish writers of the past have been at pains to blame their own people and nation before the Jews — there has never been a rush to ‘externalize’ all blame for the ills of society.

The jews get the defensive response they seek: “B-but we’re not stupid or crazy. A-allow me to provide some objective arguments and examples.” Joyce supplies several paragraphs in this vein, and it’s as eye-opening and edifying as his writing usually is. He perceives the jews as enemies, but the examples he cites demonstrate the point. Throughout history even the most notorious “anti-semites” have been far too willing, in the attempt to be objective and fair, to blame our own people, to fruitlessly seek some built-in flaws our race simply must have, somewhere.

The irony is that in striking such a defensive posture it is self-esteem which keeps us from accepting that this behavior is the flaw we’re looking for. Whites don’t have an inherent racial lack of self-esteem relative to jews, we have a relative lack of group-esteem. We have a relative willingness to accept responsibility, especially guilt, especially collectively.

I don’t think this lack is entirely inborn. I think a large portion of it is induced by jews pushing the psychological button Joyce has noticed but mistaken the significance of. Jews have been moralizing and lecturing Whites for millenia now that, “It’s all your fault, you stupid/crazy/evil goyim.” While some Whites are able to shrug it off, few actually see it for the purposeful guilt-tripping, the aggression, the assault it is.

Contrary to the arguments of the psychoanalysts, the problem always contains a very significant internal element, and thus the holder of anti-Jewish attitudes is rarely free to simply blame all on ‘the Other.’

This phenomenon continues today. Critics of Jews are equally concerned with developing an understanding not only of Jewish power and influence, but also of the pathology of Whites that has facilitated Jewish power and influence as well as the current disaster of displacement-level immigration and multiculturalism. The emphasis is on the identification of multiple sources and origins of the current societal malaise, and on evidence-based intellectual and scientific investigation of all aspects of the interactions between Jews and non-Jews in all locations and throughout historical time. This activity can in no way be seen as the seeking of simplistic answers.

This is the problem. The jews shamelessly attack and blame everything on their enemies. And in response their enemies, not wanting to appear simplistic, try to rationalize and intellectualize and demonstrate how fair-minded they are. That is “white pathology” in a nutshell.

As I’ve said before, where there is a pathology there must be a pathogen. So what is it? If we’re going to speak of this phenomena in biomedical terms, then let’s grab the bullshit by the horns, shall we?

Jews clearly see that there is a conflict of interests, first and foremost with Whites. Whites are now so deracinated and ennervated that they are afraid to see any conflict whatsoever, because that would make them “racists”. Jews hate Whites. Whites worship jews. Whatever anyone thinks caused this situation, this lopsided Stockholm Syndrome relationship with jews, it’s clear that to the extent most Whites even see it as a problem, they blame jews for approximately none of it. Instead, the popular explanation is the jewish explanation: Whites are to blame for all of it.

“White pathology” is a non-explanation for this situation. For one thing, the idea forgets or at least downplays the racial conflict. Joyce at least brings it up while discussing the jews. More often it is used alone, without any mention of jews or their aggression, implying there is some “suicidal” problem baked into Whites and only Whites.

The idea is solipsistic. It is a self-satisfying pathologization of Whites. It plays on the same psychological mechanism behind the jewish explanation of “anti-semitism”. It’s an attack on our self-esteem, our fear of being seen as “stupid” for seeing an enemy as an enemy. Which, if you think about it, is what’s really stupid.

What’s also really telling about the falseness of the idea is that the term itself has a completely different meaning to most Whites. When racially conscious Whites say “white pathology”, they mean Whites as a group aren’t racially conscious enough. But if you try and explain “white pathology” to a typical deracinated White they’ll take it as confirmation that Whites, especially Whites like you, are too “racist”.

The “white pathology” idea appeals to the racially aware because there is a grain of truth to it. It’s a diagnosis that comes close but literally gets stuck on the pathology, the symptoms, and too often neglects to ever identify the cause, the pathogen. If Whites are behaving pathologically, well-meaning Whites should be doing their best to identify the pathogen causing this behavior. We should be seeking, without fear, ways to neutralize the cause, rather than ourselves.

The problem is not that Whites have blamed the jews too much. Quite the opposite. It’s clear that the jews have encouraged this solipsistic attitude exactly because it serves them. Thinking Whites alone, right now, determine White destiny is a notion that appeals especially to the most racially conscious Whites. But it is a fantasy as long as most Whites remain, as they are, unconscious of any collective destiny.

Calling the jews pathogens or parasites it is not an idle insult. Nor is it an excuse for Whites, their hosts. In fact, it’s a degrading and humiliating situation that is painful for Whites to acknowledge. Such terms are simply more honest and explicative. It is an acknowledgement not just of the conflict but its asymmetric nature. Among the benefits of calling a parasite a parasite is parasitology – an existing body of understanding based on true science, which offers practical insights and potential solutions no amount of “white pathology” navel-gazing ever will. Another benefit: Rather than misdirecting White resentment toward ourselves, it is directed at the cause, where it belongs – the detestable, whiny, self-obsessed, manipulative, exploitative jews. Without jews Whites would still have problems – but these “anti-semitism”/”white pathology” bugbears wouldn’t be among them.

Examples of this pathogen at work are easy to find in the mainstream jewsmedia:

UK must ‘wipe out’ anti-Semitism – Home Secretary

BERLIN: Europe’s Jews ponder: Is it time to flee again?

Do we really mean ‘never again’?

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  1. Not much too add. Fantastic podcast. In my opinion, one of your best. Have you ever considered making the written portion of the podcast as a PDF?

  2. Franklin Ryckaert comments at DS:

    “If Whites are “originally” healthy, then where has their immunity system gone?”

    If a parasite attacks and overcome the immune system, where has the immune system gone?

    “Why is it that only Whites can be so pathologized by the Jews, but not for example Arabs or Chinese?”

    Why should Whites care so much about jews parasitizing Whites, but not for example Arabs or Chinese?

    Ryckaert excuses the pathogen/parasite and literally pathologizes its White host:

    “There must exist some congenital weakness in Whites”
    “we can do nothing about [the pathogen/parasite]”
    “we should now ask ourselves what is wrong with us”
    “by no means can we blame [pathological behavior] on the [pathogen/parasite]”

    I addressed all of this. I think Ryckaert is too caught up in his single-minded crusade against “moncausalism” (in defense of the jews) and didn’t read or listen.

    Yes, of course Whites have weaknesses. Race-conscious Whites have been engaging in solipsistic auto-recrimination for millenia. The pathogen/parasite has encouraged this behavior for millenia. The attitude Ryckaert encourages is not new. It’s not something Whites need more of.

    Excusing jews, blaming Whites. THIS IS THE PATHOLOGY.

  3. White people are overwhelmingly on our own side in every poll ever taken. There isn’t a problem with us.

  4. Rereading that thread about Chechar reminded me of the common thread running through all of these psychoanalytic “suicide”/”monocausalism”/”white pathology” memes that are aimed specifically at race- and jew-wise Whites:

    the bigger picture, I think, is that as the parasite is exposed and its cries of “ANTI-PARASITISM!!!” lose potency, the host’s antibodies can expect tacts like “IT’S ALL THE HOST’S FAULT!!!” to come to the fore.

    Basically, these memes are just the other side of the same neutralizing, ennervating poison which allows the parasite to parasitize. Where and when the direct defense of jews fails, the fallback is the indirect, it’s-not-the-jews defense.

  5. See how often the adopted counter-rhetoric even at the Occidental Observer or from Linder is directed at liberals or Christians to no good end. The conflict is only a racial one: We’re White, the other side is anti-White.

  6. Most Anti-Semites Are Social Justice Warriors | The Right Stuff:

    The Jews are certainly a powerful foe, but the deformations of society we attribute to their influence seem to be readily absorbed and channeled by their alleged enemies on the far right. A persecution complex, paranoia, eternal victimhood. Many on the far right become the very thing they claim to oppose. By adopting this worldview they produce exactly the kind of mentality that the left caters to. It is the belief that the self comes before reality, that the wishes of the individual are supreme, that jealousy and envy are virtues, that social signaling is more important than actually accomplishing anything. “The Jews have money and power, I am jealous, therefore White People Communism is the answer.” This isn’t even a Jewish mentality, it’s the mentality of all low self-esteem individuals who want to boost their egos by engaging in leftism. The Jews are simply selling people what they already want.

    Lol, there’s that “low self-esteem” schtick again. A host can’t be like their parasites. But that doesn’t stop parasite-apologists from fearing the host might try.

  7. “If Whites are “originally” healthy, then where has their immunity system gone?”

    If a parasite attacks and overcome the immune system, where has the immune system gone?

    My answer: Parasites can’t overcome anybody or anything unless it is weakened to some degree, and vulnerable, in the first place. There’s no 100% healthy for any individual or group, only degrees thereof. And it is our responsibility to be wise to those first little attacks. Where we fell down, as a group, was to always be giving outsiders the benefit of the doubt. Read “Cry Wolf” by Paul Lake to see how this happens. That quality of ours is inherent in us.

  8. ‘This isn’t even a Jewish mentality’

    Actually, that was exactly the jewish mentality back in the day:
    “The Whites have money and power, I am jealous, therefore Communism is the answer.”

    Why did they do it? Was it their ‘low self-esteem’? It was rather their immense self-esteem that gave them this lust for power over (not ‘to’) ‘the people’, which after all communism was all about. You can accuse fascists of imitating them, but then you have to ditch the psychoanalytic crap: it’s all about power.

  9. TRS comes across like high-level patriotardism designed by Likudniks for hipster (?) Goyim who think they’re too smart for Fox News. They go to great lengths to obscure the fact that the Jewish-run American Empire is the deadliest enemy of whites worldwide. I might be missing something important, but I don’t think so.

  10. Tanstaafl I don’t really understand where we disagree here. I can see where you think I’m reinventing the white pathology thing in a new form. That’s not my intention.

    You said:

    “Lol, there’s that “low self-esteem” schtick again. A host can’t be like their parasites. But that doesn’t stop parasite-apologists from fearing the host might try.”

    I admit that your youtube video in particular changed some of my positions on this topic, that’s precisely why I wanted to invite you to the podcast. At the same time you said yourself that many anti-Semites are playing up the low self-esteem angle, that they are saying that ‘white pathology’ is the problem (it’s not, because it doesn’t exist) and that Jews took over because of some defect in the West and there is nothing we can do about it. Clearly, you show that this is false. So where specifically does that invalidate my point? There are in fact whites who buy into Jewish supremacy. We see it on a daily basis. They’re not degenerate because they have some mysterious white pathology, they’re degenerate because they are failures as people. That’s a difference.

    My article draws from a wide variety of sources, some of which are likely sympathetic to or oblivious to Jews. That’s their position, not mine. Don’t call me a kike just because I may have made a minor mistake in rhetoric. I’m not a Neoreactionary (and TRS has specifically criticized Neoreactionaries for dodging the Jewish Question but we still support some of their efforts in terms of gaining visible). I’m definitely not excusing or obfuscating Jewish subversion.

    I’m also not sure what it means to say that you’re a white nationalist but not right wing. What does that mean?


    “Actually, that was exactly the jewish mentality back in the day:
    “The Whites have money and power, I am jealous, therefore Communism is the answer.””

    I agree. Jews were driven entirely by their jealousy and lust for power. What I’m specifically saying is that jealousy in of itself isn’t a particularly Jewish trait. Jews manipulate by feeding into the insecurities of the Gentiles. “Good goyim, overthrow capitalism and for the proletariat.” That’s not a white pathology, it’s just standard manipulation.


    “TRS comes across like high-level patriotardism designed by Likudniks for hipster (?) Goyim who think they’re too smart for Fox News. They go to great lengths to obscure the fact that the Jewish-run American Empire is the deadliest enemy of whites worldwide. I might be missing something important, but I don’t think so”

    1) Nobody at TRS denies America is run by Jews. We’re not proud of this fact but we also don’t hate our own country. America is still a white majority and is fairly conservative. We also have freedom of speech, which is nonexistent in Europe and other Western nations.
    2) As opposed to what? What country provides a better chance of preserving the West? What countries in particular are not the enemies of the white race or not in bed with kikes? Iran? North Korea? I’ve met plenty of ‘white nationalists’ who want Islam to conquer the West or want to have Russia save us all. Cool story.
    3) Patriotard? So your solution is for white Americans to reject patriotism and hate their own country? Go fuck yourself.

  11. I’m also not sure what it means to say that you’re a white nationalist but not right wing. What does that mean?

    It means I see race as the primary lens for politics, rather than left and right.

  12. “It means I see race as the primary lens for politics, rather than left and right.”

    If the Right stands for support of hierarchy then white nationalism is implicitly Right Wing. It’s a position that rejects racial egalitarianism.

  13. Left and right are a false dichotomy. The jews have set the White man’s aristocratic and egalitarian instincts against each other. A man of race is neither leveller nor snob.

  14. “3) Patriotard? So your solution is for white Americans to reject patriotism and hate their own country? Go fuck yourself.”

    The United States, as it was intended by the men who founded it, ceased to exist over a century ago. The current political entity you call America bares no intellectual or cultural resemblance to the nation that existed between 1776 and the 1910s, when Americans abandoned their European heritage in favor of nigger “culture” and Jews established the Fed, thereby putting the nation’s destiny in their clutches. That was the final nail in the coffin. Everything after that- WWI, the Harlem Renaissance, the New Deal, WWII, the Civil Rats movement, mass immigration, militant feminism, LGBT, etc. was just Jews mopping things up.

    Modern “America” is not a country, and there is no such thing as an “American government.” Like Bobby Fischer, himself a Jew, once said, the American government is merely a front for Jews. There is no country for us to be loyal to; Whites all across the world are behind enemy lines. Amerikwa in particular has been the engine of global liberalism and Jewish power for a century now. If you can’t get past this, then you’ll be lost. The stars and stripes no longer represent us. When Hitler liberated the German nation in 1933 he created a new flag to replace the Weimar one; if we ever take power in our own nations back, we too will have to create new flags and reject the ones that symbolized our failures and subservience to Jewry.

  15. Meow Blitz, I just ran across an article from last November that sounds very similar to yours.

    Strange And Hateful Bedfellows: How Neo-Nazis And Social Justice Warriors Feed Off Of Each Other, by Joshua Goldberg (AKA @MoonMetropolis):

    Nazis and SJWs both have a designated “oppressor group” that controls and dominates everything. For Nazis, it was the Jews; for SJWs, it’s whites/males/”cishets”/patriarchy. Both have an “oppressed group” that suffers horribly at the hands of this designated “oppressor group” or “privileged group”. For Nazis, it was white Europeans; for SJWs, it’s women, “People of Color” (“PoC”), gays, transsexuals, and other designated victim groups. Both subsist on feelings of hatred, inadequacy, fear, and a desire to be superior. Both have extreme paranoid persecution complexes and are eager to find (and invent) conspiracies everywhere. And, most of all, both firmly believe that all dissent and questioning of their ideologies must be immediately quashed with an iron fist.

    Jews are the originators and masters of the “oppression” narrative. Jews feed off dissimulation and manipulation, playing one group against another.

    any long discussion on Stormfront or any other white supremacist site usually devolves into a flame war in which board members repeatedly accuse each other of being secret Jewish infiltrators and/or “degenerates”.

    For good reason.

  16. Tanstaafl, note that I actually link to Joshua Goldberg in my article. I make no secret of this.

    Accusing outsiders of being kikes at the slightest misstep is a common in-group bonding technique. It’s a way of establishing shit tests and strengthening in-group loyalty and purity of vision. The weakness is that it can be alienating to newcomers who aren’t fully aware of the Jewish Problem.

    I think Goldberg is absolutely correct: by further attacking whites, the SJWs are forcing whites into a position in which racial consciousness becomes more pronounced as a backlash. How is that bad for us?

    Again, I’m not here to convince you of anything, I’m just stating that I find your site interesting and extended an offer to you. If you don’t give a fuck then neither do I.

  17. You didn’t make a slight misstep. You wrote an article using typical jewy terms to express a typically jewy point of view. I hadn’t even noticed you actually took your inspiration directly from Goldberg. Reading through your piece again I’ll stand by my original assessment. You seem conflicted, but your sympathies are more with jews than Whites.

    I don’t care if you’re alienated by my calling you out on it. If by some dim chance you’re actually White and just confused, then you’ll understand eventually.

    I skipped around in The Daily Shoah! Episode 22: A Propertarian Brunch and liked what I heard. None of those guys is you though, right?

  18. No, I’m not in that episode but Doolittle is pretty solid and he’s a friend of ours.

    We attract a wide range of White Nationalists, National Socialists, Libertarians, Neoreactionaries, Paleocons, , etc on our site and so we are used to conflicting views, especially dealing with Jews. Recently we had Neoreactionaries and NatSocs fighting each other over the Ukraine and the Russia issue, for instance. We also get an influx of the Daily Stormer crowd as well as Alt-Right.

    Anyway, personal disagreements aside, keep up the solid work here at Age of Treason.

    Meow Blitz

  19. Therightstuff uses third party services that don’t allow direct, safe downloading of their podcasts. The only safe way to download a file through a proxy is a direct link, which they don’t provide.

    This site does it the right way, with a download link directly to the MP3 file.

  20. “Although written in 2009, Ted Rubin’s Anti-Semitism: A Disease of the Mind,[1] is in several respects a relic of a by-gone era….”

    It was written long before 2009. It was reviewed in the JAMA in 1991, and I’d bet my copy was printed in the 1980’s (though I can’t find it at the moment).

  21. “Throughout history even the most notorious “anti-semites” have been far too willing, in the attempt to be objective and fair, to blame our own people, to fruitlessly seek some built-in flaws our race simply must have, somewhere.”

    And it makes no sense. Why would flaws even matter?

    I’m not flawless as a person, and Whites aren’t flawless as a group. BFD. You don’t quit trying, and you don’t surrender just because you’re not perfect. You do the best you can, and part of that is defending yourself against those who exploit your flaws.

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