Shanda fur die Goyim


We’re going to decode this term and a few others for the goyim.

It is a perfectly normal reaction for Whites to find Yiddish or Hebrew off-putting, alienating. It’s natural to interpret such words as, “not for me”, and get the urge to go read or listen to something else. The author or speaker who chooses such words, rather than plain English, is sending a signal, expressing their jewishness. And when you perceive jews as the enemy, the disgust and urge to ignore any thought or argument coming from a jewish point of view becomes even stronger.

Regardless of how you might perceive the jews, what I intend to do here is make the case that the jews see the non-jews around them as their enemies. Any form of codespeak would be an indication of this – but the term “shanda fur die goyim” really puts a point on it.

First, let’s review some of the superficial explanations that jews themselves provide.

Instant Yiddish:

Shame on you for not knowing what “shanda” means!

“shanda” is the Yiddish word for “shame, disgrace, disgusting”

. . .

And not knowing what “shanda” means is a double shanda!!

So shanda is a code word, in that most non-jews don’t know it, though it’s relatively well understood among jews. The scandal, for a jew, is in not knowing that code word.

I found these “Instant Yiddish” pages using a search engine. They’re buried on the personal web site of some jew named Joel Aronson, not linked from the home page or site map. All you can gather from the surface is that Aronson is a photographer who graduated from James Madison High School in Brooklyn in 1955. But based on the names of his classmates, the school must have been full of jews.

The point is that Aronson doesn’t come right out and advertise himself as a jew – in fact, he likely hides the yiddish pages from sight exactly because it is such a definitive marker of jewishness. When I was growing up in New York I had a math teacher named Aronson – he was quirky, even spastic. It never occurred to me then that it was because he was a jew. I wonder now how many yiddish terms he sprinkled in his lessons, or conversations with other teachers, sending the signal, “I’m a jew”, mainly heard only by other jews.

I found another definition buried on the web site of the Santa Barbara Jewish Connection, Yiddish Phrases:

SHANDA: A shame, a scandal. The expression “a shanda fur die goy” means to do something embarrassing to Jews where non-Jews can observe it.

The subtitle of the page is: “The First Words You Learn”, with shanda being one of about 150 of the more common bits of jewish code. The scandal is not “for the goyim”, but for the jews in front of the goyim.

The usual jew cover story is that goy/goyim mean nation/nations. In practice, however, it means Them, the Other, and it has a distinct pejorative sense. Gentile is a synonym with a less disparaging, derogatory sense, but the point is that the very existence of these words indicates that jews see a clear distinction between themselves and Others, between jew and goy.

The classic example of the distinction is in the yiddish phrases yiddische kopf (jew head, smart) and goyische kopf (non-jew head, stupid).

Thought Catalog, which on the surface is not any more of a jewish site than say The New Republic or Slate, has a page titled 61 Hilarious Yiddish Insults You Need To Know:

51. Shanda: A scandal. … If you have a “shanda fur die goy,” that means that you fuck up in front of non-Jews, thus embarrassing your entire people. This is obviously not good.

Obviously not good for the jews.

Usually the term is only used by jews talking to other jews. Even when overheard it’s easy to misunderstand. You might take it to mean that jews feel bad about non-jews being harmed. That’s not it at all. It means they feel bad because they think it might cause jews harm, that whatever the scandal is might be bad for the jews.

A certain ambiguity is characteristic of yiddish. As programmers say: This is a feature, not a bug. It is a consequence of jewish crypsis, being furtive and secretive. Even when jews stop trying to hide their alien code and instead try to explain the significance of certain words, or the language itself, you must remain skeptical, cynical, and read between the lines.

A good example comes from The Daily Beast, a really jewy digital tabloid. Mazel Tov, Arvind! But Are You Sure It’s Not Kneydl?

The article highlights jewishness, their sense of Otherness, and how it is expressed via yiddish. The jew author absolutely revels in it. He recounts how an Indian kid won a spelling bee in the US by spelling this yiddish word kneydl. The joke is that yiddish is notorious for variations in spelling.

The jew provides the usual cover story. Jews just can’t agree, have no central authority – the old “two jews, three opinions” nonsense. That’s part of it, but it leaves out the most important facts.

The fact is that yiddish always has and continues to effectively serve as a code language. From a non-jew perspective the many variations in spelling make it harder to pin down, harder to search, though the internet makes it much easier than it ever would have been in the past.

Yiddish is so informal and quirky for the simple reason that it has almost entirely been passed down verbally, via jew to jew personal interaction. The jews did this on purpose, rather than writing books about it, though they very well could have, as they have done with every other imaginable subject.

As it turns out I did find a book specifically about yiddish. The exception proves the rule.

Dictionary of Yiddish Slang and Idioms, by Fred Kogos, published 1968 by Kensington Publishers:

When Hitler killed 6,000,000 Yiddish-speaking jews and when Israel proclaimed Hebrew was to be the official tongue of the nation, these actions spelled the death kneel [sic] of Yiddish.

Hebrew is spoken only by about 2,000,000 people in Israel, and a few abroad, while Yiddish is still spoken by, and known to, over 10,000,000 throughout the world! Yiddish is creeping into the English language more startlingly than is apparent, with even Webster’s Third International Dictionary containing over 500 Yiddish (and some Hebrew) words.

Kogos claims his book spells out Yiddish words for “the first time in Roman letters”, implying it had previously always been written in Hebrew characters – more evidence that jews intended to keep it to themselves.

Kogos claims its beginnings go back to the 11th century, that the “principle parent” is Middle High German with some influence from English, Hebrew, Russian and Polish, and that there are 4 major dialects: “Lithuanian, Ukrainian (Galicia), Polish, and Western (German)”.

The bulk of the book is omitted from Google books, including the entry for shanda.

Regarding “Kensington Publishers”. It doesn’t look like it, but Kensington is another code word.

The original Kensington is an area of West London.

It is also “a small and easily overlooked neighborhood of Brooklyn” which “has long had a vibrant Jewish community”.

It might also refer to Kensington Market, a neighborhood in Toronto that became known as “the jewish market” after waves of jews colonized it in the early 20th century.

Since the 1970s, the city has been home to the largest Jewish population in Canada and become a centre of Jewish Canadian culture.” In other words, the largest colony of jews in Canada is in Toronto, and Kensington is the historic epicenter of the colony of jews in Toronto.

Kensington is an example of jews creating a ghetto and segregating themselves – counter to the usual jewish narrative that jews were forced to live in ghettos by others.

The Schmooze, by some old jewess, It’s a Shanda:

In Yiddish, “shanda”/”shande” means “shame.” And “shande far di kinder” means, literally, “a disgrace for the children.”

Arthur Naiman writes about the expression, “a shanda fur die goyim”: “To make a shanda fur die goyim is to do something embarrassing to Jews in a place where non-Jews can observe it. Understandably, this is looked on with much greater disfavor than to act like a jerk when only other Jews are around, since it makes things tougher on all of us–“Those damned Jews! See what they’re like.”

The old jewess provides examples, including “Madoff – the ‘ganef'”, “Jack Abramoff – convicted of mail fraud, conspiracy to bribe public officials, and tax evasion” and,

Selling organs is a “shande”

She cites some jew who suggested Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer get out of politics in an article titled:

“The Shanda Factor: What makes Jewish sex scandals different?”

For much of his career, Spitzer was a source of pride to Jews, with some supporters referring to him as having the potential to become the first Jewish president. In the blogosphere ethnic pride, when the scandal broke, the Web site, Gawker, proclaimed it’s a “shanda fur die Goyim.

When the jewish university Brandeis granted Tony Kushner an honorary doctorate some outraged jew wrote:

Tony Kushner is an anti-Zionist self hating shatdlan who never had a moral compass even in his genes nor has he any sense of Yiddishkeit. Brandeis has committed a SHANDE.

Yiddishkeit means “jewishness”, “jewish way of life”, “jewish essence” – or yiddishness. It is typified by jews moaning about a shanda or oy veying about something or other.

We find more about the essence of jewishness at which greets visitors with the slogans “OPEN YOUR BORDERS” and “SHAKE UP YOUR PERSPECTIVE”. To them yiddishkayt means “the culture, language, art, and worldviews of Eastern European Jews”.

Shanda fur di Goyim! appeared in the e-newsletter ‘Keeping Our Families Jewish’, by Doron Kornbluth:

As if Bernie Madoff wasn’t enough. And as if Jack Abramowitz wasn’t enough. And as if riots in Jerusalem weren’t enough. Now we have a group of very religious looking Jews being handcuffed by the FBI in a massive fraud case that has brought down three mayors and scores of lawmakers and politicos in New Jersey.

The Yiddish phrase “Shanda fur di goyim” refers to (Jewish) embarrassment at a fellow Jew doing something Really Bad in front of non-Jews. In other words, don’t wash your dirty linen in public. Do we have problems? Of course. There have always been problems. But, the phrase suggests, be careful: the world tends to look at “the Jews” as one people and what one Jew does reflects well – or badly – on the rest of us. According to this idea, doing something bad is bad enough, but it becomes much worse when it reflects badly on the entire Jewish people.

How do you feel about this phrase? Does it still apply? Does the world still “clump us together”? I’ll leave it to you to decide.

In a sense, though, today the discussion may be academic. With modern technology, word gets out. Even if we wanted to wash our dirty linen in private – ie within the Jewish community – it isn’t really possible anymore anyway. The events mentioned above were on the news again, and again, and again. Specifically, the visuals of religious-looking Jews being violent or in custody are hard to avoid or forget.

Right. When the jews can’t hide what they’re doing, they switch to “explaining”.

Note the inversion. It is the jews who see themselves and act as one people more than anyone else. When jews fret about a “shanda fur die goyim” what they’re worrying about is that the goyim might catch on to their game and also see the jews as a group, maybe even punish them as a group, or organize their own groups.

Madoff and “Abramowitz” (Abramoff) loom large as recent examples of shanda fur die goyim. What triggered this article was the Bid Rig scandal, in 2009, when the FBI arrested a ring of orthodox jews in New York/New Jersey area.

Bid Rig also touched on the organ selling shanda the old jewess mentioned.

In Jews and Organ Transplants – Part 1 I discussed the minor “embarassment” that the orthodox jews take organs but don’t donate them. By Part 3 I described the deeper concern:

Shanda fur die goyim is misunderstood as embarassment. It is a reflection of jewish sensitivity to collective exposure/responsibility/vulnerability. It is an alarm, a call for the making of excuses and transferring of blame elsewhere. The most extreme and common example is how jews transfer blame to “anti-semitism”.

What’s going on it isn’t simply “organ trafficking”. There’s extortion of organs from misled and desperate victims, reselling them at enormous profit. And it’s all very jewy – jew patients, jew doctors, and jew brokers. It goes on, even though it’s illegal, because there are so many jews involved, because the jews won’t rat out each other, and because most of the time nobody else will dare prosecute any of them, even when they are caught red-handed. The cherry on top is that yet more jews are pushing to legalize the harvesting and selling of organs for profit.

Returning to Bernie Madoff – “the ganef”, also spelled gonef or gonif, which means thief, swindler, crook – an unscrupulous opportunist who stoops to sharp practice. It specifically means a jewish thief, or one who steals from jews. The use of the yiddish word implies “from a jewish point of view”, otherwise the English words would suffice.

An example of its use occurs in Michael Tomasky’s A Short Post About Jesse Jackson Jr at The Daily Beast:

I’m going to write this just so our conservative friends can’t say I brush these things under the rug. He’s clearly a troubled man, but he’s also a gonif and a loser, so good riddance to him. All right?

Tomasky is a “liberal” (somewhat ambiguous) jew sending a subtle signal here to “conservative” jews.

Bernie Madoff was a Wall Street insider:

a past chairman of the board of directors of the Nasdaq Stock Market as well as a member of the board of governors of the National Association of Securities Dealers and a member of numerous committees of the organization

Madoff was a money manager since 1960. For decades he ran a pyramid scheme informally known as The Jewish Bond. It was very exclusive, “invite only”, operated by and benefitting a tight circle of jewish family and friends, and servicing a clientele that was also glaringly jewish, many of whom assumed Madoff was cheating in some way, perhaps using his insider knowledge and access.

One of the main takeaways is that the scheme went on for nearly two decades before collapsing. It was not stopped by regulators or lawmen, despite suspicions and accusations expressed over the years. As with the organ “business”, the very obvious jewishness of the phenomenon seemed to create a protective bubble.

Another takeaway was the revelation of just how much jewish “philanthropy” money is sloshing around Wall Street, and how much of that “philanthropy” is actually dedicated to exclusively jewish causes.

When Madoff saw his pyramid scheme was collapsing he tried to take all the blame on himself, probably to protect his family and friends who were in the scheme up to their eyeballs. He turned himself in, called it “one big lie”, and claimed nobody else knew. There’s alot more to the story.

The collapse of this big jew’s jewish bond was an epic shanda fur die goyim. The jew cover story is that “Most of Madoff’s victims were charitable organizations, elderly people, and Jews.” – i.e. jews were victims, rather than perpetrators. This narrative traces back to a NYMag story that appeared only one week after Madoff’s arrest and prevails at Wikipedia and beyond to this day, despite the many revelations which contradict it. Jews got in on the ground floor of the scheme and in many cases pulled out far more than they put in. Their losses were largely imaginary. The biggest losers were the faceless non-jew corporations, municipalities, and feeder funds that got in late in the game.

There are lots of other examples of shanda for die goyim.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn , Jonathan Pollard (and other jewish spies), Greville Janner, Jeffrey Epstein and Alan Dershowitz, to name a few.

A comment on a jewsmedia article about Dershowitz notes, “If this isn’t an example of “shanda fur die goyim,” I don’t know what is!!”

In conclusion, keep in mind that the use of yiddish by jews is a clear expression not only of their Otherness, but their consciousness of that Otherness. It also indicates the asymmetry of this consciousness. Non-jews generally aren’t aware not only of the meaning of invididual words and phrases but are missing the larger picture – that the jews use yiddish as codespeak, to signal and communicate specifically jewish concerns to other jews.

In a “liberal” society, where we are all supposed to be one big US, the mere existence of the term “shanda for die goyim” is evidence of bad faith, evidence that the worldview of jews is actually in terms of US jews versus THEM goyim. They are fully conscious of this and that it would be bad for the jews if the goyim knew and acted on such a worldview as well.

There is no simple equivalent for the term in English. It is difficult to translate because jewish attitudes are so different.

Basically, it is yet another example of jews expressing their utmost concern for their own group. In this case the main concern is exposure, exposure of harm caused by jews, evidence of jewish parasitism, especially their manipulation or exploitation of non-jews.

The main desire of jews is not to stop the harm or even punish the jews who are most responsible, but to somehow stop the exposure, to stop any harm coming to jews. That’s what “shanda fur die goyim” means. It means, transfer the blame elsewhere. It means, bury it. It means, shut it down.

UPDATE 10 July 2017: 47 Reasons to Love New York, Right Now, More Than Ever:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (class of ’50), Bernie Sanders (’59), and Chuck Schumer (’67) all wrote for the newspaper at James Madison High School

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  1. Tan dude, just starting to listen & dying a thousand deaths at your goynunciation of shanda/shondah. Remember, Yiddish is essentially just jewed-up German: in this case the German cognate is “Schande” (same meaning, same pronunciation – sha with a long a – though perhaps with slightly different strategic implications).

    If you watch enough “Morning Jew” episodes you will hear the girls opining on what is or is not a current shondah for the Jews, though I was unable quickly to locate an instance of the word being spoken.

    Anyways, it’s a good topic… and now, back to the shew.

    Regards, G.M.

  2. Haha, you pronounced it correctly right at the end of the podcast. :) But enough grammarian National Socialism; great, meaty show & a great job on this one.

    One imagines the establishment of an online university, a “JEW U.” für die Goyim – prospective dean, one Tanstaafl – worth the price of admission for the bitchin’ t-shirts alone? You bet! – a JEW U. in which one learning module will consist of acclimatisation to such Yiddish code words & their deeper meanings in the context of Jewish power.

  3. They’re not upset over the crimes themselves, they just don’t like how their fellow jews were caught.

  4. If you want to understand what Yiddish, Ladino, Koine, and the other Jew languages are all about, ask Professor Revilo Oliver of Classics, the last honest man in academia. He died 20 years ago, but he wrote some important books which are essentially modern in content and entirely borne out by more recent evidence.

    Since you’re a busy man, start here – – then, if you’re satisfied that Oliver understands the Jewish question, look through his book The Jewish Strategy or listen to Alex Linder’s audiobook of it, and also check out America’s Decline.

  5. Here’s a classic example from 2010 that I should have cited when commenting on the word “goyim” and jewish attitudes toward non-jews.

    Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

    “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to some laughter.

    Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas Party and the former chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel, also said that the lives of non-Jews are protected in order to prevent financial loss to Jews.

    “With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi, who recently turned 90.

  6. In breaking “Schande für die Goyim” news, Evan Solomon was fired by CBC News (Canada’s national broadcaster) just as this podcast went to air. He was caught using his position to garner undisclosed commissions for secretly arranging art sales to the rich & powerful (acting as broker, unbeknownst to the buyers, breaking their trust as well as the public trust):

    This is big news in Canada: Solomon was the “Wolf Blitzer of the Great White North”, our filtered lens on politics & power & thus the guardian of political morality of the Canadian people.

    I feel sorry for his kids, having seen Evan with them walking in the park some years back. So süß wenn sie klein sind” (“so cute when they are little”). Most people who grew up with a lot of Jewish kids can probably remember the day one of their dads finally got caught jewing, & they had to wear that invisible yellow star of collective guilt for a few days. But little of the money ever seems to be recovered, justifications are made, life goes on & in the long run, none of this detracts from the magnificence of their pool parties.

    Fortunately for them, I don’t think they feel shame in the same way we do. This explains why “Jewish mother” jokes are funny: it’s surprising to us how hard the the mother has to try to shame her chutzpathic, shameless sons.

  7. peppermint,

    Fantastic Oliver link. Beside his dissection of sephardim, marrano, and ladino, I find these parts especially relevant to the point here – that yiddish is just one form of jew codespeak, which is just one aspect of an age-old pattern of jewish crypsis and deceit:

    It is a strange fact that wherever the Jews infiltrate and set up their colonies, they corrupt the language of the people they are exploiting and use that jargon among themselves, writing it in their own alphabet to prevent the natives from reading it.

    This odd procedure probably began early. We do not know what language the Jews spoke when they got into Canaan, but once ensconced there, they corrupted the Canaanite dialect of what is commonly called Phoenician into Hebrew, a language which they retained as their “Holy Tongue,” presumably understood by Rabbis, but unknown to the majority of Jews, who soon adopted Aramaic, which had become the common language of commerce in western Asia.

    Anyone who knows German well, and especially if he has some familiarity with the German of the late Middle Ages, could make some sense of almost anything written in Yiddish, if the writing was in the Roman alphabet, but the corrupted German is, so to speak, enciphered in the Hebrew alphabet which is used in such a way that some of the letters do not have their original significance.

    Of the various Jewish corruptions of vernaculars, we are here concerned with only two, their corruption of German to Yiddish, and their corruption of Spanish to Ladino. Both of these mightily puzzle linguists who try to consider them in terms of the normal diffusion of Aryan and other languages.

    And it’s just the tip of an iceberg of confusion the jews and their crypsis have created. Oliver does a fantastic job sifting it down. Note how the 4 dialects only mentioned in passing by Kogos fit in:

    When Jews fasten onto a territory, their power lies, of course, in their racial unity as against the natives, who are divided into regions and classes, often with reciprocal antipathies that can be artfully stimulated and exacerbated. The Jews exploit the natives by means of usury, superstitions, and subversive agitations, but these go with trade, including international trade. It is, of course, obvious that the Jews throughout a wide area of trade will need to communicate with each other in a dialect they all understand. If, to simplify the illustration, we consider only the contiguous lands of Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia, the Jews scattered through those countries could not cooperate with each other, if the Jews in each country used a corruption of the native language, a corruption of Lithuanian in Lithuania, a corrupted Polish in Poland, etc. Of the four languages, three had to give way, and since Germany was by far the dominant region commercially, Yiddish had to be used in the other three countries. The Jews in Novgorod spoke Yiddish, not because they or their daddies had migrated from Bavaria, but because they were cooperating with their fellow tribesmen throughout a region of which the economy was centered in Germany. The Jews in Novgorod and the Jews in Frankfurt were united only by their common race, their common hatred of all other races, and the common dialect they used for expediency in that part of the world.

  8. G.M.,

    Depending on who the “rich and powerful” Solomon was dealing with are, how they regard him, and whether his or their jewishness ever comes to the fore, it’s easy to imagine the tone shifting from hushed shandas to cries of ANTI-SEMITISM!!1! (dindu nuffin, heeb a good boy)

    Regarding differences in attitudes about shame, Sailer made the point well:

    White guilt is, at least nominally, about whites feeling bad about whites in the past being racist.

    . . .

    Jewish guilt, on the other hand, is infinitely joked about, but its essence is almost never spelled out in such a way that non-Jews grasp what “Jewish guilt” means.

    . . .

    in the classic example of Jewish guilt, Portnoy’s Complaint, Jewish guilt is the opposite of white guilt: Portnoy’s feelings of Jewish guilt stem not from his ancestors being too ethnocentric (as in “white guilt”) but from himself not being ethnocentric enough to please his ancestors. His parents make him feel guilty because he’s individualistically ignoring his racial duty to settle down and propagate the Jewish race.

    Ordinarily Sailer pretends jews are “white”, but here he’s calling attention to a racial distinction right after noting “whites” such as Ron Rosenbaum driving the White guilt-tripping.

  9. I think that the idea of Jews regarding the non-Jews who they live among as “enemies” does not go far enough. “Enemy” is just someone who is hostile with opposing interests, and this can change, as enemies can be forgiven, wars can end, and often, enemies become friends (as with the U.S. and Japanese). I think it would be more accurate to say that Jews regard the gentiles as Satanic, as we see in the Talmud. With Satan, there can be no peace, he is an eternal foe, with a wickedness and darkness that is without cure. An enemy can eventually be defeated, and war ended, but for Satan’s minions, they must be utterly destroyed forever (via genocide).

    I hypothesize (without any expertise whatsoever) that in the process of group evolution for the Ashkenazim, where culture influences selection, the Jewish mind has evolved to be prone to classify in Manichean terms, “good or evil”, they being naturally good, the other being inherently evil. While most Jews are no longer religious, they still are hard-wired with the brain structures that interpret the world this way. “Hitler” takes the place of Satan for the non-religious Jews (their word for the darkest evil imaginable), and pretty much anyone opposed to them gets that term (or something similar). It seems that sometimes, some goyim can receive special status as allies, if they are seen as helping the Jews, such as Schindler or Africans in European countries.

  10. “It seems that sometimes, some goyim can receive special status as allies, if they are seen as helping the Jews” –Nope, not even then. This Bret Stephens character (a typical jewish mind in my experience) besmirches Oskar Schindler’s act of kindness at 1:26:40. If you can stand to listen to the whole hour and a half, it demonstrates the twisted thinking of most jews

  11. Off-Topic:

    “There are lots of other examples of shanda for die goyim. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Jonathan Pollard (and other jewish spies), Greville Janner, Jeffrey Epstein and Alan Dershowitz, to name a few.”

    Even though it’s off topic, I’d like to give a short sum-up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s career:

    After he became the first IMF director who ever raped an African immigrant in a New York hotel, the French media said he had a reputation of being dangerous for women. One of his victims, Tristane Banon, came forward accusing him of a sexual aggression.

    Strauss-Kahn was about to be officially chosen as the socialist nominee for the 2012 presidential election. He was the choice of the small Jewish clique at the top of the Socialist Party, and of the jewsmedia. It can be assumed that the internal elections are rigged both in the socialist party and in the main right-wing party. There’s a youtube video where the politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon told how the official results of internal elections in the socialist party used to be negociated between him and Hollande.

    I think what made it possible for a compulsive sexual maniac like Strauss-Kahn to be selected as the socialist candidate is that the selection process is an occult, undemocratic and mainly jewish affair. It’s not surprising that Tristane Banon’s charges against him got nowhere. She probably told the truth, but the public prosecutor said there was no proof. More recently, Strauss-Kahn was accused of organizing prostitution, but the public prosecutor asked for his acquittal. The judges must give their verdict this Friday. At the trial, Strauss-Kahn said he wasn’t the organizer and didn’t know the girls were doing it for money!

    After he was caught in New York, everyone was indignant over his sexual aggression against Tristane Banon a few years earlier, and about his impunity. Banon’s mother, a socialist politician who knew Strauss-Kahn, had advised her not to press charges. But there is no real reason for us to be indignant, since everyone in the story was jewish. It is their own business. Banon’s father is a Morrocan Jew. Her mother was born in Iran and has an Iranian father, which probably means Jewish Iranian. Tristane’s career in the French media has probably a lot to do with her being jewish. Her lawyer is Jewish. Everyone around them is Jewish.

    The Jews in France became more powerful after the socialist Mitterrand was elected in 1981. A law against racial discrimination had already been obtained thanks to the efforts of the LICRA a few years earlier. Under Mitterrand, the organization SOS Racisme was created by Julien Dray and other Jews to attack those who opposed race replacement.

    In the 1990s, trotskyist and socialist Jews like Julien Dray, Strauss-Kahn, Cambadélis, as well as Manuel Valls and a few SOS Racisme crooks, were involved in a financial scam at the MNEF, a student insurance company. Student insurance companies and student trade unions (like the UNEF) seem to be run under dubious special rules and have been used by the judeo-socialist maffia to recruit new crooks into the socialist party.

    The small committee of crooks who were at the MNEF soon rised to the top of the Socialist Party, and I think it’s them who chose DSK to be president in 2012. When he raped Nafissatou in New York, they chose Hollande as a replacement. I guess Hollande is Jewish too. His former nonwife Ségolène Royal, who is a minister in his current government, is not supposed to be jewish, but seems to get on well with Jews. I think she lived with a Morrocan Jew for some time.

    Strauss-Kahn has been called the greatest French economist. But last April, we learned that LSK, his investment firm in Luxemburg, left 100 million euros of liability when it went bankrupt. His partner in the firm committed suicide last year in Tel Aviv.

    Wikipedia says that one of Strauss-Kahn’s current jobs is as a financial advisor to the Serbian government. As a great economist, I think he is going to tell them to bring in more third-world immigrants. That is his recommendation for Western countries.

  12. This doesn’t qualify as a shanda, but maybe a century from now, Jews will claim this was just an “anti-semitic forgery.”

    This is basically a 120-page outline from a Jewish organization of their strategy for infiltrating China in the future. They boldly and flatly state they will introduce Jewish ideas and themes using magazines, websites, books, and TV, and that Israeli students study Chinese for this very purpose.

    Looks like the parasite is preparing to leave its host.

  13. Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI) is one of the major institutions of organized jewish conspiracy.

  14. And yet if you confront most Whites with irrefutable proof of Jews conspiring against entire nations, they still won’t believe you, not even if you quote Jews themselves.

    We are in desperate need of strategies on how to deprogram Whites and get them to understand that Jews are liars, psychopaths, and criminals. How do we get Whites to tune out the Jews and stop listening to their poisonous words?

  15. HSGW – 14 JUNE 2015 AT 11:37 PM
    We are in desperate need of strategies on how to deprogram Whites and get them to understand that Jews are liars, psychopaths, and criminals. How do we get Whites to tune out the Jews and stop listening to their poisonous words?

    We need them to know what we know.

    To achieve that, besides putting the information out their and showing its explanatory power, we need to normalize talking about the Jew behind the curtain.

    When I first started talking about jews with people they were all aghast. Nowadays they hardly blink. So get them used to hearing the word “jew”, perhaps first in a neutral context and then slowly ramp up the awful sickening truth about these people as an organized group.

    A single truth can destroy a thousand lies.


    For my latest blog post, How Jewry Turned England into a Plutocratic State – Part 3 click here >>> KATANA


  16. @ HSGW —

    Thanks for that most excellent link. And it partly confirms what a few of us old time industry guys have been suspecting for many years.

    From June, 1950, the United States of America sustained an Asian Jobs and Industrial Development program costing trillions over the decades and not raising a peep from American patriots. The first phase was called “The Korean War” but we have a few Brits in our club and they tell me that “Old China Hands” in London were laying track for this even before WWII began.

    China now has the largest Bible factory-complex in the world (This, in a country where a recent bestseller was entitiled “Success Secrets of the Jews”, mentioned on this site if I recall.) Yeah, one of the “secrets” is getting people to kneel and pray to a Levantine corporate logo.

    In the steel biz I met and talked with both American and Japanese managenent who were amazed that Americans don’t even have a hint. In the 80s/90s decades, entire facilities were cut up, marked, and shipped over to China to meet their exploding steel needs. An old defense steel mill, a Kaisar operation in Fontana, California, was cut up and shipped in container ships to meet China’s voracious industrial quotas.

    The people I talked with were clear on one point: There was a relentless time factor. By 2010, X millions tons of steel per year, that sort of thing. There was no “invisible hand of the free market”, that’s fairy tale talk for American conservatives. The Chinese had quotas to meet, a national market to build and… somewhere in the black bag there… a new host for the parasites.

    So what happens to us? Like Netahanyu said, we toss America out like a sucked out orange rind. They got us to pay for their new, trillion dollar paypen, now we’re expected to jump in the ground and pull the dirt in after us. Anything else would be HATE, right.

  17. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    ― Mark Twain

    Many here, no doubt, are familiar with the above, and no doubt it has been true of those here, myself included.

    As for the “shanda,” it is not true or “virtuous” shame. That shame one feels for a personal moral failing – an earnest regret or remorse. This is the embarrassment the Jew feels for his exposure to the goyim as you point out. As the Christian foundation for a moral paradigm crumbles and falls to the ground the goy becomes increasingly led by Jewry to the ersatz paradigm of their devising. Thus the Gentile (formerly Christian ) increasing no longer has the “shame” our fathers and mothers instructed us concerning, but the amoral, “I-failed-to-get-away-with-it”…”shanda.”

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