On Dog Whistling


Based on what Conway says at Harvard, and what Forbes writes about the Kushner-orchestrated electoral college strategy, it is evident the Trump campaign did discreetly but deliberately go after the White vote. This is the big jew taboo team Trump violated. Thus team Clinton’s strategy was, for the entire campaign, to screech that this violation alone disqualified Trump. And they still are.

All the political insiders understand that dog whistling – saying what White voters want to hear – is taboo. They all know it is a jew-created, jew-enforced taboo. The Trump campaign took the attitude, “screw this, we love jews but we need these White votes, so we’re going to use dog whistles”. They did it only because they were determined to win, not because they genuinely intended to serve White political interests. Wanting to serve Whites as Whites would be unacceptably “racist”, on this point the Trump and Clinton teams agree.

In fact, the White voters never get what the dog whistling politicians promises – that’s the other, less recognized half of what dog whistling means. The first half, the pandering, the yids screech and flip their lids about. The second half, the betrayal, the jews only concern troll (as they did before the election) or cackle and gloat about (as they’re doing now).

The jewsmedia could have done more to counter Trump’s Rust Belt strategy. They could have put him on the spot about White genocide, forcing him to take a position on this specific “conspiracy theory”, as they did with David Duke and the KKK. They could have called attention to Trump’s old mentor, Roy “McCarthyite” Cohn, or his good friend, Jeffrey “underage pussy-grabber” Epstein. They didn’t. Why not? Because even though any of it would have likely diminished Trump in the eyes of White voters, it would have done so only by exposing just how thoroughly jewed Trump and the current regime is and always has been.

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  1. Astronomers, with the Hubble telescope and kosher physics of Einstein, look out into deep space, “Do you see that thing, there, that you can’t see? That’s a black hole.”

    I wouldn’t expect the jewsmedia would ever utter the White Genocide mantra, they not wanting to sanction it as a public topic. Let the slumbering behemoth lie. And despite Trump’s campaign from behind his parapet of neocons, it could not trammel the paranoia of those trolls eager to sniff out that nasty nationalist, encoded ‘dog whistling’, which they knew must be out there somewhere.

    Would be entertaining to have a video of the commotion this caused…

    Trump retweeted: “@WhiteGenocideTM: @realDonaldTrump Poor Jeb. I could’ve sworn I saw him outside Trump Tower the other day!”

    May have seen it, already. But it’s here, nearly a year old, Jan 2016, and rather funny…

  2. They did it only because they were determined to win, not because they genuinely intended to serve White political interests. Wanting to serve Whites as Whites would be unacceptably “racist”, on this point the Trump and Clinton teams agree.

    I listened to the audio again and this is true. I hate to be black pill but it’s true.

    And we did it by looking at the schedule and, yes, the electoral map of 270 because that is how you win the presidency. And we went into places where we were either ignored or mocked roundly by most of the people in this room. I have a smile on my fact at all times. And we did it by focusing with Steve Bannon and David Bossie and everybody you see here.

    And we focused on how to win. We connected with voters.

    At first I thought Conway was just responding with “blah blah we didn’t run a racist campaign blah blah” BS. But as you point out it’s much worse. Conway is triumphant that her “we pandered to Whites but no one can actually prove it” strategy won.

    And Palmieri is bitter that dog whistling to Whites is a better strategy than calling Whites deplorable.
    They’re both horrible women. *shudder*

  3. Dog whistle (according to the Urban Dictionary) :

    – a device that produces a sound in the very high frequency range that only dogs can hear but not humans.

    – an innocuous statement designed to trigger previously indoctrinated bigotry & hatred without being recognized by outsiders for bigotry or hateful speech

    – a certain group that is “in the know” will take away the secret, intended message

    I wouldn’t say that Trump has been dog whistling. There was no coded message in his speeches. What can be said is that his pro-White positions were only implicit. He didn’t say: I want to stop the genocide of White people. He would have been denounced as a criminal. He just said he wanted to slow immigration down. But slowing down immigration is good for everyone, not just White people.

    The Democrats are the ones dog whistling. When they talk about diversity, vibrancy, antiracism, they are really supporting the genocide of White people. But they won’t say so in so many words.

    Even as a way to win votes, Trump would not dare say he is against the genocide of White people. As for the Democrats, they are afraid to say they are all for it. Who’s dog whistling? In fact, the Democrats are accusing Trump of secretly being anti-genocide.

    But the MAGA slogan is not just about building a wall and expelling the illegals. It’s about economic protectionism, law and order, common sense… And it won’t benefit only the Whites. Even so, the Democrats are not satisfied. From their point of view, the problem is that it won’t harm White interests.

    To be honest, Trump may also take measures that will slow down the redistribution of White people’s money to the non-Whites, like canceling obamacare.

    “They did it only because they were determined to win, not because they genuinely intended to serve White political interests.”

    I’m still very-very glad that Trump won. I still don’t think that he is anti-White.

    What’s incredible is that the Democrats, who do not have any prejudice against lying, refused to say that they would slow down immigration. That would have been a lie. They had every intention of speeding up the race replacement, and that’s what they would have done. But they are so anti-White that they couldn’t even bring themselves to tell the gullible White voters that the time has come to slow down immigration. It’s incredible that some White people still voted for Hillary Clinton.

  4. The question is, why were Trump’s people so determined to win? Barack Obama has been one of the most pro-Israel presidents in American history, so maybe the jews wanted to keep riding that wave and bring in a president who is an even bigger zionist fanatic. I never expected Trump to follow through on most of his promises. I voted for him mostly as an F you to the democrats, but even so, I’m already regretting my vote. Maybe Trump will just be a one-term president.

  5. Lewd, Jewed, and un-Taboo-ed


    Philo-Jew and jewed are two different things.” – I wish, too, that this assertion didn’t seem like such a leap of faith.

  6. So if Trump’s campaign strategy was a cynical ploy to get elected, why is he making a Thank You Tour? These events are populated by White people, why bother thanking us? Why not just get on with the business of serving the jews?

    It could be argued that putting jews into high visibility economic posts would make them less likely to crash the economy should Trump actually start to make America more White Again. I mean it would be pretty obvious who was doing it. I just don’t see that much jewish influence save his son-in-law and who knows, maybe he is a reliable source as to what the jews are really thinking. Trump is as he said he would be, unpredictable.

    Then again I maybe just wishful thinking…

  7. I don’t think Dems are dog whistling, they’re openly cheering for White genocide.

    Democrats at Crossroads: Win Back Working-Class Whites, or Let Them Go?

    Some see Mrs. Clinton’s loss as a result of an unfortunate series of flukes — Russian tampering, a late intervention by the Federal Bureau of Investigation director and a poor allocation of resources — but little more than a speed bump on the road to a demographic majority.

    Demographically, the Electoral College is heading in the right direction.

    right direction = White genocide

    In the minds of those Democrats, they will not be a majority party again in Washington or across much of the country without winning back white voters of modest means.

    Dems think pandering to the “White trash” vote is good strategy.

    “You don’t need those people?” Tom Vilsack, the agriculture secretary, asked. “You’re going to wait how many decades before this other strategy works?”

    other strategy = White genocide

    To win in a changing country, these Democrats said, the party must tailor a platform and strategy that explicitly appealed to younger and nonwhite voters on issues like policing, climate change and immigration.

    “a shrinking, increasingly resistant market.”

    They’re banking on us shrinking but we don’t need numbers, we need to accept the truth about jews and fight back.

    “We’re spending all of our resources on broadcast television chasing this mythical unicorn white swing voter”

    They got this one right. Dems will get less White votes in 2020 than they did in 2016. Dems are the party of niggers, fatties, prescription drug addicts and degenerate freaks. They use the same tactics to appeal to their base as McDonald’s uses. Republicans aren’t much better but at least there’s signs of change. It’s possible they’ll be more openly pro-White in 2020.

  8. Trump doesn’t want to destroy the system that has made him a billionaire. The same system that he now gets to be president of. He just wants to tweak it.

  9. Trump wants to move away the current hyper-financialized US economy to one with more manufacturing. After all, his only consistent policy position in his adult life (since the 1970s!) has been concern about the trade deficit.

    Reasonable stuff from Mondoweiss:

    The news that Donald Trump named a rightwing extremist, David Friedman, as ambassador to Israel is a sign of the new nationalism we are going to be seeing in this administration: Jews can have Israel and Palestine, but America is for Americans.

    It is hardly a coincidence that Friedman was named at the same time as the trial balloon of neoconservative John Bolton for deputy secretary of State was being shot down from a hundred different angles. Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson had pushed Bolton in a bid to recapitulate his role with George W. Bush, when he appeared to sign off on neoconservative policymakers throughout the administration. But then everyone from Condoleeza Rice to Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson himself signaled opposition to Bolton as a wildman and an author of the Iraq war, and Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews savaged him on air.

    Trump’s campaign was explicitly America First; his base includes American nationalists and white nationalists who are sick of taking one for Israel in the Middle East. Trump may have gotten millions from Sheldon Adelson, but his campaign strategist Steve Bannon ran an ad that many felt was blaming Jewish bankers for job loss in Middle America; and though Bannon is pro-Zionist, he seems to feel no particular obligation to the lobby. He blew off Adelson’s outfit, the Zionist Organization of America, even after the ZOA stuck its neck out for him. The message was: America for Americans, Israel for the Jews.

  10. Cora,

    right direction = White genocide
    other strategy = White genocide

    Indeed. Good catch.


    Trump spoke in code in two ways – when he said things Whites wanted to hear without saying “White” (by speaking about immigration and jobs) and things jews didn’t want to hear without saying “jew” (by speaking about the “globalist elite” who had made America not great).

    Like “racism”, “dog whistle” is primarily used as an attack on Whites. Only Whites imagine such terms have more universal meaning. The definition for “dog whistling” I provided in the post – a politician saying what White voters want to hear – comes closer to how jewsmedia and political pundits actually use the term.

  11. Kellyanne Cuntway’s face looks like ten miles of bad road. Just look at the skin under her eyes – it looks like an 80 year old’s. If she is not in the habit of wearing makeup, she should start. If she has never considered plastic surgery, now is the time.

  12. Cora: “I don’t think Dems are dog whistling, they’re openly cheering for White genocide.”

    I agree that it is more and more common to hear Jews and their allies openly gloating about the destruction of White people. But even so, if you ask White Democrat voters if they think the Clinton camp is out to get them, it’s obvious they will say no. Most White people still can’t believe the government wants to destroy them.

    Tan: “[Trump] said things Whites wanted to hear without saying “White” (by speaking about immigration and jobs)”

    No matter what Jews say, stopping immigration and preserving jobs is good for everyone, not just Whites. Did Trump say anything to make us think he would specifically defend White people? He said he was going to defend American interests. He sounds like a civic nationalist. It’s a great improvement over the anti-White plans of Romney, Obama, Clinton. For example, he said he likes the idea of charter schools. The Jews will denounce that as a pro-White policy, but it is actually race neutral.

    Obviously, what we need is a pro-White movement, not a race-neutral movement. The White race and civilization will not be saved unless we get racial separation at some point. But I’m not sure Trump’s discourse was even implicitly pro-White. It’s just that he wasn’t anti-White.

    The MAGA slogan could be seen as coded language. What used to make the US great is that it was a White country and the Jews didn’t have as much influence as today. Trump’s nostalgia will play well with White people, but everyone understands he isn’t proposing to get rid of all the non-Whites who arrived after 1965.

  13. Armor,
    I don’t think the Democrats have touted jobs for quite some time, other than workers’ unions. But even that is drown out in the howls of their holy queerification crusade. They upheld the taboo.

    America’s spine, her working class (Whites), is crushed from on top by a continental shift of 3rd world orangutans and abject bankruptcy from below.

    The gold insiders see Wall Street borrowing at near 0% from the Feds and re-investing it in (toxic) security bonds. After all, at least foreigners still have money. There are still some suckers out there who don’t remember Clinton’s class A sub-prime mortgage backed securities. When/if the Feds raise interest rates, it’s only to drip more blood in the sharks’ waters. More bang for the buck on Wall Street’s safe and lazy investments. This keeps money from reaching the starving business sector as loans. Too risky. Better build those factories oversees. This vicious circle provides hardly a trickle to America’s parched middle class.

    This isn’t just bad economics, because nobody is that f*****g dumb, outside of the lemming Dem or Repub voters. It’s intentional. The petro-dollar crash, the grand ‘reset’, and new kosher currency are planned. The Feds have no intention of shoring up their funny-money again with the real capital of production. (That is, beyond the roughly 21 trillion they recently printed, looted, and fronted to Fed banksters and agents in a mad scramble to buy up world real estate and gold and diamond mines for themselves, and of course, bankroll immigration.)

    For the dogs of Trump’s faint whistles to bare teeth in their bite, he needs to arrest the Federal Reserve, not audit them.

    Time to throw down and leave the table. No more good hands to play. Yes, a pro-White movement, and anywhere BUT toward Washington DC.

  14. Could someone tell me how Trump approached the ‘job’ talk? That’s almost as offensive as ‘family’. I’d think that ‘job’ had long since been added to the list of dog whistles. The Dems know who work.

  15. The definition for “dog whistling” I provided in the post – a politician saying what White voters want to hear – comes closer to how jewsmedia and political pundits actually use the term.

    Right, it’s not necessary to speak in code to non-Whites.
    Replacing black with White would be another holocaust.

    But even so, if you ask White Democrat voters if they think the Clinton camp is out to get them, it’s obvious they will say no. Most White people still can’t believe the government wants to destroy them.

    Union people are the worst. Even the ones that are in their 20s think it’s still 1980 and Dems are gonna save their Union jobs. They’re so focused on muh Union they miss the obvious anti-White message.

  16. Have you guys seen how a bunch of Jews in Montana are trying to force Richard Spencer’s mom to sell a building and donate money to their hate group?

  17. SAFE SPACE, nothing of the sort would surprise me. The leadership of the Alt Right may soon find themselves two jumps ahead of posse.

    Right now, everyone is holding their breath over this Electoral College thing on Dec 19. There is reason for concern.

    Why might there lurk the rumored rogue Electors? 1. the Republican’s cushy bureaucratic side, like the Dems, want to maintain the status quo and may perceive Trump a threat. Trump has dissenters among them. 1. There is the (Trumped up) matter of Trump’s Russian and Chinese predispositions, respectively at odds, that many find churlish, and may use as excuses in an contest of loyalty between the voter populace (after all, what do the proletariat really know?) and national welfare (or shall i say, globalist welfare), be this judgment sensible or not.

  18. Each group of non-Whites is allowed to defend its own racial interests, but White people are only allowed at best to be “civic nationalists”. Trump is not allowed to say anything pro-White. He cannot complain about the extinction of White people by race replacement. He can only be a “civic nationalist”.

    Civic nationalism doesn’t make sense in itself. There is no reason to expel the illegal non-Whites and keep the legal non-Whites. None of them belong in White Countries. A civic nationalist is either someone who is not allowed to be explicitly pro-White, or someone who sides with the Jews and takes part in the subversion of the pro-White movement.

    Most people think Trump is pro-White but cannot be explicitly so. That’s enough for the Jews to claim that he is dog whistling. And it’s true that he says things White voters want to hear, but he doesn’t say everything they would like to hear. Even so, that’s an improvement. So there’s no need for coded language.

    It’s not just that Trump doesn’t make explicitly pro-White speeches. I don’t think he is preparing pro-White policies either. He will simply try to be pro-American and not anti-White. There isn’t any duplicity. He knows he has to settle for compromise. He cannot be fully pro-White. He has to reckon with Jewish power. With fully pro-White positions, he wouldn’t’ve been elected, and he wouldn’t get any collaboration from the Republican anti-White traitors. But when he gets reelected in 2020, the pro-White side will be in a stronger position.

    Of course, it’s hard to know if Trump is really or just vaguely pro-White. We hope he won’t betray White people. But if he is really pro-White, then I can say that I have been in a similar position as he in the past. I was not running for political office, I was just trying to put across my opinion on internet forums.

    When I want to rant against race replacement, I go to the Daily Stormer. But 15 years ago, I used to write comments on Breton nationalist websites. Those websites were favorable to things like teaching Breton in Breton schools, creating a Breton TV station, maybe getting independence for Brittany, and so on. But most people there did not openly oppose race replacement. And in fact, some of the forums were moderated by stupid leftists (I now suspect some of them may have been Jews).

    It’s very complicated for a commenter who is against race replacement to defend his views on a forum run by stupid leftists. You have to avoid using the words that will get you banned. They may accuse you of using coded language when you are simply trying to get heard in spite of the censorship.

    All pro-White politicians find themselves in a similar situation. They are not using coded language, but they have to accept they cannot say everything publicly. And they have to lower their objectives.

  19. When is the Clinton campaign going to admit how badly it screwed up?, Jew Republic:

    In some cases, there’s a fear about empowering the so-called Bernie wing of the party. But mostly, you hear quotes like this: “We like Keith [Ellison],” one “longtime Obama political ally” tells Thrush, who he spoke to in November. “But is he really the guy we need right now when we are trying to get all of those disaffected white working-class people to rally around our message of economic equality?” If Trump said something like this, you’d call it a dog whistle. It’s almost baffling that, given anonymity, this longtime Obama political ally didn’t just come out and say that what gives them pause about Ellison is who he is—that white working-class people won’t like a black Muslim in charge of the DNC.

    In this case “dog whistle” just means something some shitlib imagines White voters want to hear. Heaping scorn on “disaffected white working-class people” is semitically correct. The reality is Ellison won’t be in charge of the DNC because jews don’t like him.

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