Jew Identity: Non-White, Anti-White


The jews have noticed that White racial consciousness is growing. A few are freaking out and screeching to each other that Trump’s selection and the rise of the jew-aware alt-right is why jews, as jews, should freak out and screech more. This hysterical reaction, which only further exposes jew malevolence and power, is collective. It is what they are. The internet merely amplifies their jewing, allowing more of us to see it more clearly.

The essence of jew identity is inherently schizophrenic – a loud-furtive tribe of name-changing shape-shifting fraudsters who insist they are the victims of the many peoples they’ve parasitized and ultimately offed. They have thrived as a group because they are so keenly aware of themselves as a group, but also because they are aware that they thrive at the expense of others, their hosts, whose awareness jews spend a great deal of effort monitoring and ruthlessly manipulating – to suppress or redirect toward their own ends.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy is a jewsmedia jewess whose long-term special concern has been to jewsplain, specifically to jews, how two toxic jew-driven anti-White memes – that jews are White, and that “White privilege” is evil – are colliding, and how this collision might ultimately not be good for the jews.

In a recent piece published by The Forward, Bovy empathizes with another, younger jewsmedia jewess, Sydney Brownstone. ‘Oh Man, Do I Look Too Jewish?’:

I have lived for 26 years under the illusion that I am unconditionally white, for example, and in pictures recently I have started looking at my face and going, oh man, do I look too Jewish? I’ve never done that before or at least not since I was 13 and like comparing myself to girls wearing Abercrombie.

Brownstone expressed this perfectly typical cryptic jew expression of hostility in a conversation with two other blabbermouth-stranger jewsmedia jews.

Brownstone was describing her concern about an impending alt-right revolution. She explicitly connected her antipathy for “a bunch of gun nuts shooting people” to her own conflicted self-image – a lifetime comfortably posturing as White while simultaneously seeing herself and her own violent, nutty tribe as separate from and at odds with Whites:

It’s just really weird to see this rise of anti-semitism, and think about kind of umm the historical pathway that even got my family on this continent and I know that, Eli, you share kind of a similar history. But I feel like there are ghosts that live in our blood and those ghosts are telling us to run or to remember the revolutions that our families survived and to look out for the signs that are happening now.

History is kind of umm weird because jewing. As White racial consciousness rose a hundred years ago jews as a group were compelled, by the Whites who ostensibly still governed America at that time, to resolve the weirdness, to present an argument that jews were racially “white”. Galvanized by this threat to their jewness a few jews went through the required motions. At the same time, other jews set out to remove the threat by constructing anti-“racism”.

Bovy offers an intimate and explicitly racial interpretation of Brownstone’s feels:

In one sense, pale-skinned American Jews are only now experiencing a shift in our racial self-conception. But if you step back and look at how these same Jews — specifically, the Jewish girls — often experience their teen and preteen years, it starts to seem as if maybe this experience of racist anti-Semitism isn’t entirely new.

And it feels a bit full-circle-ish, I must say, when you learn (on Facebook, where else?) that your 13-year-old self’s Abercrombie-girl equivalent now supports Trump.

Bovy, like Brownstone, clearly sees two separate groups – jews, whom they identify and sympathize with, versus Whites, whom they don’t. They act conflicted because there is a conflict, and they know they are on the jew side, against Whites.

No group is more conscious of race and identity than jews, who are well aware of the privilege they enjoy when Whites mistake them as White. They never tire of expressing their dislike and distrust for Whites, but also recognize the value of the error, the advantage it provides them to manipulate White thoughts and actions: “As a White, I think my fellow Whites suck.” At other times, especially when such goyposing fails, they revert to more explicit jewing: “As a jew, I can’t believe this craaaaaazy anti-semitism exists, shut it down.”

In this respect Bovy is a full-time one-jewess band – more overt jew, less pretend “white”, but constantly dancing around the fault line. Bovy titled her take on Trump’s selection Between Guilt and Fear: White, Jewish, and Female after a Trump Victory:

But when I see “white women” posts from white Jewish women, I pause. Are we white women? Today? That is, are we complicit in what’s just happened?

The short, honest answer is no, jews aren’t White, they’re anti-White. But while Brownstone and Bovy provide one of the more blatant examples, it isn’t the only one.

Another jewsmedia jewess, Emma Green, coyly asks Are Jews White? (This article was published by The Atlantic, a “jewish Commentary” in the same sense as The Jew Republic.) Like Bovy, Green blames all this jewy double-talk, which has been going on forever, on the alt-right and Trump.

On the extreme right, Jews are seen as impure—a faux-white race that has tainted America. And on the extreme left, Jews are seen as part of a white-majority establishment that seeks to dominate people of color. Taken together, these attacks raise an interesting question: Are Jews white?

“Jewish identity in American is inherently paradoxical and contradictory,” said Eric Goldstein, an associate professor of history at Emory University. “What you have is a group that was historically considered, and considered itself, an outsider group, a persecuted minority. In the space of two generations, they’ve become one of the most successful, integrated groups in American society—by many accounts, part of the establishment. And there’s a lot of dissonance between those two positions.”

There’s that weird, jewed history again. The tales jews tell only seem paradoxical and contradictory to those who refuse to accept their implication. Jews, as a group, see themselves as distinct from and at odds with Whites. The confusion on this point persists because jews foment and perpetuate it. While fewer jews may believe that masquerading as White is still what’s best for the jews, they all peddle a version of history which hinges on the same stark distinction: excusing jews, faulting Whites.

Green’s coy bit triggered a jewlash much like the one just a week earlier, and for the same reason – jews lash out in anger when their jewing gets exposed. Green responded with Jews and the Social Construction of Race. The first article rehashed the old jew narrative on race, “It’s complicated, goyim, trust me.” The second article taps a more up-to-date jew narrative, “It’s imaginary, goyim, trust me.”

“Race” is a historically contingent and subjective category that is used to justify violence against minority groups. I specifically wrote about American Jews because their experiences—which are incredibly diverse and varied—show the hypocrisies and limits of these racial categories. Looking at the historical experiences of this one particular group, and the present-day tensions its faces, is a means of critiquing the way “whiteness” is used to delineate who is and isn’t considered powerful and valuable in society.

A lot of people seem to feel strongly that talking about Jews in terms of race—even to challenge the notion that Jews could ever fit neatly into a single racial category, which is what my article is about—is thought-provoking or, at worst, dangerous.

Here’s what I’d say to these objections: Racial categories exist in American society. Everyone—including and especially Jews, a group that is arguably constructed not just around religious identity, but also ethnicity—has to grapple with their relationship to those racial categories. As I argue in the piece, racial categories are flawed, socially constructed, and ultimately premised on control and power. But ignoring questions about race is not a way of bringing about racial justice or overturning white supremacy. It’s a way of stifling understanding, debate, and awareness.

Many jews realize they can’t talk about race without contradicting themselves, so they try to forbid the subject to everyone. Many others instead embrace the sort of weaponized racial double-talk Green uses in her second article – an overtly anti-White narrative about “white supremacy” and “control and power”, constructed by jews inside universities and broadcast to the masses by their corporate media. Both of Green’s narratives hammer home the same point. Jews aren’t White, they’re anti-White.

Then there are some jews who speak relatively plainly about jew identity and their historic racial animus toward Whites, like Micha Danzig, an Israeli soldier and NYPD cop. Anti-Semitism in America is Nothing New. Don’t Deny Jewish History and Culture by Calling Us “White”:

Ruiz-Grossman also apparently believes that Jews in America have been hiding behind their “skin privilege” instead of being at the forefront of the civil rights movement. Perhaps Ruiz-Grossman never learned that Henry Moskowitz, an Ashkenazi Jew, was one of the founders of the NAACP in 1909, and that many, if not most, of the civil rights attorneys fighting for racial equality in the South in the 1950’s and 1960’s were Jewish. Maybe she never learned that half of the famous volunteer “freedom riders” in the early 1960’s were Jewish, or that it was the murder by the KKK of three such freedom riders, two Jews, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, along with an African-American, James Chaney, that helped galvanize the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

As if ignoring Jewish history in America is not enough, Ruiz-Grossman also disregards her own Jewish identity and Jewish history by characterizing herself and presumably all (Ashkenazi) Jews as “white.”

This is wrong and offensive. Anyone that understands Jewish history as well as the history of the entire development of the idea or construct of the “white race” should understand how that no Jew, Ashkenazi or otherwise, is “white.”

Ashkenazi Jews have been the victims of European and Western oppression and violence for centuries precisely because they were perceived as not being a part of the “white” world, beginning with the Roman colonialism of Judea and continuing through the 20th Century with arguably the worst genocide in history based on racial classification, the murder of more than 6 million, primarily Ashkenazi Jews, precisely because they were non-whites. The characterization of Jews as now somehow “white” and beneficiaries of “white privilege” is one of the main fallacies behind the relatively recent identification of some self-identified progressives with the demonization of Israel, a hateful cause to wipe off the map the world’s only Jewish state and to once again destroy the indigenous homeland of the Jewish people.

This is not merely a semantic issue. Jews are not “white.” We are a tribal people from the Levant. Many of our people were forcibly exiled out of and into other nations, including in Europe, where we were taken in chains and often subjected to brutal and oppressive institutional racism based on our ethnicity, tribal affiliation, culture and faith. For thousands of years, including nearly 2000 years where the majority of the Jewish people lived without the protection or comfort of having a Jewish homeland, we still maintained our indigenous culture, passing on from generation to generation our traditions, our language, and our sacred texts, all of which are entirely based on our indigenous tribal faith and affiliation. To call us “white,” when the notion of a “white” race was created by indigenous Europeans as a basis for supporting the “White Man’s Burden” and European imperialism, which certainly persecuted and oppressed Jews, in addition to numerous other non-Europeans, is a gross travesty and distortion.

No one that wants to end anti-Semitism and to fight against bigotry and racism should be claiming that Jews are “white.” People who try to depict or describe Jews as “white” are (albeit likely unintentionally) nullifying Jewish history and identity, and they are (again albeit likely unintentionally) essentially supporting Western imperialism, or at least it’s cultural imperialism, by imposing an artificial European creation (of a “White people”) on Jews — who regardless of our shade or whether we are Ashkenazi, Sephardic, or Mizrahi — are genetic brothers and sisters who have more in common genetically with each other than with most ethnic Europeans or “whites.”

Read that last paragraph again. Same anti-White jew narrative, yet another form. This is the ordinary jew-sixpack’s take on the weaponized double-talk produced by more subtle, polished jews, though his point about genetics is something none of them would be foolish enough to mention.

31 thoughts on “Jew Identity: Non-White, Anti-White”

  1. Jews constantly claiming their enemies are social constructs is a projection of their own angst about being a literally socially-constructed people. “Jews” are connected by tribal laws and psychological dispositions. Anyone can convert to being a Jew but no one can convert to being German, English, Japanese, Korean, Arab, Negro, etc.

    Jews attack you by lying to you about yourself. They don’t stop at “there’s no such thing as White.” They go further and say, “There’s no such thing as German/English/Swedish”, etc. Jews can only be beaten by never humoring them or ceding ground to their arguments. As the favorite tactic of the Jew is to shamelessly invert reality (create a lie so big their enemy won’t question it), the best way to crush their arguments is to fire them right back at them.

    “Jews” are a social construct. There is no such race as “Jews.” A Jew is anyone who self-identifies as one. “Judaism” is a cover for an international criminal conspiracy of many people of many races. Jews are a historical hoax.

  2. Off this topic but still on topic of these rat parasites.

    I”m sure you’ve seen these rat jews attempting to extort Richard Spencers mother?

    And then the article crying oy vey the goyim are noticing.

    Typical, jew crys out as it strikes you.

  3. So, jews exist as ethnic people, no matter the ethnic group they’re still jews. but Whites as whole are an artificial European construct?
    Jews exist but Whites are a constuct of imperialism by a group that cannot be defined?
    Did I get that right?

  4. “Bovy is a jewsmedia jewess whose long-term special concern has been to jewsplain, specifically to jews, how…”

    What’s surprising is that even among themselves, they keep talking nonsense. Maybe it’s a different type of nonsense from what they say to the goyim, but it still sounds to me like nonsense and coded language. Maybe that is because they know Tan is watching them, but it also seems to indicate that, for all their dishonesty, they partially believe their own nonsense.

    KSA: “the favorite tactic of the Jew is to shamelessly invert reality (create a lie so big their enemy won’t question it)”

    I think the favorite tactic of the Jew is to:
    – buy up the media, the politicians, the judges, and so on
    – posture as White and infiltrate the government, the universities and everything they can
    – get as many Jews as they can in our central institutions
    – keep defaming the nationalists and other honorable people
    – hijack pro-White organizations

    And in the second stage:
    – silence our real elites
    – establish Jewish censorship everywhere
    – push their reality inverting nonsense everywhere
    – import millions of non-Whites in the West
    – claim that most people agree with them, even though we don’t.

    Most White people are totally against the race replacement program. The Jewish BS isn’t persuasive at all in itself. Its main role is to slander us, intimidate us, and take up the space left by the silencing of White people, so as to keep up appearances.

    Practical consequence of my analysis:

    Our priority should not be to explain that the government and the media are full of BS. Everyone knows that already. People only accept that BS because it comes from the top and is backed by force.

    The priority is to tell people about ZOG: our government and media are not run by White people like us, but by Jewish frauds who don’t identify as White, and who are destroying us out of racial animus.

  5. The essence of jew identity is inherently schizophrenic – a loud-furtive tribe of name-changing shape-shifting fraudsters who insist they are the victims of the many peoples they’ve parasitized and ultimately offed.

    The movie Angel Heart, based on a book written by William Hjortsberg, is actually a movie about jews. IMO. The schizophrenic main character (((Harry Angel))) is running from himself and chasing himself all at the same time, with Satanism, race mixing, incest and murder going on all around him. He sees himself as a victim but eventually must admit he’s pure evil.

    Read that last paragraph again.

    I read it several times and I’m not sure what he’s saying.

    …by imposing an artificial European creation (of a “White people”) on Jews –

    Race is an artificial creation when it’s European…

    …Ashkenazi, Sephardic, or Mizrahi — are genetic brothers and sisters…

    but genetic when it’s jews?

    Danzig manages to make himself crystal clear in this one sentence:

    No one that wants to end anti-Semitism and to fight against bigotry and racism should be claiming that Jews are “white.”

    Ending anti-semitism means ending White people so calling jews White would be another holocaust.

  6. For Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, Whiteness Was a Fragile Identity Long Before Trump

    Another jew who sees jews as distinct from and at odds with Whites, concludes by advising fellow jews:

    I’d argue that now is the time to embrace your Jewish distinctiveness, and to embrace the work it pushes you to do with and for others. Some Mizrahi Jews realized long ago that our non-white status should make us natural allies for other non-white groups.

    This jew emphasizes passing, the crucial role of transracial fraud in jewing, and notes it is now failing even white-skinned jews like Bovy and Brownstone:

    Some are doubling down and insisting that they’re 100% white. Others are taking the opposite tack, insisting that they’re 100% non-white, and that it’s wrong to say they benefit from white privilege.

    The fact is that none of the jews I’ve cited, including this one, actually argues as an individual, speaking only for themselves. Each one argues 100% as a jew, as a member of a group with common interests, their shared ideals being 100% what’s best for jews collectively 100% in opposition to Whites collectively. They agree on these two main points. They differ in how to jewsplain it.

  7. Can I run this by you, get your feedback? As to why jews are hard for us to see as an other on the surface. Which is why they can ay White or jew depending on their audience or play the religion game.

    We can see muslims blacks mestizos asian as others. Even orthodox and rabbis. I bet their interbreeding with us was a way throw off our senses noticing them as the other. As other and hostile as we see muslims.

    The jews can look foreign depending on their percentage of jewishness. Ones that look more Aryan seem to be the ones working in front of the scenes to fuck up our senses. Along with the shabbos goy who get paid or blackmailed into doing the jews biding.

    These jews are sick and very un Aryan. I could easily see them plotting to marry in to look less like jews, which is probably why they track the line through the mother. Keep the inner line more pure as the men marry into goyim lines and im pregnant them. Not saying jew women dont do this but it seems there are more often used to keep the blood lines jewish.

  8. Chris, overt/endogamic jewry spins off a certain fraction of cryptic/exogamic jews, who effectively dedicate themselves to juda-forming the host society, making it safe for overt/endogamic jewry.

  9. Yeah, man.. i had to look up those words. Plus just busting your chops a bit. jewing out in the open and jewing to throw the goys senses off from whose doing the jewing, which is the jews. Thanks

  10. It’s like the conversos/marranos after the Inquisition. They can hide and play along when necessary, but they’ll be back soon enough, with some nice “parting” words in the meanwhile:

    Napoleon played footsies with them, emancipating Jews in conquered territories and building a new sanhedrin. Some people have taken this as a kind of naive broadening of Liberté to include out-groups, but it was actually intended to simply make them “French” and assimilate them. He wrote

    “It is necessary to reduce, if not destroy, the tendency of Jewish people to practice a very great number of activities that are harmful to civilization and to public order in society in all the countries of the world. It is necessary to stop the harm by preventing it; to prevent it, it is necessary to change the Jews…Once part of their youth will take its place in our armies, they will cease to have Jewish interests and sentiments; their interests and sentiments will be French”

    to the Duke of Codoure, but two years later he also wrote

    “Nothing could be more ridiculous than the audience you gave the Jews. … I have undertaken to reform the Jews, but I have not endeavored to draw more of them into my realm. Far from that, I have avoided doing anything which could show any esteem for the most despicable of mankind”

    to his brother Jerome in Spain two years later. Voltaire was no less aware of their presence, but neither seemed to fully appreciate that freeing Jews from their present conditions would change nothing of their raging fanaticism, but only serve to open society to their crypsis of dual-identity, unshackling them to near-complete social and cultural dominance that that Wagner described in Das Judenthum in der Musik a few decades later. You don’t Jews the Jews, they Jew you, people like Jared Taylor simply refuse to acknowledge that playing these word games and influence-peddling games will always be a waste of time.

    Jared Diamond’s treatment of race as applied to Jews and gentiles is exemplary of the dual identity and dual loyalties they can and always push, it was no different for them in the Ottoman Empire and all their professions of loyalty didn’t prevent Weizmann pushing Allenby to roll up Mandated Palestine for them in 1917. Diamond writes:

    “There are also practical reasons for interest in Jewish genes. The state of Israel has been going to much expense to support immigration and job retraining of Jews who were persecuted minorities in other countries. That immediately poses the problem of defining who is a Jew. For example, a debate is going on right now in israel concerning policy toward Ethiopia’s remaining would-be immigrants who identify themselves as Jews. Are they descendants of ancient Jews, as they maintain, or are they descendants of converted Africans, as their physical appearance might suggest?” – Jared Diamond, “Who are the Jews?,” Natural History, November 1993, p. 12.

    So the Jewish diaspora throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe has kept a genetic line going which is “practical” to research in terms of who should or should not be allowed to reside in Israel. This despite the “bigotry against religious views” Jews sometimes use to deflect from their actions, as if faith was paramount, while they fully accept genetically Jewish atheists and reject non-biological Jewish converts who profess the faith. Naturally, if far-flung Jews who moved around and mixed with other races over the millennia are cohesive enough to warrant a state specifically for themselves, which is carved out of already occupied territory in the Levant and won through the terrorist actions of Irgun and Lehi and negotiated in the sea of blood spilt in World War I to continue to conflict and bring America in, surely the relatively sentinel European peoples, with their comparative lack of mixing and senentary, more established histories in their respective countries, could claim at least the same, having settled their lands themselves rather than recently pressuring the UN into handing their lands to them?

    “There are many different, equally valid procedures for defining races, and those different procedures yield very different classifications. One such procedure would group Italians and Greeks with most African blacks. It would classify Xhosas – the South African “black” group to which President Nelson Mandela belongs – with Swedes rather than Nigerians. Faced with such differing classifications, many anthropologists today conclude that one cannot recognize any human races at all…Racial classification didn’t come from science but from the body’s signals for differentiating attractive from unattractive sex partners, and for differentiating friend from foe. Such snap judgments didn’t threaten our existence back when people were armed only with spears and surrounded by others who looked mostly like themselves. In the modern world, though, we are armed with guns and plutonium, and we live our lives surrounded by people who are much more varied in appearance. The last thing we need now is to continue codifying all those different appearances into an arbitrary system of racial classification.” – Jared Diamond, “Race Without Color,” Discover Magazine, November 1994.

    Well well, whaddaya know. Suddenly, these Europeans whose Guns, Germs, and Steel conquered and got the unfair advantage of rocky, barren European land compared to resource-rich Africa, mustn’t be so racist because it’s all arbitrary and primitive to think of biological ties among unchosen peoples. Got to name drop those evil guns and evil nuclear weapons, please nobody pay attention to Mordy Vanunu or why the Jews were so eager to drop the bomb until it was Szilard Petition time once Germany was no longer an option.

    It occurs to me that these pilpul games and inexhaustible energy for putting out concepts into the public sphere are more the strength of these people than even ethnic nepotism or iq. Look at the “letters to the editor” page in any newspaper, their over-representation is staggering. While we point out the dishonesty and contradictions of the “white when convenient, Jewish when convenient” games they play, they work a kneejerk reaction of “crazy/stupid/evil” into any mention of them by a goy, while the size of the microphones of media/entertainment/law/politics/education just closed a million eyes if you were persuasive enough to open a single pair. They flood the market of ideas with disinformation to such an extent that even if you catch them lying, nobody cares any more because twenty more bits of societal poison have entered the mainstream and nobody cares about “yesterday’s news” if they aren’t told to.

  11. The jewlash and cuckcries…I can’t keep a sober face. I’ve never had more fun watching politics. Trump trounced them, as if again, in the Electorals. And in Western Europe, nationalist groups wax bolder by the day. That would number all of their favorite host countries…all at once.

    So, i see, now is the time for Jews to distinguish themselves, clean up their act, call up their ranks, and go on the war path, to really muster their full tribal spirit and stick their necks out. Screeching will get this done. Must say, their sense of timing is brilliant. Yup! Now’s a good time )

    In Emma Green’s article, Are Jews White?, that Tan has linked, she denounces the tweet by David Duke. Why? Because he agreed with them. …Yeah…

    Maybe Jared Taylor is on to something. Telling jews they’re just as White as us, stuns them.

    I don’t look forward to the grim task of breaking the sad news to my tender hearted mother, who cries if a turtle dies crossing the road, “Yes, mom, you voted for Trump because you’re a violent bigot and White Supremacist.”

    I spent some time perusing jewish articles last week. Now I know how the Chernobyl survivors must have felt. If a White and a jew were each to play the Devil’s advocate, swapping sides to write articles, I’d still nail the jew. The Aryan encompasses. He will take several steps back, ponder over the big picture, objectify, assess, then cautiously advance his argument, like pieces on a chessboard. He’ll fairly qualify generalities, explicitly disqualify exceptions, and accommodate anticipated critique. The jew circumvents where obstacles are big, and if clever enough to do so. All else, he will charge head first, tunnel vision, pawing, flaying horns and wild words, like a drunken bull against 10 matadors.

    “They are not a fiery, impulsive people as you are, for they live in colder climates. But when they begin to move in a given direction, they move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche.” – Texas Governor Sam Houston – of the Union in The War Between the States

    There is a heavy tax, a ponderous toll, upon the intellect’s clout and clarity whenever and where ever emotional maturity is arrested and parochial attitudes reign unchecked and sustained well into old age, carried to the grave. Kalergi wrote his papers scarcely years before Hitler and the birth of IBM, authoring a pathetic, elitist, dubious, and just somewhat outdated scheme, which played right into the soulless jew ego. Conspire they may. If they’ve one virtue, it’s patience. But we’re not building pyramids, nor burning beasts to make it rain (aside from a few zealot rabbis). We live in a world where teenage girls rack up terabytes of kitten photos on social media. And as awareness rises, where will the jew hide?

    I recommend China. They’re not racist. It’s their turn, anyway. And if the jew survives the Asian welcome (not to mention ‘the Rat’), in a couple hundred years, he will wail by Yahwey’s circumscribed ____ that he is NOT ASIAN.

  12. The fact is that none of the jews I’ve cited, including this one, actually argues as an individual, speaking only for themselves. Each one argues 100% as a jew, as a member of a group with common interests, their shared ideals being 100% what’s best for jews collectively 100% in opposition to Whites collectively.

    That’s why the greatest racist that ever lived taught us to pray as a people, not individuals – “our Father” “our daily bread” “forgive us our sins” “as we forgive others.” Under God’s rule we have peoplehood. Under jew rule we’re atomized wagecucks competing with each other for toys.

  13. Thanks for the link Lothar.

    This edict is a testimony to Christian weakness. It shows that we Jews are capable of winning the centuries-old argument between the two faiths. It explains why there are “false Christians,” that is, Christians whose faith has been shaken by the arguments by the Jew who knows better.

    It explains why the Christian nation would be as injured as it claims to be. Desiring to silence Jewish opposition, the Christian majority has decided not to argue any further, but rather to eliminate the source of dangerous counter-argument. The opportunity to the Jews is not to be granted after today.

    This is the last opportunity on Spanish soil to state our case. In these last few moments of freedom granted to me by the King and Queen, I, as the last spokesman of Spanish Jewry, will dwell only on one point of theological dispute. I will leave you with a parting message although you will like it not.

    The message is simple. The historical people of Israel, as it has traditionally constituted itself, is the final judge of Jesus and his claims to be the Messiah. As the Messiah was destined to save Israel, so it must be for Israel to decide when it has been saved. Our answer, the only answer that matters, is that Jesus was a false Messiah. As long as the people of Israel lives, as long as Jesus’ own people continue to reject him, your religion can never be validated as true. You can convert all the peoples and savages of the world, but as long as you have not converted the Jew, you have proved nothing except that you can persuade the uninformed.

    We leave you with this comforting knowledge. For although you can dispose our our power, we have the higher truth. Although you can dispose of our persons, you cannot dispose of our sacred souls and the historical truth to which only we bear witness.

    With jews (as your authorities on history and morality), you lose.

  14. With jews (as your authorities on history and morality), you lose.

    Jesus was not a jew. Jews “infiltrated, manipulated and exploited” our Bible and religions. Christian and religion are not synonymous. White and Christian are synonymous. A jew can’t convert to Christianity the same way he can’t convert to White.

    If Jesus was a universalist the jews would have given him money and “pizza” and “hotdogs.” Jews destroyed Jesus because he was an Aryan anti-semite.

  15. Jesus was not a jew. Jews “infiltrated, manipulated and exploited” our Bible and religions.

    Jesus is literally a mythical creature. Christianity has always served to enable jew parasitism of Europeans.

  16. If jesus did exist he was probably an ancient Bobby Fischer. A jew vocally mad for being a jew, so they killed him.

    jews used christianity as a way to attack Whites. It was a cover to fuel this religius differences crap. Hiding the racial aspect of their war against us. Now, since most Whites have moved away from their god, they just attack us as Whites.

  17. “Jesus is literally a mythical creature.”

    Perhaps so. But I doubt WNs will be any more successful in converting Christians to atheism than Richard Dawkins has been.

  18. Jesus is literally a mythical creature.

    *shrugging shoulders*
    If you’re teaching Whites the truth about jews and teaching Whites how to defend themselves against jews, then you’re acting like Christ. You can call yourself agnostic or any words you want, but a rose by any other name is still a rose.

  19. jews used christianity as a way to attack Whites.

    Jews don’t use Christianity they use religion – Catholicism, Protestantism, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, et al.

    Yes, I’m CI that’s why I don’t fall for “jews/niggers/chinks can be allies” BS that’s so popular in WN.

  20. Lothar von Trotha, Interesting Napoleon quotes. Judaism is quintessentially a resistance to dissemination and assimilation. That he first so arrogantly waved history’s Jewish lessons…odd.

    Some of your comments hit a nerve. For, racialist apologetics is troublesome when passion provides no words. Words are the providence of intellect, not necessarily of intuition, which guided earnestly is no less justified.

    Racial classification didn’t come from science … when people were armed only with spears and surrounded by others who looked mostly like themselves.

    Yes, granted I appreciate the scientific classification of race, or attempts at it. But in a quick-draw standoff, I’ve learned scientific appeals are a knife to a gunfight – e.g. genetic strains, IQ – when justifying what honestly amounts to preference by instinct.

    Say we have a White woman, IQ low normal 90 espoused to a Black man, IQ superior 120. Entirely possible. Hypothesis is enough. And like mace, this is easily sprayed in the face of the scientific ‘racist’. Sure, exceptions are not the rule, but they can still shoot it with embarrassing holes. And while the racialist reloads, raising ‘generality’ (and his voice) over ‘exception’, the miscegenist smirks, having knocked his opponent of his horse.

    A snap shot of Whites, swimming in the jewed socio-cesspool, shows Asians out-performing them in many venues. So, why not be open to a new generation of White with Asian hybrids? Here, the IQ thingy doesn’t fly. But the racialist still sees only White genocide. And it is.

    For example, a debate is going on right now in Israel concerning policy toward Ethiopia’s remaining would-be immigrants who identify themselves as Jews.

    Uh huh…I recently saw a YouTube report on Israeli doctors injecting unwitting Ethiopian women with contraceptive serum. Ethiopians are BLACK! I’m sure the Cohens notice. Relegating the decision to a hearing on genetic ‘proof’ or religious integrity is a filibuster and will count for nothing, anyway.

    Why resist non-White immigration? As Tanstaafl once said, “They are not us.” To me, this is a primitive, an axiom. It should be the cornerstone of rebuttal. Once White loyalty’s advocate is lured into a defense via scientific debate before a tribunal which scoffs at reason, he finds he has a fool for a client. More words, more rope to hang him after a drumhead trial. Better fire with fire. Divining protective spells for such encounters is not academic. But it is natural.

  21. Christianity came up. I’d better jump in. I’m a PK, preacher’s kid. I battle this with every family contact. I’ve tried everything. Here’s a hands-on summary, what I found works and doesn’t.

    I don’t think a full de-conversion is necessary to achieve immediate political results. It may be sufficient to drive a wedge between Christianity and Zionism.

    1. Christianity is Universal Morality, extolling racial blindness.
    2. Acceptance of the New Testament means acceptance of the Old, the Torah, and the personalities of the entrapping stories. Christianity validates the jew.
    3. Present world problems have Christian leaders drawing parallels to the Book of Revelations. Jesus’s immanent return justifies complacency.

    Actually, I’ve found #3 to be the greatest obstacle. More on that…

    1. Faith is deaf ears, blind eyes, and a thick skull. Anything that gets through to Christians will not happen over night. It takes a little time and effort.
    2. Most Christians will never renounce their faith, their choice. Don’t count on this. Faith takes the high ground and holds it, defending it against the daily charges of intellect.
    3. Exceptions are when native intellect is strong and receives a steady bombardment of new information.
    4. In ALL cases where I’ve witnessed dropouts from Christianity, myself included, there precedes deep depression. Obstinacy breaks under crushing sadness.

    Look again at Reality #4. Christianity is NOT defeated by rational argument. Facts are never given audience until AFTER the scaffolding of emotion is severely shaken. It was emotion, especially persuasive in childhood, that convinced them. Only emotion’s bonds, deeply personal, unraveled, will release them. Happiness is the enemy. “Why doesn’t God answer?”, drowned in tears.

    Arthur – What’s the best thing for being sad. You told me it, once.
    Merlin – The best thing for being sad is to learn something.
    Arthur – Learn something?
    Merlin – It’s the one thing what…but never fails. You may grow old, trembling in your arteries. You may lie awake at night, listening to the disorder of your veins. You may miss your father, your mother, your dog, your only love.
    Arthur – My love…
    Merlin – There’s only one thing for all of it. Learn. Learn!…why the world wags and what wags it.

    – from the film, Camelot, 1967

    Tribune Messala – Sextus, you asked how to FIGHT an idea. Well I’ll tell you how. With another idea.

    – from the film, Ben Hur, 1953

    1. De-Zionize. Steer their indoctrination. Bring up topics like the Crusades, Spain and the Inquisition, the expulsion of jews by good Christian monarchs. Speak fluently and quickly, throwing in some facts and dates. Present them with classical Christianity’s jew wariness.
    2. Approach strategically, through their interests and concerns, with new information. Politics are too abstract for most people. Ex. My mother cringed at any negative jew talk. She’s now whistling a different tune after she listened to a Red Ice commentary I gave her, linking jews to porn, abortion clinics, pagan rituals involving babies, etc. This commentary involved motherhood sensibilities, something to which she can relate. Shocked, she now shares her revelation with anyone who’ll listen.
    3. Regarding Problems #3 Revelations – I challenge them, shame them, for assuming a passive posture toward evil. Reason with sarcasm. “Hi, Jesus! You’re back. It’s about time. Look! We’ve waited faithfully, sitting on our asses. Didn’t you sit on an ass one time? Evil has multiplied, sure. But it’s an evil world, as you say. What’s a little more? They send our sons to war, they rape our daughters, they mutilate and murder our babies. But don’t worry, Master. We ignore it. No violence, right? See no evil, hear no evil, or something like that. Even the Buddhists could learn a lesson from us. So, where the Hell is that new world you promised? We’re ready. We’re meek. Who’s more deserving than us?” – It does effect them.

  22. GW, I’m a Martian that has decided to visit earth. I find it curious why the English prefer moralizing and money-grubbing to doing things the Kraut way.

  23. Captainchaos, I paid a visit to the Majorityrights site and had a look at GW’s posts, also on Red Ice. Thanks for the suggestion.

  24. Brodkin writes…

    Now, Trump’s election and the closet of bigotry it has opened raise a question. Have the decades of whiteness we’ve enjoyed affected American Jews and Jewishness permanently, so that Jews would still be considered white, in the sense of still being included among the racially privileged, those safe from persecution?

    Or is it possible that the new Trump regime will “unwhiten” and mark Jews racially on a national scale?

    America welcomed jews because they were jews. This is the thanks we get, that we let them in because we didn’t know any better. …We know it now.

    They, themselves, ruined their ‘White privilege’, a derision they created, when they ruined White countries, like cows who crap in their stables to the point where there’s no longer room left to stand.

    Plan B, take full advantage of a new and improved, Trumped-up persecution complex, an opportunity that doesn’t come every day.

    The article moves beyond the Whiteness pretense. It’s a Shofar to the queer conscience of jews. Everything is Illuminated, with Elijah Wood, is a jewish WWII story, filmed in Ukraine in a modern setting. It centers upon the supreme jewish immorality of ethnic rejection, the ultimate betrayal, of jews who proverbially ‘remove the star’. As if to secure and expand this in the figurative sense, in the movie it literally happens.

    To many, Trump’s plan to impose a compulsory registry for all Muslims echoes Hitler and yellow stars.

    Sure. Their sewing machines are probably already doing 90mph, lest Trump runs out their badges of honor. They fear ethnic drowning in the ocean of Goyim far more than Nazis (true at least for now). I wonder how many jews in 1930’s Germany had shed their black gowns for blue jeans, but their rabbis were right there to make sure everyone had a star.

    The White mask is how the worm reached the apple’s core. If we take the jewish rain of hysteria to Trump’s ascendancy as a barometer of change, the jewish parasitism of American and the West has reached a stage of maturity. This, “We’re not the Whites whom we shit on” identity crisis means the jig is up.

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