Never Forget, Never Forgive


24 March 1933:

JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY – Jews Of All The World Unite In Action

Fourteen million jews dispersed throughout the world have banded together as one man to declare war on the German persecutors of their co-religionists.

“B-but the jews are not a monolith, that’s just a c-craaaaazy conspiracy theory.”

h/t @VonHash and @FelixDahn.

5 thoughts on “Never Forget, Never Forgive”

  1. I agree with Azzmador’s comment. If that jew were sincere he would be talking to jews, not Whites.

    I recently put a speech up on TFeed where KMac talks about morality: Moralism & Moral Arguments in the War for Western Survival. He’s right that it’s a WAR and MORALITY is important – that the jews use moral arguments as a weapon. He should think a little deeper about what the term war means, not to mention what morality is and how the jews use it.

    Jews on any side of any argument fervently assert that their position is good and right. Often they make it plain that they see this as specifically meaning good and right for the jews, and often explicity invoke the terms “moral” or “morality” when making these arguments.

    They weaponize these arguments by posing as White, or at least as allies. “Hey, we’re all on the same team and only want what’s good and right for everybody, don’t we goyim?” The weapon is especially effective when the jews get a White authority figure to endorse such weaponized messages.

    Rather than “getting over” the natural appeal of moral arguments, as KMac suggests in his speech, and which isn’t likely to happen, it would be easier and more productive to get Whites to recognize jew moral arguments as malevolent fraud, and more important, to properly perceive the jews as enemies.

    Convincing KMac would be a good start.

  2. Let me trigger you further… :(

    … and check the disqus thread.

    That’s one of the main if not THE main UK news-bite blogs and it’s nothing but concerted Jewish Supremacist advocacy transcending mere “egalitarianism”.

    All the echo-chamber posters at Daily Slave, Stormer, Morgoth’s, TOO, etc etc etc should take time out to visit Ordure-Ordure and post a few overdue Barbara Lerner Spectres and more. Instead of which, at Morgoth’s for instance I see among the latest comments more garbage about US is a corporation, your birth certificate is a traded security and similar (((BS))). It’s the proliferation of such (((BS))) that led the UK McKenzie Friend (litigation supporter) being increasingly regulated:

    and there’s more clamp-down activity on that front currently:

    Note from the link the restrictions on who may address a court on behalf of a litigant. It’s such restrictions that have helped restrain substantive protection of freedoms. And the UK courts don’t allow any chemical, electrical or mechanical lie detectors although all appear to have some probative or at least exclusionary value. It only dawned on me the other day that the likely reason for this is: in child abuse cases, involving especially (blackmailed) politicians, such verification of child evidence would end the control of the political process by pressuring those who have been filmed in highly compromising situations. As referred to in this video:
    Tim Fortescue from ‘Westminster’s Secret Service’ BBC 1995

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