Fake Hate Exposed, Organized Screeching Intensifies


Earlier this month anti-White black nationalist jewsmedia employee Juan Thompson was arrested for harassing an ex-girlfriend. What we know about Thompson’s “hate”-related shenanigans comes from two primary sources – his Twitter feed and the FBI complaint filed against him (PDF).

Jewsmedia articles consistently mischaracterized Thompson as a “liberal”, “leftist”, “communist”, “Clinton supporter”, “Bernie supporter” who threatened jews – though it is clear enough from his Twitter feed that he sees the world around him primarily in racial terms and to the extent he expressed any racial hostility he directed it mainly at Whites, not jews.

The FBI complaint made it plain enough that Thompson’s supposed “bomb threats” were from the start deemed not credible, and ultimately not prosecutable. That’s because he didn’t make any real threats, or even fake threats, but instead concocted ridiculously overwrought false warnings about non-existent threats.

It turned out Thompson had a history of using fake “hate” to harass individuals who vexed him in some way. His general method attack was to pose as an anonymous tipster and supply fabricated charges of “hate” to someone in a position power, hoping to incite them to harm his target for him. Whereas the common “hate” hoaxer seeks sympathy or something else for themselves, Thompson used “hate” like a weapon, to harm others.

Now come reports exposing much more of the “bomb threat” jews have been screeching about as imaginary.

Israel’s cyberattack unit arrests Israeli-American teen for ‘hundreds’ of bomb threats against Jewish institutions worldwide – Haaretz.com:

A resident of Israel in his late teens with both American and Israeli citizenship is suspected of being behind a host of fake bomb threats directed at Jewish institutions and other targets worldwide.

The suspect has lived in Israel many years. The army refused to draft him after finding him unfit for service. The suspect’s motive is unknown, but police accuse him of hundreds of incidents involving threats to institutions around the world, including Israel, over a period of two or three years.

Some five computers were confiscated as well as other equipment, including antennas he used to access other people’s networks and to commit the alleged crimes undetected. This initially threw off the police and it led them to question others whose network were used.

The first incident attributed to the Israeli suspect is a bomb threat that a Jewish institution in New Zealand received in 2016. Police in New Zealand identified the IP address as originating from Israel. A similar incident occurred in Australia, and Israel was also identified as the source.

. . .

The FBI handed over the information to the Israel Police after finding that these threats too had originated from Israel.

JCC bomb threats: Teen suspect arrested in Israel – CNN.com:

Israeli police are still trying to determine the teen suspect’s motive. The FBI confirmed the arrest and said in a statement it could not provide further information on the investigation.

Leaders of Jewish institutions, including the Anti-Defamation League, said they were “relieved” by the arrest.

“While the details of this crime remain unclear, the impact of this individual’s actions is crystal clear: These were acts of anti-Semitism,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. “These threats targeted Jewish institutions, were calculated to sow fear and anxiety and put the entire Jewish community on high alert.”

Yes, some details remain unclear, but they hardly matter. The big picture is that the supposed crime, the “hate”, has again been exposed as a hoax. No real threat was made against jews, and the hoaxing was obviously not motivated by any real hatred of jews. In fact the hoaxers leveraged a pre-existing and on-going culture of “hate” hysteria – a climate created and maintained by jews for the benefit of jews.

As we see from the details that have already been disclosed, organized jewry and government investigators were well aware of the fake nature of both Thompson and the Israeli hoaxer, but engaged in their own fakery, pretending that the threats were real. The jews not only define “hate”, they define crime. They have literally organized themselves to perpetrate the larger, original “hate” fraud, the unpunished corruption whose crystal clear impact extends to the highest levels of government.

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  1. jews faking todays hate crimes to prove persecution, also want you to believe they’ve always been persecuted in the past. Truth = jews lie

  2. Trump vaguely suggested the possibility of a hoax just before opening his first SOTU with an obsequious condemnation of “hate”. The jewsmedia responded by hissing that this was “dangerous”, i.e. potentially bad for the jews.

    Trump’s anti-Semitic ‘false flag’ allegation is dangerous – Haaretz.com, 1 March 2017:

    Trump’s argument is incredibly dangerous; it evokes perhaps the nastiest strain of anti-Semitism extant in global politics today – and one that is increasingly penetrating the mainstream conservative movement.

    Jews are well-used to the suggestion that we are the secret hand responsible for social tragedies or public calamities. The 9/11 attacks, Charlie Hebdo, Sandy Hook, ISIS, even the Holocaust – anti-Semites routinely contend that these horrors either were invented outright by the Jews or (if they concede they did happen) occurred at the behest of the Jews in order to garner undeserved sympathy or smear political adversaries. It represents the apex of anti-Semitic conspiracy-mongering – if Jews are behind everything else, who’s to say they aren’t also behind their own purported “victimization”?

    They stuck to that narrative even after Juan Thompson was arrested.

    Why Trump’s ‘False Flag’ Comment About Jews And Anti-Semitism Is So Dangerous – Forward.com, 6 March 2017:

    The comments might seem bewildering.

    But in far-right, conspiracy-fixated circles, many believe the these anti-Semitic threats are in fact “false flags,” nefariously carried out by Jews in order to tear down Trump.

    Analysts call this Jewish “false flag” allegation one of the oldest — and most effective — anti-Semitic “dog whistles” out there: silent to most, but loud and clear to others.

    Whenever their malfeasance gets exposed jews reflexively spew psycho-babble like this. In their view the problem starts not with their own conspiring and lying but with those who call it out as such.

  3. Another warning of DANGER (for jews), now from Peter Beinart. His main point is that the Trump kikeservatives, who jews have been hysterically calling “anti-semites”, do in fact mostly mistake jews as “white”, and by screeching so frequently and explicitly he’s afraid jews are undermining this advantage, giving the game away.

    The Dangers of Blaming Trump for Anti-Semitism – The Atlantic:

    But unlike Muslims and immigrant Mexicans, Jews wield influence in the Trump White House. They’re mostly white. They’re highly assimilated. And Republicans like them. There’s a reason that, according to Pew, Republicans are almost thirty points more likely to feel warmly towards Jews than towards Muslims. Republicans consider Jews part of the West.

    For Jews, this is strange. When they see their government foment hyper-nationalist bigotry, their historical memory inclines them to see themselves as its target. But for the most part, they’re not. As opportunists usually do, Trump and his advisors are going after weaker prey: less assimilated minorities who Fox News has already been demonizing for a decade or more. Anti-Semitism isn’t central to this spasm of American nativism in the way it was a century ago. There’s nothing wrong with being vigilant about anti-Semitism so long as it doesn’t blind you to reality. Strange though Jews may find it, this time they aren’t the main show.

    By posting this in The Atlantic, rather than one of his more overtly jewy outlets, Beinart is couching it as a public rebuke of his tribe. But as with most apparent critiques of jews by jews, all he’s doing is trying to help his tribe. Under cover of the same age-old “oy vey, this is bad for the jews” device he’s supposedly criticizing, Beinart is arguing jews should shift attention elsewhere and focus more on exploiting their proxies against Whites.

  4. On 7 March the jewsmedia screeched in unison about a “sixth wave” of “bomb threats” aimed at jews – a coordinated, collective effort to sustain the jew victim narrative even after Thompson had been arrested and Trump’s “reverse” comments (which the jews had just finished screeching about) were at least partly vindicated.

    We know now that even at this time the ADL and other jew organs were aware that: 1) some large fraction of the calls were hoaxes, not real threats, and 2) there was mainly just one hyperactive caller with a distinctive MO, thus just one “wave”. It’s also likely that the FBI (or other sources) had already told them the calls had been traced to Israel.

    Of course it’s a complete cohencidence they settled on the magic number six when exaggerating their claims.

  5. Rubio, Peters, Portman, Nelson Lead Entire Senate in Calling on DHS, DOJ to Address Threats to Jewish Institutions – Press Releases – U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, 7 March 2017:

    “I commend Senators Peters, Portman, Nelson and Rubio for mobilizing such a resounding bipartisan call for action,” said Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. “Today the Senate demonstrated a unified moral front against hatred and sent a strong message that in our America a threat against one of us is an attack on all of us.”

    Of course no ethnic group but jews can mobilize such a response, even to an actual attack, much less in response to mere threats, much less after there is good cause to suspect a hoax.

    The obsequiousness to jews demonstrated by this press release evokes the literally resounding bipartisan image from two years ago, when congress mobilized out of their seats over and over in support of a foreign country.

    Another example, recounted by Jeffrey Goldberg in 2005, illustrates not only the same subversive alien influence, but the same chutzpathic tendency to double-down after exposure:

    aipac’s leaders can be immoderately frank about the group’s influence. At dinner that night with Steven Rosen, I mentioned a controversy that had enveloped aipac in 1992. David Steiner, a New Jersey real-estate developer who was then serving as aipac’s president, was caught on tape boasting that he had “cut a deal” with the Administration of George H. W. Bush to provide more aid to Israel. Steiner also said that he was “negotiating” with the incoming Clinton Administration over the appointment of a pro-Israel Secretary of State. “We have a dozen people in his”—Clinton’s—“headquarters . . . and they are all going to get big jobs,” Steiner said. Soon after the tape’s existence was disclosed, Steiner resigned his post. I asked Rosen if aipac suffered a loss of influence after the Steiner affair. A half smile appeared on his face, and he pushed a napkin across the table. “You see this napkin?” he said. “In twenty-four hours, we could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.”

  6. This latest example of Jewish deception is of the utmost importance also because in the UK, the (Parliamentary) Commons Home Affairs Select Committee has been sitting in consideration of “Hate crime and its violent consequences”, presumably as a prelude to further legislation clamping down on any residual freedom of expression there. The chairwoman is Labour MP Yvette Cooper (Opus Dei), and I’m sure she’d be most appreciative of receiving multiple copies of this news report confirming that Jews are not in imminent danger of this inexplicable “hate” phenomenon. Dispatch copy news reports to her at

    Yvette Cooper MP, Chair,
    Commons Home Affairs Select Committee
    House of Commons,
    SW1A 1AA


    In the aftermath of the “Muslim” aka non-White attack outside Parliament this week it’s doubly appropriate to state just who the object of any “hate” is – *us*, the White (residual) indigenous population.

  7. Reality of false threats – Haaretz Editorial – Israel News | Haaretz.com:

    The fake threats by an Israeli from Ashkelon are liable to undermine the battle against anti-Semitism. But anti-Semitism is real, and Israel and the Jewish world must continue to fight it.

    One contributory factor has been that Trump’s supporters include racists and neo-Nazis. Additionally, hovering in the background is his senior adviser, Steve Bannon, who turned the internet news site Breitbart into a mouthpiece for groups that support white supremacy, like the so-called alt-right. Nor is it only Bannon who has repeatedly been forced to deny accusations that he is anti-Semitic. Trump himself, after coming under harsh criticism for not speaking out against anti-Semitism, was compelled a few weeks ago to denounce violence against Jews, saying, “Anti-Semitism is horrible and it’s gonna stop and it’s got to stop.”

    The fake threats by an Israeli from Ashkelon are liable to undermine this battle, which is of unparalleled importance, by sending the message that the danger of anti-Semitism has been inflated due to political needs and self-interested motives.

    The reality of jew rule:

    1. jews screech “WHITE SUPREMACY” and “ANTI-SEMITISM” over and over
    2. POTUS and other kikeservatives do what the jews tell them to do
    3. jews screech “WHITE SUPREMACY” and “ANTI-SEMITISM” over and over

  8. Rever Leo, the jews did keep a lid on the story for some time, subjecting Trump and the FBI to increasing pressure. At some point the insiders knew it was a hoax, knew it was coming from Israel, and knew everybody else on the inside knew.

    It was only after the FBI sent a delegation to Israel to “help” that the arrest was made. I’m guessing the argument came down to, “Too many goyim under too much pressure know, shut it down or it will leak anyway”.

  9. Yes, the Jew Who Called in Bomb Threats Was Anti-Semitic – Tablet Magazine:

    Today, Israeli officials announced the arrest of a 19-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship who is alleged to have been behind many of the remaining bomb calls. For anti-Semites, it is a glorious moment (indeed, the anti-Semites are not hard to identify: they’re the ones who are more ecstatic that the perpetrator was Jewish than they are relieved that he was caught.)

    For Jews, by contrast, this is agonizing. First having to endure these threats, we must now also deal with the painful knowledge that many of them were acts of betrayal. Likewise, all of us know we will as a class lose credibility for the actions of one deranged member. It is difficult to fathom a greater act of treason against the Jewish people than what this man did.

    Blaming “anti-semites” while oy veying that something or other is bad for the jews. This is the same thing jews were doing BEFORE the hoaxing was revealed as such.

    Quick review: First jews screech about hoaxed hate. Now they’re screeching about getting caught screeching about hoaxed hate. The screeching never ends.

    Jews screech as if they are victims to counter/cover the harm jews cause. The greater any exposure of that harm, the louder the screeching.

  10. They have easily kept lids on far bigger stories for years and got their version of events into history, and school books.
    What vestigial free press is there that might have run such a leak? Whose interest is being served by this story? Coincidence theory has lost its hold on me.

  11. They have easily kept lids on far bigger stories for years and got their version of events into history, and school books.

    It’s not easy. “Holocaust denial” and “incitement to racial hatred” laws exist because the jews do not simply rely only on promoting their version of history, they also psychopathologize, demonize, and criminalize opposing versions.

    What vestigial free press is there that might have run such a leak?

    The internet. A de-obfuscated version of one of the Israeli’s non-threats appeared weeks ago on 8pol. The stereotypically jewy accent was pretty clear.

    Whose interest is being served by this story?

    The jews’ interests are being served. That is the story. I make this point more or less explicitly in every post concerning jew influence.

    The irony is that Thompson and the Israeli were exposed because anti-Trump jews screeched so loud for so long. The reason for that exposure probably has more to do with the influence of pro-Trump jews than it does with dissident non-jews.

  12. Trump Sent 12 FBI Agents To Israel In JCC Bomb Threat Case:

    Police sources attributed the arrest to Trump’s pressure on the FBI to pursue the matter, according to Haaretz. The teen, living in the southern Israeli city Ashkelon, had been making cyberattacks for two years, but his arrest was given high priority after Trump said the FBI would do whatever it could to find the perpetrators.

    . . .

    According to Haaretz, the teen made hundreds of threats over the past two years that went unreported by the press. When he saw that calls to Jewish Community Centers were getting media attention, he doubled down on these targets.

    So for two years the jews and the FBI knew about these calls coming from Israel. They knew when the jews’ public “bomb threat” propaganda campaign started. And they knew when the jews doubled down on that screeching after Thompson’s arrest.

  13. A twit today from the hideous Jennifer Rubin: “White House on lockdown due to suspicious package http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/white-house-on-lockdown-due-to-suspicious-package/article/2618632 hopefully just keys or wallet Nunes dropped”

    “Your bomb threat is comedy, mine tragedy.”

    Trump is flunking the anti-Semitism test. He should follow Nikki Haley’s lead instead. – The Washington Post, 21 February 2017:

    President Trump’s unseemly record in refusing to directly address and condemn anti-Semitism, along with his administration’s omission of Jews from the International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, leads some to conclude that he is a bigot, while others interpret this as evidence of his narcissism. (He sees questions as an accusation about his own views rather than as an opening to call out bigotry.)

    Classic bigoted jew projection.

    Morning Bits – The Washington Post, 1 March 2017:

    One more piece of evidence he is off his rocker. “President Trump appeared to suggest Tuesday that the wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the U.S. could be coming from within the Jewish community itself

    There has been no mea culpa from Rubin or any of the many other prominent jew bigots who screeched like this. Just more screeching. As I’ve noted before, the jews criticize Trump for the kind of behavior (bigotry, lying, gaslighting, attacking and never apologizing) they themselves epitomize. And the fact is that if Trump is any kind of bigot, he’s a pro-jew bigot.

  14. White House Announces Jared Kushner Is Now Responsible For Everything | The Huffington Post:

    So, if you’re keeping track, Jared Kushner, who comes to Washington with no government experience, no policy experience, no diplomatic experience, and business experience limited to his family’s real estate development firm, a brief stint as a newspaper publisher, and briefly bidding to acquire the Los Angeles Dodgers, will be working on trade, Middle East policy in general, an Israel-Palestine peace deal more specifically, reforming the Veterans Administration, and solving the opioid crisis.

    Oh wait, that’s not all! Apparently, this new office will also be responsible for “modernizing the technology and data infrastructure of every federal department and agency; remodeling workforce-training programs; and developing “transformative projects” under the banner of Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan, such as providing broadband internet service to every American.”

    So, I’ve been keeping track, and it seems clear this is a perfectly foreseeable consequence of the jews’ continuous concerted screeching that the supposedly “White supremacist” Trump administration isn’t doing enough to combat “anti-semitism”. What happens next? More screeching about “White supremacism” and “anti-semitism” of course.

  15. Jewish Community Center Gets $200,000 Grant After Bomb Threat Called in By a Jew:

    “In response to the threats made against the JCC of Rochester our community joined together to resoundingly reject and condemn these disturbing acts of violence and hate,” said Morelle according to a release from his Office. “The apprehension of the individual responsible for these cowardly crimes proves that those who seek to spread hate and divide us will never win. However, we must remain vigilant and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our Jewish community and its institutions. That is why I am proud to have secured $200,000 in funding that will enable the JCC of Rochester to strengthen the security of their facility and provide a renewed peace of mind for their members and visitors.”

    Bagel republic.

  16. Israel: We will not turn over the hacker to the United States, 23 April 2017 (auto-translated by Chrome):

    The Justice Ministry in Israel has informed the US Justice Department of its refusal to allow the hacker to sow panic in the United States and that the hacker, who has already received two serious indictments in the United States, has committed crimes in 10 different countries. Police: The young man was also blackmailed by an American senator

    The investigation revealed that the hacker from Ashkelon was blackmailing a Republican senator from the Republican Party in the United States. These suspicions will join the indictment that will be filed tomorrow in the Tel Aviv District Court.

    According to the police, after a member of the Senate expressed himself in the media against the suspect in the context of the threat talks, the suspect called him and asked him to return him, and not to fine him every 72 hours. If he did not pay, he told him, he would incriminate him with his own methods.

    After the senator did not respond to the threats and blackmail, the suspect began to buy drugs on the net and send them in envelopes to the house that had been extorted in an attempt to incriminate him.

    Last night, News 2 reported that the details of his interrogation in Israel indicate that the young man allegedly offered his “threat services” for payment. For example, in his account on the network, an amount of close to two million shekels was found in Bitcoin. In the framework of the investigation, a student in one of the educational institutions in the United States who was examined on a particular day was examined and asked to reject it and contacted the suspect and paid him via the internet currency. In return, the latter allegedly contacted the applicant’s school, announced a “bomb” – and evacuated the institution and canceled the examination.

    Greatest Ally won’t extradite the alleged perpetrator of the infamous “six waves” of worldwide hate hoax calls – this alone would be big news if the jewsmedia wasn’t the jewsmedia, the Greatest Ally wasn’t Israel, or the perp wasn’t a jew.

    Even the JTA article in English, which links the jew-eyes-only article above, simply omits the more news-worthy revelations concerning blackmail and shekels.

  17. JCC bomb hoaxer indicted in Israel; charged with threatening to kill Ex-Pentagon official’s kids – Israel News – Haaretz.com:

    The indictment against the 18-year-old includes allegations that he made threats to 2,000 different institutions around the world, including the Israeli embassy in Washington, the Israeli consulate in Miami, schools, malls, police stations, hospitals and airlines. The crimes cited in the indictment include extortion, publishing false reports causing public panic, conspiring to commit a crime, hacking computers to commit a crime, and violations of money-laundering laws.

    According to the indictment, the suspect tried to extort Ernesto Lopez, a Republican senator of Delaware, for criticizing whoever had made the threatening calls. The suspect called Lopez and demanded that he retract his comments, saying that if Lopez failed to, he would fine him in Bitcoin every 72 hours and if he didn’t pay, he would incriminate him on the internet. When the politician did not respond, the suspect ordered drugs online and sent them to his house in order to incriminate him. When the envelopes arrived the suspect threatened to publish pictures attesting to the fact that he had drugs in his house.

    The teenager is also charged with calling George E. Little, a former official at the U.S. Department of Defense, and threatening to kidnap and murder his children.

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