Fake Gassing News Triggers Fake American Hitler to Bomb Fake Syrian Hitler, Jewsmedia Cackles


After Trump’s Syria Air Strikes, Alt-Right Is Not Alright, Eric Levitz, NYMag.com, 7 April 2017:

Donald Trump’s rebrand of American conservatism was largely aesthetic. The mogul was far from the first Republican to dress up the one percent’s agenda in populist garb; or to pin blame for the middle class’s decline on a conspiracy between rootless elites and an undeserving minority; or to shore up a fragile sense of national esteem and identity by defining it against an evil, foreign other.

Like most pop-culture phenoms, Trump added a few idiosyncratic touches to a tried-and-true formula, and, thus, generated a sound both reassuringly familiar and thrillingly new. Specifically, the candidate traded the party’s decades-old racial dog whistles for foghorns, while revitalizing the genre of right-wing demagoguery by borrowing flourishes from the domains of professional wrestling and reality television.

Still, Trump’s innovations weren’t entirely stylistic. Nor were they all merely amplifications of inherited themes. His anti-trade diatribes were genuinely new for a Republican nominee, at least for the past half-century. And, occasionally, he directed his populist fury past the bureaucrats and cultural elites whom Nixon so reviled, and up to the owners of capital (albeit, strictly the “international,” implicitly Jewish sort).

Over 18 months of campaigning, the geriatric demagogue maintained a consistent line on very few things. But the hypocritical horrors of humanitarian intervention was one of them. The Trump doctrine on the Middle East was, in many respects, evil, impractical, and illegal. But it offered coherence, and a cathartic acknowledgement of the oft-ignored trauma of Iraq: If we drop bombs over there, let’s do it to kill terrorists and their families, or to confiscate natural resources, but not to save a bunch of Muslims from a secular dictator who kills jihadists.

Of course, this posture was not Trump’s own invention. It was broadly similar to the brand of isolationism preached by Pat Buchanan and the long-marginalized, paleoconservative wing of the Republican Party. Which made Trump’s primary victory its own kind of regime change: The foreign-policy elite was the one segment of the GOP coalition to abandon its standard-bearer in large numbers and loud tones. When Trump won anyway, the neo-paleocons (a.k.a. the alt-right) collected the keys to the kingdom.

Or so they thought.

Trump loves a conspiracy theory. Now his allies in the fringe media say he’s falling for one in Syria, Adam Taylor, The Washington Post, 7 April 2017:

Before the U.S. strikes even hit, an alternative take on Tuesday’s horrific chemical attack — widely attributed to the Syrian government — had begun to spread across the Internet. It was a “false flag,” the theory went, designed to trick Trump into intervening more forcefully in the Syrian war. Those spreading the theory were often closely linked to the “alt-right,” a small, far right movement whose members are known for espousing racist, anti-Semitic and sexist points of view.

Any other president at any other time might have barely noticed the “false flag” narrative — Trump, like his predecessors, has at his disposal an entire intelligence community that can offer expertise and context. He doesn’t need to listen to obscure online voices if he doesn’t want to.

However, growing distrust of the media has allowed wild theories to enter mainstream discussion in recent years. Throughout his campaign and in the early stages of his presidency, Trump has shown himself willing to court this distrust and look to the fringes of debate.

The U.S. president loved to court the fringes. But now, after pursuing military action against the Syrian regime, the conspiracy-loving U.S. president finds himself in a new and perhaps odd position: He is viewed as a dupe, conned by a conspiracy, by many who share his worldview.

(((Yair Rosenberg))): “You’re never going to guess who many on the far-right and far-left are blaming for the Syria strike. OK, you totally will.”

(((Yair Rosenberg))): “Anti-Semites are basically the world’s worst detectives: they always know who is behind a crime but somehow never manage to prevent it”

Ironically these accounts shine more light on the critical role played by jews than the supposedly “anti-semitic” alt-jew figures they mock.

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  1. The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise For Bombing Syria, Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, 7 April 2017, my emphasis:

    Trump is going to see – and feel – (((the establishment and media))) respect he craves, the sensations of strength he most lacks, by dropping bombs.

    (((Democrats))) have spent months wrapping themselves in extremely nationalistic and militaristic rhetoric. They have constantly accused Trump of being a traitor to the U.S., a puppet of Putin, and unwilling to defend U.S. interests. They have specifically tried to exploit Assad’s crimes by tying the Syrian leader to Trump, insisting that Trump would never confront Assad because doing so would anger his Kremlin masters. They have embraced a framework whereby anyone who refuses to confront Putin or Assad is deemed a sympathizer of, or a servant to, foreign enemies.

    Having pushed those tactics and themes, (((Democrats))) have painted themselves into a corner. How could they possibly do anything but cheer as Trump bombs Syria? They can’t. And cheering is thus exactly what they’re doing.

    Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the last 24 hours has been watching (((those who have vilified Trump))) as an Evil Fascist and Bumbling Clown and Unstable Sociopath suddenly decide that (((they))) want him to bomb Syria. Even if you’re someone who in the abstract wanted the U.S. to attack Assad, shouldn’t your view that Trump is a completely unstable and incompetent monster prevent you from endorsing this war, with Trump as the Commander-in-Chief?

    What happened to all the warnings about Trump’s towering incompetence and core evil? Where are all the grave predictions that he’s leading the world on a path of authoritarianism, fascism and blood and soil nationalism? They all gave way to War Fever

    Trump’s Far-Right Supporters Turn on Him Over Syria Strike, Matthew Haag, The New York Times, 7 April 2017:

    The most vocal in their outrage were leaders from the small but influential white nationalist movement.

    If there’s one thing that’s clear it’s that the jews who have been clamoring for war and are celebrating this attack have more influence over Trump than the unrequited White supporters the jewsmedia keeps screeching about.

  2. Clueless kikeservative: “You’re a democrat. You’re a cuck.”
    Kushner: “Oy vey, anti-semite. You’re fired.”

  3. Okay, let us say that a democratically corrective process is futile for what ails White America. What next? More bitching and moaning on the internet? Or shall the seeds be sown for the establishment of an ethnostate for our people by the only means remaining to us? I mean the Northwest Republic.

  4. Hollywood buffoon and shabbos goy who made his money in Jew York real estate. On top of that his daughter marries the son of a convicted jew criminal and makes him into his most important adviser.

    On an other note, I pointed out in some thread that the whole event makes no sense from Assads point of view. Instantly some jew came in and called me insane and a conspiracy tard. Seem to happen more and more and it’s always the same slanders with nothing backing it up. Sure I can’t prove that he was a jew but after seeing the way they argue for years I’m pretty sure I’m right. Always the same effeminate and hysteric way of arguing their points.

  5. Trump just proved to the world that he’s just another spineless shabbos goy who is owned by the kikes. He’s going to love the sudden admiration he’s getting from the media and he’s going to pursue it.

  6. Links via John Friend:

    Israeli intelligence believes Assad behind chemical attack, The Times of Israel, 5 April 2017.

    Israel ‘100% certain’ Assad ordered Syrian chemical attack, defense minister says – Israel News – Haaretz.com, 6 April 2017:

    Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday morning that Syrian President Bashar Assad ordered the chemical attack in northwestern Syria, which killed up to 100 people, many of them children, and injured hundreds of others.

    Lieberman told Yedioth Ahronoth that Syrian planes carried out the two chemical attacks, which were “directly ordered and planned by Syrian President Bashar Assad.” He stressed he was “100 percent certain.” The defense minister said he did not know if Russia was involved in the attack.

    Lieberman stated that Israel has no reason to get involved in the war. “Why do we need to pull the chestnuts out of the fire? This is the international community’s responsibility,” he said. “I am not prepared to be the schmuck that the whole world pisses on. Let the world take responsibility and do something rather than just talk.”

    Major US Jewish Groups Urge International Response to Assad Regime Following Deadly Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, Algemeiner.com, 6 April 2017:

    “As Jews, we must not look away, we cannot be silent in the face of such inhumanity,” the statement continued. “It is a moral imperative for all who value human life and decency to demand immediate action to end the atrocities being perpetrated in Syria.”

  7. As in 2013, the drive to broaden the war in Syria and get more non-jews killed is clearly coming from jews. Though the jew state is right next door to Syria, jew organizing and moralizing is aiming entirely at manipulating “schmucks” into doing their bidding.

    Once again there is a bald rush to judgment based on claims originating in Israel promoting the same tired canard that “children” have been “gassed”. Before Trump launched missles kikeservatives Scarborough and McCain explicitly invoked the ur-hoax this whole hysterical manipulative narrative is modelled upon. Kikeservative Hannity did so last night, echoing his 2013 hype.

  8. The trend is always our friend – this does all make the REAL Hitler look good again!

  9. “Once again there is a bald rush to judgment based on claims originating in Israel promoting the same tired canard that “children” have been “gassed”. Before Trump launched missles kikeservatives Scarborough and McCain explicitly invoked the ur-hoax this whole hysterical manipulative narrative is modelled upon. Kikeservative Hannity did so last night, echoing his 2013 hype.”

    I’d guess that in an honest poll confidence in those stories among US adults would peak at 30%, dropping to 5% given alternative news data.

  10. Ben Shapiro: “If Native Americans want to rename Tomahawk missiles, I am happy to offer to rename them Hebrew Hammers on behalf of the Jews.”

  11. ////Captainchaos

    I think it’s better to focus on building small communities and strong families and communities, rather than trying to go political at this point in time.

    The average white is just not capable of grasping the situation so we can’t really expect much from them and the establishment have yet again proven to be the enemy.

    The only way to win a nation is by blood, their want be any political solution or voting or other nonsense. It never happened in the past and it want happen in the future either.

  12. The recent interview in your TFeed with MacDonald and Friend was a bit depressing and yet revealing. We cannot vote our way out. If we could, with the power jews have they could just do-away with it. Friends and Macdonald really believed Trump would be any different. Surprisingly it seems Anglin and the entire e-celeb altright did as well, from Spencer, redice TRS, FTN etc etc.

    Now with that said and to be anonymously honest, I did at times let the feels they had, get the better of me but I never fooled myself into think Trump would do anything positive for Whites. He didn’t buy us time he actually accelerated the drive to genocide us. By lulling Whites back to sleep and if he fails, to keep waiting until the next puppet comes along. And this time voting will work.

    On a side note have you considered doing a podcasts with Alex Linder or even Jan Lemprecht of African crisis? I hear Linder turns most down, maybe you can coax him? Just a thought.

  13. The lesson of Trump is that Whites are desperate for leadership – leaders who not only speak vaguely against “PC” and other symptoms of the anti-White agenda, but who explicitly call out and oppose the jews driving it.

    Alex and Jan are both excellent commentators. I’d listen to and put more of their monologues and conversations on TFeed if it were available as mp3.

  14. Alex Linder makes really good arguments in here.
    To me it seems the “altright” is just the present day conservatives. They just don’t apologize for being White but that doesn’t they are an exclusive Whites only resistance. To the contrary actually as they include many nonWhites,degenerates and jew-blind dolts.

    I do apologize for the source website but I linked the archive to it.


  15. President Trump: “Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike…… https://t.co/3nUzrdiGzX

    Ivanka Trump: “The times we are living in call for difficult decisions – Proud of my father for refusing to accept these horrendous crimes against humanity https://t.co/yV0oJuC9dE

    Jake Tapper: “@IvankaTrump How do you feel about his proposed ban on Syrian refugees from entering the US? Do you see any disconnect there at all? Thanks”

    Tapper alludes to the connection implicit in the jewed elite’s invade the world/invite the world imperative. Since WWII it is taken for granted that the US military must not only bomb whoever the jews designate as a target, but also relocate unlimited numbers of those bombees to the US. Because “crimes against humanity”, e.g. “holocaust”.

  16. Not surprisingly, the alt-right has it’s share of true believers. (Read: Useful idiots). Ain’t a bad thing, you need your two toothed bumpkins. But it looks for now like they’ve been hijacked by the liked of John McCain and other staunch allies of ISIS.

    Chris Taylor is quit right on this matter: These aren’t problems we can vote our way out of. Not while the propaganda system is so tightly controlled. Any given leader is susceptible to being appropriated. All they need is one soft spot and the hooks are in. In this case our dear leader can be drawn into bombing villages for the sake of the children.

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