Intrigue in Trump’s Palace


The big news last week was Trump’s abrupt decision to bomb Assad. Around that story swirled rumors of an internal conflict between factions led by Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, a conflict the Bannon faction has evidently lost.

Most jewsmedia reports described the Kushner/Bannon conflict in anodyne code, typically describing the opposing sides as globalists and nationalists. What’s notable about the following three accounts is how they explicitly describe the jew versus White nature of the conflict, making plain a key aspect of the story that is otherwise buried between the lines in the many more mundane accounts. Moreover, the jews writing these more explicit accounts clearly see the Kushner/Bannon conflict as part of a much larger and ongoing conflict.

Josh Marshall got out in front early on with Inside the Emerging Trumpian Alt-Right Snuff Novel, trying to jewsplain how the anti-jew reaction he was anticipating had actually somehow started it all:

But can we miss that the man who gave coherence and verve to Trump’s campaign against the ‘globalists’ and unrooted cosmopolitan elites is about to be booted by the President’s Jewish tycoon son-in-law and a group of bankers (yes, Jewish bankers) from Goldman Sachs?

All on his own he drew around himself that coterie of “alt-right” white nationalists and neo-Nazis who will likely be his greatest and most lethal contribution to the American political scene. But it was only with Bannon’s arrival that Trump took on the much more coherent and consistent language of Europe-derived rightist nationalism, anti-“globalism” and the thinly covert language of anti-Semitism.

It was pure Bannon, remember, who was behind the speech that became this notorious anti-Semitic closing ad, released on November 5th, 2016.

And yet here we are and let’s not shy away from it. All accounts suggest that Bannon has fallen from grace and will soon be fired by the President. His ouster comes as the loser in a battle with a group of Jewish Goldman Sachs (Cohn, Mnuchin) bankers and the tall, dapper and yet nebbishy Jewish legacy real estate tycoon Jared Kushner. (I’m Jewish. I can say all of this.) It all reads like the kind of alt-right morality play one of Bannon’s deplorables might have written in some grand alt-right dystopic novel. Even the non-Jews are veritable auslanders: A key new player is Dina Powell (born Dina Habib), an Egyptian immigrant (albeit a Copt) who was herself a banker at Goldman Sachs in addition to being a Republican policy insider.

Nor is any of this lost on the Bannonites. We keep hearing that in the harum-scarum of the Trump White House the crowd around Kushner is referred to as the “New York Democrats” or various similar formulations. As an older Jewish friend (who reminds me he’s been asked his whole life whether he’s from New York even though he’s from a different part of the country and has never lived in the city) told me yesterday, this language is not accidental. It’s a reference to their being Jews.

Trump connected to his base not through lifestyle but through the experience of disrespect, grievance and the desire for revenge. He ran a campaign which more and more literally and explicitly demonized (especially under Bannon’s late guidance) the ‘globalist’ machinations of Goldman Sachs. Yet, increasingly, he has built an administration run by Goldman Sachs bankers. Of course, it’s Goldman Sachs bankers and Jared Kushner and protectionist ‘economic nationalist’ xenophobes and racists. It’s an interesting combination. They’ve even imported period piece Eastern European racist nationalists to be part of the fun – see, Sebastian Gorka.

But let’s stipulate now that if the ‘alt-right’ wanted to write a betrayal narrative that touched all the ideological erogenous zones on that fetid body of thought they could scarcely have come up with material more charged, melodramatic and grand.

Of course, jews like Marshall screeched that Trump’s campaign video was “packed with anti-Semitic dog whistles, anti-Semitic tropes and anti-Semitic vocabulary” exactly because they perceive international finance and Goldman Sachs in particular as a big fat example of jewing. Rather than even try to deny such conspicuous jewing, jews instead compound it, and in a characteristically jewy way, by blithely psychopathologizing and demonizing any non-jew who dares to notice.

As usual for dog whistling, Trump’s campaign rhetoric has proven entirely disingenuous. Before his inauguration, still promising to “drain the swamp”, Trump was instead swamping his administration with jews, Goldman Sachs alumni, and jew Goldman Sachs alumni.

The ADL’s account of the Kushner/Bannon clash, Explosive Growth of Hateful Memes and Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Against Jared Kushner, couching it as a reality-inverting White conspiracy against jews:

This campaign of anti-Semitism has been driven by white supremacists and anti-Semites and has all the hallmarks of classic Jewish conspiracy theories. The narratives include accusations that Jews in the Trump Administration are trying to start a war to advance the interests of Israel. They contend that Trump has abandoned his “America First” policy, which the alt right supported, because he is being manipulated by Kushner and other Jewish advisors.

The anti-Semitic social media campaign, which features hashtags on Twitter such as #firekushner, #kushneratwar, #kushnerswar, appears to have begun on April 5 with a few tweets describing the administration’s actions as a betrayal alongside the #firekushner hashtag.

Again, the jew view is that the problem always starts with the reaction to jewing, no matter how unconscious or disorganized or impotent, it never starts with jewing, no matter how conscious or organized or powerful. This attitude is really just a corollary of the more basic premise that jew = good and non-jew (and especially White) = evil.

A third account from Brian Beutler, senior editor at Jew Republic, cites and synthesizes these other two accounts to produce the jewiest take of all. The main point of Trump Would Fail Even Worse With Kushner’s Centrism is that Trump is a tool not of the jews but of his White supporters:

Bannon may be deluded about many things, but one thing he does not misapprehend is the extent to which the white ethnonationalist politics he and his boss practice have no crossover appeal.

Trump can’t un-run the campaign he just ran. Politicians often make too much of poisoned wells to rationalize counterproductive obstruction, but poison was the quintessence of Trump’s appeal. Even the popular aspects of his populism were cloaked in the language of revenge—of empowering his people at the expense of political aliens, like immigrants and minorities, who had overtaken them. There is no undoing the impression, widespread among Trump’s foes, that anything he supports must be regressive.

Which is just to say, Kushner wants Trump to chart a new course that leads to a substantive dead end for at least another 19 months. Bannon’s path, at least, preserves the hope of keeping his base consolidated through the legislative ebb. He can deregulate, scapegoat, and unburden law enforcement to turn his Herrenvolk fantasy into reality—all while keeping congressional investigators at bay.

There’s no real logical rebuttal to this, except to point to three months of chaos and humiliation as indicative of the futility of continuing to do things Bannon’s way.

Just as jews loudly screeching “anti-semitism” is a sure sign of jew malfeasance, the consistent reflexive visceral jew hostility toward Whites is a sure sign jews aren’t White.

Many accounts make a similar attempt to attribute Bannon’s downfall and Kushner’s rise to the thwarted travel bans and failed attempt to replace Obamacare. The logical rebuttal is to point out that organized jewry was calling for war on Syria years before Trump, Kushner, or Bannon were in the White House. Likewise, jew knives were out for Bannon months before any internal conflict or legislative failure could be used as a pretext. Beside that, the travel bans were just as much Stephen Miller’s brainchild and healthcare was Gary Cohn’s.

Needless to say the jewsmedia will never give Kushner, Miller, Cohn, Mnuchin, or any other member of the tribe the Alinsky treatment. Though McCarthy and Nixon still loom like Trump-Hitler phantasms in the minds of jews, their jew aides, Roy Cohn and Henry Kissinger, are either ignored or celebrated. The same is and will continue to be the rule for Trump’s jews.

My take on the Kushner/Bannon conflict is that it reflects a clash between the two main jewhadi factions backing Trump. The faster, please open-borders perpetual worldwide “war on terror” neoconish faction is prevailing over the upstart “war on ISLAMIC terror” counter-jihadi kids and their economic “JUDEO-Christian” non-nationalism. Wall and ban rhetoric may have helped Trump get elected, and he may return to it in 2020, but in the meantime he doesn’t need to pretend to believe it.

The two factions which have most vehemently opposed Trump – the left-posing jews driven more by an all-consuming hatred for Whites and the right-posing #NeverTrump neocons driven more by an all-consuming love for the jew state – view the phoney nationalism of Trump’s counter-jihad faction as worse than unnecessary. Letting Whites think they can criticize or exclude anyone but other Whites is dangerous for the jews. They have their jew state and feel no pressing need to concede anything like it to anyone, especially not obsequious kikeservatives. As the three takes above indicate, the jews who oppose Trump see Whites as the primary enemy, not the mooselimbs and certainly not bankers.

It was evident from the very beginning of Trump’s campaign that, like most politicians, he understood very well what Whites are desperate to hear. Unlike most politicians Trump was more willing to say those things, even though it meant violating jew taboos. But it was also evident that Trump never intended to do anything “racist”, i.e. anything that might truly benefit Whites, much less check jew power. The fact is that neither Trump nor Bannon nor Gorka nor anyone else in the current administration has ever said anything positive about Whites as Whites or anything negative about jews as jews. Quite the opposite. They all basically agree with their jew tormentors that “nazis” are the real problem.

When the anti-White jewsmedia screeches that Trump is somehow promoting “White supremacism” or “anti-semitism” what they’re really doing is “the reverse”. They’re white-washing jews and their jewing. And in that process they’re making it clear who is waging war upon whom.

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  1. “Again, the jew view is that the problem always starts with the reaction to jewing, no matter how unconscious or disorganized or impotent, it never starts with jewing, no matter how conscious or organized or powerful. This attitude is really just a corollary of the more basic premise that jew = good and non-jew (and especially White) = evil.”

    Terrific stuff!

  2. I’d like to read executive summaries of the hundred-odd expulsions of the Jewry, to see whether instructive patterns & themes might be ascertained. Not sure many of them relied upon populist success in electoral politics.

    I’d argue, though, that there is a “pull” as well as a “push” aspect to the Wanderungen of the Chosen. Having exploited the local fauna beyond the carrying capacity of the land, it is natural that this Biblical plague would disperse from a despoiled nation to cohere around another, healthier host, to begin its work again.

    As a yardstick, if the majority of Jews left a country within a certain period of time, perhaps a generation or so, then this might be tallied as a wandering or migration. By this measure, we of middle age have seen a couple wanderings of the Jew even within our lifetimes – from the former Soviet Jewnion & from South Africa. Not expulsions, really: when the party’s over & you’ve made a mess, it’s time to leave, unless your G_d has left you written instructions to the contrary.

    And whither did they go? To the Anglosphere, mostly. Lucky for us. On the bright side, there’s no reason to think that we are at the end of history & that the mighty pendulum of cause & effect, which eternally dictates the motions of mercurial Ahasuerus, has suddenly, amazingly, absent fanfare, come to rest.

  3. It Doesn’t Matter If Bannon Stays Or Goes. It Matters Whether Bannonism Does. | FiveThirtyEight

    Typical dejewed account, deliberately misses the ethnic angle. It doesn’t matter what Bannonism is or whether it stays or goes, because Trump is his own advisor and has already advised himself to give Kushner and Cohn the keys to the castle.

    The big question is which of Trump’s hapless goys the jews will Alinsky next. Right now it’s looking like Spicer.

  4. They might sink Spicer just for the short-term, compound advantage. But Spicer is so ill-equipped for the role of spokesman they’d be wiser not to and assume long-term gaff profits. Trump as President and Spicer as WH spokesman is a gift to a suddenly critical media.

  5. “I’d like to read executive summaries of the hundred-odd expulsions of the Jewry, to see whether instructive patterns & themes might be ascertained.”

    It’s an interesting excursion, but for just the facts, you would better look to modern critics of the Jews like Tanstaafl and Kevin MacDonald.

    Ancient and medieval and pre-modern criticism relies on religious and supernatural and questionable moral arguments where you unfettered would quite easily see what was there then, and what today is there: Jews Jewing for Jew-ends, for biological, evolutionary reasons.

    Did they control culture then like they do now, for the same obscurantist reason? I would say they must have done so.

  6. Trump-is-acting-like-a-jew:

    Max Fisher: “People framing this as deception but Trump just thinks whatever he is doing in that moment is great, whatever his adversaries do is terrible”

    Christopher Hayes: “Trump has two distinct advantages in politics he has 1) no shame and 2) no principles. It allows him endless latitude.”

  7. Inside Bannon’s struggle: From ‘shadow president’ to Trump’s marked man – The Washington Post:

    These [Trump loyalists] argue that a better representative of Trump’s voters inside the White House is Stephen Miller, the chief policy adviser and former Sessions aide who joined the campaign early and helped Trump hone and communicate his ideas. They said Miller has worked closely with Bannon, but also has strategically aligned himself with Kushner, who came to see him last year as indispensable at Trump’s side.

    It’s a cohencidence.

  8. deze joos shouldnt be antwhere near thee policy setting as in byzantium it is either farming or nothing,starve, i think they were allowed a few sskilled trades but not jewelery or anything to do with fiunance,politics,education,medicinemilitary,thats only way to keep them from doing the real mess theyve made of everything on mother earth.

  9. When Jared Wins – POLITICO Magazine:

    A candidacy whose supporters reviled so-called RINOs may produce a White House run by people who aren’t even RINOs. A populist revolt that disdained people who allegedly spend too much time at Georgetown cocktail parties may result in a White House run by people who have spent too much time at New York cocktail parties (and Fashion Week events, art shows, Metropolitan Museum of Art galas and celebrity birthday parties). The biggest middle finger the mainstream media has ever received in American politics may empower people who care deeply about what’s written about them in The New Yorker and Vogue.

    Whites conveyed their big middle finger to the jewsmedia (and the thoroughly jewed establishment it represents) by backing an egomaniac with a proven track record as an abject kikeservative.

    The moral of the snake parable Trump used during his campaign comes to mind.

  10. While I’m not the biggest fan of Kmac’s his CoC has great info.
    Watching the AltRights disbelief and chess excuses in Trumps 180’s shows all their Kmac worship rang hollow. They didnt even understand CoC.

    Nor the jews they mock. They have made jewish power such a joke for clicks, it seem they memed themselves to believe jewish power is a joke. The oppsoite being the fact, they are powerful, they can and will crush you. Voting will not change that fact.

  11. Even if Hitler himself were president instead of Trump there isn’t much he could do to “Make America White Again” within the existing legal framework. Stripping all the post-1965 legal mud immigrants, and their descendants, of citizenship IS unconstitutional according to well-established legal precedent. If he tried, he would be impeached.

  12. Interestingly, it is men like Trump who form the weak underbelly of America’s ruling elite and thus the key to White survival on the North American continent. There are nearly as many obscenely wealthy WASPs as Jews that at least passively acquiesce to the Jewish drive to annihilate Whites. These WASPs are as lacking in scruples as they are money-grubbing, but, and this is the key, they lack the psychotic, tribal desire to extinguish Whites genetically that Jews possess. In other words, they can be bargained with in a way Jews never could. Let us say that a White Nationalist insurgency made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. An offer that would allow them to keep some of their money and power as opposed to losing it all in exchange for ceding enough land to the insurgents to form a territorially sovereign White ethnostate.

  13. Informing people of a winnable endgame is every bit as important as awakening them to the truth about the perils pitted against them. These two things form the opposing blades without which a scissors cannot cut. Knowledge may inspire to action, but without hope motivation to act will be entirely lacking. As the trend lines of a rising racial consciousness and an ever weakening ZOG intersect at a critical mass of upheaval what is unthinkable now will become achievable. Indeed, there is all the hope that courage can muster.

  14. There is no winnable endgame as long as would-be White leadership consists of telling us not to blame the enemy too much while urging us to support kikeservatives.

    It’s on Whites to demand leaders who recognize the enemy as an enemy. It’s on White leaders to do that. That’s the path to a winnable endgame.

  15. The White House power struggle between Steve Bannon and the “globalists,” jewsplained – Vox:

    Most bankers, executives of multinational corporations, pre-Trump political leaders and donors in both parties, think tank staffers, intellectuals, and members of the media, all generally concentrated in cities, usually get the label too.

    If you’re noticing an uncomfortable set of stereotypes there, you’re not alone. Last year, Yochi Dreazen explained how this sort of rhetoric has long been used for anti-Semitic purposes:

    Jews have long been accused of controlling the global financial system. Jews have long been accused of controlling the media. And Jews have long been accused of being disloyal citizens secretly working to maneuver governments to pursue disastrous policies solely for their own benefit.

    And because these stereotypes and accusations are true, the jew response is character assassination.

    Overall, the real reason the New York advisers are rising in influence is because the other administration factions have repeatedly fallen on their faces. Priebus and the GOP establishment spearheaded the failed health reform effort, while Bannon’s “nationalists” botched Trump’s travel order. More broadly, they’re the two people who’ve been in charge of the administration. The result of their leadership is Trump’s record-low approval ratings for a new president, with no major accomplishments to speak of.

    So if Trump is looking for someone to blame, Priebus and Bannon are the obvious culprits. And the New Yorkers may seem like an appealing alternative — both because they genuinely seem more competent than the bunglers currently in charge and because they hold the promise of a new and different approach. (Even if their approach is in many ways similar to what the GOP establishment would want, it certainly has the advantage of being less difficult than something like the “deconstruction of the administrative state.”)

    The oh-so-slight problem is, of course, that Trump repeatedly promised to do a lot of what the Bannonites wanted during the campaign.

    First the jews do everything they can to obstruct and defeat you, then they jewsplain that you defeated yourself.

  16. Trump’s got a new favorite Steve – POLITICO:

    As the relationship between Kushner and Bannon has deteriorated, Miller has made sure his colleagues know he’s not on Bannon’s team. In interviews, seven White House officials described the emerging dynamics.

    The 31-year-old speechwriter is now working closely with Kushner’s Office of American Innovation, as well as on family leave, child care and women’s issues with Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, according to several people involved.

    Miller, who wrote Trump’s fiery “American carnage” inaugural address, continues to work on the president’s speeches but takes direction from others on their tone. He’s also begun working on energy and regulatory issues, while focusing less on immigration, the issue about which he’s long been most passionate.

    In conversations with colleagues, Miller has taken pains to distance himself from Bannon, despite their ideological kinship and long collaboration issues like immigration. Miller’s associates and colleagues inside and outside the White House say he’s griped recently that Bannon tried to take too much credit for Trump’s successes, as well as objected to Bannon’s combative style.

    “He made it clear he isn’t a Bannon guy,” said one White House adviser.

    In a nutshell, the Steve who isn’t a jew is on the outs because he makes the jews, including his “greatest ally”, uncomfortable.

  17. Jared Kushner Has Never Failed to Choose Blood Over Ideals:

    Those close to the administration offer up Kushner as one of two choices for a mercurial president. Trump can either follow Bannon down a garden path of reactionary white nationalism, or he can listen to his son-in-law, the scion of big Democratic donors and a voice for centrism. Kushner symbolizes the “open-minded” option in this scenario—my colleague Michelle Goldberg calls him an avatar of “normal conservatism.” Yet while Kushner’s coalition of business-minded moderates may advocate reaching across the aisle and extending our ambit around the globe (and thus traipsing through more traditional arenas for the GOP), the man himself turns inward at every opportunity. The ideologically driven Bannon will defend anti-immigrant, America-first isolationism even if it damages his personal relationships. Kushner amputates any belief or individual that comes between him and his most trusted allies. He is the most purely tribal counselor on Trump’s team.

    Bannon’s views are popular with Whites, Kushner’s views are popular with his tribe. Bannon’s ideology mistakes jews as allies, as “white”. Kushner and his tribe don’t.

  18. President Bannon Is Dead, Long Live President Cohn | The Nation:

    Coinciding with (and presumably motivated by) the ceremonial throwing-under-the-bus of Steve Bannon, Trump flip-flopped on at least half a dozen campaign promises just on Wednesday, in an embrace of the politics of National Economic Council director and ex–Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn, who I guess is honorary president now.

    Some may breathe a sigh of relief that Trump has ditched his white-supremacist sidekick and thrown in his lot with global cooperation and harmony (though the continued presence of Jeff Sessions and the rise of a national deportation force suggests Bannonism is more alive than Bannon, at least in some areas).

    Let’s learn a little about our new president, Gary Cohn. He was the guy who ran Goldman’s mortgage department, turning it into an enormous trading operation that fueled the housing bubble. He was the guy who then bet against the housing market without disclosing that to investors, illegally ripping their faces off for profit. He was the guy who exported deceptive finance schemes to Greece, facilitating their decade of depression. He’s now putting that disregard for anyone not in an Italian suit to work for you. If you liked Goldman Sachs pulling the strings in Washington, you’re going to love it when they’re actually running the show directly.

    The sidebar links an article dated 8 February 2017: Steve Bannon Wants To Start World War III.

  19. Trump’s Jewish ‘Globalist’ Gary Cohn Battles Bannon – The Forward:

    Cohn was one of a class of Goldman Sachs executives, many of them Jewish, who took senior positions in the Trump administration. It was a jarring shift after the final stages of the Trump campaign, when Trump ran an advertisement, widely panned as anti-Semitic, in which “globalists” were condemned in ominous tones, over images of powerful Jews, including Cohn’s former boss, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

    The jews’ perfectly typical jarring shift…



  20. Nixon-Hitler jew Kissinger writes a brief blurb downplaying Trump-Hitler jew Kushner’s influence and the jewsmedia’s collective response is to downplay the downplaying.

    I did a goy translation :D

    Transitioning from sock puppet Barry to unpredictable Trump is one of the most complex undertakings in Israeli politics. The change triggers an upheaval in the crypsis mechanisms by which jews run Washington: an incoming President is likely to be less familiar with jew rules, and the greater that gap, the heavier our jew advisers have to snap the whip.

    This whip has been wielded for nearly four months by Jared Kushner, whom I first met about 18 months ago, when he introduced himself after an Israeli policy lecture I had given. We have sporadically exchanged views since. As part of the Trump family, Jared is practically the President. As a graduate of our most powerful indoctrination centers, Jared not only had his ego lovingly stroked, he also has a broad education as a subverter with extensive knowledge of infiltration. All this should help make him successful but his hubris puts us all at risk for annudah shoah.

  21. Why Donald Trump Decided to Back Off Nafta Threat – WSJ:

    Mr. Trump dismissed talk about a split inside his White House between aides with a nationalist or globalist orientation. “Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist,” he said. “I’m both. And I’m the only one who makes the decision, believe me.”

    The kikeservative-in-chief who in the end always decides to do whatever the jews tell him to do.

  22. In 100 Days, A New Jewish Elite Rises In Washington – The Forward:

    Liberal-leaning Jewish activists, once the backbone of communal advocacy, had been pushed aside in favor of a new elite made up of activists who are more conservative in their politics and more Orthodox in their religious practice. The new leaders representing American Jewish interests in the White House are keen to shape policy on education and religious expression and to ensure a pro-Israel stance more in line with the Netanyahu government.

  23. ‘Alt-Left’ Strategist Bannon Isn’t Going Anywhere, Trump Says – Bloomberg:

    President Donald Trump on Monday dismissed widespread reports that his administration is riven by discord, saying he is sticking by his polarizing chief strategist, Steve Bannon, calling him a “very decent guy” who is getting a “bad rap.”

    Trump even revealed his own term for Bannon’s ideology: “alt-left,” a play on Bannon’s ties to the nationalist conservative movement sometimes called the alt-right.

    Why alt-left? “Bannon’s more of a libertarian than anything else, if you want to know the truth,” Trump said Monday during an interview with Bloomberg News in the Oval Office.

    Trump’s playful approach to the former chief of Breitbart News — perhaps the biggest target of liberal fury — and his other comments about his staff suggest that a widespread shakeup of his inner circle is unlikely in the near future.

  24. Report: Kushner didn’t disclose investment in startup with Goldman Sachs, Soros links | TheHill:

    Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner failed to disclose his stake in a real-estate startup with ties to Goldman Sachs and billionaire investor George Soros, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal.

    Kushner, who is President Trump’s son-in-law, also did not disclose loans on several properties that total more than $1 billion, the Journal reported.

    The investment in the startup Cadre makes Kushner a partner with Goldman Sachs.

    The Goldman Sachs administration.

  25. Rabbi Shmuley: “With @SteveBannon in the White House on #israelindependenceday. Steve is a great, stalwart friend of the Jewish State

    The (((echo chamber))) is screeching about the campaign promises on the whiteboard.

    What they’re not screeching about is that Shmuley obviously doesn’t agree with their hysterical claim that Bannon is an “anti-semitic” neo-nazi White nationalist, or that the two of them are in the White House celebrating a foreign holiday and state.

  26. Finally, a force that can stop nationalism in the White House: Wealthy elites. – The Washington Post:

    The conflict, often characterized as a duel between Steve Bannon and his ilk (nationalists) and Jared Kushner and his crew (“globalists,” according to Bannon), isn’t necessarily the choice we would want: who would pit wealthy elites against “burn baby burn” nationalists with the fate of the country at stake? But this is the choice we have, and we should breathe a sigh of relief that, for now, the elites are calling (most of) the shots.

    The globalists who won this round are, by and large, precisely what their opponents deride them as: urban, wealthy, connected to the web of influence that flows from Wall Street to Washington, and more comfortable with a modified economic status-quo than a Jacobean recasting of society. They include the well-to-do Gary Cohn of the National Economic Council, formerly president of Goldman Sachs; Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, scion of a New York-New Jersey real estate family; and others, such as Dina Powell, also late of Goldman, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Ivanka Trump.

    What “anti-semites” warn against, the jew ultimately brags about.

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