White Opposition to Jewing is Illegal Because Jews are the Opposite of White

JEZWhite supremacist on trial for Downing Street speech calling on his ‘soldiers to rise up against the Jews’

This short jewsmedia article about Jez Turner’s prosecution in Britain is just long enough to include jewry’s most common buzzterms:

“singled out the group for hatred”

“defendant is absolutely obsessed with Jewish people and he despises the Jewish race”

“peddled conspiracy theories that Jews control the banks and the media and are determined to achieve world domination”

“The speech was a racial character assassination”

“some sort of white supremacist”

To read such an article is to see the world through the carnie’s funhouse mirror, but translating this psychoanalytic jewspeak into plain English isn’t hard. The banks and media are controlled by jews, and it’s illegal to say so because the government is also controlled by jews. The banks and media and government shit on Whites because jews are the racial, political, and legal opposite of White.

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  1. I finished watching your recent 3 hour+ interview with Norvin Hobbs. Your commentary on jews is always pragmatic and fact-based but I was wondering if you have any religious beliefs, or if you believe there’s a spiritual dimension to the war between Whites and jews.

  2. Include “prisons” on that list, too. If we ever liberate our race, so many of the traitor policemen and soldiers have to be considered as dangerous to us as immigration-advocating liberals. It’s not going to be little soytitted boys kicking in doors and guarding Turner for 3 -10 years. And it’s a tough pill to swallow, but many physically capable of our own people are going to have to be repatriated to Africa for “just doing their jobs” during the occupation.

    If we could just get White men to stop being soldiers and cops for the JOG, they couldn’t keep this prison-society running. Imagine a police force of all blacks and Aztecs trying to control society’s dissidents or attack Iraq. It would be such a fucking hilarious mess, even with a few Jewish generals telling them what to do. Mexico and Brazil are jokes kept vaguely functioning by a few high-White mestizos. And they know it, by God–if you spend time with them. they know that Spanish admixture is the primary determinant in testing and career success.

    We need to perpetuate the idea that serving the JOG is a disgusting, questionable act, and stop pretending there is any honor left during the occupation. That’s a very tough pill for military and cops to swallow, but they’ll have to. For decades we’ve dealt with White cops shooting and imprisoning people who criticized the occupation, and without that slavery, there could be no occupation.

    Look at the article-prompt again: it’s about a White system of justice penalizing a White person for talking about saving Whites’ lives. They’re using our own tools against us. They were too incompetent to ever make societies like this, but they’re crafty enough to edit our societies a little bit to be against us. We have to make it shameful, like being a lifelong homosexual who commits public acts of indecency, to be a JOG cop or a soldier. If you want to serve Jews while armed, you should be shipped to Africa to live in the filth where you belong. It’s not plausible any longer–hasn’t been for decades, but let’s be really generous and say just “21st century”–to claim that the old honor is still there.

  3. We hadn’t seen a word anywhere about the upcoming trial date, so it’s interesting to read in the newspaper report that the public gallery was packed – but with whom? Those who got the nod? And just who might they be?

    There’s been (only very occasional) conjecture (and that possibly mischievous) that the much-delayed trial would bring a Hal Turner revelation. No doubt the packed public gallery can be counted on to inform the wider public if so, if the Lugenpresse doesn’t.

    Prosecutor Mably’s “Jewish people”

    But…”the Jewish race.”…? Is there really one? It sounds awfully ninteteenth cenntury rabbinic. How about Genetic Cluster instead?

    And who is the judge? Or is that a Jew who may not be named, too?

  4. High Arka
    One of the things I used to do for a sport attracted a lot of military types. I was really shocked to learn that the officer and special forces types were pretty big believers in globalism. They would probably be considered right wingers on a lot of issues but liberalism seems to have set in to a large degree. I heard a guy talking about white privilege and the need for tolerance while implying that his mission was to liberate the oppressed people in the world. He’s a really tough guy to. It sounded like the ADL does military training as well as police.

  5. . I heard a guy talking about white privilege and the need for tolerance

    That made my day. I think I am going to be sick, I need a pain killer.

  6. Fred W.
    It was a bizarre thing to watch because the guy wasn’t trying to make that case in a debate like a liberal would. He was asserting it as fact to another white guy. He also wasn’t virtue signaling because it was basically an all white group. It felt really weird while I watched it because he wasn’t even really moralizing, he was more reciting a list of talking points. The only good part was that the white guy he was talking to clearly wasn’t buying it and was politely trying to change the subject.

  7. Chris, so many of the military and police I know are Afro/mestizo, so I’m not surprised to see that kind of attitude coming from them. Given the heavy, military-specific propaganda they direct at them, it’s sad but unsurprising that Europeoids fall for it also. I’ve watched some service videos with service people (and what a disgustingly deceptive term that really is; “service”), and ordinary citizens don’t realize it, but people in the military are hammered with prescription strength diversity stuff that makes propaganda directed at ordinary civilians look really watered down.

    Anyway, as to non-white cops and soldiers using Europeoid inventions to be in charge of something, I know they can be effective under proper direction, but I also know that if they had only their kind in charge they’d quickly turn into the Congolese. A new generation of White children needs to stop being willing to be JOG slaves despite our strong desire for martial valor and physical sacrifice in our lives. Like perverting our desire for fairness into what we might now call “liberalism,” they’ve set up a really good prison, and they think they can hold off the world’s Muslims using our inventions.

    Problem for them, though, which I’ve mentioned before. Once America more formally becomes Mexico 2, will Mexico 2 really be able to protect Israel from Terra’s X billion Muslims? They’ve relied on White shielding for so long, I wonder if they’ve started to believe that they actually can keep their little goodies away from all those Muslims.

  8. Oh, on the social perception behind it all–I believe it was Gregory Hood who reminded us that we needed to propagate an (accurate) urban legend that there was something wrong with Whites who dated non-Whites. There should be a similar legend about Whites who want to be cops or soldiers. Ironically, Whites who consider themselves “liberal” are probably doing this more and better than conservatives. Look how stupidly useful American and British conservatives were when it came time to destroy Iraq for Israel. As with BDS, it’s a funny (but unlikely to be realized, since they can see it too) hope to think of western liberalism being the only way to resist Jews.

  9. he was more reciting a list of talking points.

    There’s a very large segment of the population that will swallow anything ‘official’ and blindly repeat the slogans. Most people have the worst form of laziness, mental laziness. It is so much easier to repeat a prepared idea than to critically digest concepts, plus it instantly gives social acceptance to the heard . As long as (((they))) control the channels of social perception , we have a steep uphill battle. They have used their PR power to sell us cigarettes, booze, cosmetics, Coke and now social racial poison.

  10. , will Mexico 2 really be able to protect Israel from Terra’s X billion Muslims?

    They’ll manipulate those brown monkeys like marionettist pulls the strings on his puppet . They’ll have one sect massacre another until a small remainder can be extinguished with ruthless force. Only the pacified compliant will be left to serve as a slave class, for menial labor.

  11. High Arka
    You’re right, I’ve think the best way to unite whites is to get liberals on our side. I’ve thought that for four years since I started looking at these things. Anti war politics is how I came to understand our predicament.

  12. Instead of hundreds, the protesters should be in the millions, a national strike. Whites just lack cohesion, for some reason.
    God bless those protesters. Hopefully it will become contagious and spread like fire. Pray that this will be the spark that ignites German Nationalism, Pan European, White Nationalism.
    What a woman, of such noble courage! She puts most men to shame.

  13. Sentenced to two years, for OPINION crimes?
    This is a tyranny beyond belief and the U.S. is an ally to this ? If there’s a justification for a liberation invasion, this is it.

  14. I read somewhere that the majority of high-schoolers will be non-white by 2025. The military will inevitably follow some time after. There will be pressure for more non-white officers. As it becomes more non-white it will become even more overtly anti-white, driving whites out of the military. It may take another 20-30 years but these imperial games are coming to an end. They might still win an Iraq sized war but it will be much harder with many more brown casualties. The political uproar will cripple their ability to wage overseas adventures. They could still use high-tech toys like drones but drones don’t win wars.

    Nobody really cares about these wars because the white soldiers who fight in them are volunteers not draftees, that is to say they are mercenaries. Non-whites never have “agency”, even if they volunteer they are draftees in the current politically correct culture., dying for white and class privilege. Plus black and brown people don’t want to spend money on the military or for Israel, they want that OP money in their pocket. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  15. You don’t include the possibility of a foreign legion, as the French have. The US is doing this in a hybrid manner now, by offering Green Cards to alien enlistees. I think your connections are tenuous, overlooking many alternate branches.
    They will keep Whites coming in the services by the methods now used, don’t teach trades in school, affirmative action for orc privilege, quotas against whites, college aid only to muds. These methods block whites and channel them into the military , especially the docile compliant type , the very ones they want.

  16. Another thing about white people getting involved with things like black lives matter is that they instinctively fear the government more than blacks. I know I feel much more comfortable defending myself against blacks than I do police. Actually I’ve seen cases where police were an impediment to people defending themselves against blacks or illegal aliens or whatever group.

  17. Re: Israeli assassinations

    Look at Jose Amarante, killed 1981 by radioactive poisoning. I wonder if that was Dr. Pierce’s fate?

  18. Include “prisons” on that list, too. If we ever liberate our race, so many of the traitor policemen and soldiers have to be considered as dangerous to us as immigration-advocating liberals. It’s not going to be little soytitted boys kicking in doors and guarding Turner for 3 -10 years. And it’s a tough pill to swallow, but many physically capable of our own people are going to have to be repatriated to Africa for “just doing their jobs” during the occupation

    you could just deal with them in the same way that theIRA dealt with them:


    If we could just get White men to stop being soldiers and cops for the JOG
    We have to make it shameful, like being a lifelong homosexual who commits public acts of indecency, to be a JOG cop or a soldier.

    I think that it’s a good thing that they are soldiers because if they want to go to the middle east and die for israel hopefully they will die and if they die we have just gotten rid of some bad elements in our gene pool.. but of course it’s another thing if they’ll use them against us.. but in the end the soldiers/cops have names and addresses

    it could also be a good thing to encourage decadence (homo propaganda feminism race-mixing drugs alcohol) if you fall for it = bad genetics if you don’t fall for it = good genetics

    if gays are out in the open it is easy to identify them and that would be a good thing when we’re going to get rid of them

  19. Re: Israeli assassinations

    if you want to read about it you could read ”rise and kill first” by (((ronen bergman))) i haven’t read it but the daily stormer wrote an article about it

    you could just go to libgen.io and search for ronen bergman and you will find it

  20. Tanstaafl might like to give this 22 minute speech by Jared Taylor a listen. Once again, Taylor uses this platform to peddle this ‘suicide meme’ baloney – blaming Whites for their current existential crisis. He also tries to claim that Angela Merkel doesn’t really hate Whites and isn’t working to destroy Germany. The viewer’s comments on this video indicate that nobody is buying that crock of baloney. Taylor blew up his own credibility with this incredibly insane nonsense.

    Scandza Forum Stockholm, 2018 – Jared Taylor


    Also, this Scandza Forum has to have been the biggest collection of alt-right homosexuals to assemble anywhere to date. Greg Johnson, Millenial Woes, just to name two. I suspect there were more.

    Greg Johnson’s speech was typically ‘catty’. I could listen to no more than about 5 minutes of it before I got disgusted and moved on.

    I found it unbelievably hypocritical to hear Jared Taylor, at one point in his speech, express the idea that our ‘pro-White movement’ needs to concern itself with the image and the optics that we reflect to the public and work to prevent the ‘seedier’ elements within our movement from becoming the ‘face’ of our movement – since skinheads, tattooed neo-Nazis, etc., damage our movement and drive away Whites who might otherwise agree with our message of White racial survival. That seems to be a reasonable and rational concept – but, then, here we have men who have abnormal, unnatural, degenerate, unhealthy and non-reproducing sexual proclivities – sexual behavior that has spelled the death of every major civilization that has allowed it to become mainstream – and Jared Taylor is A-Ok with these elements being welcomed into the ‘face’ of our pro-White movement?

    Oh, and despite the mountain sized piles of written and spoken evidence that proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that the jews have been planning and executing a deliberate, premeditated, well funded, endlessly promoted agenda to racially dispossess Whites inside every historic White European nation – and their plans have continued over several generations – and that they openly boast about these genocidal objectives – Jared Taylor says neither he or anyone else in our movement should assign any label of ‘evil’ intent to our enemies?

    What other label would better describe what the jews are doing to Whites, Jared?

  21. Lol, “majority of high school students.” Test scores, such as they are now, will become so low that we’ll have to hire some Israeli educational institution to produce data fake enough to be in the NYT and reassure us. Diverse graduates now can’t write or do math, and their parents don’t know because their parents can’t do those things, either, and there’s this last gasp of Asian kids propping scores up until they figure out they really shouldn’t immigrate to this sinking ship. Intelligent professors will write articles for the Atlantic about how the Israeli tradition of learning Hebrew keeps their IQ up, and other famous Jewish commentators will write articles about how races are real and Jews always were the most intelligent one. Ironically, it’ll only be Europeoids convinced we need to hire that Israeli firm to give us a $44 million evaluation of our schools and tell us it’s due to a variety of factors we can solve by taxing those last few of us who still work. And the Afromestizos will complain that too much government money is going to analyze White schools, and so they’ll be the only ones who resist the new 65% tax, which they don’t pay anyway, and White people will desperately believe they’re not like Europe, they’re still free, and we’ll be sure that this time, the Jews have gone too far and it’s so obvious everyone will finally figure it out. And some people will say this is the greatest chance in our history because so many of us are now dead we’ve pared it down to the really serious people but we’ll be a drop in the ocean, beyond the point when being better or smarter can fight off the orcs.

  22. What an embarrassment the president turned out to be. We can no longer even maintain a pretext of autonomy from our greatest ally.

  23. Ex-soldier guilty of racial hatred charge after CPS initially declined to prosecute:

    A far-right army veteran has been found guilty of stirring up racial hatred after the Crown Prosecution Service was pressured to reconsider its decision to not bring charges against him.

    The 15-minute speech was made at a rally against Jewish neighbourhood watch group Shomrim in Whitehall on 4 July 2015.

    Bedford-Turner, who served for 12 years in the army, and speaks Pashtu and Arabic, told the crowd: “Let’s free England from Jewish control. Let’s liberate this land. Listen, soldiers, listen to me. It’s time to liberate our country.”

    Jewing doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, you go to jail for calling it jewing.

  24. Lulz, good points, Tucker, but I see a big problem in pretending that either Jared Taylor or Donald Trump are White men gone astray, It’s obvious they’re Ashkenazi, and it will do our future counterparts a great service if they don’t have to re-figure it out themselves. We need to be ready, seriously ready, for them using the Ashkenazi they’ve so carefully bred to take charge of our future racialist movements, if any.

    That “white suicide” thing would apply to Trump, and he might be viewed in a hundred years as a “white suicide president” unless we can make clear to our successors that he was an Ashkenazi serving his people. So much of the early 21st century makes sense if we view Taylor, Trump, and their kindred as who they really are.

    Also, other races should be made aware of this. All that mestizo anger at not being able to clean out what America has left should be blamed not on “an old white guy” but on a Jew. The world’s billion Muslims should be angry at a Jew president stoking the fires of more wars for Israel, not a “White” president. We should not accept responsibility for that nasty Ashkenazi’s policies. Let the world remember, a hundred years from now, that Trump was a Jew, and let them judge/jury it in the way they think is racially fair. That is so much better for us than just pretending Trump is a white idiot.

  25. (To add to that, this is something Arabs will have to deal with, too, particularly if they ever hope to reclaim Saudi Judea. Impartial DNA tests offered free to Arabs by a reclaimed White America could help them have mobs tearing the “Saud” faggots out of those palaces and stop letting them spew their nasty genes into a population of the most nubile Arab boys and hottest Arab women available. We’re in fantasy-land here, but a U.S. media campaign about the Jews of Saud could be both friendly to white liberals–since they roof-toss homos and repress women there–and inspiring to the faithful of Allah. We really ought to let them know who their tyrants truly are, because they would clean house something serious if they found out Mecca had been completely jewed.)

  26. I see a big problem in pretending that either Jared Taylor or Donald Trump are White men gone astray..

    That “white suicide” thing would apply to Trump, and he might be viewed in a hundred years as a “white suicide president” unless we can make clear to our successors that he was an Ashkenazi serving his people. So much of the early 21st century makes sense if we view Taylor, Trump, and their kindred as who they really are.

    Let the world remember, a hundred years from now, that Trump was a Jew, and let them judge/jury it in the way they think is racially fair. That is so much better for us than just pretending Trump is a white idiot.

    well you just have to provide us with some evidence, just show us that donald trump/jared taylor are jews but you haven’t provided any evidence yet..

    trump is not an idiot he’s just doing what is good him..

    a heroin addict is probably just the same, he takes heroin because it makes him feel good but in the end it will kill him.. and yes i know that heroin addicts don’t make it to the top levels of power it’s just an analogy

    traitors are doing what they’re doing because it benefits them but in the end it will destroy them.. they cannot make aliyah.. their children/grandchildren will eventually suffer the consequences

    just like in this case: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/739620/Maria-Ladenburger-murder-EU-official-daughter-killed-by-refugee-Aghan

  27. A breakdown of Macdonald v Cofnas at Counter Currents. The author is probably half of one of them:

    In the past, I have used the term LDJs for ‘“Liberal Diaspora Jews,” and have found it quite useful. Perhaps it could be useful here, too. It certainly describes most, if not all, of the Jews MacDonald includes in the CofC framework’

    same old slip through your finger tactics. What does anyone here make of it?


  28. Hey karl, sure, it’s always a question of what’s good for you. All of Trump’s kids married rich, powerful Jews, and if he were a gentile, that would be “good” for him–richer, more socially influential genetic offspring who are part of a special class of super-privileged people that you’re not allowed to insult. I, personally, think that wouldn’t be “good” for me, because then my family would be Jewish, but in terms of short-term materialism, it is good, by definition. It’s just like if you can stab someone in the back and take his money, and he dies and you are never identified as the murderer, it’s “good” for you. And Trump’s grandchildren and legacy being 100% Jewish is good for him, in that sense.

    Like I said before, an immigrant who comes to New York and becomes massively rich by getting weird unsecured loans from Jewish banks and investing in real estate, then leaving behind a kid who milks the real estate while having books written about him by Jews and being a TV star–if you think that’s not a Jew by default, there are some internet searches that might convince you. Whether he is or not–and given his economic life history in America in the twentieth century, it’s almost statistically impossible for his line to be gentile–he is now, in the sense of the entire genetic legacy he will leave on this planet being Jews. And yeah, he’s giving free blowjobs at the wailing wall and taking American taxpayer’s money to secure Israel’s border and not America’s, our standards are so low that that stuff doesn’t raise red flags for us anymore. Trump would’ve been so obviously a Jew in 1950, and it shows how far crypsis and lessons in not-seeing have come since then that Americans now think there’s any question.

    See, I would take it as a loss for me if all my kids married rich, powerful Jews, and all my genetic future was defined by Judaism. Or if I became rich by being a traitorous politician.
    Many Whites since the early hundreds A.D. have discovered those gains, and Europe today is their terrible, rotting legacy–but it is a material gain; a “good.” They made a lot of money for doing what they did, in a time where there weren’t many vaguely-white rapespawn to insert as “authentic goy leader” into Europeoid societies. You decide for you.

  29. Karl, Trump is not doing what’s good for him. Letting his kids marry kikes has utterly destroyed his family bloodline and trusting kike politicians has destroyed his presidency. Trump does nothing but appoint jews to high office and they undermine him in return. The typical White-jew relationship. We help them and they kill us in return. There’s been no benefit to Trump’s behavior. If my kids married kikes the way his did, I’d immediately disown them and never speak to them again. He hasn’t because he’s a buffoon with no racial consciousness.

  30. Jez Turner was found guilty last week as per TANSTAAFL’s Grauniad link above, and per the following, JT was jailed Monday (actually seems ambiguous but let’s assume it wasn’t suspended and took effect immediately):

    Yet as far as I can see there remains only one report on the trial in London’s evening paper the Standard and no report of the verdict or his sentence, the last (only?) I find being in the masthead of this article to which I now subscribe my comment.

    This is all rather mysterious, since one might have expected crowing pour encourager les Amalakites. So what does it suggest?

    1. into the gulag with JT, not to be heard of again for at least 4 months (or maybe ever again if he suffers the fate of at least one other Nationalist sent to prison in the UK). Jailings of other nationalists have also been attended by little if any publicity in the mainstream media.

    2. alternatively JT is some sort of State asset who had been working to gather intel and the left and right hands of government didn’t know they were about to cross; or the extreme chutzpah of the CAA simply overcame the more diplomatic tendency of the CPS and in either event, it was thought best to memory-hole it all.

    Of interest in relation to option #1 is this piece
    – Osborne is editor of the London Evening Standard. Is he burying a story for ‘domestic’ reasons or or rather, could there be a D Notice on this case (or voluntary censorship being practised by the Press in lieu)?

    The reference to JT being “of no fixed abode” seems rather strange. The phrase is usually reserved for rough sleeping meths drinkers or prisoners on the run. I can’t believe Jez has ever been either of those.

  31. I, personally, think that wouldn’t be “good” for me, because then my family would be Jewish, but in terms of short-term materialism, it is good, by definition.

    See, I would take it as a loss for me if all my kids married rich, powerful Jews, and all my genetic future was defined by Judaism.

    that is beacause you’re loyal to your race Trump is not.. he’s just aware that the jews are powerful and if he serves them he will reap benefits from it

    Trump’s mother= not jewish
    Trumps’s father= not jewish


    from the article:

    In their research into the Trump family, both author’s have come to the conclusion that the Swedish origins was just a story invented by Trump’s father. During the middle of the 19th century, Trump’s true decent – German – was simply bad for business.

    Henry Hurt writes that the reason for continuing the story was to not upset the Jewish tenants of Trump real estate

    Trump= not jewish

    Also if Trump were jewish tanstaafl wouldn’t use the term ”kikeservative/kikeservative in chief”

    kikeservative is a better version of cuckservative and as we know jews cannot be cuckservatives..

  32. Karl, Trump is not doing what’s good for him. Letting his kids marry kikes has utterly destroyed his family bloodline and trusting kike politicians has destroyed his presidency. Trump does nothing but appoint jews to high office and they undermine him in return. The typical White-jew relationship. We help them and they kill us in return. There’s been no benefit to Trump’s behavior. If my kids married kikes the way his did, I’d immediately disown them and never speak to them again. He hasn’t because he’s a buffoon with no racial consciousness.

    He’s doing what is good for him he’s on the side of the winners it’s a good thing to be on the winning side.. jews= winners whites = losers (at the moment hopefully it will change)

    they haven’t destroyed his presidency he’s always been on their side he was never on our side to begin with..

    ”we help them and they kill us in return”.. that is because the jews are living in accordance with nature, you should kill your enemies not help them, jews are just being rational… it’s rational to kill your enemies not helping them

    i would also disown them and never speak to them again

  33. Hey karl, I know that many people feel Trump is a goy, and I think we’re at the point in our history when we can’t trust our media to report accurately to us, including not only “Business Insider” but many others. Part of the reason they’re successful at what they do is that they control the opposition, too, so pretending Trump is “anti Semitic’ and investigating themselves and clearing themselves of wrongdoing, then leaving a paper trail about it for curious goys to find, is rather normal. They’re always tried to move invisibly in society, and hide their filling of or relationship with thrones and banks. Since we now rely primarily, someday solely, on an appearance of internet formality or goy/objective research, it’s even easier for crypsis not only to happen, but to be pre-emptively proven false. The things that have crawled out into the light recently are nothing compared to the Ashkenazi they will release later.

    That’s a choice we’ll all have to make as the years go by: believe the media, presume that internet accounts are goy, or not in either case. Trump’s whole life has been so jewed that I can believe a well-meaning goy thinks he is not Jewish, but I don’t trust the reports of diversity directors at immigration institutions to be accurate, anymore than they are forthcoming about, say, negro crime. Like giving up on honorable duels for settling grievances, it is a tough pill to swallow, but we should’ve learned by now this is not an enemy that we can expect to fight fairly. The unsecured loans that Drumpf, or whatever fake name that dude gave immigration some centuries ago when Americans knew what kikes were but didn’t know what was coming, received from Jew bankers in New York, to set up shop, are more proof to me than some proof from Sweden’s Jew-blind institutions that he didn’t just pass through there as a Jew, but was a “genuine Swede” piling onto the designated upcoming financial power meant to crush European nationalism, namely America.

    (See, it’s hard for goys to imagine that Jews had planned Napoleon-style diversity revolutions to idiotize Europe and prepare it for the world wars, or that they could have a centuries-long strategy to use goys in Europe to conquer Arabia for them, but only after the “world wars” had sickened so many of the people and governments. Their long term planning is so good we have trouble believing in it. And their preparation of sleeper agents generations ahead seems to similarly baffle us. We’re like, ‘Oh, 200 years ago, he was listed as a goyim” and we’re forgetting this has been a thousands-year battle and that they are very crafty and it’s a good investment. Given the people Trump and his children prefer to work with, they clearly still feel that call. It’s hard for us, also, to conceive of that lack of individuality; that overpowering desire for ethnic collectivism.)

    Even if you trust the official line on things now, I hope that your descendants will not learn that the publishing industry or government bureaucracies are the final word. While we still can, I hope some of us will use the internet to communicate with other human beings whose agenda is meant to be true, rather than just to achieve a purpose.

    Trump’s Semitism explains a lot, including the connections that caused Drumpf to suddenly own a bunch of real estate in Manhattan that once belonged to goys who got knocked out of it with loan-tricks, creating an idle rentier Jew who could rent to them, which is one of their common tricks, and you really should read “Art of the Deal” written by some Jew to be claimed as Trump’s work.

    They bred Ashkenazi in Europe hundreds of years ago, and being able to claim identity by residency at some point during the process as proof of gentile status was a great triumph of theirs. We can’t just rely on what some immigration officer was willing to stamp when an apparently White person bundled in heavy clothing during a busy day claimed his background. Let alone what some diversity-loving agency now is willing to not destroy, or admit, about what they still have of the old data.

  34. Intermarriage of trumps and )ews is a typical pattern. It has happened with 100’s of royal houses in Europe, and many great fortunes, Heinz, Conrad Black etc. This is a pattern with obvious rabbinic roots, Esther seems the likely source.
    It serves a duel function, putting resources in their sphere and denying them to the goy.
    They have a lot of tricks to accomplish this. They work in unison, it isn’t by individuals.

  35. … it’s rational to kill your enemies not helping them

    Too bad the churchaholics can’t figure that out.

  36. WE cant tolerate this kind of white opposition in Germany:


    And any of you naysayers suggesting the Auschwitz design couldn’t possibly have processed so many bodies need not worry – Bennie picked up the original plans and is preserving them for future generations:


  37. Yes sir, Fred, it’s quite common for them to wait for a gentile to amass a fortune, then send in the perfect mate and ensure that the future inheritors of that wealth will be Jewish. There’s a certain blunt sensuality in sexually maturing Jewish females that, if you see it, can help you understand how it works on even older and wiser gentile males. Still, though, I think the origin of the Trump/Drumpf family’s wealth, in the sense of getting unsecured loans that simply weren’t given to people (other than Jews destined for success of course) at that time or now, demonstrates either that djinn are real and Drumpf used one of his wishes to get capital like that at a time like that, or that he was Jewish and was being made a success in the way that they do for their own.

    My understanding just from random crap on the internet is that Donald’s (not Fred’s) transition was managed by Jews giving him Resorts International to start him off, and he destroyed a bunch of stuff by bankruptcy early until one of them took and suddenly he’s a billionaire getting Tony Schwartz to give him initial population awareness for a later fixed presidential fight with the old lady who kept falling down on camera. Do you remember how “randomly” popular Trump seemed to get in the 1980s, preparing voter awareness for when they’d all grown up?

    Trump’s career makes his genetic source obvious, but we all need to prepare ourselves for when they’ve got such control of our newspapers that they can take stuff decades old and memory-hole it so that Trump is literally proven to be a gentile by media years later. Our media is heavily compromised now, but we can still remember what happened before they changed it, and there are still some relics of old data for us to find. They’re not going to let that stay, and we have to get used to judging people by their actions right now in front of our faces and not be willing to let Jews (“media outlets”) convince us that someone was or wasn’t a goy. Drumpf’s unsecured loans and Trump’s suddenly getting a major company for almost nothing are data we can see now that they will remove for their later agents. But watching Trump pretending to cry and be moved at the Wailing Wall, right now, needs to be enough for us to understand what he is, rather than consulting historical sources about him and his dad getting mega-million freebies to start them off.

    Africans never developed a written language. Europeans did. And Europeans have learned to trust their written records. That’s a huge vulnerability to Euros–by changing those records, Jews can convince Euros of crap that Afros are simply immune to.

  38. Too bad the churchaholics can’t figure that out.

    this is what the christians believe:

    john 4 22 Ye worship ye know not what : we know what we worship ; for
    salvation is of the Jews.

    matt 5 39 but I say unto you, That ye resist not evil : but whosoever shall
    smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

    matt 5 40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let
    him have thy cloak also.

    matt 5 43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy
    neighbor, and hate thine enemy.

    matt 5 44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you,
    do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which
    despitefully use you, and persecute you ;

    luk 6 27 But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to
    them which hate you,

    luk 6 28 bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use

    luk 6 29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the
    other ; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat

    luk 6 35 But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for
    nothing again ; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children
    of the Highest : for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

    luk 6 36 Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

    luk 6 37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged : condemn not, and ye shall
    not be condemned : forgive, and ye shall be forgiven :

    rom 12 20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him ; if he thirst, give him
    drink : for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

    phil 3 19 whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is
    in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

    gal 3 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free,
    there is neither male nor female : for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
    (only one race the human race/transgenderism)

    gal 3 29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs
    according to the promise.

    matt 19 24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the
    eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of
    God. (proto-communism)

  39. han some proof from Sweden’s Jew-blind institutions that he didn’t just pass through there as a Jew, but was a “genuine Swede”

    Frederick Trump /Friedrich Trump (Trump’s grandfather) the one who immigrated to America and he never claimed that he was swedish.

    Fred Trump (Trump’s father) is the one who claimed that his father was swedish

    ”During periods of war and anti-German discrimination in the United States, Trump’s son Fred later denied his German heritage, claiming his father had been a Swede from Karlstad.”

  40. Finished the transcript of this fascinating no-nonsense “name the jew” interview with Patrick Little:


    [Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.

    Here, Little is interviewed by a Newsweek reporter, Michael Hayden, on his Senate run and how he came to hold his views, and his desire to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government!

    Topics discussed include:

    — His former political views as a “Constitutional conservative“, Ayn Rand fan, Tea Party supporter, and Republican Executive Committee for Duval County in Florida.
    — How the jewish Trotskyites morphed into the Neocons.
    — His background in the military and the IT industry.
    — His, and Paul Nehlen’s, awakening to the “jewish Problem” through reading “Culture of Critique”.
    — The need for extreme soundbites to get media attention.
    — His long-standing pro-White sentiments.
    — Balkanization as a solution to the race problem in the US.
    — Jewish over-representation in crucial centers of power and elite universities, through nepotism and not merit.
    — Jewish extreme over-representation in elite universities through nepotism
    — His personal view that US jews should all move to Israel.
    — The central jewish role in perverting US immigration laws to flood the US with non-Whites
    — His rejection of the “Holocaust” myth
    — How German defendants in post-WWII trials were tortured into making false confessions.
    — How Germany was not responsible for WWII and how organized jewry controlled the Allies and fomented the war.
    — His British/Irish ethnic origins.
    — How jews as Bolsheviks committed mass genocide of tens of millions of people.
    — How jews have been constantly, and rightly, expelled from countries for centuries.
    — How jews have controlled the slave trade, including the Atlantic slave trade, throughout history.
    — How the truth about jews enraged him.
    — The roles of Daily Stormer, TRS, etc. The subversive role of Weev. The lack of support for IRL activism.
    — His views on, and involvement in the Charlottesville event.
    — His hopes that Israel is invaded.
    — His aims for his Senate race.
    — The jewish terror attack on the USS Liberty, and the Lavon Affair, and jewish involvement in 9/11.
    — How Nixon and Trump “dog whistled” about the jews.
    — How the nephew of former President, Franklin Roosevelt said the jews are in charge.
    — His admiration for Adolf Hitler, and National Socialism.
    — How if he had been in America in the 1930s he would have gotten a membership on Lindbergh’s America First Committee, and tuned into Father Coughlin every night.

    What’s great about this interview is Little again clearly identifies organised jewry as the power that has got a stranglehold over America and the West, and is systematically destroying White societies.

    — KATANA]

  41. Things in England are not much different than here.

    We lost the White American Race War with finality and certitude over 50 years ago, terms of surrender being the anti-White legislation passed back then.

    The United States Government is LEGALLY anti-White. Those who decry its unfairness must understand that such is in keeping with the spirit of the ‘law’.

    Though that war was lost, we fight on in guerrilla style with propaganda, now greatly augmented by the internet. In such warfare, anonymity is best. Few public ‘lightning rods’ are needed – for now.

    First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

  42. Karl, those quotes nail it. Seems that theology is at the root of many of our troubles, if not all of them.

  43. I would also like to add these

    2 cor 12: 9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee : for my
    strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I
    rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest
    upon me.

    2 cor 13: 9 For we are glad, when we are weak, and ye are strong : and this also
    we wish, even your perfection.

    matt 5: 5 Blessed are the meek : for they shall inherit the earth.

    matt 5: 7 Blessed are the merciful : for they shall obtain mercy.

    1 tim 6: 11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things ; and follow after
    righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

    2 tim 2: 24 And the servant of the Lord must not strive ; but be gentle unto all
    men, apt to teach, patient ;

    2 titus 3: 2 to speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all
    meekness unto all men.

    1 pet 3: 4 but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not
    corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in
    the sight of God of great price.

    2 cor 12: 10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in
    necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake : for when
    I am weak, then am I strong.

    when I am weak, then am I strong………… (((paul/saul of tarsus)))

  44. This conquest began with Judaism 2.0, when the first European warrior clans fell to the assaults of the White SJWs who were making everyone worship the rabbe’s body on the cross or face death. It’s fitting that Christianity should still form an important part of this.

    Liberals have this visceral hatred of what they think is Christianity, but which really is Judaism–pro-slavery talk, anti-homosexual verses, et cetera. We should stoke that liberal anger in the right direction, and just as they wouldn’t really like Islamic society, their anti-Torah sentiments should be used to turn them against Jewish philosophy being used to manipulate European societies.

  45. Karl, those quotes sound like a sloppy recipe for suicide, a very masochistic suicide.

    Thanks for compiling those together.

  46. Kevin Macdonald is tweeting out links to dailystormer now. I don’t think he would have done that a year ago. I can’t imagine he didn’t watch Luke Ford and Tan. I loved that interview because I knew Tan was going to put pressure on a lot of academic types.
    I respect the fact that Macdonald took time to document things the way he did and it was necessary. So, no disrespect to him at all. He probably paid some price for what he did.
    Congress and president kushner are now pushing a massive jailbreak bill. Im sure that will work out great.

  47. when I am weak, then am I strong………… (((paul/saul of tarsus)))

    I think rebbe Saul knew very well the consequences of his poisonous mixture.
    Grinning with every brushstroke.

  48. sorry i made a mistake here:

    2 titus 3: 2 to speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all
    meekness unto all men.

    it should be:

    titus 3: 2 to speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all
    meekness unto all men.

    2 titus does not exist sorry about that.. first i wrote 2 tim 2 3 then i realized that it was titus 3 2 but i forgot to remove the 2 in front of titus

  49. Every time I try to understand things from a Jewish perspective I’m am astonished at their ability to hate. I think their ability to hate surpasses all of the other races combined. I actually can’t even fathom it and I probably don’t even understand the full extent of it. I think their power is their capacity for hate.

  50. Every time I try to understand things from a Jewish perspective I’m am astonished at their ability to hate.

    They are taught an endless persecution complex,”oh, everyone has abused us, for no reason at all”. After that foundation is laid, they preach ” revenge, revenge, revenge “. Never forgive ( forgiveness is a sin in judaism).

    Small wonder, Hadrian outlawed judaism throughout the Roman Empire. ( Hadrian was a very dedicated emperor).

  51. . It is illegal even to merely mock the jews for crying out in pain as they strike you.

    Yep, pretty easy to see who has most of the power.

  52. From Michael Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered p.124

    BT Bava Batra 10b: “Even the kindness of gentiles toward Jews is a sin.”

    pretty much sums it up

  53. I think their power is their capacity for hate.

    When one group has the most antagonistic form of dual-morality, it certainly gives them a tremendous advantage over others.

  54. To tie together the title to this post, along with some things recently said, is to understand that Jews are evil, and gentiles good, but when combined with the state of the modern world, those two thoughts give us the sad metaphysical conclusion that the world is evil and that good is weaker and not only won’t win, but can’t win. The billions of humans alive today live only at the pleasure of the Jewish United States government, which can and does kill somewhat nice or halfway sensible people when they gain a measure of power and prominence. The strength from which the U.S. and other countries gains its influence is from the labor of gentiles too stupidly well meaning to question the identity or motives of their Jewish masters. Even if they were to become abruptly more capable under stress, they wouldn’t canvas the world, run genetic tests on everyone, and sterilize or exterminate all Jew; they’d merely remove them to some or other region, which would perhaps be seen as very humanitarian by comparison, but would guarantee their re-infection of gentiles in the decades or millennia ahead. However stupid gentiles are now, their stupidity if the JP were ever actually addressed would probably be moreso, as they’d simply pass the problem on to ten generations from now instead of solving it. For those of us with a realistic perspective on history, even the Third Reich wasn’t willing to do what needed to be done. What a stupid fantasy that permitting them all to emigrate and supporting their lie about needing a country would result in them not killing you. If Hitler had actually taken the moral route, its possible that his closing the borders to emigrating Jews and wiping out all the ones that the Third Reich had the power to wipe out, trying to actually take over the world, might have freed up foreign governments enough to help him cure the infection. Consider the anti-Hitler press the Jews had been giving him: if he’d suddenly issues a public ultimatum, “Give us your Jews or else we come for you,” angry mobs of gentiles might have insisted that their governments give up 0.5% of their citizens rather than risk war. So if you have learned that the holocaust is a lie, you can tell yourself “Even Hitler” didn’t do what was right; he just thought letter them fester in the rest of the world would work out.

    As we know, it didn’t. The whole rest of the world, like Germany before the Nuremberg laws, was controlled by Jews who weren’t even content to let one country exist outside their sphere, similar to the way the Jew S A murdered Saddam Hussein and many, many of his people for trying to start an oil market denominated in something other than the dollar. They will not permit us to live separately. They are an aggressive parasite, and they need to be destroyed; it is impossible to live while they live.

    Yet I don’t think it’s something that any large groups of humans here are strong enough to do. There is this kind of frightened stupidity at the prospect of changing the world. Possibly it is from Christianity or Islam, where everyone can be acceptable to Yahweh by believing. Whatever it is, it’s there. We’re too afraid to be responsible creatures living in this world which we believe in.

    And so, in quite a horrible and frightening way, we’ve seen a metaphysical question posed and answered, about the superiority of evil in this type of existence. We’re not only too weak to recognize who they are, but too weak to respond to what they’ve done, even if it is something they’ve taught should be exterminated from all the humanoid species. E.g., we have a bunch of idiots running around with guns trying to exterminate Islamofascists, but they’d absolutely never do that to the Jews. If the entire western world realized the problem and started acting properly, they could bring China down on us and put the world to the nuclear torch. And we gave them that tech! It is our stupidity; our sin.

  55. And we gave them that tech! It is our stupidity; our sin.

    Nope, the Rosenbergs ain’t “WE”.

  56. There is a potential solution to the jew problem which could feasibly be developed and deployed by an individual. It’s called CRISPR.

  57. Hey Fred, I think letting the Rosenbergs around that information is essentially the same as publishing it, and by “letting them around” I’d include “not having enough loyal armed guards to prevent them sneaking close.”

    Kind of like giving a toddler a staple gun, giving any kind of access to a Jew has predictable effects. Let a Jew in your country, and of course they’re going to acquire and give your weapons tech to every place in the rest of the world.

  58. they’re going to acquire and give your weapons tech to…

    Whites just refuse to learn.

    Marlowe wrote about this 5 centuries ago, in the “j of Malta”. The Venitians learned this a century earlier, js tried to sabotage their arsenal on Crete.

    Time and time and time again, it happens.
    “This time it’s different”….. never is.

    Rosenberg, Fuchs, Pollard,Dexter White, Morgenthau etc.

  59. Why do you guys think there’s so much hostility to Trump from the echo chamber even after he folded up for the most part? When I first started looking at these things I remember listening to the Corbett Report and him playing a speech from a general to a graduating officer class about a North American Union.
    Do you think it’s because he may leave the country with a little more sovereignty than they really want. In his NRA speech Trump said it was important that we never allow the U.N. to dictate our immigration policy.

  60. It’s so sad that any level of studying Jewish history involves the conclusion that Europeoids are stupid. First, of course, it always necessitates the realization that, if there is anything evil in all of the universe, it is Jews. But second, the Europeoid tendency to keep forgetting the past in order to make Jews feel better about themselves–and our stupid assumption that they would be in any way like us and improve their behavior or feel bad for what they’ve done, or out of gratitude toward people who should have exterminated them so many times but didn’t out of a misguided concept of mercy–is equally prevalent. They don’t even feel better about themselves when we forget and forgive stuff; it’s a completely alien mind, and all these concepts we’ve come up with to conceptualize our own minds do not exist in them, such as “sorrow” or “guilt” or “shame” or any of that stuff. It’s not even like trying to teach a chimp calculus, because that might be possible with the right team and time; Jews simply don’t have any of the reactions we consider “human.”

    CRISPR is for editing the human genome, and well before any lone “white terrorist” gets to use it, it’ll be yet another atomic bomb for Israel, since Mossad will release their own version globally and turn off the ability of all humans to “be an anti Semite.” And their slaves will be incredibly well mannered and obedient, but the spark of imagination and perception that allowed us our coolest new tech (which Jews of course could use, like smartphones that use satellites to communicate) would be gone. Pity the people of the future, since the Jews will have none to spare.

    This relationship would make quite a study for a passing interstellar species in 10K years. Extinct planet, evidence of humanoid races, evidence of a technological boom that seemed to affect all species and then more nuanced study that reveals the technology sprang from one species that went extinct sometime before the end…will they have seen it before, Jew-like things taking out a planet, or will it be a novel study for someone’s dissertation on how the Jew-Terrans exploited and killed the Europeoid-Terrans and then died themselves, having become reliant on their hosts’ innovation and tech?

    All of those Jew-Terrans won’t be surprised–some of them will know what the end of Whites means for their own tribe–but I wish I could read some articles from the others, near the end, as they complain in the papers about how the worldwide mass starvations are caused by earlier depredations of white racists. It’ll be morbidly hilarious how even until the end they can only blame the goyim for what they themselves have done.

  61. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrc3zCIS-oo

    Luke Ford – Colin Buchan LIDDELL debate streamed live 13 May, 2018

    Lot of tongue (or something else causing a protrusion) in cheek from both sides.
    So Liddell thinks Labour Party just opened UK’s immigration floodgates to ensure their MPs’ re-election prospects? I think it more likely that 99% of the Members of Parliament are profoundly compromised, the stench of perfidy in Westmonster now is so rank. Time for securities services to do a complete security background check check on all of them.

    After Security Services themselves have been deep-cleansed.

  62. Fred W., if you read for yourself the Jew of Malta and forget what everyone else says it’s about, it reads more like an early Woody Allen comedy. The Jew is placed into a difficult situation by ‘gentile’ society and seeking remedy acts out ever more absurd and self-destructive behaviours, before eventually falling flat on his face altogether – cuz you just can’t beat the antisemites!

    Also see the Merchant of Venice, where it couldn’t be more obvious that ‘if you prick me, do I not bleed,’ is a friendly mockery of Jewish self-pity, not, as the experts always say, a sliver of redeemable humanity in Shakespeare’s otherwise cold, antisemitic heart. It is simply impossible to think that speech was written as pathetic and not spoof if you just think about it, but they pretend never to have thought about it.

    Marlowe had an affair with Emilia Lanier, a Jewish woman who is credibly listed among candidates for his and especially Shakespeare’s co-author or more. Marlowe wasn’t antisemitic, he was anti-‘gentile’. Lanier’s influence could be a key factor.

  63. it reads more like an early Woody Allen comedy.

    Reads like journey into macabre monster’s mind.

    Marlowe portrays the jew as the sinister scheming monster he is. All the trechery and betrayal to kill Christians, to cause suffering and torture. Barabas is the quintessential soulless psychopath, he delights in the mayhem he causes Whites ( his dialogue with ithamore).

    ‘Anti-semite’ is just a j-oxymoronic term.
    Marlowe is jwoke. So is anyone who takes the play to heart.

  64. Tan, I went back and listened to the archives of your podcasts and I realized that there isn’t anything left to say. I had no idea how thoroughly you identified every aspect of this conflict. You must be exhausted moderating comments. I only started posting comments on the site to protect free speech and support your web site. I will keep doing that even though I have no new insight. If they ever want to stop free speech my name is on here and they will have to kill me to stop my speech. Fuck these people. Thank you for your work.

  65. Fred W.

    “it reads more like an early Woody Allen comedy journey into a macabre monster’s mind.”

    That’s what I said.

    In decades to come old-fashioned Whites (Catholic Christians here, where Ferneze = Farnese) will be even more explicitly identified as the cause of the Jew’s madness that will appear ever more comedic and futile. Big Jews don’t see it the way you do, or else this play wouldn’t be restaged endlessly. Big Jews see it the way Marlowe the shiksa lover intended it – as a sub rosa tribute to Jews to be deployed as needed.

  66. What a slip of the tongue that was, since I suspect but never intended to claim here that Marlowe was Jewish.

    Correction: Marlowe, supposedly a ‘gentile’ had a Jewish gal whispering in his ear all that time. And she just happened to have the maiden name Bassanio – like in Merchant of Venice.

  67. Your reply seems more than a bit jumbled. You conflated my remarks with your own, at the heading.

    Nonetheless, Barabas is a case study in )ewish character, scheming, duplicity, deceit and betrayal. A warning , for all future generatoins, from a man 5 centuries ago.

  68. radixjournal.com – 30 May 2018 – Andrew Joyce and Richard Spencer discuss their ambivalence about Tommy Robinson’s recent arrest for breaking contempt of court laws in Great Britain.
    https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/14923868/tommy_robinson.mp3 https://www.spreaker.com/user/altright/tommy-robinson

    Bah! That was terrible. Spencer’s delivery as a speaker grates and in this he maximised confusion, in contrast with the clear-thinking of Greg Johnson’s recent piece on “Tommy Robinson’s” arrest and jailing at Leeds.
    And why is Spencer asking “Andrew Joyce” about English law? He’s not a trial or criminal defence lawyer is he?

    Try this for the TFeed after scrutiny:

    Jim Fetzer – 31 May 2018 – Guest: Christopher Bollyn. – The Raw Deal


    https://radiofetzer.blogspot.com/ [not yet posted to that site]

    There is constant sniping about Bollyn’s being (likewise for Fetzer) but where’s the evidence for that in this piece?

  69. I’m now on my sixth post, on my blog, about Patrick Little and his run for the Californian Senate seat.

    He’s come out of nowhere with guns blazing, naming the jew, in a “in your face” manner. Naturally this sounds too good to be true, as he’s saying in public exactly what many of us say in private.

    His policy platform certainly has a few quirks that some may disagree with, like reparations to blacks from money currently given to Israel, but a from a pragmatic political point of view, his main message is on target to the hilt.

    Here are some transcripts, starting here:

    Patrick Little — Speaks After Getting Kicked Out of GOP Convention, April 5, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

  70. Those monkeys can have their reparations, but only on the condition that they agree to go back to Africa.

  71. Fred W. – Many of the great men of all ages were unequivocal antisemites, going back to the ancient world. Marlowe is not indispensable.


    It was a deliberate mash-up. I was amused that you don’t see Woody Allen as a monster!

    The antisemitism we can read into the play does not confirm genuine antisemitism on Marlowe’s part, or mean that we cannot read the play another way. Students of the play such as Eric Rothstein!, G.K. Hunter, Charles Nicholl, and Isabel Gortazar have all done so. It is ridiculous to insist that the play is unequivocally antisemitic when this has always been a debate.

  72. http://themarlowestudies.org/essay_Gortazar_Jews_Moors_.html

    I link to a study by Gortazar because she goes quite a ways to showing how Marlowe was not only not antisemitic, but made conspicuous efforts to make villains of the conventional, old-fashioned Whites of his day – i.e. Catholics, where Ferneze was very clearly a representation of Alessandro Farnese, a Catholic enemy of England at the time.

    A non-antisemitic reading is also more in tune with recently uncovered facts such as Marlowe’s Jewish lover being given a cryptic name-check / co-author’s credit as Bassanio.

    And it is a stunning fact that this chick, Emilia Lanier, née BASSANO, on the basis of a recent and novel reading of biblical and Roman texts (see CAESAR’S MESSIAH), subsequently emerged as a candidate for authorship of some part of Shakespeare’s works that show a similar understanding (see SHAKESPEARE’S SECRET MESSIAH) – as does Marlowe’s Jew of Malta!

    These two works posit a beginning for Christianity about 50 years later and six or seven Emperors over from traditional understanding.

    And so, inexplicably, does Marlowe!

    BARABAS. In spite of these swine-eating Christians,
    (Unchosen nation, never circumcis’d,
    Poor villains, such as were ne’er thought upon
    Till Titus and Vespasian conquer’d us,)
    Am I become as wealthy as I was (II, 3).

    Lanier / Marlowe / Shakespeare – who knows? – was undoubtedly aware of the true origins of Christianity. The writer sympathized with the Jews and enjoyed the process of reversing the many attacks explicit or coded in the Gospels targeting Jews and firing them back at Europeans in cryptic fashion.

  73. It’s a good honest play, showing their character in a forthright manner.
    What’s with this “anti- semite” stuff? He’s an author showing true character behavior. I don’t think he’s “anti- semitic”, he’s honest.

  74. Those monkeys can have their reparations, but only on the condition that they agree to go back to Africa.

    Yeah, but I want our money back, with compound interest for 250 years.

  75. “Old-fashioned Whites (Catholic Christians)…”

    I’ve remarked on it many a time, but it’s astounding, and highly indicative of the reason this race is failing, that there is still a large percentage of Europeoids who feels that following a Jewish religion, a rabbi risen from the grave, and a Jewish god-savior who created Chosen/Jewish mankind in His image, is somehow either pro-White or anti-Jewish. Or healthy, or mentally sound, etc.

    Again, I think that any potential physical salvation for this race has to mean permitting these sickened creatures to continue believing in their heroic rabbi savior, because they’re so heavily infected that there’s no ignoring it. And in a Jewish-free future, where the White traditions of reason and science, which Jews have always encouraged us not to believe–i.e., diversity studies majors–will kill off the last few believers in these horrible stifling Jewish universalist belief systems, so combating one of the older Jewish ruses now is not really the best use of our time or resources. Let the sick fools go to their graves wrapped in the Jew Jesus’ love if they’ve been taught to want that. So, if there is to be any salvation, it’ll have to be done by learning to encourage idiots that worshiping an all-powerful rabbi who is here to help everyone, including Europeoids, is acceptable or logical etc. And I can do that in real life. But if we’re going to be intelligent about this in any way, some of us need to remember how they used their awful Nicean lies on us, because if we don’t be watchful, Christ will package up the world’s goyim for another twentieth century, and we might not even have any residue left after that. We need to be careful to not fall into their ancient, highly effective trap of getting sentimental Europeoids to believe that the omnipotent Rabbi is good for them or will save them from the traveling merchants of death. Young people going on the internet now to figure out who’s starting all the wars and robbing all the economies shouldn’t be tricked into reading about how they can resist the Jews by worshiping one using a Jewish rubric for how to please him.

    And part of that is going to be to improve our temporal literacy. Despite what the Jews have been saying, the world, and humanity itself, is far, far older then the few thousand years the Jews have been claiming. Whites who were actually old-fashioned lived in genetically linked warrior bands who would’ve killed Christ and all his primitive Jew-followers way faster than the Romans. The murdering and slander of so many White “barbarians” who tried to keep the pedo Ashkenazi papists away from the children of Europe was a new-fashioned crime, alien to the Europeoid race but well known to the victims of Arabia who tasted similar medicine from the Jews in the years before they took their Torah on the road to Europe.

    A lot of psychological conditioning has been invested to get Europeoids to love the Risen Rabbi, but far more compelling for Whites needs to be the memory of how many thousands of real genetically-linked warrior bands were exterminated to set Europe up for what we’re seeing now. Calling Christianity “Old fashioned” is like saying ethnic diversity was one of America’s oldest and proudest traditions. (And many goys, even White goys, do that now. Our inability to remember the times before Christ, and before diversity, is a lot of what imprisons us in this awful Jewish paradise.)

  76. I see libtards as more gullible than Christians, even more anti- white. Christianity is dying at a rapid rate, but I don’t see racial salvation in that. The goofiest societies are among the least Christian, Sweeden, Netherlands.

  77. Fred, quite so–the transition from universalist Christianity to diversity has resulted in stupider behavior wherever it has happened fastest. Conservative Christians in many places are now getting it more than irreligious libtards. But we shouldn’t confuse that with the positive influence of Christianity. The difference is more akin to someone suffering from the early symptoms of a disease rather than the later ones. We shouldn’t take that difference to indicate that the disease, any part of it, promotes good health. Rather, what we now often call “liberalism” is the necessary end stage of what we called Christianity after the Jews’ goyim tools murdered all their pagan enemies.

  78. There are no Christians left in Europe, we moved on and I think that’s good – but that development coincided with Europe undergoing an invasion of unprecedented scope, so blah blah about Christianity here is just blah blah hobby horsing. It’s as pointless and untrue as those who say we need to return to Christianity to survive.

    It wasn’t Christianity, liberalism, universalism, pathological altruism, historical forces, materialism, socialism, capitalism, democracy, egalitarianism, nihilism, or any other complex of ideas that did *this* to us. It was Jews.

    Self interested people pursuing and enforcing policies own the world. They give Ideas such as these to the people, as scapegoats for their crimes, and endless, futile mental play and debate.

  79. OK, then just encompass all those doctrinal vulnerabilities under one concept, gullible goy.

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