It was “WAH WAH”. As in “BOO HOO”. A fitting reaction to a ridiculous sob story. Perhaps too measured, considering the chutzpathic aggression cloaking itself in crocodile tears. “How absolutely dare you!”, cries the absolute fraud.

This whole sick hoax culture is a jew construct. They swarm and screech in pain as they tell everybody else what to do for their benefit. When they’re not crying “nazi” they’re crying that somebody else is crying “nazi” too much. The kikeservative-in-chief is Hitler 2.0, and every day is holocaust day.



The Jewish Community Doesn’t Ignore Human Suffering:

I must cry out—where are our Jewish leaders now when we need action to stand up to this very present threat to humanity right inside our nation? Where are the kinder transport efforts of our day? Where is the moral outrage? The demonstrations? The marches on Washington? The busloads of attorneys going to the border to help? What can we do to coalesce and save these families in their time of crisis?

I never expected to have to be part of a rescue of people whose lives were so basically threatened. I assumed, naively, that this was all history to be absorbed, but not repeated. But now I am confronted with the reality that evil remains in our world and must be struck down.

As before, we as a community must join our outraged voices in a chorus that demands action—not just words. We can make a difference. We can – through our collective power – force change. We can and we must stand up to evil and lead the way to protecting those families on our borders.


Jews Should Disown Stephen Miller Over Trump’s Family Separation Disgrace:

“My nephew and I must both reflect long and hard on one awful truth. If in the early 20th century the USA had built a wall against poor desperate ignorant immigrants of a different religion, like the Glossers, all of us would have gone up the crematoria chimneys with the other six million kinsmen whom we can never know.”

Being a Jew is about respecting historical memory. It is about exercising responsibility to each other and, by extension, to others who require empathy and assistance. We are admonished to protect the stranger, to recognize that there is one law for residents and aliens alike, to treat others as we wish to be treated. This isn’t liberal or conservative, left wing or right. It’s foundational. These are values shared by Jews across the political spectrum, who may differ on their responses and policy proposals but still adhere to a basic respect for human dignity.



The havoc wrought by jewing isn’t funny. Mockery is just a simple and effective way to trigger jews and their tools into dropping the act and revealing their true nature.

30 thoughts on “WAH WAH”

  1. I wonder, if Europeoids had a media, would it even mention stuff like this? I can see Europeoids, without Jews, still sort of lamenting this kind of crap, maybe wistfully commenting on it, but in a whiny, inactionabe way. Jews know how to stoke that nonsense into actual policy change, as they did in ’65 in the U.S.

    Left on their own, I suspect Europeoids would still whine about this, but not evict the neighbors to move their movie characters in. Mix in some Jew, though, and you get the worst possible expression of the cruel Europeoids’ penchant for the “omnipotent giving” shows that they really aren’t powerful enough to fake forever. They WILL evict the neighbors to carry on the ruse. Jews are kind of like the unwanted friend to a neurotic who believes he can feed the world, always encouraging him to invite more people and then joining in the laughter when the feast isn’t big enough to feed everyone.

  2. One of the failures of conservatives, who tend to have conventional minds, is in taking jewish rhetorical assaults (whether it’s marxism, liberalism, feminism, or whatever) seriously, or in other words, assuming that jews behave in good faith. jews love drawing Whites into pointless verbal matches where they can confuse the issue, redefine terms, and change the debate at will until the White man is too tired to go on or has backtracked on his original stance. The only way to defeat uppity shithead jews is to strike first with mockery and shut them down at the outset, otherwise they’ll suck you into their word games.

  3. “Jewfaggotry” is the leitmotif of Jewry’s magnum opus, burrowing as it does, through space, time & goyim.

    This recurrent theme is the manipulation of goys into adopting beliefs & practices that are detrimental to their biological, reproductive, cultural, religious, legal, economic, & other forms of well-being & perpetuity.

    While the homosexual (“faggot”) may be the poster child for a biological dead end & a subverted group interest, jewfaggotisation is stimulated & propagated along many vectors, though the end goal is the same: to decrease the health, coherence & fecundity of goyim, thereby increasing their malleability & utility to Jewry, & increasing Jewry’s relative advantage & ability to achieve points of local dominance, according to the group’s strategy.

    Pointing the goys down so many dead ends (e.g. Nietzsche’s “inversion of values”, drugs & alcohol, sexual liberation – the list goes on & on), this is jewfaggotry.

    This process of faggotisation results in denatured, deracinated, disarmed, incoherent, gullible… faggots. These faggots make absolutely top-notch, Grade A, well-marbled soyim at the end of the day, ripe for farming, harvesting, golemisation or other employment as their broken families, groups & nations circle the drain of history.

    Guillaume Faye calls these faggots “enjuivé” – “jewed in the head”. That works too.

    Of course, jewfaggotry is a foul & underhanded process we must be at pains to detect & resist, though it is probably easier to avoid the Pathogen™ altogether.

    To quote the pozzed weasel at the top of this piece, “how dare you. how dare you. how absolutely dare you, sir.”

  4. Nice, thanks! The biological lens is as powerful as it is fundamental. But hey, I don’t recall parasitic castration making the final cut of the epic, creditworthy, & as far as I could tell, comprehensive 16-part series on jewish Crypsis. We may need to Kikestarter an Addendum at some point.

    Womp womp. :) o/

  5. When they’re not crying “muh holocaust” they’re crying that somebody else is crying “muh holocaust” too much.

    Jews clash as Shoah comparisons for Trump detention centers spiral:

    As critics of the Trump administration’s U.S. border policy invoke Holocaust-era imagery to express their horror at the practice of tearing parents and children apart, American Jews are fighting over whether such analogies should be off-limits.

    WAH WAH!

  6. How to generalize the jew narrative, but keep it jew-first too.

    Donald Trump is still setting up concentration camps on American soil:

    Auschwitz as a whole served as not just the end point of the Nazi abyss but also the bridge that marked the transition from the comprehensible horrors of prior camps to the unfathomable. We can see the growing parallels today in the blame that is cast on refugees and the expensive machinations that misallocate scarce resources and goad a fevered public into embracing authoritarian impulses.

    What the U.S. has been operating this week are not death camps – those existed in only one historical moment. But these new sites are concentration camps, and their insidious presence opens the door for worse versions, even if they never enter the same tragic universe as the Shoah. We do not need to believe we would arrive at the same endpoint in order to know that we should not set foot on that bridge.

    WAH WAH!

  7. It’s a sword and a shield. It’s amazing how many miles they’ve gotten out of it considering that their situation is extremely leveraged. It’s like their fiat currency.

  8. whenever the Jew

    bleats about “annuduh holocaust”

    it is disclosing it’s own intent re Whites.

    there is, of course, one substantial difference:

    (((they))) are actually doing it

    to us.

  9. “Yes, no, and both.” So true, so lol. It staggers the mind that people can watch them do their thing and not make the connection. It’s like holding up giant cardboard cutouts that show 2 and 2 and = and 4 and a hundred years later they still don’t get it. I remember having an antiwar discussion with a bunch of intelligent, well educated White people around 2003, and they used all their brilliance to conclude that the Federal Reserve Bank was trying to destroy the world, but then the ethnicity of the Fed since the beginning came up and it was like they’d been brainwashed, full stop, let’s talk about General Dynamics instead. As we said before, they’re due for a pushback, and Europeoids have their problems seeing things but many times in history they’ve sort of seen this. Even if we do it, though, I bet we don’t have the responsibility or the fortitude to eliminate the infection. Probably just kick the can down the road so the next generations can live it all again.

    It would be too early for us to assume there’d at least be a reduction in support to Israel, but for those of us who can keep our minds on multiple things, a potential strategy for use in a few years would be how to encourage people to not just be content with sanctions against Israel but how we need to be biologists and clean up the mess. There’s plenty of humor already, but what will be our reasonable arguments against converted liberal racists that we can’t just let them live there and then creep back in a hundred years later?

    Such arguments wouldn’t convince them, of course. It’s going to have to be a small group with big tech and big dreams, because in all these years, not one monarch has just been willing to order a purge.

  10. “Yes and no, and both”
    The first book I ever read about the Israel/Arab conflict had a preface about whether the Jews were a religion or ethnic group. The answer was yes and no and both, but it doesn’t really matter. And it said even asking the question is kind of dangerous because it leads to anti semitism. The conclusion was that it wasn’t important. After I read the book I was more confused then before. I didn’t understand anything at that time but the level of obfuscation really stuck out to me.

  11. This is really a pivotal time for us, if we care to take it. Them using israel to be honest versions of themselves against the nearby Arabs gives quite positive proof–in the sense of mountains of Arab baby corpses–that all the accusations since 0 A.D. were true. Now that we’ve seen what they do in power, every single angry hiss or “speculation” delivered toward a banker since antiquity is proven. They are embodied evil. We’re not just speculating now; we’re watching it happen right before out eyes, with video recording and weird White liberals bringing back pictures and film and interviews and old original Palestinian land deeds and thousand-year family histories and eyewitness testimony, and it was always true, but for the first time ever we can see them doing in geopolitics what they were before doing only in steamy basements with little White kids. Biologically speaking, this is huge–Israel’s cruelty has the power to expose them, a power that we haven’t had in centuries because they’ve never been willing to admit to controlling a nation-state.

    What they’ve done to us since they wrote the Torah is massively evil, of course, but they’ve always been able to hide it from the slow-witted by doing it subversively. This is such a huge biological opportunity to cleanse this planet now that they are raping powerless little Palestinian girls and doing their mass murdering in the open with their hand on the gun. The people who intelligently speculated were always right, but our percentages of dumbasses was too high to ever clean up. Now it’s so obvious that even the dumbasses can figure it out. We haven’t had an opportunity like this ever.

    (And yes, the initial genocides in 1948 didn’t do it, and perhaps this many decades later it’s simply too late. But considering it on the time scale of Jews’ infestation, this is still a huge opportunity. And cameras are better now, too. If there was film of the original Jewish terrorists and their British fag-tools kicking in Arab doors and gunning down the families, it could’ve gotten the American fag-tools to wake up and bring in justice. There are videos now of Israel targeting actual Palestinian toddlers, pre-emptively, This is such a huge opportunity. It’d be sad to see it go to waste.)

  12. The strategic blunder of ‘Trump-as-Hitler’:

    Apart from the historical ignorance in comparing the mechanized genocide of 6 million people with the temporary warehousing of children in detention facilities, going full-bore with accusations of Nazism is a grave strategic error on the part of those opposing the president.

    . . .

    Where do (((Democrats and their “Never Trump” conservative hangers-on))) go next, rhetorically, having spent their shot on the border issue? Anything less than full accusations of Nazism will seem tame by comparison. Now that Trump is “actually Hitler,” any compromise by Democrats will be viewed as kowtowing to fascism. Conversely, sticking with the Nazism line of attack cheapens its effect and, frankly, makes its proponents come off as a little more than unhinged, something perhaps already at play given that a Gallup poll has put Trump at his highest approval rating to date.

    The louder jewsmedia jews screech “Hitler/nazi/fascist” at an actual kikeservative-in-chief, the more obvious the problem is actually jewing.

  13. If Trump isn’t an Ashkenazi taking carefully limited actions to release steam without accomplishing anything (which is what his actions are effectively doing even IF he isn’t an Ashkenazi), it raises a lot of interesting questions about goy character. If anyone should have learned about Jews, either in life or in presidency, it’s Trump, and if he’s not a planted Ashkenazi, but just an idiot gentile, it makes you wonder if a majority of Europeoids can ever learn. If a gentile, Trump has had it rubbed in his face. Hitler comparisons, nasty accusations, clear implications that his group is worthless and that his membership in it is despicable…and yet, he clearly doesn’t get it. I love the idea that he is some ultra thinker who is laying the groundwork for our survival while not building a wall, filling America with indios, et cetera, and spending his entire family on the Tribe and surrounding himself with them and pretending to appease them and making his entire life about business with them, but I think that’s far too wishful a set of conclusions. If Trump WERE a goy, then his continued inability to understand the problem seems to indicate that almost all goys will, whatever they do, never get it.

    They’re already calling him “Hitler” with their megaphones and he can’t knock at least a few of them off his advisory councils? Americans are poor and hungry and in need of medical care, and he sends $200 million to Israel and invites more indios to use our emergency rooms free? That makes sense if he’s an Ashkenazi social op. but if he’s a gentile, it’s emblematically so stupid that it will never be possible to get a simple majority aware. You people who think he’s not an Ashkenazi live in a sad, sad world. Time to ask yourself again how Fred Drumpf got all those huge unsecured and laughably undersecured real estate loans in old New Yawk.

    (Side note, it would be so cool to get a real list of Sanhedrin authority to help us understand how and why some of those bigger transfers before the Israel Foundation War, let alone the present, were happening, and why the individuals history remembers had to defer/succeed. Even if we survive, though, they’d never let such records remain, of course. Bah.)

  14. “carefully limited actions to release steam without accomplishing anything”

    Trump says illegal immigrants should be deported with ‘no judges or court cases’

    But Trump’s frustration over the issue only grew. He has issued a drumbeat of criticism of the immigration system and Democrats in Congress, while using increasingly harsh terms such as “invasion” and “infestation” to describe illegal immigration.

    “Here, I think he is making it clear, he just doesn’t want anybody here. He wants people to just be sent back, no matter what,” said Jorge Baron, executive director for the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, who compared Sunday’s tweets with comments Trump was reported to have made in January about immigrants from “shithole” countries.

    The kikeservative-in-chief makes noises Whites want to hear. The jewsmedia screeches “nazi”. It’s on beyond theatre, starring an actor on beyond Reagan.

  15. If you know any of the species that we currently call homo sapiens, you know we need machine guns on that wall or they will keep coming. If Trump was just a dumbass, maybe he could be said to be trying to keep his “enemies” from going overboard, but since they’re already calling him Hitler and a child-attacker anyway, where are the machine guns on the giant wall? If he’s a gentile dumbass, he’s also weak and cowardly, whereas if he’s an Ashkenazi op, it makes total sense.

  16. Simon Sheppard apparently back in the UK Gulag, the judge having persevered with a case despite the complainant witness not turning up to court on one or more occasions.

    It will be noteworthy to see how many judges and magistrates start resigning / taking early retirement rather than enforce the increasingly hysterical anti-White diktats of the hijacked UK legislature. There’s growing nationalism in Europe and life might not be so comfortable in a few years’ time for those seen as havign been enthusiastic enforcers of the ancien regime.


    ADVISORY: likely to result in elevated blood pressure. Also – if anyone reading this has the ear of the compilers at Radio Aryan, please ask that they include the SOURCE webpage and DATE of first broadcast of podcasts and the like which they recirculate. Particularly the date – historical context is vital to understanding.

    A colorful place, archive.org –


  17. http://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/by-election-candidate-found-guilty-of-inciting-hate-with-hitler-blog-is-bailed/

    “As well as referring to Hitler as clever and brilliant, Fielding-Morriss also used her campaign website to liken immigrants and Jews to termites.”

    Newscast 2022:

    You have had plenty of time to cease and desist from enforcing anti-White genocidal measures imposed by the lately deposed illegitimate purported Government and you should not have left it until this morning to tell me you now want the services of a solicitor in this round of State Trials.

  18. I wonder what the numbers are on Whites regarding their survivability if things get hot. We know that, if a buncha Whites in the U.S. suddenly get considered an enemy country, they’ll have a small handful of Aussies and Brits join them, but the Jews would throw China at them. And the Chinese aren’t dumb or lazy like the rest of their troops would be. We’re smarter and fight better, but how low in the millions would we get before it’s just too few and there’s no hope? We’re more effective per individual, but that has limits. There are literally billions of them and even the biggest, toughest White dude I know couldn’t beat up ten little Chinese dudes at once. He’d eventually go down and get drummed apart, and leaving three or four corpses next to his one is a loss.

    If Trump keeps gradually Mexifying the U.S., whatever it is now will get even worse. Maybe we’re well past the tipping point already and the Jews are just using the Afromestizos to mop up here and in Europe. Sad to think the great last battle really ended up being Aryan v. Aryan in the Israel Foundation War. Will they try to pull some Slav v. Slav thing on Russia in the next 100 years, or will they try some kind of resurgent Siberian nationalism to make Mexico grow in the opposite direction. It’ll be hilarious if Putin is ever trying to let it be known that he’s eating enchiladas for Christmas dinner.

  19. Wow that literally is a thread where Jews try to frame our destruction as suicide and when nobody buys it they start flipping out. I have noticed more of that lately particularly at unz.com but here the Jew just got told straight off the bat the Jews are responsible and his hysterical response was entirely predictable.

    I never thought they pushed the actual suicide meme openly… but here it is

    Thanks ive taken several screenshots

  20. We U.S. Jews must find Latin Americans the refuge America once denied us

    As American Jews, we’re very familiar with the narratives of Jews who fled wartime Europe seeking sanctuary – and who often denied it by the United States itself. It’s time we listened to – and taught – the narratives of desperate Latin American migrants and refugees as well.

    WAH WAH!

    Argument by jew narrative. Tautological jewing. “We jews are justified to dictate what everyone else should think and do because we’re jews.”

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