Holocaust Day, Again and Again and Again


Under jew rule every day is holocaust day, but some days are more holocausty than others.

Seven decades after WWII, references to “holocaust” (and Hitler, and “nazi”) are more common than ever in the jewsmedia. Because jews – because it is the jewsmedia, because the current regime is so thoroughly jewed, because the jews won that war.

Jews lie, Whites die. This was true even before that war, but it is so much more obviously the case ever since. And the jews are increasingly willing and able to criminalize saying so.

The post-war regime’s indoctrination has been so pervasive for so long that even non-jews in the most powerful positions have internalized and mindlessly regurgitate the jew narrative. What that regime says about race and jews and supremacism and privilege is completely contradicted by who it permits to say what about whom, and how they behave when it’s said.

The result is a clown world, a pro-jew/anti-White bagel republic in which the government’s primary function is to combat “racism” and “anti-semitism”, which in effect means protecting the wealthy hyper-screechy jews at the tippity top from the White masses who literally worship an imaginary dead jew, and who voted for a lifelong shyster who, like jews, literally worships “the jewish people”. And of course the real danger in this situation, because it might be bad for the jews, is that at any moment any of these non-jews might suddenly start singling out and hating the jews for no good reason whatsoever!

It seems like only yesterday that Sean Spicer, the new kikeservative-in-chief’s spokesman, tried to justify an act of war against one of the jew state’s neighbors by moralizing in terms of Hitler and gas. Tellingly the jewsmedia echo chamber was scandalized not so much by the act of war as it was by their own absurd notion that, once again, devious White nationalists in the White House had tried to bring about annuda shoah by writing the jews out of their own weaponized narrative.

The scene jews made about Spicer’s Hitler comparison was characteristically schizophrenic. An unthinkable sacrilege, insisted the jews, and at the same time hilarious. How dare you think gassing has anything to do with Hitler! How dare you think of Hitler and NOT think of the jews! How dare anyone imagine jews aren’t Germans! Don’t you know that’s what Hitler did, which is the worst crime ever because the jews aren’t Germans! This “neo-nazi” thought he could invoke Hitler, lol, look how scared out of his mind this thug is now, lol. Oy vey, lol.

Well, time flies, and it’s already another official holocausty day. Again.

Trump Pledges ‘Never Again’ On Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, The Huffington Post, 24 April 2017:

U.S. President Donald Trump said anti-Semitism should be defeated and called the Holocaust the “darkest chapter of human history” in a video address on Sunday, following two missteps by his administration regarding statements about genocide during World War Two.

“The mind cannot fathom the pain, the horror and the loss. Six million Jews, two-thirds of the Jews in Europe, murdered by the Nazi genocide. They were murdered by an evil that words cannot describe, and that the human heart cannot bear,” Trump said in a speech to the World Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly in New York on Yom HaShoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“On Yom HaShoah, we look back at the darkest chapter of human history,” Trump added. “We mourn, we remember, we pray, and we pledge: ‘Never again.’”

“We must stamp out prejudice and anti-Semitism everywhere it is found. We must defeat terrorism, and we must not ignore the threats of a regime that talks openly of Israel’s destruction,” Trump said in an apparent reference to Iran.

How to fathom the pain and horror of a jew-first regime whose titular leader, the commander of the most powerful military on Earth, so openly and obediently parrots jew numerology like a braindead puppet? Words like kikeservative come in handy.

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  1. ‘When I won,’ Trump thought, ‘now I’ll get good press’ – The Washington Post:

    In these remarks, Trump once again displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the media, which is to act as a check on power. As Trump has become more powerful — winning the Republican presidential nomination, then the White House — media scrutiny has intensified. That is both logical and appropriate, yet Trump believes the reverse should have happened. He said he was surprised that the media did not reward his winning by easing up.

    The jewsmedia hasn’t scrutinized Trump’s relationships with Roy Cohn or Jeffrey Epstein or the broader Jew York City underworld because the jews have power. As the jews became more powerful their screeching about “racism” and “anti-semitism” has intensified. The jewsmedia amplifies jew power and screeching rather than scrutinizing them.

    Trump is doing the opposite of all the things the jewsmedia screeched loudest about. And still they screech. To the extent this surprises Trump or anyone else it is only because they misunderstand and underestimate the jews.

  2. Trump’s Fake War on the Fake News – POLITICO Magazine:

    The great secret of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is that Trump’s war on the media is a phony one, a reality show that keeps his supporters fired up and distracted while he woos the constituency that really matters to him: journalists.

    “He built his career by being media-friendly. The last 18 months have been something of an aberration in his approach,” said Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, a Trump confidant who has known the president for 20 years. “I’ve always said he’s just creating a negotiating position by calling the press the enemy of the people. I don’t think he believes that deep down.”

    Bannon, it is worth noting, is a devoted reader of the “neoreactionary” internet philosopher Curtis Yarvin, an advocate of the strategic benefits of spreading misinformation.

  3. This is good writing:

    Under jew rule every day is holocaust day, but some days are more holocausty than others.

    This is good writing:

    How to fathom the pain and horror of a jew-first regime whose titular leader, the commander of the most powerful military on Earth, so openly and obediently parrots jew numerology like a braindead puppet? Words like kikeservative come in handy.

    This is not good writing:

    …which in effect means protecting the wealthy hyper-screechy jews at the tippity top from the White masses who literally worship an imaginary dead jew…

    It sounds elitist for author to refer to reader as “masses.” Then author (in the very same sentence!) doubles down and paints his own anti-Christian beliefs on “masses”/reader.

    After you wrote this Zeiger went and made the same faux pas.

    Trump was, in the minds of the people, the last chance of electoral politics. His explicitly anti-establishment rhetoric gave the masses genuine hope.


  4. Come now Cora, you’re the one conflating “masses” with readers and projecting that conflation onto me. What disturbs you is the term “imaginary dead jew”. I disbelieve. The masses believe. My readers and Zeiger can speak for themselves.

    The reality is that the overt worship of “the jewish people” at the top is contradicted by the jewsmedia’s constant propaganda in favor of democracy and liberalism, and against tribalism and “racism”. These contradictions are disguised and thus enabled by another, especially pervasive among the masses, that jew is a religion, and that GOD/THE-SON-OF-GOD/MEXICAN-SYRIAN-REFUGEE-#1 was a member of “the jewish people” tribe-race.

    Christianity is not the only delusion of the masses, but it is the most relevant in this case, most pervasive and providing the most shade for all the overt kikeservativism at the top.

  5. I should say I didnt think your writing was bad… just using that claim to illustrate actual bad writing at link I provided…

  6. Masses is a horrible word to use in White identity circles when referring to Whites. It’s how politicians think of their constituents, who they quite often resent. It’s elitist. And tbh it’s not the first time I’ve seen shades of elitism in your writing, and Zeiger’s too.

    Normies don’t worship a dead jew because normies don’t know jew is a race. They think it’s just a religion that came before Christianity (in reality judaism came 400yrs after the jews killed Christ.) In their minds and hearts normie Christians are (correctly) worshiping a White man.

    Jew worship among the White middle class is nominal. It’s Whites at the top like Bill and Hillary and Hollywood whores who envy and worship what the devil can provide them.

    Christianity is anathema to jews. Even subverted watered-down judeo/Christianity is threatening to jews.

  7. @chris
    Rik Storey is a libertarian that’s butthurt at Seventh Son for correctly identifying libertarianism as jewish. lol

  8. I’m not equating masses with Whites, you are Cora. And while you’re sniffing out shades of elitism you might reconsider your use of “normie”.

    Your middle two paragraphs are essentially a restatement of the point I’m making, one difference being that what I call an imaginary dead jew you believe actually existed and was not a jew.

    Christianity entails cognitive dissonance. God is a man, a jew, and his own son. That cognitive dissonance isn’t removed by substituting White for jew.

    Christianity is anathema to jews. Even subverted watered-down judeo/Christianity is threatening to jews.

    The tenets shared by the bulk of Christians, White or otherwise, have historically enabled the jews rather than threatening them. The jew loathing for Christians is racial. The more meek and obsequieous the host, the more brazen and contemptuous the parasite.

  9. The racial and Christian worldviews are antithetical. The incompatibility cannot be reconciled by pretending that Christian means White, or that Christians are the new jews. Such attempts are part and parcel of the jew problem, not the solution to it.

  10. “Whites at the top like Bill and Hillary”

    Are you sure they’re WHITE? 100% White? 100% sure?

    Like the Bushes / Busches, Bill Gates – White or (((White)))?

    KMac, Pierce, et al. – can’t tell a Jew from a Kangaroo. Pierce actually thought BillG was White.

    Of course identifying is a picklock art and imperfect, absent DNA corroborration. And plenty of the plutocratic elite are just race traitors.

    But I tend to the Nossig view – that even a few drops of Jewish blood has a tendency to express its dominance. What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh. Maybe like psycopathy, it’s genetic but needs a life experience trigger or trauma for the genetic inheritance to express itself – circumcision perhaps…

    http://www.whiteswillwinparty.org/?p=3819 ‘FULLY Wake Up To Crypto-jews. Most if not all ‘bad elite Whites’ are Crypto-jews.’

    One thing about Jews: THEY HAVE NO BOUNDARIES. Let that sink in. Example in point (it just dropped into my lap right now):


  11. Holidays are meant to have religious, racial, or cultural relevance to the societies that celebrate them. jews invented fake holidays for the Holohoax, MLK, and various social justice BS to replace our authentic ones like Christmas, Yule, the solstices, and Easter.

    Notice how jews always release their holohoax movies around Christmas. Same for their Star Wars movies. The last two were both released before Christmas and the first teaser for this year’s movie was released on Good Friday. They’re replacing our holidays with their inane junk. It is a cultural assault.

  12. Tan, I don’t think calling people normie is elitist. Every racist was once a normie, with the exception of the ones lucky enough to be born to racist parents.

    The tenets shared by the bulk of Christians, White or otherwise, have historically enabled the jews rather than threatening them.

    These jews have only had significant power recently, starting in the 1960s and growing stronger every decade. Only the past 50yrs or so.

    White Christian men have had far more power and control than the jews have ever had and they held that power for thousands of yrs.

    The jews’ power is not going to last because:

    The most “basic norm” the jews sense is “under threat today” is their most fundamental fakery, their crypsis. They can’t do what they do under scrutiny. It is only the conflation of jews with Whites which enabled an increasingly jewed elite, increasingly hostile to Whites, to slither into power in the first place. And their perverse con is only becoming more obvious amid the now daily hysterical screeching that “neo-nazi” “White supremacist” “anti-semites” are in the White House.

    It was God’s will that Trump won, not because of some crappy wall or to stop “illegal” immigration, but to shine a light on these jews and their democracy scam and immigration scam and diversity scam. The only way for these jews to stay crypsis is to let Trump do what he promised during his campaign. They’re in a catch-22 that they wouldn’t be in had Hillary won.

    They’re giving up crypsis instead of giving a few inches to Whitey and it’s not going to work out well for them.

  13. KSA, Christmas is hardly even Christian anymore and yet these jews wring their hands and fret that December might get the goy acting all Christiany.

  14. Cora,

    These jews have only had significant power recently, starting in the 1960s and growing stronger every decade. Only the past 50yrs or so.

    White Christian men have had far more power and control than the jews have ever had and they held that power for thousands of yrs.

    Your assertion is at odds with history.

    Leese’s Our Jewish Aristocracy was published in 1936.

    Ford’s “The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem” was published almost 100 years ago. http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/2014/02/25/misconstruing-the-jews/

    Marr’s “The Victory of Judaism over Germanism: Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View” was published almost 140 years ago. He claimed the jews’ social and political rule over Germans was cemented at the start of the revolutions of 1848. http://thewhitenetwork-archive.com/2013/06/11/the-jewish-problem-and-anti-semitism-part-2/

    At about the same time, and directly to your point, the damp jew Disraeli crowed that “the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”. http://www.jrbooksonline.com/disraeli_quotes.htm

    The jew problem is an ancient problem. It predates Christianity.

    As Pierce once pointed out:

    Five hundred years [after the jews miraculously survived the destruction of Babylon], in the first century BC, the Greek writer Strabo commented: “The Jews have penetrated every country, so that it is difficult to find any place in the world where their tribe has not entered and become dominant.”

  15. Tan, I don’t disagree with anything you posted. But something very significant happened in the 60s that led to almost every White country being run according to the jew agenda. Western Civ could never have been built if Whites in power were slaves to jews like they are today.

  16. Jews Disgusted by TRUMP Speaking at Holocaust Remembrance

    Today, I watched Donald Trump speak at a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in the Capital Rotunda. My reaction was visceral and I could not control the surge of anger. It was as if I had just seen, at that very microphone, every Nazi who had ever beaten a Jew. I saw a sick piece of filth, trying to spin yet another con! I thought – ‘how dare he – how disingenuous.’ It was scripted and it was as sincere as a tree with its roots reaching for the sky!

  17. Under strict supersessionism White Christians would not view Jews as their divinely ordained masters; nor as such would White Christians feel obliged to breed with niggers just because the Jews told them to. There, problem solved.

    If you can’t get rid of Christianity – and you can’t! – you might as well make some lemonade with them thar lemons.

  18. Today was another holocausty day.

    President Trump FULL REMARKS on Holocaust Remembrance Day (C-SPAN) – YouTube

    Remarks by President Trump at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum National Days of Remembrance | whitehouse.gov:

    Yet, even today, there are those who want to forget the past. Worse still, there are even those filled with such hate, total hate, that they want to erase the Holocaust from history. Those who deny the Holocaust are an accomplice to this horrible evil. And we’ll never be silent — we just won’t — we will never, ever be silent in the face of evil again. (Applause.)

    Denying the Holocaust is only one of many forms of dangerous anti-Semitism that continues all around the world. We’ve seen anti-Semitism on university campuses, in the public square, and in threats against Jewish citizens. Even worse, it’s been on display in the most sinister manner when terrorists attack Jewish communities, or when aggressors threaten Israel with total and complete destruction.

    This is my pledge to you: We will confront anti-Semitism (Applause.) We will stamp out prejudice. We will condemn hatred. We will bear witness. And we will act. As President of the United States, I will always stand with the Jewish people — and I will always stand with our great friend and partner, the State of Israel.

    So today, we remember the 6 million Jewish men, women and children whose lives and dreams were stolen from this Earth.

    Trump will be the kikeservative-in-chief who finally criminalizes “hate speech” and “holocaust denial” in the US.

  19. Advice for Nazi Speakers on the Jews (August 1935)

    Quotes Disraeli on the significance of race and the unrecognized power and influence of jews. Quotes other jews regarding jew crypsis and specifically their ‘”German” jew’ fakery.

    Similar Jewish statements will appear later in this discussion. They all show that Jewry is a fanatic proponent of racial theory, and that it holds itself back on the matter only in such cases when it is to its advantage, or serves to help reach a goal.

    . . .

    To the outside, the Jew works anxiously to conceal the differences between him and his host people, to lull them to sleep so that he can continue his destructive activities undisturbed; he is a “German” like the other Germans.

  20. Israeli president Rivlin takes Le Pen to task: We face new form of Holocaust denial in Europe – Israel News – Haaretz.com

    “Denial of responsibility of the crimes committed in the days of the World War II is Holocaust denial of a new, more destructive and dangerous kind from that we have known until now,” said Rivlin. “Traditional Holocaust deniers belonged to the fringe on the left and right. They relied on pseudo-scientific studies does by pseudo-historians. That older generation of Holocaust deniers sought to attack the facts and solid findings on the scope of the Nazi mass destruction and its racist and anti-Semitic objectives. Their success was minimal.”

    “On the other hand, the Holocaust denial that’s springing up before our eyes strives for a more sophisticated and dangerous goal,” he said. “This is not a denial of the very existence of the Holocaust, but a denial of the distinction between a victim and a criminal. It’s denial that seeks to turn all of Europe, its national leaders and its organizing institutions, into victims. This is denial that seeks to nullify the political and moral responsibility that must be at the heart of Holocaust remembrance for all generations. Victimization is the most comprehensive and effective exemption certificate from responsibility.”

    The jew cries out in pain as he jewsplains how the weaponized “holocaust” narrative works.

  21. Another jew cries out in pain as he jewsplains how the weaponized “holocaust” narrative works.

    What Trump Still Doesn’t Understand About the Holocaust – The Atlantic

    He pledged, “We will stamp out prejudice. We will condemn hatred.” But beyond Jews, he didn’t mention a single specific group threatened by hatred or a single specific place where evil lurks. His references to the Holocaust’s Jewish meaning were lengthy and specific. His references to its universal meaning were brief and vague to the point of meaninglessness.

    . . .

    Instead, by talking almost exclusively about its meaning for Jews, he turned the occasion into an exercise in ethnic politics.

    . . .

    Sadly, there was no American Jewish figure able or willing to play that prophetic role at Trump’s speech. No one told him that if you deny refuge to the desperate, and slander vulnerable minorities for political gain, you have learned nothing from the Holocaust. No one told Trump that until he goes before a group of American Muslims, or a group of Latinos, and vows to protect their rights and dignity, his words to Jews are empty.

    Beinart is the jewsmedia’s most reliable source of toxic jewing, bar none.

  22. It’s ready for Merriam-Webster 2018
    describes jew propaganda that misleads in order to gain financially or politically using misinformation, hoaxes and guilt

  23. Seems Beinart is angry at the jew that wrote Trump’s memorial speech for not making it clear that every single non-white in the world hates Whitey not just jews.

  24. On Jews and the Holocaust, Trump signals that he finally gets it | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    In a barrage of statements this week from the president and his aides, the Trump administration wants you to know, he gets it, he really gets it: The Holocaust describes a genocide committed only against one people, the Jews.

    . . .

    Tensions between Trump and the wider Jewish community will not likely disappear anytime soon. A key lesson of the Holocaust for many Jews – one Dermer mentioned – is that they should keep their eyes wide open for any likelihood of genocide against any people. Other presidents marking Holocaust remembrance have noted contemporary threats; Trump spoke only vaguely of “stamping out prejudice.”

    On Trump and the “holocaust” narrative, the echo chamber echoes. Two jews, three opinions about how jewing benefits everyone.

  25. World Jewish Congress calls for clampdown on cyberhate:

    The World Jewish Congress (WJC) Plenary Assembly passed several resolutions Tuesday dealing with major issues facing the Jewish world, including anti-Semitism, extremist political parties, the Middle East peace process, and combating hatred on the internet. The WJC’s supreme governing body met in the United States for the first time in the organization’s 80-year history.

    Organized jewry lays out the kikeservative-in-chief’s marching orders.

  26. Anyone know? – was it just a line from one of our guys or is it actually a fact that the holo is the second most frequently discussed feature in the NYT after the weather?

    In either case it’s hilarious, and just the fact that you rub your chin thinking it might be true – staggering!

  27. The danger of Spicer’s casual anti-Semitism | TheHill:

    Many think of anti-Semitism and other forms of racism as a worldview that one deliberately embraces or rejects. But it’s perhaps more useful to think of it as a creeping, infectious disease that spreads easily to people who are not particularly self-reflective or principled, and who understand its usefulness to their own advancement in a given context.

    But, all this is precisely what happens in an administration that proudly pairs contempt for knowledge and expertise with unapologetic racism, xenophobia, and misogyny.

    *unapologetic jewing intensifies*

  28. What I find interesting is that despite Trump’s constant ass kissing of the Jews, the media continues to target and attack him each and every day. We all know the Jews run the media but no matter how much Jewish ass kissing he does they don’t care. With that being said I don’t think Trump is fundamentally for the whites. He used the whites to get elected. And what did he do once he was elected? He filled his staff with tons of Jews. I think he is at a loss of what to do.

  29. Why the world needs open borders more than ever – Opinion – Israel News | Haaretz.com:

    Factually, what saved Jews from the Nazis’ talons was the possibility of escaping to other countries that provided them with a haven in different ways, whether it was the Soviet Union, China, the United States or Mandatory Palestine. At the more fundamental level, then, what could have saved more Jews during the Holocaust was not the IDF but more open borders.

    This is the key point: If there is a simple practical lesson to be learned from the Holocaust, it’s the need for open borders. It’s a lesson that is acutely relevant today, as the world once more fills up with millions of refugees who had the bad luck to be born in countries that fell into the hands of murderous regimes or that suffer from repeated political upheavals.

    On a practical level, Israelis should have an interest in ensuring refugee rights. Even with the IDF and with the Dimona reactor, we too are in quite real danger of becoming refugees, not least because the Middle East is one of the regions that is most prone to calamitous climate change, although there are other reasons as well. Within a decade or two there will be far more people in our region, and they will be fighting over far less water.

    As inhabitants of a region that is drying up rapidly, it behooves us to struggle for freedom of movement to Europe and the United States. In the future we might need it.

    The key point of the “holocaust” narrative: Hosts cannot have borders because that’s not good for the parasite.

  30. Over 6 million European Jews were slaughtered during the Holocaust. What could have stopped the genocide?

    Of cource the jews were screeching like this for decades prior to WWII, often literally claiming “six million”. And before that they were screeching about the supposed slaughter of jews in Spain, in Rome, in Egypt, in Babylon, etc.

    All the supposed jew slaughterers are gone, and only the jews remain, screeching about their supposed slaughter.

    What could have stopped this? Hmmmmm.

  31. An especially holocausty day for the kikeservative-in-chief.


    1:30 P.M. Trump says words cannot describe depths of Holocaust’s evil

    Trump said “words cannot describe the bottomless depths of evil of the Holocaust,” adding that it’s humanity’s solemn duty to mourn and grieve every life lost during the Holocaust.

    Trump quoted Elie Wiesel saying “for the dead and living, we must bear witness,” stressing the need to forever remember the crimes of the Holocaust to prevent “such agony from ever repeating.”

    Trump called the State of Israel a monument to the pledge of “never again,” stressing that barbarity can only be defeated if humanity refuses to be silent in the face of evil.

    1:12 P.M. Donald Trump at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial’s Hall of Remembrance for brief ceremony

    Trump lays a wreath at the Hall of Remembrance in a brief ceremony before signing the memorial’s guestbook.

  32. More complete quotes. The kikeservative-in-chief performed like a trained dog.

    WATCH: At Yad Vashem, Trump says Holocaust ‘the most savage crime against God’ | The Times of Israel

    Speaking at the site’s Hall of Remembrance, Trump said, “We are here at Yad Vashem to honor the memory of six million Jews who were sent to their deaths. Words can never describe the bottomless depth of that evil.”

    He referred to the genocide as history’s darkest hour, and said “millions of beautiful lives” were taken.

    The Holocaust, Trump said, was “the most savage crime against God and His children and it is our solemn duty to mourn every life that was so viciously taken.”

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