Posis1959 commented on a recent interview on TFeed:

@24m27s has Steve Jones gone Lamarckian?

“…that’s because we have this new means of transmitting information, not through sperm and egg, but through words. And once that happens, the need, in inverted commas, to evolve goes almost away. [… ‘speech and language have interfered with natural selection’…] the more you learn about genetics, the less you feel it tells you about what it means to be human…”

. . .

Also, there seems to be some nod to the ‘ideas’ apparently propagated in cult book ‘The Language Crystal’ by “Lawrence Lyons”…

The observation is that memes trump genes. This unique aspect of hominins, the communication of ideas, only complements the more general understanding of the evolutionary process rather than contradicting it.

I took Jones as trying to be semitically correct, minimizing the import of hominin genes, which is the norm for contemporary biologists. He did so in other subtle ways, for example by referring to epigenetics, which has been hyped for similar reasons.

Jones’ point was that language is in effect the oldest form of epigenetics, that ideas trasmitted via words serve as a mechanism of unconscious meta-genetic adaptation. But he spoke of it in universalist terms, accepting and promoting the one-race-the-migrating-mixing-nigger-race narrative of jewed anthropology, thus indirectly demonstrating the effect of the mechanism in the course of trying to explain it’s import.

I gather that The Language Crystal gets at this deeper point. Language can also be seen as the oldest form of genetic engineering, in that it has served as a mechanism of conscious adapation. This is especially relevant with regard to race, specifically because the jews have for millennia used language to manipulate non-jews, jew-a-forming the shit out of the hominin gene pool.

Serendipitously, the next audio in TFeed was Oliver on the Jewish Plague: The Summing Up, which provides an overview of the jew problem, and to the point here, the nature of the interplay of memes and genes:

Our race, the White race, evolved in the harsh environment — the forests, plains, mountains, and wide-open spaces — of Europe and environs over long ages, including centuries of intense cold in which intelligent planning was absolutely necessary to survive the winter. In the last few dozen thousands of years, we evolved in relatively fixed dwelling places that eventually came be called “countries,” attached to particular pieces of land, on a continent of very low population density in which the main enemies were the elements and other warlike tribes. High abstract intelligence and high-trust societies were prominent among the biological, evolutionary results. The primary skills of conflict were the martial virtues: One’s enemies were warring tribes who attacked openly, sword in hand.

The Jews, on the other hand, are a largely Semitic and largely nomadic hybrid race of much more recent appearance that emerged in the relatively heavily populated, multiracial, multicultural, and polyglot Middle East, where the climate was much milder and the main problem — for the Jews, at least — was surviving and prospering as a small, stateless group in territories ruled by others. High verbal intelligence and a concealed dual moral code — one for dealing with fellow Jews, another for dealing with the non-Jews in whose societies they lived — were the prominent biological, evolutionary results. Their primary skills of conflict were negotiation, diplomacy, pretense, duplicity, mimicry, and “reading” the psychology of their enemies — who were very seldom sword-wielding invading armies, but rather were the omnipresent non-Jewish peasants and warriors and priests and tradesmen and rulers among whom they lived — and off of whom they fed.

The European race evolved into a mode of life that involved living off the land, as did many other races and peoples. The Jews, on the other hand, evolved into a mode of life that involved living off those who lived off the land.

There is a name for the relationship between Jews and people like us. That name is parasitism. . . .

The parasite analogy fits. The jews use moralizing and narrative as well as pheromones and fangs. This complements the general understanding of parasitism rather than contradicting it. There are multiple species of hominin. Though the species called jews have worked hard and obviously benefited by encouraging the mistaken belief otherwise, all you have to do is listen to them when they’re screeching to see they don’t actually believe it.

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  1. “Journalism is a tactic, not a profession”
    Trump’s fake news meme may, unwittingly, be his biggest contribution to white survival.
    Did you ever really think that your countries media was as fake and brazen as that of soviet Russia. Most people there knew the reports of bumper harvests and industrial superiority were BS. How many Americans suspect the extent of the landscape of lies, which surround them. There are likely more US people employed today in the creation and maintenance of public myths than work for the National Park Service.
    Living breathing lies are curated, repaired and defended like precious redwoods. As a New Yorker you’ve smelt one of the biggest them but, thanks to the successful skunking operation, moved sharply along

  2. The jewsmedia started the screeching about “fake news”, by which they actually meant, “the goyim are knowing, without our moderation, shut it down”. Trump only turned it around, jew-style, to help himself. He’s a tool of the jews. The jews, especially the ones screeching that he’s a “neo-nazi/White supremacist”, not only know that he’s a jew tool, but manipulate him exactly by screeching that way.

    Trump could help Whites by calling out the anti-White jewsmedia explicitly as such. Instead he has decided to explicitly condemn “White supremacy” and “anti-semitism”, as his masters have instructed him. This isn’t hidden behind lies. It is announced in official public proclamations. Yet Whites still refuse to see it. Pro-White Trump fans are reduced to arguing that he might help Whites accidentally. They’re deluded.

    As a New Yorker you’ve smelt one of the biggest them but, thanks to the successful skunking operation, moved sharply along

    Christianity is the older, bigger skunking, “reverend”.

  3. Trump is a bull in in a china shop. It is not important whether he has a ring in his nose. The MSM hegemony is rickety and unbalanced. You have outlined many of the causes of its instability. His attacks on it may trigger a collapse. Christianity didn’t have any problems in times past dealing with problem in 109 countries, It like other parts of society has been hit with a gondii type parasite attack.

  4. In listening to ADV (though I do as well) and lately, especially, R. Oliver, it is apparent Tanstaafl that you are pushed/persuaded ever more to a hostile mind vis a vis Christianity. And I fully understand the “easiness” of this as the “Church,” almost without exception, has degenerated into, to one degree or another, an anti-White organism. I, personally, have left the “organized” (typical) Evangelical Church and conduct a “service” at home. Oliver, for all of his “classicism” expertise, waxes absurdly on Christian origins and developments. Use your otherwise honest, objective eye in this matter. I will give a brutally brief account of this development:

    God chose a man and a people to be the physical/human “source” of the One Who should come into the world and provide Salvation for mankind (a portion, those of Faith in the Redeemer). That original “Race” endured for a time to fulfill its purpose. It was rejected as (remarkably!) WRITTEN OF IN THE OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES *THEMSELVES*. The Gentiles (specifically, ARYANS/EUROPEANS) were “chosen” IN PLACE OF…that small Semitic people. The New Testament is a startingly “anti-Semitic” Revelation and…astonishingly and even obviously, so is the OLD TESTAMENT…as a whole. And it has only been in the LAST 50 YEARS that the historic (I am a Protestant but this is true of RC and EO as well) Church has fallen to the “Judaizing Effect.” Which is true of EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL ORGAN/ORGANIZATION OF THE WEST. My point – the problem is not with the Faith – it NEVER HAS BEEN…but with THE FOLK. They have been betrayed by their “hierarchy” for a hundred years…for MONEY…who then lied, coerced, propagandized and gas-lit them into mind-slavery. Which is precisely where we are today.

    So let me say, Tanstaafl, that honesty, balance, and objectivity (as opposed to sentiment and emotion, i, e., rage) should prevail with all of us who ultimately want TRUTH…as opposed to the ongoing LIE which is the West…today.

  5. Christianity didn’t have any problems in times past dealing with problem in 109 countries, It like other parts of society has been hit with a gondii type parasite attack.

    Christianity had more to do with enabling jew infiltration and manipulation in the first place. The jew explusion/pogrom/oppression narrative describes the exception, and it wildly exaggerates the harm to jews, specifically to distract from the much greater harm they caused their jew-lie-befuddled hosts. To the extent Christianity played a role in the occasional allergic reaction, it was to blur and blunt healthy biological instincts, not enhance them.

    You need only examine contemporary examples of supposed outbreaks of “anti-semitism” to see how jew hoax culture stretches back to that infamous screech they call Exodus. This hoax culture, this jew victimology, has been promoted by Christianity since the beginning.

    It’s true that jew parasitism pre-dates Christianity, which merely enhanced jew virulence. But your attitude – that Christianity helps resist jewing, rather than being part of jewing – is an example of the confusion which jew exaggeration and lies have encouraged and taken advantage of. Luther’s book, written 500 years ago, is a better example. It demonstrates that Christianity was befuddling European minds and enabling jews long before more glaring symptoms developed.

  6. Harry, your understanding of race is based on jew fairy tales. Like Luther’s. Oliver, in contrast, confronted the reality not only of jews and their jewing, but of Christianity as well, and understood these things in terms of race.

    To be a Christian is to accept jew lies, to preach it is to actively promote them. There is nothing that better represents the failure of the White man to confront the reality of the jew than Christianity. Apologists inspire rage because they confirm these truths even as they seek to argue against them.

  7. The Church did a good job on our respective islands of origin. Eastern European Jews got a foothold in Ireland in the latter half of the 19th century. The population reached 5000 at independence in 1921 but was ground down to unviability by strict religious rules on marriage. Usury was also opposed successfully as the state didn’t support their exactions in court or with the police. Theatre and media were patrolled successfully. They did well in business and entered the professions and politics but ultimately gave up when they couldn’t find marriage partners here and married out. The more determined ones self deported. Little Jerusalem in Dublin is gone for 40years.(US corporations here have caused a nominal increase in the last census but there is no community effect). Atomistic resistance is useless. A religion based commonality, as previously obtained provides the only means of pushback.

  8. You’re missing my point, which is that Christianity has historically engendered tolerance of jewing rather than resistance to it.

    when they couldn’t find marriage partners here and married out

    Enabled by “conversion” to Christianity, a charade jews didn’t even have to race-mix to carry off. In either case, the thumbs up from jew fairy tales was enough to override racial instincts to the contrary. This was also the case during the based reconquista and inquisition. And since the beginning, when it was jews inviting the goyim to “convert”. The result has always been to internalize and more deeply disguise jewing and its harm, to help jews continue jewing by other means, rather than to counter it.

    Atomistic resistance is useless. A religion based commonality, as previously obtained provides the only means of pushback.

    I’m not arguing in favor of atomism. You’re arguing in favor of Christianity. I’m arguing Christianity displaces natural race-based commonality, reducing resistance to jewing.

  9. I think you may be missing my point. In Ireland a strong Christianity in symphony with the state easily contained and defused the jewish threat. They dissolved. The younger ones saw the writing on the wall and let their parents law firms etc fall into goyish hands. Thirty years ago, out of approx. 500 adult jewish males three had seats in our 160 seat parliament. One in each of the three main parties! A couple of others were High Court judges. All are gone. Their kids are in London, NY or Israel.
    Absent a resurgent strong religion whites will not bind together sufficiently to defend themselves and their society. The herd won’t be motivated by reason alone.
    You didn’t touch on my media comment in the first post. You have riffed on many media promoted terror events over the years. If journalism is a tactic can any of these be reliably accepted as real?

  10. All are gone.

    No, unfortunately they aren’t. But this is precisely the kind of blindness Christianity encourages.

    You didn’t touch on my media comment in the first post. You have riffed on many media promoted terror events over the years. If journalism is a tactic can any of these be reliably accepted as real?

    My approach to jewsmedia-promoted terror events has been to highlight the anti-White nature of the jewsmedia, to highlight that it is in fact the jewsmedia. Your point is to insinuate that I put the kind of misplaced trust in the jewsmedia narrative that you actually put in Trump and Christianity.

  11. Leo, their kids are in London, NY and Israel, running England, the US, Israel and Ireland.


    As Jews spread out from the Middle East they went into Christian Europe or pagan Africa or Asia proper. The numbers show they made easier colonization of Christian Europe and festered more here. This is a problem for those who say Christianity is a defense against Jews, unless they appeal to an alternative explanation of a particularly ‘White’ weakness. But then how can that be squared with Whites dominating Africans and Asians where Jews relatively failed? Christianity is the only explanatory factor absent new data.

    It should never be gifted to Christian Europe that they expelled Jews from a particular town or county or country on a particular day in a particular year – when the vast majority of days and years and even decades in the historic calendar show no such actions against Jews. These were statistical high anomalies when Christian Europeans finally acted against the Jewish interlopers suggesting a problem with Christian Europe.

    But the ideas-complex that comes after Christianity might be even worse, now that it can be downloaded into our soft tissue, so I don’t rejoice at the end of Christianity.

  12. I referred to Trump as a bull in a China shop who might damage the fragile contents, an unwitting change agent; this is hardly “putting trust in him”. Buddhist commonality seems to be working fine in Burma as Catholic commonality did in Ireland. All gone=jews gone from parliament and Courts, sons not involved. You definitely take for granted the basic truthfulness of the reporting of frankly ridiculous events such as 9/11 and Dylann Roof.

  13. You definitely take for granted the basic truthfulness of the reporting of frankly ridiculous events such as 9/11 and Dylann Roof.

    The everything-I-don’t-like-is-staged attitude is literally delusional. It doesn’t appeal to me any more than Trumpism or Christianity. The basic truth is that the jewsmedia is anti-White, and that Trump and Christianity serve the jews. I don’t care if you disagree.

  14. Can the leopard change his spots?
    Jared Taylor at Erkenbrand Conference @49m

    Whole item:

    Battle of Ideas conference @London Barbican ~28 Oct 2017 discussing PC and free expression. No mention by interviewee of the issues that count including:

    – undemocratic mass immigration into European countries by racial strangers.
    – falsified indebtedness of the national debt (among other vices) accruing from the interest-bearing debt money scam.
    – genocidal anti-White-indigenous policies and actions of UK State and its agents e.g. not protecting children from massive number of concerted, racially targeted sexual assaults; demoralisation of indigenous Whites via skewed advertising.
    – preposterous over-representation of Jewish influence notably at ‘B’BC. Watch BBC News at Ten and try and identify a reporter, special correspondent etc who is not Jewish.

  15. What is it that explains Christianity’s lasting appeal? In a world that too often metes out unmitigated cruelty I dare say a force which trumpets love, kindness and forbearance as the highest values gives much balm to many an unbearable wound. And moreover, not only are these the highest values, as Christianity would have it, but the eternal values. These good things shall never be sundered from the believer, at least as they believe.

  16. If Christianity’s appeal worked as you describe, and were truly lasting, it would be doing a better job of appealing to Whites today. But the opposite is happening.

    I think Christianity appealed to the must-belong-to-something-bigger-than-self part of our psyche, displacing tribe originally, and has itself been displaced by other identities in the past few centuries, especially in the last few decades, with anything BUT nation/race/ethny being the only semitically correct options for Whites. It still has some appeal to non-Whites, who see it in a cargo cult sense as a way of “converting” to White.

  17. Clown Genius

    Loud, arrogant, brazen liar, self-absorbed, never apologizes, viciously counter-attacks…much of the criticism aimed at Trump has to do with him behaving like a kike, though his critics never explicitly notice this. Adams’ criticism, for example, is that Trump is a master negotiator and psychological manipulator.

  18. “see it in a cargo cult sense”

    That seems to apply to many Whites, as well, in the Prosperity Doctrine.

  19. “Loud, arrogant, brazen liar, self-absorbed, never apologizes, viciously counter-attacks”

    Sounds like the quintessential Manhattanite.

  20. The embrace of rabbi-worship is interesting, now as then. It foreshadows modernity as well as specifically stating it–while the goy-marketed Talmud says that everyone has a soul that is valuable to God, the more subtle message–that God created the Jew Adam and the Jew Jesus as His divine and/or self-imaged Chosen offspring–is clearly designed to instill Jew-worship, even subconsciously in those who otherwise fall for the tempered “you’re fired!” screeds in the product itself.

    I’m not sure that that’s an infection that can be surpassed, though. As a “cynic,” I think Yahweh has long won this round, but if you’re not cynical, there must be some hypothetical way to allow the rabbi-worshipers to be useful, while continuing to be proud of their understanding that Jews come back to life to tell us how to live. A victory would free future generations from rabbi-worship even if their parents retained the infection. Without the vast media pushing it, the tax breaks, the faux-education system, et cetera, the rabbi-worship would collapse, just like today’s out-of-Africa or by-your-own-bootstraps religions. I’m personally offended by Yahweh, but if He’s to be beaten, I see no lasting harm in letting the last generation or two of fools believe they’re defeating the rabbi by worshiping the rabbi (sic).

    Being willing to employ imperfect tools has been their strength, while our dignity, perhaps meritorious in some intangible way, has proven amazingly ineffective. Let the Christians have their rabbi for a little longer.

  21. Thanks for your post Tanstaafl. Your one of my favs to read. Did you happen to see the cruiser dash cam footage of a Ulster County (NY) Legislator Jennifer Schwartz being pulled over for speeding? She puts on a seminar of jewing techniques. You might enjoy the show. Perhaps it will inspire a new post or podcast.

    ps – would love to see you on Gab.

  22. Catholic tolerance of the Jewis is relatively recent. Until Vatican II happened in which Jews infiltrated the Catholic church and successfully got the church to change its view on them, the Catholic church was one of the biggest bulwarks against them. The reason you see all this ass kissing today by the Catholics is because of Vatican II. Read this:

    There are tons of other articles about this all over the web. The Jewish born priests successfully infiltrated the Catholic church and made change from the inside out. Religion can be used to keep them from making changes but thats providing people stick to it.

    Remember it was the Catholic Decency League which used to keep the filth, pornography and miscegenation out of movies. Once the league collapsed witness what you have now.

    In the case of Protestants particularly in the US, they were never that hostile to them particularly in the northeast of the US. They were to a degree but not like the Catholics.

    The reality is that both the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations opened up the door to them in the US and allowed them into the government on huge levels. This was unheard of prior to this. In other words the WASP’s sold out to them. Never forget it.

  23. Nigel Farage just caused a bit of a stir by pointing out the obvious:

    “There are about six million Jewish people living in America, so as a percentage it’s quite small, but in terms of influence it’s quite big..There are other very powerful foreign lobbies in the United States of America and the Jewish lobby with its link to the Israeli government is one of those strong voices…They have a voice within American politics, as indeed do the Hindu groups and many other groups in America. But I don’t think anybody is suggesting that the Israeli government tried to affect the result of the American elections,”

    This seems pretty big in terms of a prominent Western politician saying it.

  24. Catholic tolerance of the Jewis is relatively recent. Until Vatican II happened in which Jews infiltrated the Catholic church and successfully got the church to change its view on them, the Catholic church was one of the biggest bulwarks against them. The reason you see all this ass kissing today by the Catholics is because of Vatican II.

    This is the Christian apologist’s version of the jew lie. The bulwark-against-the-jews narrative is the flip-side of the jew oppression narrative which paints Christianity as the backbone of historic “anti-semitism”. In reality, even after the jews defined and then handed Christianity off to non-jews, the long-term pattern of Christian canon has been to privilege and protect the jews, to explicitly impose tolerance for the jews by law.

    The first bull was issued in about 1120 by Calixtus II and was intended to protect Jews. It was prompted by the First Crusade, during which over five thousand Jews were slaughtered in Europe. The words sicut Judaeis (“and thus to the Jews”) were first used by Pope Gregory I (590-604) in a letter addressed to the Bishop of Naples. Even then the Pope emphasized that Jews were entitled to “enjoy their lawful liberty.”[1]

    The bull was reaffirmed by many popes including Alexander III, Celestine III (1191-1198), Innocent III (1199), Honorius III (1216), Gregory IX (1235), Innocent IV (1246), Alexander IV (1255), Urban IV (1262), Gregory X (1272 & 1274), Nicholas III, Martin IV (1281), Honorius IV (1285-1287), Nicholas IV (1288-92), Clement VI (1348), Urban V (1365), Boniface IX (1389), Martin V (1422), and Nicholas V (1447).[2][3]

    The bull forbade Christians, on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries.

    There are two important implications of this historic pattern.

    First, resistance to the jews and their jewing was widespread and long-term. It originated from beneath and outside Christian leadership, which thus was compelled to make official proclamations to counter and suppress this natural, popular resistance.

    Second, to the extent Christian doctrine permitted the jews to operate either overtly as jews or cryptically as “converts” it effectively served as a license to jew. Among other things this enabled jews to influence Christian doctrine to the point that, ala Conquest’s Laws, it now effectively promotes jewing.

  25. One has to marvel at the mental gymnastics engaged in by today’s Aryan, and by his pseudo-victorious predecessors of the past couple thousand years. Christianity is a religion founded by Jews for Gentiles, with the express purpose of worshiping a Jewish god personified in a Jewish man, yet many Aryans are willing to claim it is the locus of resistance to Jews. Two plus two is five, as the saying goes.

  26. Thanks RHC, that video is an excellent exposition of chutzpathic behavior. The basic shtick is deliberately flipping back and forth between hysteria and lawyering. In this case it’s an astounding amount of emotionally and psychologically manipulative effort, shamelessly expended just to avoid a traffic ticket. In the longer-term collective context this noose-or-loose gambit plays out as gas-or-jew (where the gas, like the noose, is real in their minds). The jews themselves create the dilemma they screech about, insisting that they’re being “singled out” for oppression while demanding special deference.

    Here’s what this professional jew gets up to on the job: Resolution condemning hate speech to be voted on by Ulster County Legislature.

  27. yet many Aryans are willing to claim it is the locus of resistance to Jews

    Likewise the (((British empire))), which is frequently cited even by people who should know better (eg. Yockey, Pierce) as evidence of White dominance. My suspicion is that much of what passes for Western imperialism, which would include Christendom, is actually a symptom of jew parasitism, specifically a form of parasitic gigantism.

  28. Imagine the USSR lasted over 2000 years and became increasingly ‘antisemitic’ like it supposedly was in the post-Lenin era. Then imagine Aryans looking back and saying that communism was a great bulwark against jewish influence and power. Based Stalin was the savior of our race who drove out the jewish internationalists and kulaks. This is basically the Christian argument on this matter. It’s delusional.

  29. “Catholic tolerance of the Jewis is relatively recent. ”

    Jews were allowed to conduct suffocating usury for 15 centuries, while Christians weren’t allowed to charge even modest interest. This effectively cut out Christian competition so the Jews could charge sky high rates, allowing them to confiscate the wealth of nation’s. ( This lead to nation wide riots, especially in Spain and Portugal in the 14th and 15th centuries )

    The Catholic Church effectively gave Jews an infinite cornucopia, a path to unlimited power.

  30. You might look at the Eastern Roman empire which outlasted its western counterpart by 1000 years and in which the Christian church in symphony with government, took successful measures to protect against jewish influence.

  31. Tanstaafl and Fred W.

    You are right and I was wrong (not just saying that). I never thought about it the way you said and you both know the history far better than I. I am beginning to realize that everything that is taught is distorted by the lies.

    I remember when I was in Catholic school growing up they stuffed the Jewish traditions down our throats. This was in the 70-80s.

    I am still learning – I have only come to the realization in the last year that WW2 was really about the Jews. It was not about the Nazis (a Jewish invented term I might add) – it was about the Jews. The Jews convinced whited people to slaughter each other on their behalf all with the govmt encouraging them to do it.

  32. Tan, I take it you do realize that exterminating the Jews would entail the murder of millions of children – an unconscionably heinous crime.

    And what of half and quarter Jews? Should they be killed as well? Why stop with the full-blooded ones? In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

    Remember, if God is dead, then all is permitted.

  33. “Remember, if God is dead, then all is permitted.”

    That’s a theologians ploy. Nature and reason can reveal more complete and structured ethics than any ‘revealed’ religion.

  34. Why ‘Judeo-Christian values’ are a dog-whistle myth peddled by the far right:

    Time and again, when Farage and Trump use the term, what they really imply is an “us-versus-them” division between the West and Islam. This is not about the inclusion of Jews in the values of these nations, then, but about the xenophobic exclusion of an “other”.

    Invoked in anti-immigration rhetoric with the goal of excluding Muslims, this phrase is actually used to scaffold a false narrative about Christians being persecuted, threatened or besieged, which gives motivation for the protection of “Judeo-Christian values”. In fact, Christians are not persecuted in the countries where Farage and Trump make their homes.

    The phrase “judeo-Christian values” clearly sets jews apart, literally puts them first. It means the kikes keep kicking and kikeservatives keep licking.

  35. A few years ago I tried to get that Weisz quote onto her wikipedia page under the heading, ‘Comments on Hollywood’s anti-gentilism’ — No dice!

  36. Harry, your understanding of race is based on jew fairy tales.

    To be a Christian is to accept jew lies, to preach it is to actively promote them.

    Sorry to be gettig back in such delayed fashion. This is not to argue. Indeed, I won’t comment in future as your response indicates a pretty basic hostility. Not to Jews (this time) but to me personally. This is both ironic, because I am a fierce WN, and sad, because as an Evangelical I am among that demographic that constitutes scores of millions of Whites who, again, as a demographic are the most law-abiding, morally healthy and potentially prepared to join/support a thoroughgoing pro-White movement. No other subgroup comes close. And believe me, I am greatly frustrated with those churches representing Evangelicals typically.

    Finally, NO RESPECT, for our European forbears/ancestors of these past two millenia now? Truthfully, Tansaafl, is this not an expression of RAGE, more than calm objectivity? Rage is good, if based on what is factual. But it can push us into the place of unreason as well. I don’t think you were in that place a couple of years ago. And unreason is a disposition that can quickly destroy what was previously accomplished. It is good that most AltRight “leadership” is not hostile to scores of millions of “conservative” White people.

  37. the most law-abiding, morally healthy and potentially prepared to join/support a thoroughgoing pro-White movement

    Christians obey laws and morals defined by their racial enemy. When confronted with this reality their general reaction, as typified by your own, is denial and anger.

  38. ” I am a fierce WN, and sad, because as an Evangelical ”

    The two can never be consistently coherent. One, a system of exclusion, the other, a doctrine universalism. The two doctrines aren’t even parallel and never coincident. I don’t think they intersect at any point.

  39. “I don’t think they intersect at any point.”


    Their point of intersection is in the head of the person who believes both simultaneously.

  40. I don’t think they intersect at any point.



    America (and the Occident generally) had been a thoroughly racialist nation and society while at the same time being virtually absolute…in its Christian identification – 100%, 1789. What we see here is EXACTLY exemplary of what I have been saying. The anti-Christian cannot reason at this place of contention. He must FORCE…a patent untruth. The decline Judaization) of the Church AND ALL OTHER WESTERN SOCIAL/POLITICAL CREATIONS is recent in our histories.

    But continued example is also seen in this “universalism”…bit. The *universalism* SOLELY APPLIES to the mercy that is offered to any human being that places their faith in the Savior. Any further “universalism” is a matter of treating others (in a general way) as you and Tanstaafl do on a daily basis – with common decency. Truly, this is very simpl.e stuff.

  41. “in its Christian identification – 100%, 1789”

    Paine wasn’t Christian, not Franklin or Jefferson. Washington refused communion and stopped attending church. For most people of that era, a pretense of Christianity was displayed for social decorum.

    “SOLELY APPLIES to the mercy that is offered to any human being ”
    Guaranteed fail. ( I don’t consider orcs and semi-orcs human.)

    “with common decency.”
    When applied to the subs, guaranteed suicide.

  42. Washington –

    …a better explanation is he recognized he was no longer able to be in communion with the King or the King’s clergymen. Thereafter in the Revolution, reports of Washington’s communing occur in non-Anglican settings such as the Presbyterian church in Morristown, New Jersey. Furthermore, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton reported to her family that on the day of the new President’s inauguration in New York City, she had the privilege to kneel and take communion with him in an Episcopalian Chapel. Washington’s actions in this regard are consistent both with his break from the lawful Church and his return to its successor that was legally recognized on both sides of the ocean by the King and Congress.

    Farewell address –

    ” Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion [Christianty]and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with private and public felicity.”

    Cut it out. You strain yourself to ignore the remarkable religious unity of the Founding Peoples and disingenuously offer up three historic persons which you then set up to speak to your bias.
    As for Jefferson –

    Jefferson wrote to Jared Sparks, Nov. 4, 1820: “I hold the precepts of Jesus as delivered by Himself, to be the most pure, benevolent and sublime which have ever been preached to man.”

    Jefferson wrote to Joseph Priestly of Jesus, April 9, 1803: “His system of morality was the most benevolent and sublime probably that has been ever taught, and consequently more perfect than those of any of the ancient philosophers.”

    Etc., etc.

    I, being an honest man, don’t deny Jefferson was not a Christian, per se. But his above sentiments are not good enough for you, so you ignore any ill-fiting, for you, context.

    You are not an honest man.

  43. Btw, Franklin was a life-long member of Christ Church in Philadelphia. His grave is on the church grounds, though I think the cemetary is separated from church precincts proper.

  44. “religion [Christianty]and morality”

    You inserted ‘christianty’, which is a false assertion.
    Franklin paid his subscription( a law then), because that church didn’t require attendance and he didn’t attend.( his autobiography)
    Paine, the kindler of the revolution, was vehemently non-christian.
    All were bold men, when social and legal pressures forced christianity.
    This is why the First Amendment allows freedom of religion, not forced Christianity as most of Europe, at that time.

    Accuse me of ignorance or misperception, but not dishonesty.

  45. “Harry, do you think it is a sin for a White woman to breed with a nigger?”

    How about asians, arabs, indians and roaches?

    What about White males with yellow fever and taco mania?

  46. Good citations Fred. Interesting fight between people who want to defame America’s founding fathers for the wrong reasons, but are factually correct, versus the people who defend them wrongly but for the right reasons. This one also has to point out that, forgotten now, is how a lot of early feminism drew its anger from social impressions of hundreds of years of mandatory Christianity. Pedo-reverends/pedo-priests handled mandatory punishment of kids, getting “confessions” of desires, masturbation, etc. Yet again, this one’s not saying that feminism was correct, but one can understand its source, as well as how the untermenschen and many individuals in crypsis used the Risen Rabbi to gain access to people and families. Viewed in that light, feminism is quite understandable; one of the many fruits borne by Christianity, like modern men’s rights transitioned into Judaism in a match to the women’s movements that had come before.

  47. In fact it’s an uninteresting, unwelcome and unhelpful fight, HA. When Christians and anti-Christians can both clearly be pro-White, their conflict over mere ideas is known not to be meaningful for White politics, only divisive.

  48. “feminism is quite understandable; one of the many fruits borne by Christianity, ”

    Is feminism anything other than jewish ?

  49. @ High Arka

    Your prose is impenetrable.

    Fred W. possesses a bias so complete he is robbed of even the capacity for embarrassment.
    Again, that it does not penetrate his skull that 100% of the Founding Peoples identified as Christian is proof enough of the charge.

    Other matters confirming his dishonesty compelled by bias follows:

    The three major foundational documents of the United States of America are the Declaration of Independence (July 1776), the Articles of Confederation (drafted 1777, ratified 1781) and the Constitution of the United States of America (1789).

    There are 204 unique individuals in this group of “Founding Fathers”(those signatories). These are the people who did one or more of the following: – signed the Declaration of Independence – signed the Articles of Confederation – attended the Constitutional Convention of 1787 – signed the Constitution of the United States of America – served as Senators in the First Federal Congress (1789-1791) – served as U.S. Representatives in the First Federal Congress.

    Religious Affiliationof U.S. Founding Fathers# ofFoundingFathers% ofFoundingFathers

    Episcopalian/Anglican 88 – 54.7%

    Presbyterian 30 – 18.6%

    Congregationalist 27 – 16.8%

    Quaker 7 – 4.3%

    Dutch Reformed/German Reformed 6 – 3.7%

    Lutheran 5 – 3.1%

    Catholic 3 – 1.9%

    Huguenot- 3 – 1.9%

    Unitarian 3 – 1.9%

    Methodist 3 – 1.2%

    Calvinist1 – 0.6%

    TOTAL – 204

    If there is one reader of this thread that is capable (and I think there are more) that can simply credit the virtual absoluteness of the Christian population, culture, and society of early America (and btw, as “late” as 1883, the SCOTUS…UNANIMOUSLY in the “Trinity Decision” voted to IDENTIFY the USA as a…wait for it…CHRISTIAN NATION)…AND *ACKNOWLEDGE* that when the word “religion” is employed by the national “Fathers,” that the Founding Peoples understood them to mean THEIR RELIGION…which would be…that’s right THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, then I will not have completely wasted my time with this.

    You can be sure our friend, Fred, will not be among that one…or more.

  50. Just a final word on Franklin. He was raised in a Puritan family and later adopted then abandoned deism. Though not an orthodox Christian, it was 81-year-old Franklin’s emotional call to humble prayer on June 28, 1787, that was the turning point for a hopelessly stalled Convention. James Madison recorded the event in his collection of notes and debates from the Federal Convention. Franklin’s appeal contained no less than four direct references to Scripture.

  51. Harry offers us a great example of Nu Euro behavior, wherein publicly professed identity during the occupation is assumed to be voluntary. We seem to presume freedom as our baseline, so the choice to attend a meeting or fight a battle is perceived as an endorsement: a vulnerability we would address if we’re to survive in recognizable form. In flesh, I know lots of goy policemen and more soldiers or former soldiers (of course they’re goys, but just saying), and they tend to have strong disagreements with, shall we say, the world historical significance (or local political significance even) of the organization at large. When you’re young, it’s easy to believe in greatness–comes naturally to the European–and it takes years to realize you’re just focusing on an area because someone told you to, and might be neglecting other areas for reasons that aren’t yours.

    “In the old days” they might resign and/or take up other trades. Yet they don’t, because there are no other careers, the pension doesn’t vest if you rock the boat, and several layers of intermediary officers offer an even more plausible veneer to what’s happening, being subject themselves to differing stresses.

    (I do still remind us that, assuming some kind of genetic triumph, it might take up to a generation before people stop worshiping some mythical Rabbi who wants you to forgive your enemies and will always forgive those enemies so don’t go too far. Letting the last few of them do their awful, offensive dances and revel in appropriation would be a difficult task, but if they can just figure out how to do that without letting invaders back in and showering them with food and housing, they’d soon die off and their descendants could look at the stars and invent things without giving lip service to said rabbi.)

    If we survive genetically, we should be more critical of teaching our history, and not assume that people who showed up or went through the motions inwardly believed in or agreed with them. Again, look at Harry, who assumes the American founding fathers believed in a Middle-Eastern Rabbi who arose from the dead, just because they went to the largest available community events and communicated in understood terminology about issues that people cared about. There’s no way to tell what they actually believed, and maybe some of them actually did believe in that Rabbi, just like some people who spent 3 years in the Middle East actually wanted to defend Israel with their lives, or some people really thought the biggest problem in Middlesex was white drivers who exceeded posted speed limits.

    …or that the best way to run society is to put an obese inbred in charge and do whatever his attendants say he says. We need to be smarter about our history, and stop assuming that things existed because everyone thought it was the best way to do things. VATs and income taxes, for example, are paid because of a complicated dynamic of repression, appearance, and warnings, but not because everyone, let alone a simple majority, agrees with the idea or what the taxes are being spent upon. Like so much else since JC arrived, a majority of people could be privately hating/doubting, but be prevented from expressing it due to their individualized preferences against being hammered upon, and the amazing quantity of funds available to their oppressors. A new history would be currently dangerous, in the sense that it would expose who was actually creating this system of shifting illusions, but it would be something we could do if we survived.

  52. Oh, and Fred, yes feminism is Jewish. What they do well, and why they’re so successful against Europeans, is cloak resistance movements in a tasty wrapper. Consider how they used modern “men’s rights” movements, justly, against the marriage and relationship system that feminism created, in order to produce a new anti-natalism and Trump-support. Neither was good, but you can understand why someone wanted to, shall we say, tilt at windmills.
    Feminism was stupid and wrong, but it had hints of accuracy when it attacked universalist democracy, Christianized patriarchal societies, etc. That doesn’t mean it’s right, but for people who see only its enemy, it seems like the only viable alternative. Consider an American presidential selection, where most everyone has extreme problems with some aspect of their candidate’s policies, but votes holding their nose anyway because “the other guy is so much worse.”

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