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This is an archive of the items that appeared in TFeed during 2018.

TFeed is an RSS feed for audio files I’m either interested in hearing or have already heard but think might appeal to others with similar interests.

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12 Apr 2018: BNP Mole (Ray Hill)download

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    “Why were most slaves in America from West Africa? Slavery has existed throughout history in various forms across the globe, but who became enslaved was almost always based on military conquest. So why did Europeans travel thousands of miles to enslave people from a particular geographic region? Watch the episode to find out”

    Oy vey


    Who wrote her script, just (((who))) ?

    Vid is wrong on so many points.
    Europeans weren’t seeking conquest. They were looking for a trade route to Cathay.
    Africans wanted metal tools and weapons, their only barter was fellow Africans.
    Africans were slaving fellow Africans long before Whitey came along, principally as a source of food, cannibalism.

    Typical PBS PC BS.

  3. Nice list. The Billy Corgan podcast with the host young woman repeatedly saying “Why not now?” [10 September 2018] seems like an odd choice. Billy wants to go red pill but is having troubles.

    The links to Insight by Insitome are listenable. Good topic material (paleo archeology and genetics) and well presented for the layperson. Rhazib Khan seems like a character. He should try and lose the uptalk. But maybe he is so secure in his intellectual prowess that he’s not worried about it.

  4. Chris Taylor
    18 JANUARY 2019 AT 10:40 AM
    Go to 1:23 oy vey…
    Was highly irritating

    Look at Jim Goad. Put his little boy in a black daycare, first day his tot was out by himself crying wi bruise marks on his arms.
    Black workers,”you white folks bruise real easy”.

    One time in ER, black aunt jemima looked over at a White preschooler, who was just playing wi a truck, and said ” you get out of here or I’ll take you home , put you in a pot and cook you”.( There was truth in that statement.)

  5. Hey Tan, In addition to Age Of Treason, I subscribe to this in a feed reader. Thanks for posting them. When possible, a line of context could be helpful. Beyond that, really enjoy your posts, interviews and the old podcasts. Well done.

  6. I thought this entire website got shoah’d. Really glad you’re back, Tan.

  7. Looks like the Honoring our History series has disappeared from Soundcloud. Anyone have a link to an archive?

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