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TFeed is an RSS feed for audio files I’m either interested in hearing or have already heard but think might appeal to others with similar interests.

You can send a suggestions (please include link) for audio to put in the feed to tanstaafl at age-of-treason dot com.

Since TFeed’s inception just over two years ago I’ve posted roughly 300 items to it. A few of the items that I posted sight-unseen turned out to be uninteresting or worse, and others either never worked (thanks SoundCloud) or have since disappeared. Nevertheless I’ve enjoyed listening to the bulk of it and hope others have as well. I will continue to maintain the feed into the foreseeable future.

Here is a complete list of items posted through December 2016.

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5 thoughts on “TFeed Index 2014-2016”

  1. The Diana Mosley link is dead. If it was a mirror of her appearance on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs, that can be found here:

    She’s notably more honest and combative in that broadcast than her husband when he appeared squirming on the David Frost show. Ironic that Mosley chose to curry favour in the post-war era by attacking Hitler as womanly.

  2. re: The New Protocols (October 30, 1999) William Pierce

    There is, of course, that pesky Internet, which is not yet under our control, but we are moving rapidly to deal with that matter. We expect soon to have our puppet politicians enact “hate speech” legislation in America, similar to that which we already have in Europe, so that no one can say anything on the Internet which has not been approved by us.

    The couch potatoes will not object, because we will tell them that the new laws will make them safe from terrorism. By that time we also should have achieved our goal for the disarmament of the American population. And then, my fellow Elders of Zion, we can do to the American people what we did to the Russian people. With our power of television, we will have them voting for their own slaughter.

    “so that no one can say anything on the Internet which has not been approved by us.” Must have been frustrating for Pierce to see so clearly that the narrative was completely controlled by foreigners yet have so few people in 1999 who saw this truth too.

    I don’t think jews will succeed in passing hate speech laws similar to Europe, but his prediction Whites will believe “new laws will make them safe from terrorism” is pretty impressive considering he made it pre-911.

    They were using terrorism as an excuse to pass hate speech laws but the (((echo))) and the Pepe memes forced the jews to take the mask off. Hillary and her jew handlers made it clear that in order to have a safer America Whites need to be muzzled.

  3. I agree Cora. Pierce is an inspiration. He not only well understood what had and was happening, but clearly described it – which gives us a leg up.

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