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Scheuer On Israel

The Israeli inflluence on the US (7-Sept-11)(GLOBAL FOCUS series – US)

Former New Jersey Superior Court judge Andrew Napolitano questions former CIA operative and Bin Laden hunter Michael Scheuer on Fox News.

Napolitano: First thing, should we be surprised that the American government, whether it’s the intelligence agencies or the FBI, is spying on our allies here in the United States of America or is this something that has been going on for years and we just didn’t know about it until recently?

Scheuer: Well if it was a real ally like Canada or Britain or Australia we would be surprised, but it’s a pleasant surprise to me to find out that the FBI is spying on the Israelis. The Israelis are certainly an immensely malign influence in the United States. They steal our technology, they suborn government employees to spy for them and transfer documents, and certainly their influence through citizen groups like AIPAC on the Congress is politically corrupting. So I think they’re perfectly correct to be spying on the Israelis.

Napolitano: Well what does Benjamin Netanyahu say to president Obama the next time they meet? “Why are your people listening to my phone calls? That was me talking to the ambassador while some agent of yours was listening!”

Scheuer: Well Netanyahu will just tell the president what to do and what not to do. That’s what Israeli prime ministers do to US presidents. And what will happen in the congress is the congressmen and women who are owned or at least bribed by AIPAC and other US citizen organizations that support Israel will threaten the FBI with budget cuts or manpower cuts if they don’t stop watching the Israelis.

Napolitano: Got it.

From Scheuer’s past statements, critical of USG’s relationship with GOI, I get the distinct impression he is a true American patriot, but I have never seen such a heretical view broadcast on mainstream television before. And yet there is, so far, no visible uproar. Glenn Beck was derailed by paranoid and jew-obsessed jews who thought he was becoming the next Father Coughlin. How and when will Scheuer and Napolitano be taken out?

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