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Let’s Blame the Jew-Haters

Let’s blame the Jews, via Pat Condell on Israel, Jew-Hatred, and Islam at Gates of Vienna.

Pat Condell is a counter-jihadist favorite. He’s a proud (if unconvincing) anti-“racist”. He mercilessly bashes muslims. He gleefully ridicules Christians. And for some strange reason he just loves “the jews”.

Condell starts off mocking the strawman that jews “control the world” because their numbers are so small. By the end he is so overcome with enthusiasm for his (adopted?) tribe that he forgets about the numbers and waxes orgasmic about what a substantial force for good they are. He wishes the world really was ruled by “the jews”. It’s the most creepy display of jew-worship I have seen since, ohhh how many days has it been since Netanyahu got all those standing ovations from Congress?

Condell makes a point about muslims being taught from childhood to hate jews. So what should we make of jews teaching their children and everyone else that their tribe’s time amongst Europeans has been one long string of anti-jew oppression and violence? According to the jewish version of history every conflict jews have ever had with Europeans is entirely to blame on evil Europeans blinded by spontaneous jew-hate. It’s fair to say that by teaching this kind of one-sided view of history jews are teaching everyone to hate Whites. Maybe Condell’s next video will be about this. It could start with a review of the flash mob of journalists, pundits and politicians who suddenly turned into jewish history experts and explained their seething hate to Sarah Palin a few months ago.

I won’t be holding my breath. From the way Condell sneers at Europeans it’s clear he’s already absorbed those lectures and thinks Whites suck. He’s concerned about Europe being overrun by muslims because it’s bad for jews. I wonder if this is the only motive behind all his anti-islam and anti-Christian tirades. I’ve never heard him speak so emotionally or favorably about Britons. Is he not capable of loving his own kind? Or is that what he’s doing when he gushes in favor of jews?

There are two final points to make about Condell’s “control the world” bluster. First, since he likes to go on and on about Islam it would be trivial to mock him in the same terms. What do earnest counter-jihadists think when somebody paints them as morons who say muslims control the world? Second, Condell titles his diatribe “Let’s blame the jews”, which he means to be taken ironically. He blames the jew-haters. What he’s saying, to use his own dishonest way of characterizing such things, is that the jew-haters control the world. What an idiot.