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The Multicult Ideal for Canada

Zero Canadians.

Cast of Toronto’s Lake Shore even more despicable than cast of Jersey Shore. Go see the video. You’ll want to have an empty stomach.

One of the producers describes the show as: “a peek into what Toronto is like as a multicultural city.” That peek includes a jew, a Turk, an Albanian, a Lebanese, a Pole, an Italian, a Czech, and a Vietnamese, each loudly revelling in their alien identity. Seeing how they behave, it’s no surprise none of them want to live among their own kind, or that they don’t like each other either.

Somehow the producers got the strange idea they could sell this dystopian train wreck as a utopian sex party. Indeed, there’s trouble in paradise – but it’s not about any negative reflection on Toronto or the lack of people with northwest European heritage. Fast forward to 7:50 of the Lake Shore Sizzle Reel to see the real problem.

Anti-Jewish remark could stall show’s start:

But while Lake Shore is poised to begin production as early as next week, media and advertising experts say the program’s search for a major network backer could be in jeopardy thanks to a publicity-grabbing trailer posted on YouTube in which one of the show’s characters expresses her hatred for Jews.

“It’s already tough for Canadian productions to garner an audience so this one probably thought they could try something drastic,” said Florence Ng, president of the broadcast video investment division at Toronto ad agency ZenithOptimedia.

“When something controversial happens, regardless of what it’s about, it definitely would have some impact in terms of [advertisers’] intent to get involved. Nobody wants to get into any kind of controversial situation and I think for [the producers], they’re probably pushing the envelope.”

“I’m not racist because I hate everybody equally, especially Jewish people,” professes Sibel Atlug, a 23-year-old loud-mouthed woman cast as “the Turk.” The comments come during a mud-flinging free-for-all in which cast members share first impressions of their future housemates.

The show is the brainchild of executive producer Maryam Rahimi and Toronto television personality George Tsioutsioulas. A scheduled interview with Mr. Tsioutsioulas was cancelled by the production’s publicist yesterday. But in an e-mailed statement, the show’s producers said the trailer is a small snippet of a show that exposes what happens when you put eight people from all walks of life into a house together. “A promo reel is not a true representation of the whole story and should not be interpreted that way,” the statement said.

” Lake Shore will expose stereotypes in order to break them down, bridge relationships and show young Torontonians enjoying life and all the adventures that come their way.”

Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said Ms. Atlug’s comments perpetuate a pervasive sentiment that it is “still OK” for people to say openly that they hate Jews.

“We seem to have entered an epoch where basically anything goes,” he said. “People are free to watch whatever they want, to be as stupid as they want, and as insensitive as they want. But we still have to live with each other.

“If you’re going to make a show about outrageous people misbehaving, I suppose among the things people do when they’re misbehaving is to say things that are racist, sexist or anti-Semitic,” Prof. [Bob] Thompson [a popular culture professor at Syracuse University] said.

In a brief interview with Farber, The Trouble With LakeShore, via ShalomLife, we hear that:

Farber doesn’t think the show should be banned. However, he wonders if the comment would have been left in had it been about a different ethnic group, calling anti-Semitism “a longstanding virus that never seems to go away.”

He goes on to say that while he feels Canadians understand what the show is all about, he wants people to realize that the real issue is about a “producer who is trying to manipulate you using sex and racism and all that other kind of junk to attract an audience.”

The moral of the story is that anything goes, except for outrageous misbehavior that outrages jews. They won’t call for anything to be banned or anyone to be fired – unless their condemnations and economic threats don’t get results.

I’m wondering whether any other ethnic group so unselfconsciously projects their own nature by imagining their enemies as “a longstanding virus that never seems to go away.”

Consider This

Reconsider Columbus Day appeared on YouTube last year. Links to it are circulating again this year.

October 12 is Columbus Day
A day that “our” government has deemed worthy of rememberance
But with all due respect
With all due respect
With all due respect
There’s an ugly truth that has been overlooked
For waaay too long
Columbus committed heinous crimes
Against the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean
And millions of natives throughout the Americas
And Columbus set the stage for the slave trade in the New World
So please
Please reconsider if this is a man you want to honor
Reconsider if you want to celebrate the crimes of Columbus
It’s not your fault
It happened a long time ago
But remaining neutral
And pretending like it didn’t happen
Or that it doesn’t still impact us today
So please
Take the day to learn the whole story
Celebrate the people who were here first
Petition for a nationally-recognized indigenous holiday
So please
Reconsider how you plan to spend October 12th
Reconsider the story of Columbus
Visit www.reconsidercolumbusday.org

Yes, let’s stop pretending. Let’s reconsider multiculturalism, reconsider multiracialism, and reconsider anti-racism. The people pushing these ideas are disingenuous. They don’t oppose discrimination, oppression, or genocide. They’re animated by hate and anger. They blame Whites for all the world’s ills. In their mind it’s payback time. Scapegoating Columbus is just the tip of an anti-White iceberg.

The purpose of the Reconsider Columbus Day campaign isn’t to hold Columbus accountable for his “crimes”. That was 500 years ago. The purpose isn’t to celebrate “the people who were here first” either. “Our” government has already dedicated 30 days to celebrating them.

This campaign is aimed at White people. It’s about guilt-tripping, criminalizing, and pathologizing us. It’s telling us to stop enjoying a Eurocentric view of history, to stop having a sense of pride in our European heritage, and to instead feel ashamed and be more concerned about everyone else’s point of view. The purpose is to convince us to celebrate and put the interests of other people above our own. It isn’t an argument for non-discrimination or race-blindness. The people driving this campaign despise us and our point of view.

Instead of going along with the browbeating of people who hate us, or even simply ignoring them, I’m inclined to do just the opposite of what they want. Therefore I encourage Whites to reconsider the mestizo holiday Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the killing of Europeans and swimming the Rio Grande (not necessarily in that order). And the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, commemorating “racists” not acting quickly enough to help black looters. And the mother of all anti-White guilt-tripping, The Holocaust TM – which academia and media and politicians commemorate day in and day out.

The common theme here is: Whites suck. Why should we go along with that? Reconsider who does or doesn’t care about you. Reconsider what they tell you to care about. Reconsider whether it’s all about doing what’s “right” or “moral” or whether they just want you to better serve them. Respond accordingly.

Columbus: Continuation of a Genocidal Legacy is a Mexica Movement video connecting the dots from Columbus, to Cortez, to Custer, to Hitler. It presents a thoroughly one-sided view of the brutal facts of past conquest and war. Unlike the original blood-thirsty, slave-trading indigenous people, White newcomers kept relatively detailed records. But why dwell on the past? Do the job the anti-White moralizers in the media won’t do. Compile in your mind a video of current events – the robbery, rape, and murder “people of color” perpetrate against Whites no matter when or where we have the misfortune of living together.

Reconsider the never-ending lectures we’re fed about defamation, discrimination, stereotypes, blood libels. Think about these lectures the next time somebody quickly and blithely ticks off the usual politically correct litany of White “crimes”. Think about what they will rationalize as right and just once they gain the upper hand completely. If you need a hand, that Mexica video graphically depicts what they have in mind.

Happy Columbus Day.