California Scheming

Send California inmates to Mexico, says Schwarzenegger – Yahoo! News, Jan 25:

“I think that we can do so much better in the prison system alone if we can go and take, inmates for instance, the 20,000 inmates that are illegal immigrants that are here and get them to Mexico,” Schwarzenegger said.

“Think about it — if California gives Mexico the money. Not ‘Hey, you take care of them, these are your citizens’. No. Not at all.

“We pay them to build the prison down in Mexico. And then we have those undocumented immigrants down there in prison. It would half the costs to build the prison and run the prison. We could save a billion dollars right there that could go into higher education.”

California has some of the most overcrowded prisons in the United States, with an estimated 170,000 inmates housed in facilities designed for 100,000 people, according to 2007 figures.

Yes, think about it. The cost of the alien invasion never came up during the budget crisis just a few months ago, and here we’re getting just a small glimpse of it.

What Schwarzenegger admits is that about 12% of the prisoners in California are known to be illegal alien mexicans who cost the state some $2B per year. This does not account for the cost of criminal aliens who aren’t here illegally or aren’t mexican. It also doesn’t account for the cost to apprehend and prosecute these aliens, nor the costs to their many victims in human and financial terms.

California has been overrun by non-White aliens. Now it’s bankrupt. And the other most populated, most invaded states – Texas, Florida, New York – are following California’s lead. There is no clearer example than this that our government is corrupt and illegitimate. In any other time or place a governor worthy of the title would indeed say, “Hey, you take care of them, these are your citizens”, and he would have said it while sending them home, before they had a chance to do us any harm.

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  1. It isn’t just inmates who need to be sent to Mexico. It is ALL foreigners who have come here in the past forty years – along with their neices, nephews and 31st cousins; and alongside them, some who have been here longer and who still are not American (and never will be). We Americans know who belongs in this country and who doesn’t. We [or our parents] relied on faceless bureaucrats to do the job they were supposed to be doing and didn’t realize that they were intentionally undermining our country. That is not our fault. It’s the fault of traitors.

    Get past the idea that reasonably discussing “the issues” is going to correct any problem we face. It is clear how much credit the American viewpoint will get on the jewish owned media or with the purchased politicians.

    Any “voice” Americans have is going to continue being diluted until we take steps to stop it.

  2. It would be good for the ecomonie if we sent all prisoners to foreign prisons. Just good old fashioned Jewish common sen$e, really, you stupid goyim need to get a clue. We, of course, would be shipped off to Israel, a terrible place for Juice, as the fair and balanced media has clearly informed us.

  3. Huh…..
    Rusty – you are on to something…good ole American ingenuity.

    We should outsource ALL our prison problems overseas. It may make for quite the deterrent and be a heckuva lot cheaper.

    Ship’em overseas with no return address.

  4. Not to Greece! It is happening not just in America. More evidence of world-wide jewry.

    “The newly elected socialist government of George Papandreou is planning a drastic reform to the Greek Citizenship Code, by allowing several hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa to become “Greeks” overnight. This anti Hellenic plan will have severe demographic consequences for Greece and Europe as well.

    The majority of the Greek people are against this plan; however the government wants to vote for it in the Parliament as soon as possible. At this point there is a fake “social discussion” going on, but the only voices heard are those of the internationalists in favor of the plan.”

    “This peaceful demonstration did not have TV coverage although that many journalists were present and Golden Dawn Movement leader N. Michaloliakos gave an interview. It is for sure that the Zionist controlled media don’t want the truth to be heard; however this kind of arrogance and aggression will bring sooner or later bad results for the Zionists.” … annel_page

  5. majority of the Greek people are against this plan; however the government wants to vote for it in the Parliament as soon as possible.

    A least there is a vote. Generally we are assumed to have voted yes at some mysterious point in the past and no further discussion is needed.

  6. Look who commented on your disclosure: none other than the great so-called “traditionalist” oracle Lawrence Auster. The term anti-Semite/anti-Semitic appears 10 times in Auster’s post. Auster sycophant “Richard W.” says you are “a self-hating crypto-Jew” and says “rabid” white nationalists “dream of hanging [Tanstaafl], his children and his wife from lamp posts.”

  7. Sickening. Lawrence Auster, the great conservative oracle of New York City, is upset that scumbag negro pervert Tiger Woods was exposed as the fraud he is (“How dare the women Tiger Woods had affairs with reveal this and ruin his reputation and life?! He didn’t harm them or do anything wrong! He should be able to defile as many women as he wants without any repercussions!”).

    But then again, what would you expect from a so-called “traditionalist” who thinks it is a “sick vendetta” to issue a warrant for the arrest of Roman Polanski, who drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl and then fled the country?

  8. Anon, Although I rarely read Auster and found his site boring, I am surprised with the few comments (and reflective of few followers) the post had. It shows that Tan has done something right.

    No wonder those gays gloat with glee when someone they consider as a gentoo performs like a White man and makes truthful, but difficult, disclosures.


  9. “I am 26 years old and live in Greece. I am writing this letter in order to let you know about a new law in Greece announced yesterday.

    The financial minister of Greece announced yesterday that from 1/1/2011 all financial transactions of sums above 1500 euros in cash, will be banned. For any transaction above 1500 euros, only credit cards and checks will be legal. The formal explanation for this law is it will combat those who do not pay taxes. But we all know this is not the case…

    It seems the new world order wants to make Greece a testing ground for their new laws. For the past months, Greece have been attacked without mercy. We have been called liars, frauds, cheaters, thieves. They are threatening us constantly with banning from the euro zone and default. [These charges are] not true. … The problem is, based on their accusations and (the virtual) bad situation of Greek finances, they will pass their experimental laws of their new world order.

    The fairly new Government of the socialist party, elected 4 months ago, forgot all its promises, and is determined to pass laws giving citizenship to illegal immigrants after 5 years, without any trade-off. We are 10 million Greeks here, and almost 3 million mostly illegal immigrants, who will obtain Greek nationality and will gain the right to bring their families here too… In Pakistan there are even ads saying “for 5000 euros we get you to Greece, to study free, work, make families, and obtain EU passports”…

    And now this… The previous government created a new ID card, to collect data from people since childbirth. This government will ban transactions in cash over 1500 euros, in order to make all of us have credit cards. The obvious first step is to ban all cash transactions, then merge this new ID card with the credit system, then, well…. insert this merged ID card into our bodies…

    Our peoples’ morale is low, society is disorganized because of immigration and propaganda, and we will not fight those laws. You people living in the Western World, be prepared because they are planning the same for you!”

    BACKGROUND [Continues at this point – with information that White Americans need to see].–_young_greek_conte.html



  10. Tan, Have you heard anything about: ?

    I just went there and had a Joogle Blogsucker announcement that the “Blog has been removed”. How many of those I’ve seen recently!!! Since mine was removed about a year ago I know I have seen at least fifty more that I had at times visited – and just links I have run across since that time, it is more like a hundred fifty removed. The jews are in a panic!

    Truth will be their ruination!

    Free speech except for truthful speech – the jewish credo.

    No news unless its’ good for joos!


  11. Salvete, Sodales,

    I took down my blogs to concentrate more on work, house and home, and studies. Keine Angst, I’m still here and I’m still me. I’ll probably start working on my website again here before too long, whenever I get caught up.

    Χαῖρετε, Valete,

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