The Miami Sound, Diversity Hitting the Fan

Caught On Tape: Miami Beach Shooting – Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Police, gunmen open fire on South Beach; two officers injured – expands on what’s happening in this video.

We could say that diversity, i.e. less White people, isn’t “our” strength, it’s their strength. But that would be “racist”. When the diverse question how much diversity is good for themselves, that’s another story.

Gay activist Herb Sosa: South Beach a ‘war zone;’ demands end to Urban Weekend:

It shows our city as nothing short of a warzone – Filthy streets, a drive by shooting, multiple cars crashed in the process, and total chaos on the streets. This is unacceptable and must be controlled before we totally lose our city, tourism & residents. It is not limited to Ocean Drive or Collins – there isn’t a residential street in South Beach not affected by tons of garbage, crime to our vehicles, excessive noise 24 hours a day, and simply a lack of respect for our community, citizens & property. THIS is the image the world see of our “American Riviera”.

When did perceived political or social correctness override the safety & well-being of a community? This is not a race, economic or ethnic issue, it is an issue of visitors who have a total lack of respect for our community, its property & citizens. I know hotel rooms are filled, but at what price and for how long?

If Whites were involved in violence of this sort in any significant way the media would no doubt be filled with outraged non-White voices directing fear and loathing at the ugly, stupid, greedy, lazy people involved. Heck, that’s how they talk about the Tea Party, even when there is no criminality or violence they can point at.

But in this case, if you hadn’t already guessed, the criminality and violence associated with Miami’s Urban Weekend is ineffably black. So very circumspect odecay-eakspay is the rule.

Miami Beach Memorial Day parties still polarizing –

A decade after Internet buzz, radio DJs and word of mouth spawned the first Urban Beach Week — turning a typically busy but low-key holiday weekend into a hip-hop fueled street party that drew an estimated 250,000 people — the annual, unofficial bash still draws mixed reviews.

Hoteliers rejoice at booked rooms, while some restaurateurs and retailers lament that the often-rowdy crowds drive off locals.

Fans and performers say the parties have evolved, attracting older fans and even families. Yet some neighbors gripe about young people drinking and dancing in front of their homes. And then there’s the cost of policing the event, expected to reach roughly $1 million this weekend.

While the event draws a largely black crowd, David Kelsey, president of the South Beach Hotel & Restaurant Association, says friction over the holiday weekend has been less about race than the conflict between the young party crowd and the luxury tourist clientele Miami Beach actively courts.

“There’s still a gulf between the crowd we’re attracting and the crowd we really want to attract and need for future business,” Kelsey said.

Between the fact that the crowd is overwhelmingly black and its behavior is being criticized, you might think it’s a slam dunk to paint “racism” as the problem.

As we’ve been told for decades now, “racism” is a White thing, and there just aren’t many Whites involved here, except in running away. The people being imposed upon by diversity are diverse. Thus the story gets the “it’s really really complicated” treatment. Like Miami’s black/hispanic political squabble, this isn’t about race – definitely not – it’s about, well, stay tuned they’re feverishly working on the narrative that ties it all to “racism”.

Carlene Sawyer, former president of the Greater Miami chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said she has seen more mature visitors recently.

“You hear all this rhetoric,” said Sawyer, who as in other years will be on South Beach to monitor the city’s policing of the crowds. “But the people who are coming are buying plane tickets and hotel rooms. And they’re not 18 anymore. They’re 25, 30 and 35 years old.”

Hip hop artists like Ludacris and Busta Rhymes have helped draw crowds typically estimated between 200,000 and 300,000 each year — rivaling even Super Bowl throngs.

“This is the best time of year for us,” said Monika Olimpiew, general manager of SoBe Live, a club that this weekend is featuring acts like rap group Travis Porter and R&B singer Keri Hilson.

People on scooters weave around the Lamborghinis and bass-thumping Cadillacs that crawl down Ocean Drive — which will be closed to traffic this year. The street scene has been good to Prestige Luxury Auto Rentals in Miami, which had rented out 80 percent of its stock by Tuesday, including all its $2,000-a-day Lamborghinis and even pricier Ferraris.

So much for the disingenuous suggestion in the quote above that the conflict is between “the young party crowd” and “the luxury tourist clientele”. On Urban Beach Week these groups are one and the same.

Perception of crime and violence has been one of Urban Beach Week’s biggest issues.

Miami Beach Commissioner Ed Tobin said last year he rode with police to see what officers deal with, including gun confiscations — 24 last year, down from a peak of 73 in 2006.

“I would not want anyone that I know, a friend or visitor, to be outside on South Beach after 11 p.m. on this weekend because it is dangerous despite what seemed like thousands of police officers at every corner,” he said.

Perceptions are only taken seriously when they come from non-Whites. Perceptions are only taken as problematic when they reflect badly on non-Whites. In Miami we see both, and therein lies the media’s conundrum in covering (literally) what’s happening during Urban Beach Week.

For Police Chief Carlos Noriega, dealing with the crowds has been tricky. On one hand, his department has been criticized as being too lax. On the other, they were accused of racial profiling by the ACLU and NAACP in 2006 after arresting more than 1,000 people.

Now, police typically meet with ACLU representatives and the U.S. Department of Justice to go over enforcement plans. Noriega said police now overlook minor offenses and focus more on major crimes and crowd control.

“This is something we’ve become accustomed to,” he said.

Don’t worry, the ACLU and NAACP are in control.

We long ago became accustomed to seeing violence in our cities. The same pattern of violent behavior repeats itself whenever and wherever a critical mass of non-Whites collect. Today a related pattern is associated with the critical mass of non-Whites in media and non-White activist organizations. They make excuses and redirect blame to protect the fragile egos of non-Whites. What’s good for non-Whites is regarded as an important and interesting debate. The question of what’s good for Whites is regarded as a sign of insane evil. In Miami, where so few Whites remain (82.4% diverse and quickly approaching perfection), the question doesn’t even come up.

UPDATE 1 Jun 2011: The original video was withdrawn. Replaced it with another version.

30 thoughts on “The Miami Sound, Diversity Hitting the Fan”

  1. I am a South Beach resident. During Memorial Day, when others are spending a good time at the beach or with family, we’re stuck at home. Bringing in 300k or more blacks into our small city brings violence, litter, crime, and dysfunction. It is especially cruel to the men and women that have to police this gong show.

    I have a picture post of the before and after. It truly looks like a different world.

  2. Matt Drudge Using Urban Beach Weekend to Stoke Racial Flames, by Kyle Munzenrieder:

    The Drudge Report still reigns supreme as an influential aggregator of right wing-leaning news and is run by the increasingly reclusive Matt Drudge out of his home that, as of last report, is somewhere in an undisclosed portion of Miami. Unsurprisingly, he’s decided to blow up the incidents on Miami Beach this weekend surrounding “Urban Beach Weekend” to the top of his highly trafficked site and linked them to other stories involving “black,” “urban” and “gang” violence. Yeah, it’s kinda racist.

    . . .

    More mainstream news sources notoriously look to Drudge for story ideas, and it will be interesting to see how the coverage of the incident in Miami Beach plays in the rest of the media now that Drudge has linked it to other racially charged stories.

    Munzenrieder has nothing to worry about. There’s no sign of black violence – even the Miami Urban Week shootings – on the front pages of CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews or USAToday. Those reports are buried, if they exist at all, just like every other week of the year. Yeah, it’s kinda lame. Like him, if they ever have anything to say about these “incidents” of black violence and criminality it will only be to transfer attention and blame to “racism”.

  3. Dream Puppi: Facts are so racist.

    Kyle Münzenrieder: No, but they way you selectively present them can be.

    You gotta love that.

  4. Rather, Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments.

    In a marked shift from the Bush administration, President Obama’s Justice Department is aggressively investigating several big urban police departments for systematic civil rights abuses such as harassment of racial minorities, false arrests, and excessive use of force.

    The DOJ’s investigations of troubled large departments “sends a message to the whole field,” says Sam Walker, an emeritus professor at the University of Nebraska who studies police accountability.

    “The primary victims of police misconduct are African-Americans and Latinos. The Bush administration simply wasn’t interested in this,” Walker says. “The Obama-Holder DOJ puts a very high priority on this.”

  5. The “pattern and practice” authority comes from a 1994 law passed by Congress after the brutal beating of Rodney King by white Los Angeles police officers, who allegedly yelled racial slurs as they hit him. The law allows the DOJ to sue police departments if there is a pattern of violations of citizens’ constitutional rights — things like an excessive use of force, discrimination, and illegal searches.

    Just be careful not to notice the pattern of criminals …

  6. I don’t know how close the video in the report below is to the one you linked, Tan, but it comes from a report from Gay South Florida where:

    “Sosa, president of Unity Coalition, Miami-Dade County’s leading Hispanic gay-rights group, said he’s concerned some people have called him racist, after he demanded an end to Urban Weekend.

    “It has nothing to do with racism,” said Sosa, who lives in South Beach. “It’s a lack of respect for the city they’re visiting. It’s as simple as that. This morning, there were six cars parked on my block with their mirrors ripped off, their antennas ripped off.

    “The suggestion that this is a racist issue … is absolutely ridiculous. If anything, the city of Miami Beach as been more than accommodating to Urban Weekend.”

    Read more:


  7. Matt Drudge’s disgusting race war awareness campaign – War Room –, by Alex Pareene:

    In the world of the conservative proto-blogger, “urban” teenagers everywhere are terrorizing the nation

    . . .

    Since Obama actually took office, though, Drudge has seriously stepped up his “scary black people” coverage. There was, in September of 2009, the story he heavily publicized of a kid on a bus in Illinois getting beaten up. A kid on a bus in Illinois getting beaten up is not really national news — until Drudge makes it so. The fact that the beater was black and the victim white is why Drudge made it national news. Rush Limbaugh made the subtext explicit: “In Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering.”

    This is the narrative that Drudge is trying to create, especially on slow news weekends when there’s nothing real to aggregate and post: The blacks are rising up and attacking the whites.

    . . .

    Do you know what makes an “urban melee” different from a regular “melee”? It’s not that it takes place within the city limits of a major metropolitan area. It’s that it involves the world’s most obvious code term for “scary black people.”

    Drudge does not collect and attempt to tie together disparate, unrelated stories of crimes committed by drunk, rowdy white kids. And for the record, drunk, rowdy white kids commit a lot of crimes, in a lot of places!

    In an era when urban white flight is reversing and violent crime is at record lows across the nation, this world of race riots and constant violent attacks on innocent Caucasians exists only in the imaginations of Matt Drudge and the paranoid suburban and exurban white people he wants to keep terrified. Stoking those racial fears goes beyond cynical political point-scoring. To devote so much energy to attempting to make whites terrified of blacks is just vile.

    Introducing Alex Pareene – War Room –

    I’m from Minneapolis, I live in Brooklyn, and I once spent 18 drunken months covering DC. Politically, I’m basically your typical effete coastal liberal elitist.

    So! I was, formerly, the politics editor for, Rush Limbaugh’s favorite gossip website, and before that I edited Wonkette. (Before that I spent most of my time drinking cheap canned beers and arguing about music.)

    Just about any week of the year, since even before Obama took office, you can find one Salon article or another bashing Whites simply for expressing our political interests. In the world of your typical effete coastal liberal elitists whose concerns are expressed by the snarky judaized cosmopolitan urban pundit-media typified by Wonkette, Gawker and Salon, the only people it’s OK for everyone to stoke racial fears and be terrified about, are Whites. The narrative they have created, which they broadcast 24/7/365, is that non-Whites have legitimate racial interests and Whites have none.

  8. Tanstaafl – I want to thank you for the effort you put into this blog. I try not to visit here often because, frankly, it ruins my day and pretty much paralyzes me with anger. One can only take so much truth. In that regard, your meticulousness in chronicling our age of treason in all its dishonest ugliness is truly a testament to your strength.

    I encourage everyone who reads this blog to send links to as many people as you can, however resistant you think they might be. You might be surprised. I have a friend who’s a senior in high school in Memphis, typically indoctrinated in “liberalism” (Judaization), and last fall I sent her your post on Section 8 housing and crime in Memphis when the topic came up. It made a strong impression on her, to the point where, when they went around the class the next day for everyone to mention something they thought was wrong with America, she naively borrowed from your post and brought up Section 8 housing. She was asked to stay after class and soundly reprimanded by the teacher. Well, she’s a “liberal” no more. Truth has power. People have just to be exposed to it.

    Nothing will be fixed so long as those who share our sentiments are thrown off the scent of the true culprits. A meme I’ve been seeing to that purpose, regarding this latest bout of black mob violence, is the phrase “Black Run America.” (Auster has, of course, seized upon it). Could anyone imagine a black run China? Are Northern Europeans constitutionally so much stupider and weaker than Chinamen that they allow themselves to be dominated by a race incapable of higher civilization? Of course not – the true believer “liberals” of our race are weaklings whom we could easily manage. They’re like dogs who start barking loudly when their owner are nearby, who run away like cowards if alone. They’d have no power over policy if it weren’t for their Jewish masters at their side. Blaming the blacks for our problems is like blaming the cold virus for death by AIDS.

  9. Yet another anti-white Jew using their overwhelmingly priviliged position in the MSM to attack a white person for not completely covering up anti-white racial attacks like the MSM does.

  10. Like Pareene, Drudge is a jew. US media is dominated by jews and their jewish views. They don’t always agree.

    The pattern Pareene sees in Drudge’s coverage is real. Drudge has for some time now been sprinkling chimpout links in with his usual “nazi”, Iran, Israel, and other fare of especial interest to jews.

    Pareene no doubt knows Drudge is a jew with a heavily judeo-conservative audience. He could have more accurately accused Drudge of stoking the racial fears of paranoid urban jews terrified of the schwartzes. Instead Pareene scapegoats and ridicules suburban and exurban Whites – people who play no part whatsoever in “urban” violence, and have no advocates or even defenders in the judaized media to combat the cynical anti-White narratives that are spun about them.

  11. BTW Scott, good point about the BRA meme. I’ve been mulling a post on that subject for a while. You’ve pretty well summed up what I would say.

  12. “Poet ‘Da Real One’ Gunned Down In Front Of Miami Poetry Cafe…”

    Reading this headline I suddenly felt a rush of mirthful schadenfreude. I can’t fully explain why.

  13. The Black Run America meme was, as far as I know, created by the proprietor of Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog.

    From there it has spread. Auster has posted comments by the owner of BRA and links back to SBPDL on several occassions.

    Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has taken to the term in a big way, and now spends most of his time on the blog analyzing the effect of BRA on the South, where he resides.

  14. The fact that Hunter Wallace is promoting it tells you that “Black Run America” is a bad-for-Whites meme. He has a major ideological shift every few months, although the common thread in everything he promotes is that it appears to be pro-White, but is actually anti-White in some subtle or not-so-subtle way. He’s basically a more mentally unstable version of Lawrence Auster.

    Spend 5-10 minutes looking through these threads (“Feyd” = Hunter Wallace) if you aren’t aware of what a scumbag that guy is. It’s truly amazing that he has any supporters left.

  15. Lawrence Auster on Those Jewish puppet masters who control everything in the universe including the minds of white Gentiles keep flopping:

    Timothy A. writes:

    Spitzer, Madoff, DSK, and now (to a lesser extent) Weiner. The Jewish conspiracy appears to have hit a bit of a rough patch. Maybe Kevin MacDonald will have to revise his thesis.

    LA replies:

    You mean that if prominent Jews keep getting into trouble, that shows that the Jews are not running everything?

    Typical. The Austards are hyper-aware who’s a jew, what “the jews” do or do not control, and hyper-sensitive to any criticism about it. Everyone else is just cuckoo to care. Ha ha. Big joke.

    Time for another dozen posts about black mayhem, another dozen about muslims, and another dozen about “the nazis”. You know, all those guys who really control everything in the universe.

  16. Brilliance indeed.

    Those Jewish puppet masters who control everything in the universe including the minds of white Gentiles keep flopping

    Timothy A. writes:

    Spitzer, Madoff, DSK, and now (to a lesser extent) Weiner. The Jewish conspiracy appears to have hit a bit of a rough patch. Maybe Kevin MacDonald will have to revise his thesis.

    Auster and his followers are hilarious when they write about MacDonald. Clearly they haven’t bothered to read and engage with anything MacDonald has actually written, so everything they write is based on second-hand Jewish rumors and their own paranoid fantasies.

  17. Auster has strawmanned MacDonald’s work for years. He ended all discussion of it last summer by branding MacDonald – and everyone at Alt Right by association. an ‘exterminationist’ of Jews.

  18. “Pareene no doubt knows Drudge is a jew with a heavily judeo-conservative audience.”

    Lol. Didn’t know that. Even Drudge.

    “The fact that Hunter Wallace is promoting it tells you that “Black Run America” is a bad-for-Whites meme.”

    I don’t know. Lots of little cracks can help make a big crack.

  19. Uncle Luke, Co-Founder Of Urban Beach Week, No Longer Attends Event « CBS Miami:

    That notion of a racial component to the criticism makes the issue extremely difficult for city officials and critics of the event.

    “It has nothing to do with being black and I think that is something we have to let people know and be clear about that because there is nothing racist about that,” Tapia said.

    If one side of this issue were identifiably White the narrative would be cut and dried. Blame the “racists” and ignore their concerns. Having no “racists” to scapegoat is what makes the issue extremely difficult. That’s because there is indeed a “racial component”, and everybody, even the blacks, knows it has to do with the thuggish black hordes, not their critics.

  20. Comments at Salon about anti-Drudge article, Auster writes:

    If you SEE negative realities, and they are about blacks, and you DRAW PEOPLE’S ATTENTION to them, you are anti-black.

    Auster should know. He uses the same tactic in defense of jews. Pointing a finger at the other guy is the quintessential jewish way of seeing all conflicts with non-jews, and it has been for thousands of years. Only recently have the privileges of jewish victimology been extended to blacks and other “minorities” living amongst Whites.

    Most jews think criticizing “minority” privilege is bad for “the jews”. Auster disagrees. He thinks it’s better for “the jews” to roll back “minority” privilege, while through sheer chutzpah and liberal use of the “anti-semitism” card they can preserve jewish privilege.

  21. “Only recently have the privileges of jewish victimology been extended to blacks and other “minorities” living amongst Whites.”

    They’ve effectively coached black, hispanic, feminist, gay rights etc groups in Jewish political tactics and it’s worked fine while there was a big enough surplus for them all to feed on. But when there’s not?

  22. Most jews think criticizing “minority” privilege is bad for “the jews”. Auster disagrees. He thinks it’s better for “the jews” to roll back “minority” privilege, while through sheer chutzpah and liberal use of the “anti-semitism” card they can preserve jewish privilege.

    “That’s wormwood!”

    I’ve been trying to capture that complete thought into words for the longest time.

    They’ve effectively coached black, hispanic, feminist, gay rights etc groups in Jewish political tactics and it’s worked fine while there was a big enough surplus for them all to feed on. But when there’s not?

    Yes, Auster understands that – hence his feigned concern about the welfare of what he calls “the white majority.”

    I want to add, though, that while Jewish agents certainly coached “black, hispanic, feminist, gay rights etc” groups in tactics, as you say, more importantly, they have given these inherently weak groups the courage to punch above their weight by (1) instilling in them a sense of moral purpose, and (2) tacitly promising to protect these enemies of civilization from its defenders by rewarding aggression and demonizing defense against aggression with all the power at their disposal.

    Their demonization of Henry Ford is an instructive early example of how they used their “soft power” to neutralize America’s defenders well before they achieved their present monopoly on it (they’ve since moved on to monopolizing all levers of “hard” power).

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