Whites Talking to Whites About What’s Best for Us

Inspired by the example set by Voice of Reason, for about two months now Carolyn Yeager and I have been working on a new, explicitly pro-White internet talk radio site. We’ll launch with her long-running The Heretics’ Hour, my new weekly program Age of Treason Radio, and another program or two we haven’t quite settled on.

For several weeks now we’ve been putting off going live for just one more week, but it’s looking like next week all the essential pieces will finally be in place. Further details will be posted here and at Carolyn Yeager as they become available.

16 thoughts on “Whites Talking to Whites About What’s Best for Us”

  1. Great news. I’m really looking forward to this. Maybe you could ask RamzPaul or Irish Savant for the other programs, that would be interesting.

  2. I’d like to hear stories about how parents are teaching their children real history, languages, math, high culture, mechanical skills, homemaking skills, et cetera. It’s a long term investment and responsibility many of us take very seriously and will have a big effect in 20-30 years. If you think your listeners are interested or have time. Thanks.

  3. Whites talking to Whites about what’s best for us.

    Fascinating how such a fundamental concept can sound so revolutionary.
    Rusty, I have young children in school. I spend half my time teaching and half un-teaching them.
    OT: For those here not maintaining vigilance over our key public institutions, I wanted to mention that there are now two new Federal Reserve Board governors: Jeremy Stein and Jerome Powell.

    With Mr. Stein’s seating, this eminent panel of seven will feature four Scots-Irish, one Lesbian-American, and two hetero-normative honkies. Though before brows are furrowed, I should add that the new (July 2011) acting FDIC Chairman is also Scots-Irish. So there is some balance.

  4. Gregor says ….


    It’s about time someone began speaking IN EARNEST from a White-Centric POV, about White interests.

    “Hammering the Jew” and “Namin da niggas” doesn’t address this.

    I wish you and Carolyn luck, and hopefully you will both retain ties with VOR and perhaps do some “cross-talk”.

    May I suggest as a show, sometime and hopefully not “later”, about HOW to become what Richard Weaver (of “Ideas have Consequences” fame) called a

    “Linguistic Insurgent”

    Our people are STILL constantly using enemy language, and accepting the use of such anti-White language by anti-Whites.

    This must STOP, but our people need some advice on HOW to do this. They need a guide to enemy terminology, and how that terminology is applied to us to destructure our European Identity, and vilify us.

    We need a list of such terms, and an extended discussion (perhaps a weekly show?) on HOW TO CHANGE OUR OWN USE OF LANGUAGE ….

    So we stop shooting ourselves in the foot with anti-White, enemy terminology.

    Thanks Tan, and best of wishes …

  5. I hope you do not bash White females as many hosts of VOR (and some posters here) do.

  6. Fantastic. And what a concept! I concur with Porter, what a revolutionary idea: White people talking about what’s best for Whites.

    If you need anyone to staff the call in line screening callers to provoke a “agree or disagree!” response, start an argument, get them riled up, that sort of thing, then I’m your man.

    But, seriously, well done to both of you.

  7. Borders can be magical things:
    Only 21 percent of those polled defined their views of Israel as favorable, and in only three states – the U.S., Nigeria and Kenya – did a majority of respondents say they had a positive view of Israel. Some 50 percent of Americans that took part in the poll said they had a favorable view of Israel, an increase of 7 percent on the previous year.
    65 percent of Australians and 59 percent of Canadians who were polled have a negative view of Israel – a 7 percent increase on last year’s survey in both countries.
    Norman Finkelstein was a guest on one of the biggest CBC shows:

  8. YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!

    I love the dynamic duo of Tan and Carolyn, and I can’t freaking wait for this to start:)

    So exciting!!!!

  9. Great news. I would love it if you were to bring back Compulsory Diversity News. Humor is a mighty weapon.

  10. What deeper philosophical/ontological commitmentents do Carolyn and Tan have? Is their vision consistent with that of the Fuhrer? These are the questions I would wish to see answered on furture broadcasts.

  11. Captainchaos: you could start a podcast (or blog), explain your views and personal history, and then promote it. It is easier to give advice than to do something, after all.

  12. Evelyn – I was looking through Majority Rights the other day. The time when the Captain made anything other than divisive and inflammatory comments seems to have passed.

  13. Thanks to all of you who are showing enthusiasm for our new project, The White Network.

    I am very excited that we’re actually going to have a program from there tomorrow night. I’m with Mary in that I have hardly been able to wait. I think it will be a good indicator of what the quality and style of the programming will be. Cross your fingers that we don’t crash in the middle of the show!! Tan has done an enormous amount of work to get it to the shape it’s in now, which is only the beginning. These things take a lot of fine-tuning.

    I hope that in time Tan will get back to his blog-posting. I miss them too! I apologize for taking up all his time and appreciate your patience during the last few weeks.

    To Annonymous who said: “I hope you don’t bash White females …”, well I hope so too.

    Onward and upward.

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