7 thoughts on “The White Network (with Carolyn Yeager)”

  1. I’ll be listening. One personal anecdote on the graphic at TWN blog, as well as that from your previous posting…the white children. That’s where it all began for me…with the births of my children. That’s when I began living outside myself. When my heart committed its treason and my own petty piques and appetites receded into the background.

    And now when I look into those innocent, trusting blue-eyes and think of those who work to destroy their future I want to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard.

  2. Good Luck Tan and Carolyn!

    I wish you every success with this exciting project :)

    Thanks to you both for stepping out in such a much needed way.

  3. I will be listing to the Heritic Hour
    Dont be afraid to let people know what is wrong with VOR.
    The vast majority of there listners are White. That is the real reason.

  4. Your statement of purpose is on the mark: rebelling against alien rule. The most effective kind of alien rule is cryptic. A subtle shifting of incentives, for example, that direct those who would achieve power (in any area, at any level) to benefit the alien power’s interests. Whites are like fish who don’t realize they’re wet in this way, and why this project is much needed.

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