Charles Lindbergh Speaks on a United European Race

Charles Lindbergh Speaks on a United European Race

Charles Lindbergh, 13 Oct 1939:

Our bond with Europe is a bond of race and not of political ideology. It is the European race we must preserve, political progress will follow. Racial strength is vital, politics a luxury. If the White race is ever seriously threatened, it may then be time for us to take our part in its protection, to fight side by side with the English, French and Germans, but not with one against the other for our mutual destruction.

2 thoughts on “Charles Lindbergh Speaks on a United European Race”

  1. Charles Lindberg was the polar opposite of a chickenhawk.

    He did all he could to prevent the USA from joining WW2.

    When war came, however, he immeadiately volunteered. The Roosevelt administration, motivated by petty spite, denied him the opportunity to fight for his country.

    Lindberg then went to work for the aircraft manufacturing division of the Ford corporation. In his capacity as a Ford employee, he made his way to the South Pacific and, piloted Ford-built fighter aircraft, and managed to shoot down two Japanese aircraft!

    Compared to those who defamed him, those who were over-represented among interventionists yet under-represented in combat, Lindberg was a giant.

  2. Lindbergh flew c. 70 volunteer combat missions in Corsairs and P-38s; in addition to the air-to-air that Anon mentions, he also flew many ground attack ops into heavy Japanese AA fire. No doubt about it, That was a Man. No wonder the Jews hated him then, and hate his memory now. But his like will be seen again, and sooner than many of us think.

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