How Enemies Treat Enemies

Germany embarks on fresh attempt to ban NPD

The charge most often levelled against White nationalists is that they’re “supremacists” who seek to exclude, ban, imprison or otherwise impinge upon others. Many Whites make the mistake of thinking this charge stems from the violation of some general principle against exclusion, banning, or imprisoning people on the basis of their race or beliefs.

But at times the mask slips, and it’s clear that the current ruling judaized globalist regime regards banning and so forth to be a perfectly proper and acceptable way to treat their enemies. The real charge against White nationalists, as evident in the report above, is that any subset of Whites organizing politically to do what’s best for themselves, separate and apart from others, is bad because it is “anti-semitic”/”racist”, i.e. bad for jews and other non-Whites. By citing “anti-semitism” in addition to and distinct from “racism” the ruling regime is just making it crystal clear that for them the overriding principle is that the best interests of the jews come before anyone or anything else.

One thought on “How Enemies Treat Enemies”

  1. The more they double down, the worse it will be for them and all other such like efforts.

    The quote by , I think it was Victor Hugo, who supposedly said something about the power of an idea whose time had come, seems to apply here.

    They can’t ban an idea as it will be the fulfillment of another saying by JFK, about those who attempt to suppress peaceful revolution, ultimately bring about the inevitability of violent revolution which will be the oppressors own downfall. (my paraphrase.

    Bring it on you blind satanic fools.

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