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Earlier today I had the pleasure of speaking with Guessedworker from Majority Rights. Over the course of about one and three quarter hours GW and I discussed jewish influence, race, liberalism, Christianity, Lawrence Auster, Paul Weston, White nationalism, European and American relations, and the White network.

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  1. I really have no time for people like Guessedworker. At the beginning of the interview he said he was a coward about the Jews with no repentance for that state of mind. To say that the mark our civilisation is how we treat the Jews who are genociding the white race is outragious, the mark of our civilisation is that we survive as a people which we can only do by expelling the Jews. And to perpetuate the Holohoax is a disgrace. His invented term ‘Judaophobia’ just shows how far he is from the truth.

    Standing up for Zion-fag kippah-wearing Holohoaxer and anti-nationalist Paul Weston is depressing. Weston bans anyone from his comments who even mentions the Jews in any but supportive terms. Jewish banksters and Zioncorporations who control Western politics and policies are bringing Muslims into Britain to genocide us. Paul Weston and Guessedworker are typical of the elite British middle class who turn a blind eye to that fact and actually regard Jews as English.

    Cromwell brought the Jews back to England where they establised social-democracy and killed our king just as they deposed our king before the second world war. We have been enslaved ever since Cromwell.

    I am an English nationalist let down by generations of Jew lovers and apologists for Jews and cowards who refused to stand up to the Jews and I regard Guessedworker at the end of the day as part of the problem. It was clear that he learned nothing from what you were trying to convey to him though he likes you no doubt.

    The film he mentioned at the end was an anti-jihad Jew movie where the Jews are behind the Muslim-English war and by inference once more whites die to put them back in power. He praised EDL who are the missled street army of the Jews who fight the Muslims they don’t like while the Jews buy off the rest. Perhaps he has been of service to UKIP on newspaper comments, that’s all.

  2. I’m not familiar with you Darby, but it seems to me from your description of GW that you’re not familiar with him.

    Paul Weston and Guessedworker are typical of the elite British middle class who turn a blind eye to that fact and actually regard Jews as English.

    Citations please. Speaking for himself, in this discussion, GW said the opposite. I’ve not heard Weston address the issue. Has he?

  3. I like Paul Weston. I drop friendly reminders on his party’s Facebook stream often when they wring their hands over something the Jews did but can’t seem to grasp that it’s the Jews who did it. I’d be depressed if he turned out to be a Jew. He strikes me as authentic.

    “Phobic” as a Jew word. Brilliant. I’m a C.G. Jung fan, myself. So I always use the phrase “complex.” It implies a rationality – even if it is a rationality that got turned sideways and shuttled off into its own little world. I see people driven by their complexes a hundred times a day. I watched you and Carolyn through a Jungian lens.

    Speaking of the old battle ax: Live, Slay, and Prosper! I’ve recently been reminded of what a racket the “art” industry is. Just a bunch of Jews telling us what we ought to think about art. Ewscray Emtay. She’s the one who tuned me into that. But ho, Mama! Sheath thy weapons! You’re among friends!

    No matter how you intellectualize it and dissect it, Christianity is and always has been the Number One Enemy of the Jews. I say that to both you non-Christians who accuse us of being fifth columnists, and soft-headed Church leaders who simply do not understand that Jews hate us and will always hate us until the day Jesus comes back and throws virtually all of them into Hell. We Christians have been much more successful at putting them on a leash than any pagan ruler. The only thing we can do beyond our old strategies is physically liquidate them. Just think of them as intestinal worms; which some have advocated reintroducing (under controlled circumstances, of course). It seems plenty of diseases have popped up because we do NOT have intestinal worms anymore. Apparently our bodies evolved for eternal combat with them. And when they’re gone our body starts to attack ITSELF.

    Like Europeans, I don’t like the phrase “White” because I’m not White. I’m half Italian/Greek – half Northern European/British – and my Y chromosome is right out of the Minoan civilization. I’ve been firmly put in my place on that issue my whole life; both among the White family members I grew up with here in Texas and in my life in school and work. And I’m reminded of that every time I read nasty comments about my people in Southern Italy and Greece. We’re the freaking BYZANTINES, jerk wads. We held off the Mohammedan hordes. We had the most stable, trustworthy currency for five hundred years. In the beginning we were richer than the Chinese. Show some respect for your elders.

    (And Atlantis wasn’t some fabled Aryan homeland. She was a city we Minoans built that got blown to smithereens by the Thera explosion. She was the jewel of our crown. You can google a fresco painting of it right now if you’d like.)

  4. A great discussion Tan.

    I hope you can do more of these types of interviews. It’s through them that we can learn a great deal. Hearing people interact really conveys a lot more than their words in print.

    Darby’s sentiment is in the right direction. Guessedworker comes across as someone who just wants to get along, to play nice and to leave the jews mostly alone. A nice guy that you would want on any team …

    Yet given that jews are the cause, the architects of our racial destruction, such a complacent view is simply not acceptable.

    Guessedworker, saying that how we treat jews is a reflection on our civilization, comes across as an indirect and unwitting apologist for them. His mind has likely been ‘holocausted’.

    Regarding Paul Weston; he also comes across as a genuine person that remains genuinely clueless about the jewish role (another ‘holocausted’ mind). To his credit he has stated that he is open to be informed about that role.

    The ‘simple answer’ to our problems is to tell the terrible truth about the past and ongoing monstrous crimes that organized jewry has and is committing against us.

  5. you non-Christians who accuse us of being fifth columnists

    Interesting choice of words. Auster had a similar “fifth columnist complex”. As far as I could tell he was the one who most often referred to himself as a “fifth columnist”.

    It seems to me there are two distinct types to whom Christianity appeals. Those for whom it fills an inborn proclivity for spirituality and faith and regard for something greater than self. And those for whom it fills an inborn need to infiltrate, manipulate and exploit the former.

    jerk wads . . . Show some respect

    Your hypocritical disdain for those who simply distinguish between themselves and yourself is evidence that you are the latter type.

  6. Good interview Tan. Based on your inflection I always thought you a Canadian. Never would have guessed Greater New York.

    I prefer “European” to “White.” More accurate and more concrete.

    Christianity is a double-faced Janus, and it’s European face has been eaten by it’s Semitic one. It was inevitable.

    Southern Europe will prevail over ALL it’s enemies.

  7. Here’s the transcript of part of an interview Paul Western did recently where he talks about the jews.

    GuessedWorker mentioned in Tan’s interview that Weston is a man “in transit”. I think that is a good description. Weston though, is still stuck in the conventional world of patriotic Britain coming out of post war Britain, and all its propagandistic views about Hitler, the NS, etc.

    He does claim to be open minded about the possibility of being wrong about the jews, yet he won’t change his mind unless he is spoon feed the information.

    The problem is, like the rest of us, he has been brainwashed by jews about jews. In his mind they remain the ‘eternal’ victim. To realize that jews are in fact a ruthless tribal group where jewish interests comes first and the rest of humanity be damned is still beyond him.

    Paul Weston on Red Fox Radio 3rd Feb 2014

    Published on Feb 6, 2014
    Hosts Kel Fritzi and Tim Burton interview Liberty GB leader Paul Weston.

    Find out more about Liberty GB at


    PAUL WESTON: I went to Israel a couple of years ago and I went into the Holocaust Museum and there is a little sign there saying that out of politeness you should wear a skull cap. So I thought, I’m in a Holocaust Museum and out of respect and politeness I’ll wear a skull cap. And there was a picture taken and the british Resistance site got hold of the picture. So now of course I’m a fervent rabid zionist that wants to take over the world with my jewish co-conspirators. They are insane. They are literally little clones of the Nazi party. And even the merest hint, of not wanting to kill jews and destroy Israel makes you a zionist in their eyes. And that sadly is the position where I am in their eyes. But I think it’s fairly irrelevant, because they are quite disgusting people.

    TIM BURTON: Yes, I actually had a quick look at the link to British Resistance as it was pointed out to me before I came on the show. I also agree with you and I find it very sad that people feel that they have to attack Israel, because at the end of the day Israel is on the front line against the global jihad and all those people who think there is going to be peace in the Middle East once Israel is no longer on the scene are going to be sadly mistaken. Because the global jihad will then advance to its next goal and onward and inward until there is only really going to be people like us who will staunchly stand up and fight to keep what we have. We will be the only people left. But I just saddened that more people can’t see that. And that jew hatred seems to be so predominate amongst some of these groups.

    PAUL WESTON: It is, and I’ve been talking to people who, about, the Second World War, Hitler and England and Britain, and so many say, “We would never, Britain would never have allowed a man such as Hitler to rise to the top because it simply isn’t British.” But out of all the European countries, we see a lot of anti-semitism in France, but that comes principally from the Muslim community. But you see very little of this in, well you see in the East European countries, Romania, and places like that are very anti-semitic, but in Western European countries it’s very rare to see it, except really for England and Britain. We have a massive far right wing anti-semitic following in this country and they are paranoid about it. Everything is the fault of the jews. The jews control the media, The jews control the banks. The jews control the educational thing. Everything is geared towards, you know, this crazy zionist conspiracy.

    You know, I’m a really open minded man. If it were true, I know for a fact that political correctness, the Frankfurt school, the people involved in that were jews. They were German jews that got out of Germany while Hitler was coming to power and they have done a great deal of damage. But as far as I’m concerned they are communists before they are jews. And this is something that the far right don’t seem to be able to forget about. They just label all subversive types in this country as potential zionists. And I don’t understand it. It is unusual for a Western European country to do it. I’m as baffled as the next person about it.

    But as I say, I’m open minded and I say to these people, “Look, perhaps what you are saying is right. Direct me to some information, some credible articles, or books that actually back up what you are saying. That Rothschilds are behind this world-wide zionist conspiracy.” If I can read proper facts on this, and find out that it is actually true, then I can become a person such as yourself. Until you prove this to me, then I’m going to defend Israel, and defend jews, and defend democracy, rather than bringing in National Socialism, aka, Nazism. And so you can do that “naft off”! [laughter from Tim Burton] As as of yet, they haven’t been able to direct me to anything. Except for David Duke.

    TIM BURTON: So they haven’t inundated you with the literature that you requested. Your front room isn’t full of books detailing exactly how the evil jews have got these nefarious plans for the world all organised. Well I’m, … [laughter] … well you will have to excuse me while I chuckle as it’s not not really a laughing matter. At the end of the day, all this really does is to distract people’s attention from, what in my view, and I’m sure in your view, as well Paul, the most important issue that is facing us. If we can’t resolve this particular issue, with the encroachment of Islam on our society and all the factors that surrounding it, particularly including demographics, if we don’t solve that problem, we are not going to have that much in the way of other problems to worry about. Things like, climate change. It just isn’t going to be an issue at all, when you set it against the consequences of unrestrained and unchecked Islamic encroachment is going to have, on our civilization.


  8. Weston:

    So now of course I’m a fervent rabid zionist that wants to take over the world with my jewish co-conspirators. They are insane.

    Hmmm. There’s that “fifth columnist complex” again.

    We have a massive far right wing anti-semitic following in this country and they are paranoid about it. Everything is the fault of the jews. The jews control the media, The jews control the banks. The jews control the educational thing. Everything is geared towards, you know, this crazy zionist conspiracy.

    Weston sees the two sides. He sides with the jews. He even does it in a very jewish way, by psychopathologizing the most psychologically healthy Britons, those who recognize the jews as enemies.


  9. wintermute had GW right, “erudite and elegant avoidances of the situation at hand.” Lovely bloke, clearly on our side, but personal intellectual fancies constantly derail the old fella: Churchillian WWII mythology; an Ealing Comedy ideal of the English national character; a tendency to exaggerate the position of antisemites who really mean it; a need to make nationalists conservatives in the early MR days or sadhus more recently … And I think all but the last were on display here.

    But on the other hand, I learned a lot about presentation of key data from GW and his attempts to bring race-realism to the libertarians at c.2004. And from 2004-2009 the only rival to MR in smart, learned nationalist discussion was

  10. “Monocausalism” is essentially the application of the germ theory of disease to the situation. Technically, there is a second cause — our existence — but, since that’s something we cant change, the only relevant cause is Jewish intrusion.

  11. For the sake of argument let’s say that I’m suicidal. And let’s say that I stand on the ledge of a skyscraper with the obvious intention to jump to my death. And let’s say a pedestrian down below notices all this and instead of trying to help in whatever way he can yells “Jump!”

    What would most people think of this man?

  12. Whatever happened to wintermute? Miss that guy, one of the best writers I’ve ever met.

  13. I don’t take the ‘monocausalist’ labellers so seriously. I don’t think they even mean what they say. Notice GW didn’t have an answer to Tan’s question, “single Jewish cause’ of what, exactly?”

    Isn’t it just GW and later chechar’s fancy way of building the same straw man that Weston does more simply when he says, “(they say) everything is the fault of the Jews”?

    Self-protection, self-deception or triangulation I don’t know. But it’s bogus – no-one blames the Jews for everything. And throwing around the charge they do, or exaggerating the claims of antisemites generally, is what Jews do often, because it’s good for Jews and bad for us.

  14. It has come to my attention that Carolyn Yeager has put me in her cross hairs to smear me as best she can.

    Having honesty and truth on my side, it won’t be difficult to handle, just requiring a bit of diligence. So much for the notion of her being honest and careful – she hasn’t been with me.

    Ok, so I will address this in comment form. If necessary, I’ll turn it into a head post to clarify matters, but let’s steer away from soap opera as best we can.

    1. Carolyn has this idea that I began talking to Tanstaafl before he left “The White Network” and coerced him to leave. This is funny. She says a few times through the broadcast that she believes this to be the case.

    The first time that I contacted tanstaafl in my life was after he broadcast his departure from The White Network – so, it had to be April 15 or 16: He responded to me on April 16

    Though I have never liked Carolyn’s work, her Hitler and Third Reich admiration, holocaust stuff, I did like Tan’s work. So, when he left her, I thought an interview with Majority Rights would be good (I would have preferred that Carolyn not be discussed in the interview, but did not want to interfere with the conversation).

    Anyway, so much for the laughable idea that I could corrupt tan and force him to be a “traitor” to her.

    2. Carolyn says that I am a Polish chauvinist and that I hate Germans. Well, that’s kind of funny too, but its more sad – because it is not true. I would be sad if people believed it, but it would not be hard for anybody who cares to find out that it is not true.

    Her side-kick, Hadding Scott, first tried the “Polish chauvinist” smear in a flame battle at TOO. The truth is, that’s a projection of Hadding’s – and now Carolyn’s.

    They ARE German chauvinists. I am NOT a Polish chauvinist.

    Carolyn says that it must be true that I am because my father was Polish.

    Well, my father was Italian American and I could not be a Polish chauvinist if I tried.

    I defend all European groups, but take more particular responsibility to defend Italians and Polish when their view and history is being misrepresented, as I am more familiar and capable of doing so – smearing them happens enough, particularly regarding the Poles – because I know their situation and history, I have some duty to set the record straight when they are misrepresented. I don’t like having to do this, to defend one European group against the hatred of another, but if necessary, I will. She wants to make it seem as if I only care about Poles – that’s not it. I am defending against people who basically care only about Germans.

    3. Carolyn says I am only pretending to like Germans. No I am not. Most Germans I’ve known are really fine people.

    4. She took the example I gave of liking it when women speak German – taking my characterization of the language as clumsy, rigid, mechanical ..that sort of thing..well, that is how it sounds to my ear, and I LIKE IT. It is funny to me, in a good way, particularly when a woman speaks it.

    5. She cites a comment of mine about some building that Albert Speer designed. I said I found it hideous – and I do in fact. But to her, this must have been jealousy, as I could not possibly have found this building hideous (but I do). On the other hand, of course Germany has much wonderful architecture which I like very much – Neuschwanstein castle for one fine example, is amazing inside and out.

    6. If she thinks that I do not like Hitler and The Third Reich, that I find talk of the holocaust a tedious, unnecessary and perverted bore – she is right. But she tries to make me seem like I’m the weird one in that sentiment. She says that I have nothing good to say about the Nazis – that’s not true, they adopted some good ideas.

    7. In that regard, she plays the old shell game, that I do not like “NS.” No, I do not like its regime and its realization, some of its ideas were ok.

    8. She says that I talk about White women as if they are “our” women. I may have a few times for the sake of assertion, but generally I try to refer to them as our co-evolutionaries, just to avoid this possessive sound – and wouldn’t you know? One of her commentators said that this term “co-evolutionary”, which I use to be precisely descriptive and diplomatic, is pompous.

    She doesn’t like my use of topoi either (but I do like the word, sorry Carolyn).

    9. She doesn’t like my writing – and read aloud my initial bio for VoR. I must say, it still sounded pretty good to me. What she may not understand, or care to understand, is that I have fun with my writing, and in the first place, write in a way that pleases me – I use the words and phrases that best suit what I mean to say, not to decorate my ideas nor to try to show off, as she claims.

    I know what I am talking about. She read some from my last article at VoR – the sex as sacrament one. As I have said before, I was not able to edit the essays on VoR to my satisfaction, but the content is there – I knew what I was talking about then and it only rings true again as she read it. Nevertheless, I must one day shore up those essays, there are some grammatical and stylistic errors that do bother me.

    She says that I do not like Heidegger. That I must not like him because he was NS. Not true. He is one of my favorites. However, as I have said before, his notion of “ownmost being toward death” is problematic – and the ecological framework that I am working within can mollify that (as it can Dewey’s instrumentalism – that’s important because Dewey is quite influential – thus, an error of his has impact, and its correction is important).

    10. She read from a quote by “Markus”, who posted here as “Goybbels”. Markus is the most anti-Polish bigot that I have ever experienced – But Carolyn reads him as if he is this cool, spot on, level headed guy.

    He is problematic to me because this is what he is into – he sees himself the reborn Prussian who is at war with the Poles. He has all this ready argumentative ammo at his disposal. I, on the other hand, am basically geared to look for cooperation and coordination with other Europeans. However, he goes into droves and droves of this anti Polish bullshit. I tried having a truce with him, but he won’t stop it. It seems to be in his fiber. So, I address it at my convenience or where he confronts me.

    Carolyn says there is no being friends between Poles and Germans. I know otherwise. It is very unfortunate that she wants these things to be true, but they are not. Most people are not like her and Markus. Most Germans that I meet are very cool people. I don’t recall meeting any Polish people who hate Germans. Patriotic expressions with pronounced anti-German sentiments tend to be looked upon as quaint and passe among Poles, where they might rear their head at all – which is rare by itself. It has no currency.

    It has no currency with me either. I like all Europeans and do my best to represent them all, en total and in their efforts to maintain their discreet kinds.

  15. Yikes! It looks like that interview caused quite a ruckus amongst the regular commenters at MR. It will be interesting to see if MR lasts much longer. Obviously GW wants very little to do with his own website; a project that has been in existence for approximately 10 years. My guess is he’s probably worn out by it all. Apparently he has franchised it out to a lad named Daniel. Reading through the comments though, it seems this Daniel fella is, at the very least, not very popular. In any event it was an interesting interview and I extend my best wishes to GW.

    Thanks Tan.

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