The Fifty Worst Jews of 2014


‘The Jerusalem Post’s’ top 50 most influential Jews of 2014, 3 June 2014:

The point of putting together such a list is to recognize the achievements of our tribe across the world, people who in one way or another have worked tirelessly for the improvement of humanity and, in doing so, have made their mark on history.

Included in the overview article are links to separate pages with detailed descriptions for each jew in the list. The word power occurs almost as frequently as influence, especially for those at the top. These are jews who have definitely worked tirelessly and made their mark on history. However, the suggestion that they have used their power and influence “for the improvement of humanity” is ridiculous, unless you understand “humanity” to mean “jewry”.

Most of the jews in the list are Israelis, and most of them are government officials. Many of the rest head organizations in the Anglosphere which are dedicated to promoting jewish and Israeli interests. More than anything else this is a list of jew-first and Israel-first chauvinists. From the point of view of anyone whose interests are harmed by jewish power and influence this can therefore be regarded as a list of some of the worst jews.

‘The Jerusalem Post’s’ top 50 most influential Jews of: 1-10
‘The Jerusalem Post’s’ top 50 most influential Jews of: 11-20
‘The Jerusalem Post’s’ top 50 most influential Jews of: 21-30
‘The Jerusalem Post’s’ top 50 most influential Jews of: 31-40
‘The Jerusalem Post’s’ top 50 most influential Jews of: 41-50

Before the creation of the Jewish state, in the throes of rampant anti-Semitism and horrors of the Holocaust, it would have been unthinkable to put together such a list. But today, thanks in great part to the strength and stature of Israel and the unprecedented freedom that Jews enjoy in the United States and elsewhere, there has been a Jewish renaissance.

Rising anti-Semitism in Europe is a worrying trend, and it is especially important that prominent Jews with influence in Europe are supported in their struggle against this phenomenon.

Jewish power and influence now runs rampant over the rest of humanity. Denial and shifting blame is becoming less and less tenable. Beside serving as an expression of naked triumphalism, or as an Orwellian attempt to turn jewish rule into something their subjects should celebrate, lists like this represent in effect a burning of the boats, prodding the most prominent jews who aren’t already fully committed to use their power and influence to squash any pushback.

Have we left important people off the list? Of course.

Here are the names on the list:

1. Jack Lew
2. Janet Yellen
3. Binyamin Netanyahu
4. Shimon Peres
5. Sheldon Adelson
6 Malcolm Hoenlein
7. Avigdor Liberman
8. Adina Bar-Shalom
9. Yair Lapid
10. Naftali Bennett
11. Elie Wiesel
12. Ronald Lauder
13. Steven Spielberg
14. Stanley Fischer
15. Shari Arison
16. Rabbi Yechiel Z. Eckstein
17. Tzipi Livni
18. Scarlett Johansson
19. Isaac Herzog
20. Ed Miliband
21. Yosef Abramowitz
22. Lynn Schusterman
23. Matthew Bronfman
24. Karnit Flug
25. Joseph Gitler
26. Nir Barkat
27. Natalie Portman
28. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner
29. Irwin Cotler
30. Jeremy Ben-Ami
31. Moshe Kantor
32. Hershey Friedman
33. Ephrat Levy-Lahad
34. Ephraim Mirvis
35. Jonathan Sacks
36. Abe Foxman
37. Idan Raichel
38. Lena Dunham
39. George Soros
40. Vladimir Sloutsker
41. Benny Gantz
42. Daniel Gordis
43. Ester Rada
44. Raphael Mechoulam
45. Dalia Dorner
46. Ofra Strauss
47. Chaim Chesler
48. David Golinkin
49. Marcie Natan
50. Mark Leibler

2 thoughts on “The Fifty Worst Jews of 2014”

  1. “27. Natalie Portman”

    Natalie Hershlag actually. Had me fooled into thinking she was an “American” performer. Birthplace is Israel and she let fly in an interview years ago (when “V for Vendetta” came out) that she is a total Israeli nationalist.

    Why does America keep giving port to the likes of Portman… I mean Hershlag.

  2. Yet Portman is a big liberal in America, supporting gun control, abortion and the rest of the Leftist agenda here, while in Israel its practically impossible for a Jewish woman to obtain an abortion, high capacity guns are owned openly and Israel keeps its borders sealed. If they practiced it themselves, I’d say they were deluded, but the fact that they don’t tells me that universalism is a strategy to weaken and destroy white nations which they don’t really believe in. Hyper-nationalism for Jews, and death through universalism for the rest of us

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