“Whiteness Project” Stokes Anti-Whiteness


The tagline which greets visitors to Whiteness Project is “White people in Buffalo, NY, talk about race.” Here’s what comes up when you click on the About tab:

The Whiteness Project is a multiplatform investigation into how Americans who identify as “white” experience their ethnicity.

The project is conducting 1,000 interviews with white people from all walks of life and localities in which they are asked about their relationship to, and their understanding of, their own whiteness. It also includes data drawn from a variety of sources that highlights some quantitative aspects of what it means to be a white American.

At first glance this looks and sounds promising. It could be an updated, White-centric variation on Craig Bodeker’s video A Conversation About Race, or a web-based elaboration on Robert Griffin’s book, One Sheaf, One Vine: Racially Conscious White Americans Talk About Race.

But who is behind this project, shaping it? What does Whiteness mean to them? Do they identity as “white”? If so, why do they write “white” instead of White? There’s a hint in their “Artistic Statement”:

Most people take for granted that there is a “white” race in America, but rarely is the concept of whiteness itself investigated. What does it mean to be a “white”? Can it be genetically defined? Is it a cultural construct? A state of mind? How does one come to be deemed “white” in America and what privileges does being perceived as white bestow?

Ahh. This is yet another slick attempt to pathologize Whites and deconstruct “White privilege”, an anti-Whiteness project hiding behind a misleading name.

Reading this VICE interview with director/producer Whitney Dow it’s apparent that whatever’s driving him it is not sympathy for Whites. Nor is it academic curiosity. Dow is animated by a deep-seated profanity-flecked hostility toward Whites.

Dow claims that White supremacy is the organizing principle of the United States today. The irony is he has somehow been able to make a career, a living out of promoting this reality-defying belief. Dow’s concept of Whiteness, which he claims is rarely investigated, is an anti-White view that has been taught by academics in elite universities for decades.

The idea behind Dow’s latest project is not new either. Ruth Frankenberg, a sociologist who helped define anti-White “Whiteness studies”, performed interviews in which she deliberately sought to “draw out” the “racism” in her “white” feminist subjects. Dow’s variation is to make a shallower pass over a more ordinary group he knows will “say a lot of dumb shit”. Whereas Frankenberg focused on shaming her deracinated feminist peers into anti-Whiteness, Dow targets Whites generally. Whereas Frankenberg worked in relative obscurity, Dow seeks and gets mass media promotion.

Responding to a question about his motives in the interview with VICE, Dow tries to explain:

I had this epiphany where I suddenly realized, I don’t have a racial identity… But oh my God, of course I have a racial identity. I have the most powerful racial identity on the motherfucking planet. And despite all the work I had done, all my talk about it, all my bullshit, until that moment, I hadn’t really processed it in a real way where I recognized it. It sounds really fucking corny, but it was like having some sort of conversion experience. With that knowledge, all of a sudden, I started to see the world in such a different way. It was kind of like getting X-ray glasses.

Some part of Dow’s brain seems to realize his epiphany about White supremacy is bullshit. At any rate he’s only explaining what triggered his conversion from unconscious to conscious anti-Whiteness. He doesn’t explain why he is anti-White in the first place. Frankenberg linked her anti-White resentment to her mixed jew/White identity. Is Dow’s underlying motive similar? Is his anti-Whiteness really just a reflection of jewness, or part-jewness?

Dow understands that jews are especially relevant to this issue of Whiteness. If you click on the Sources tab at his site and scroll down, one of his 21 blurbs reads:

94% of U.S. Jews identify as white. White Americans view Jews more positively than members of any other major religion.

How odd. Where are the statistics on other religions? What does religion have to do with Whiteness anyway? Why the jews? Dow leaves a truly telling question unasked: How do jews view Whites?

The Pew poll Dow cites as a source for his statement actually makes it clear that jews identify as jews more than anything else. Furthermore, jews think being a jew has more to do with biology (who their parents are) than religion, and 7 out of 10 jews “say remembering the Holocaust is an essential part of what being Jewish means to them”. Thus the most pertinent fact about jews vis-a-vis Whiteness is that jews identify themselves as distinct from Whites, as victims of Whites, as adversaries of Whites.

Dow must be aware of this. Alex, the “white” face Dow attached to his odd statement about jews, explains the distinction:

I don’t feel a common bond where, like, when I see another white person walking down the street I have to give them a high five or something along those lines. No. I do not feel a specific common bond with white people. If you were going to ask me if I feel a common bond with jewish people then yes, it would absolutely be yes.

Bullshit artists like Dow are able to make careers out of crusading against White supremacy only because Whites who identify positively as White are not in control, and because anti-White jews and people who think positively about jews are. It is exactly because jews have real power and privilege that “whites” of Dow’s ilk are not having epiphanies about jew supremacy and PBS will not be sponsoring any “Jewness Projects”.

So far the main response to Dow’s “Whiteness Project” has come from confused and consternated anti-Whites. The confusion is a direct result of the project’s misleading name and presentation. Their consternation is a result of the unthinkable injury of allowing Whites (or even “whites”) any kind of public platform to speak about race – even our own. Luckily for Dow, the more seasoned anti-Whites in the jewsmedia get his agenda. They have been happy to offer Dow and other anti-Whites a platform to make their distaste for Whites plain. Some examples are attached below.

White People Are Unironically Talking About the White Experience in New PBS Documentary, Tom McKay, Identities.Mic, 11 October 2014. (No White identity at “Identities.Mic”. McKay calls out just about every “white” except Alex the jew. Irony or coincidence?)

Twitter Users Reject The Whiteness Project’s Deposit, Trent Clark, Hip-Hop Wired, 12 October 2014. (14 pages of snarky twits “rejecting” the project because it isn’t overtly anti-White enough, see Anti-Whiteness is Trending.)

Anger at controversial PBS project on the ‘hardships’ of being white: Critics round on ‘The Whiteness Project’, Joel Christie, Daily Mail, 14 October 2014. (‘hardships’. Dow: “A bit nervous as I know it has a huge chance of being misunderstood” “White people have been very tentative about engaging.” “POC either get it right away or are hugely offended.”)

PBS under fire for documentary, ‘The Whiteness Project,’ on Caucasian hardships, Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times, 15 October 2014. (A rehashing of the DM article minus the sneer quotes on hardships.)

The Soapbox: “The Whiteness Project” Is A Pageantry Of White Ignorance, Tiffanie Drayton, The Frisky, 15 October 2014. (Angry black woman lectures Whites about “appropriation”, via the White internet, in White English.)

Why the Whiteness Project is so endlessly mortifying, Miles Klee, Salon, 15 October 2014. (“From our own vantage, it looks as if he was attempting a serious exploration of white identity in the tradition of Richard Dyer, but white people found a way to ruin it: by speaking their minds.”)

The Whiteness Project will make you wince. Because white people can be rather awful, Steven Thrasher, The Guardian, 15 October 2014. (Angry black man winces, wants to hear more.)

Why Would We Need Something Called ‘The Whiteness Project’?, Jessica Roy, NYMag, 16 October 2014. (Dow: “I expected white people to be outraged, and what’s actually interesting to me is the biggest critics of the project are white progressives on the web. They think it’s really outrageous, what I’m doing.”)

Making Sense of the Whiteness Project, Brigitte Fielder, Avidly – LA Review of Books, 16 October 2014. (“public responses to it have been so varied”, says yet another professional non-White who has literally made a career out of lecturing others about “Whiteness” and doesn’t think Whites should have anything to say about it.)

7 thoughts on ““Whiteness Project” Stokes Anti-Whiteness”

  1. Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like: #42 Denying that they are White. If there was a “jew” box on government forms would jews check it? Some. But jews don’t disguise themselves because that’s what governments want, governments disguise jews because that’s what jews want.

    “Dear White People” is the college movie of our times, Alexis Wilkinson, Salon, 17 October 2014. A “comedy” whose one joke, start to end, is belligerent blacks hectoring clueless Whites about “racism”. Set in an alternate universe where belligerent jews didn’t already take over all the former institutions of White supremacy using essentially the same shtick. No doubt Simien (lol) learned enough yiddish to say “please” and “greenlight”.

  2. This type of stuff makes me laugh at the same time it enrages me (possible reach for a gun type moment). Are these simians mocking a social construct? Then they are mocking themselves, no? Or are they mocking an actual Race of people? Which is it jew and negroes? Are White Europeans a race or a social construct?

    Seems to me everybody knows Whites are a Race when it comes time to do and say anything that displaces them, belittles or takes advantage of them, all the while living off of them. More often than not it is overt racism (to use a jew term)disguised as satire.
    The facts is, they are behaving how we Whites are not allowed nor supposed to behave . In truth they are just being complete a@@holes to Whites and we are supposed to take it for whatever jew says we did. Yet, as soon as we object or call attention to any of the above points or ones not mentioned, all of a sudden we no longer exist as a Race.

    It really baffles the mind how people can do and say what they say to us White Europeans. All the while crying foul if we object. These snide remarks about Whites and me being one, it happens daily to me at work and they get away with it. Then these fools still think hollywood is run by Whites, the USA and everything damn thing in this world is run by evil White supremacists. When if one looks to the reality of the situation, we have no power, no say in anything that is happening to US as a Race and our Nations. This alone should prove to an honest person we have no power at all.

    But we are not dealing with honest people, this is something Whites need to realize before it’s too late. We cannot continue to project our racial traits onto others and expect them to act and behave like us, it has never worked and never will. Trillions in funding prove my point. They will never be us, and they hate us and themselves because of that simple fact.

    This stuff really gets the blood boiling. Anyway, Tan, thanks for a great blog and podcasts.

  3. The Whiteness Project: Whites and blacks are still living in separate worlds (also titled “The Gulf That Divides Us – The Whiteness Project underscores why there is so little empathy between whites and blacks”), Jamelle Bouie, Slate, 17 October 2014.

    Slate’s house negro says it’s “jarring” and “unpleasant” to hear Whites say “I’m proud to be White” but it’s “useful, since they illustrate the extent to which blacks and whites really do inhabit vastly different worlds”.

    As if. Well, what’s the solution?

    Not only does this data underscore the vast gap in perception, but it suggests a solution—blacks and whites (and Latinos and Asians and others) need to share the same space if we’re going to have any empathy or understanding.

    Sadly, at the same time we need to push harder for an integrated society, we have a mainstream political movement devoted to gutting our key tools for fighting bias, and indulging many white Americans in their misguided belief that we live in a racially equal society.

    If the house negroes, or more precisely, their jew masters, didn’t want an integrated society then they’d cite the “jarring” “unpleasant” divide as a reason to separate. The problem is that we don’t really inhabit different worlds. Parasites will always argue for integration, whatever the cost to their host.

  4. “Parasites will always argue for integration, whatever the cost to their host.”

    True. And that’s the thing to throw in their faces. “If Whites are so hateful and murderous, why don’t you get off your fat asses and LEAVE?!”

    My own people moved into Europe about 5000 years ago from Anatolia into Crete. We moved in slowly. Apparently peacefully. (Believe it or not that actually shows up in the archeological record.) And we came bearing gifts. We are a very subtle, spiritual race.


    (“Three main branches” are alluded to in the article as posted at this moment, but it’s one race. Crete is the center of a DNA network that stretches from the Dodecanese, through the Cyclades, into Laconia of southern Greece. AND INTO CENTRAL ITALY.)

    My brethren in the Middle East – who I’ve only recently discovered – apparently fell in with a bunch of psychos. I love White people. Thank God for them every day. We’ve done well by you and you’ve done well by us. Thus I despise Jews with a passion.


    This is only their latest struggle. People have been trying to genocide them since at least the Sassanids fifteen centuries ago. Talk about your “Suffering Servants.” I was happy to see they are famous for being bad Muslims. :-)

    Also, too: the Jews are trying to genocide us as well. Been doing that for centuries.


    Cyrene was a Cretan colony. We’ve been colonizing Cyprus straight out of Anatolia for thousands of years. I recently found out about this, and I’m convinced it’s the template on which the Islamic Invasion was modeled. Complete with a knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish with the Iranians. This was during a war with the Parthians. The latter was after we tangled with – and successfully broke – the Sassanids.

    I know I’ve made this about me and my folks, and that this is a site for you White people and your problems with Jews. But please don’t think you’re alone in this struggle. There are plenty of friends happy to lend a hand. And plenty of potential to kick your enemies in the boy bits.

    This is us, too:


    It’s the dominant school of Islam in our homeland of Central Anatolia. I’m confident a solid plurality of them are crypto Greek Orthodox. Some of the Alevi immigrants to Germany have openly come out as just that.

  5. “I love White people. Thank God for them every day. We’ve done well by you and you’ve done well by us. ”

    Ah well, a nice thought and comes as something of a surprise to me. However, thanks to our racial tendency to view others as being “just like us” and the confusion and self-hatred taught to our children within our public “schools” (really indoctrination centers), there will be fewer and fewer of us to “love” in the future. This will be especially the case after we are officially a minority within our own lands (not just the US, but Europe as well, and this is already the case in Britain). At some point in the near future barring a miracle, the same thing will happen to us whites as is presently happening to the Boer farmers in South Africa.
    The white upper class fools in the major cities such as Pretoria seem to believe that their turn will not come, but it will. So too, for our self hating white politicians here in the US and elsewhere. They seem to think that they will be shielded in their gated enclaves when the black barbarian hordes come for them, but they are wrong. Ferguson MO is a portent of OUR future, eventually, all white people. Hope you enjoyed our company and the civilization that we brought to you. When we are gone, Detroit writ large looms ahead.

  6. George —

    I second that, gravely.

    For over fifty years I’ve never lived further than fifty miles from any of Great Lakes of North America, excepting military service and such. There have been “portents” of all kinds here for decades.

    Detroit! In 1964 my aunt took me shopping then for a plunge in the water at Metro Beach. Her area of Detroit was nearly all white, sedate and crime-free, although the areas that rioted shortly after were already locked and loaded.

    Ben Franklin thought this area would become one of the world’s wonders, and he was only reading reports from explorers, trappers and soldiers. As it turned out we’re just South Africa with more fresh water. And unlike those south of us, we never developed a regional consciousness (apart from “isolationism”) so the lakes became a big wet pit stop in flyover land, a big work-transient camp where people come from, or get stuck in.

    The handful of us Whites who knew this place as a land and not a resource will be seen as nothing more than squatters when Greater Motown becomes the future Ben Franklin wouldn’t have seen coming, even as a nightmare.

  7. Franz;

    I gather from the year you gave of 1964, that you must be around my age. I on the other hand have spent the past 50 years (I was 10 years old when my family moved to this area) about 40 miles from Philadelphia PA. I live outside of a town of about 60,000 or so that was nearly all white 50 years ago. Today it is about 70% black with some hispanic types as well. The difference between now and then cannot be imagined. The main street of this town is haunted by blacks who (so I have been told by a reliable source) have migrated here from Detroit and other hollowed out areas like Chicago and closer at hand, Philadelphia. What has brought them here is social services and a new frontier to turn into a wasteland. Where once there were all sorts of shops like F.W Woolworths, J.C. Pennys, Sears, various shoe stores, a two-floor hardware store that carried everything from beeswax to Colt 45’s there were nice eating establishments, now there are now several drug and alcohol rehabs, group homes for retarded people, empty store fronts, and old homes turned into rental units. As a matter of fact, 50% of the housing in this town is rental units.
    Once upon a time this town was 17th in the entire nation for the industry it had; a major steel mill, clothing manufacturers, several industries that supplied parts like drive shafts to the automobile industry, etc., now it is not even on the map. There is no work here and living here gets more dangerous every year. As for Ben Franklin; if the quotes attributed to him are true, then he knew that it was vital to the nation’s health to keep a certain tribe of people out of the country, but his peers did not listen to him. Now we face the result.

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