Race and Jews – Part 5


Amanda Bynes, a half-jewess celebrity with mental health issues and 3.5M followers on Twitter, twits:

Adolf Hilter tricked the germans into believing that jews were less than the germans and that they should be segregated and then killed

Nothing new or profound here, just another expression of the jewish narrative, specifically their holocaust narrative, a testimony to its utter pervasiveness. In this dominant, jewish view of history and morality, Germans and jews are distinct and unequal – it is the Germans, and Whites generally, who are less than the jews, with subordinate identity and interests.

Hitler and the national socialists offered German leadership to the German people, who naturally resented being ruled and harmed by jews. The jews have always thought less of the goyim. How many Germans were killed? How many Whites have been killed by Whites who have been tricked into war by the jews? The jews don’t care how many Whites died. All they care about is how many jews died. What’s more, they think that’s all anybody else should care about.

Last year’s Pew poll of jews reveals telling aspects of jewish identity. The table in the image above comes from the complete report. It indicates that the jews realize that the essence of being jewish is their persecution narrative, not religion.

The poll results were initially greeted by the jews in stereotypical fashion, as if the sky were falling on the jews. The truth is that the survey and their collective response highlight just how obsessesed jews are with their identity and interests, and those who aren’t are simply no longer counted as jews.

A recent article reiterates the point. More Dire Signs of Liberal Jewry’s Demise, J.J. Goldberg, The Jewish Daily Forward:

… a reanalysis of the data in last year’s Pew Forum survey … focus mainly on worrisome family patterns of non-Orthodox Jews. Fewer marry, those who marry have fewer children and those with children give them less Jewish education. The likely result — the signs are already visible — is that each successively younger age cohort is smaller than the one before, less Jewishly attached and less likely in turn to give their children a strong sense of Jewish identity.

The process produces degenerates such as Amanda Bynes, who melt into the White host.

Their calculations don’t include the Orthodox community, they note parenthetically, “because its overall family patterns are so different.”

“If Pew tells us anything,” Wertheimer and Cohen write, “it is this: judged by their ability to retain the allegiance of their young, foster a commitment to the group life of Jews at home and abroad, or even meet the elementary needs of survival, American Jews, whatever stories they continue to tell about themselves, no longer constitute a great community.”

Their solution: First of all, get more kids into Jewish day schools, which are depicted as the one sure fix for dissolving Jewish identity. They call it “tragic that day schools at every level have become largely the preserve of Orthodox Jews, with only small percentages of others choosing an immersive Jewish education for their children.”

This is common sense about education and its importance to group identity. The fact is that jews do teach their kids who they are, who their enemies are, to think of themselves as part of a group, to be loyal and committed to that group.

Another fact is that the jewiest jews have high birth rates and group consciousness:

It’s not that the Haredi streams are gaining popularity and attracting more Jews. Chabad, the Hasidic group that reaches out to non-Hasidic families, is the exception, so distinct that it’s listed as its own category with just 12,000 students, half of whom aren’t Hasidic. No, the streams of Judaism that are bursting at the seams are growing through high birthrates and strict self-segregation from everyone else.

How fast are they growing? Consider: Orthodox Jews comprise about 11% of the total American Jewish population of about 6 million, but they’re 27% of the 1 million children under 18. In New York City that figure is 60%. And nearly all that growth is in the black-hatted Hasidic and Yeshivish communities, not the Modern Orthodox.

Judaism probably isn’t at risk, but the worldly, liberal Jewry that emerged from the Enlightenment could be.

“Worldly liberal jewry” is not being taken down by anyone, and they’re certainly not taking the rest of jewry with them. They are, however, taking down Whites. “Worldly liberal jewry” focuses on infiltrating and manipulating Whites to keep the world safe for the more fecund core of jewry, which in turn focuses on spawning more of itself and more “worldly liberal jewry”.

Jews in America have been whining about their persecution and impending demise for more than a hundred years. To understand why, we return again to Eric Goldstein’s book, The Price of Whiteness: Jews, Race, and American Identity, page 19:

The Uses of Race

Under the pressure of the shifting social boundaries of the 1870s, the language of race became an attractive vehicle for self-expression among American jews and was used liberally in the weekly jewish press, in popular novels and magazines, and in the pronouncements of jewish leaders. The great appeal of racial language was its unique ability to capture the strong attachment of jews to jewish peoplehood, a feeling heightened during a time when many of the familiar markers of jewishness were receding. Because jews could no longer count on clear social boundaries to set them off from non-jews, they looked to race as a transcendent means of understanding and expressing the ties that held them together as a group. In short, racial language helped them express their ongoing attachment to the social dimension of jewishness even as the social distinctiveness of jews began to weaken.

In similar fashion, racial language also allowed jews to maintain their self-image as a persecuted people as they rose on the economic ladder and attained an unprecedented level of social acceptance. For Cyrus Sulzburger, editor of the American Hebrew, jewish racial identity could not be understood apart from the history of jewish oppression, which had deeply shaped the group’s character and bound its members more closely together. The racial distinction between “Semite” and “Aryan” had been “more clearly marked by reason of the….persecution which we have undergone,” he explained. “The story of those persecutions form us a peculiar legacy which stirs the blood and touches the heart of every Hebrew in a way that it can stir none else.” Many jewish commentators of the period developed this theme by arguing that jews’ experiences with persecution had imbued them with a heightened morality, a clearer sense of justice, and a greater appreciation for the suffering of others. While the “Aryan has stood for pillage,” editorialized the American Hebrew in 1884, “the Semitic race has stood for peace.”

The opposition between White/Aryan versus jew/semite/hebrew is clear here. A century ago jews saw “the language of race” as good for the jews, as an “attractive vehicle” that captured “the strong attachment of jews to jewish peoplehood”. Ironically, as part of their infiltration and manipulation of White Americans, jews embraced their racial distinctiveness to help assert their moral authority. Yet even then, decades before Hitler or their “holocaust”, the foundation of jews’ identity and claims to superiority was their persecution narrative. Then, as now, the “persecuted” jew moralizes, lecturing his White “persecutor” about how to serve the best interests of the jews.


Confronting Jewish Racial Origins

In defending endogamous marriage and opposing the government’s racial classification schemes, American Jews often relied on diversionary tactics. By trying to change the topic from race to religion, they aimed to protect their status as white Americans without having to directly deny their cherished “racial affinities.” As Simon Wolf’s appearance before the Immigration Commission demonstrated, however, such tactics fell flat in the face of direct questions about Jewish racial identity. This was precisely the problem American Jews confronted as questions began to arise among scholars and scientists about Jewish racial origins. In clarifying their place in American life, Jews had to have a coherent explanation as to how they fit into the larger story of human racial development. Yet the story of Jewish origins to which most jews of the period subscribed had significant potential to mark them as racial outsiders in white America.

During the nineteenth century the claim of “Semitic” origin had become something of a badge of honor for American Jews, allowing them to trace their heritage back to the dawn of civilization and take credit for laying the ethical foundations of Western society. By the early twentieth century, however, some Jews had become alarmed at the tendency of scientists, scholars, and popular commentators to attribute an African origin to the Semites.

Simon Wolf’s dissembling and its significance is better described in Henry Ford’s The International Jew. Wolf was a professional lobbyist for the jews who had been in contact with every president from Lincoln to Wilson.

The jews asserted their racial distinctiveness as a way of asserting their moral authority. It was just as Whites began to appreciate their racial distinctiveness from jews that the jews decided it would be better for the jews to abandon that argument and hijack and derail race science instead. Page 110:

Though dedication to the story of Semitic origins remained strong among many Jews, Jewish leaders did begin to see the importance of establishing their claim to whiteness scientifically. At the height of the controversy over immigrant classification in 1909, Jewish notables exchanged letters expressing concern about the increasing reliance of government policy on the work of race scientists, whom they feared were dangerously close to pronouncing the Jews a non-white race. While they had confidence that they could continue to dispute the racial classification of Jews on a political level, they were less certain of their ability to contest the authoritative voice of racial science. As Cyrus Adler of the American Jewish Committee wrote to his colleague Mayer Sulzburger, Jewish leaders needed to enlist the help of an anthropologist in order to get “a very strongly worded declaration as to the practical identity of the white race,” one that would presumably leave no doubt as to the whiteness of Jews.

The very title of Goldstein’s book, The Price of Whiteness, is another small lesson in jewish mentality. The implication is that jews paid in any way for their deliberate conspiracy to infiltrate, manipulate and exploit White Americans. The fact is that mistaking jews as “white” has cost Whites.

11 thoughts on “Race and Jews – Part 5”

  1. It is amazing the level of self-deception jews need to survive and thrive off the host (Aryans). I think they honestly see nothing wrong in anything they do. But the way they lobby for their victim narrative kind of shows they know they are being dis-honest. Unless the dis-honesty I see is actually not seen by them? It is more a survival strategy, possibly?

    This eternal victim narrative shows they have no morality. jews are the eternal enemy of Aryans not the victims of Aryans. jews turn the victims into the victimizers through narrative manipulation.

    The death toll from their races’ manipulation is matched by none. Yet, all the while they play the victim. The world of opposites is what the jews thrive in. One could make the argument that the truth in a jew system, is what jews do, not what they say, especially what they say and promote to gentiles.

    Things are changing. I come in contact with people now, who are more receptive to the jew truth than in years past.

    Your podcasts help, Tan. Short enough for todays attention span, also loaded with very good information, irrefutable information.

  2. These podcasts are helpful and educational for me as well. In my attempt to understand what motivates Jews to work to destroy the European world, I have arrived at an experimental hypothesis (any feedback is appreciated), which is as follows: Humans have a threat recognition system, which appears to be located in the amygdala region of the brain. Studies show that this area lights up when people are shown photos of non-ethnics, with the conclusion that humans are wired to alert to a threat when encountering foreigners. Jews have been selected over time through necessity to have perhaps the most sensitive threat-recognition system. Essentially, they see a foreigner and their alarm bells begin ringing off the hook, their subconscious mind is essentially screaming ALERT! ENEMY, ENEMY! Their awareness of the historical conflict and tragedies involved in their history, mostly involving them versus their European hosts (which in their mind was always unfair, and they were innocent), strengthens this natural instinct. Note that this heightened sense of danger and xenophobia is primarily a subconscious mental process, which for the most part is not rational or conscious. This doesn’t apply to every Jewish person (we are mostly discussing the Ashkenazis here), but as they are strongly related to each other, this is the reality for the great majority of them.

    There is a German movie from the 30’s, “M”, which depicts a (Jewish) serial killer who cannot help but strangle young, pretty German girls to death. If he goes without satisfying his compulsion, he experiences symptoms resembling drug withdrawal: shaking hands, sweating, etc. This is sort of how I see the Jewish compulsion to destroy the European world: its something that comes from deep within the subconscious. I think the difference between the serial killer is that Jews see their motives as essentially good and virtuous. The Pew poll mentioned indicates that “being moral and ethical” is an important value for a majority of Jews. I think that if we were to give a reliable lie detector test to Sheldon Adelson, Tim Wise, Abraham Foxman or most of the other most European-corrosive Jews, we would find that they honestly believe that they are motivated by the highest principles in their political pursuits. I think that this test would also show that most of them do not believe that they hate or despise the European world, they are not very self-aware of their European xenophobia. Taanstafl makes an important point that Jewish brains are very different from Europeans’, and don’t operate the same way that ours do. However, in the midst of all their conscious deception, I hypothesize that there is significant self-deception at play.

    I think this hypothesis helps to explain why organized Jewry pursues policies that destroy a host that has provided them with significant benefits, including wealth and security. Europeans are competitors with Jews in European nations, and pose a continued potential threat (certain nations have successfully evicted Jews in the past). However, I think that a rational calculation would show that a post-European West would be far less effective in safeguarding Jewry and would introduce economic instability and many geopolitical unknowns and risks. Thus, anti-European behavior is self-destructive for Jews, although it is based on highly adaptive instincts (threat recognition).

    I prefer this hypothesis to the “Elders of Zion” idea where Jewish activities are part of a coherent plan to gain control of the world. (I do recognize extensive Jewish networking, collaboration and planning, as well as a consensus on aspirations for a more centralized “New World Order”).

  3. they honestly believe that they are motivated by the highest principles … there is significant self-deception at play … explain why organized Jewry pursues policies that destroy a host … anti-European behavior is self-destructive for Jews

    I think what a White brain infers must be “self-deception” in the jews is the true self-deception. The jews consciously organize to promote their lies and transfer blame for their harm elsewhere, and they do so with acute awareness of the importance of such activities to their collective identity and interests. Most Whites go through their lives as deluded, deracinated individuals. The few Whites who awake at some point are shocked to realize that the jews, far from victims, are preying upon Whites. We lie to ourselves about what this race of liars and gangsters is doing either because we cannot imagine why else we ourselves might behave as they do, or because we literally fear to face the truth.

    Of course, the other reason ostensibly awakened “whites” make excuses for the jews is that they aren’t actually White, or they have some personal connection that motivates them to sympathize more with the jews.

    The parasite need not keep its host alive to survive. The jews have infiltrated, manipulated, exploited and outlived every nation, empire and civilization in Europe and the Middle East for millenia. The idea that the destruction of White nations or the whole White civilization by jews is “self-destructive” for the jews is just another White self-deception.

    The reality is there is no organized external force which encourages jews to deceive themselves. Quite the contrary, a good portion of jews’ tireless organizing goes toward encouraging confusion and self-deception among Whites. Jews actively promote the patent canards that jews don’t organize, that jews are “white” (implying they sympathize with Whites), and that jews are harmless victims (of Whites). Regardless of its untruth, their narrative is “good for the jews”. Jews tell it not because they can’t see reality, but because they well realize they are best served by promoting an alternate reality.

    How bizarre that even among Whites who see through these lies, some flounder on the next – the silly idea that in behaving in such a consistent and ruthlessly group-obsessed fashion the jews must be lying to and harming themselves, at least a little bit. It makes me want to scream. Just flip it around. If Whites were like jews we’d be destroying the jews and celebrating it, telling those who disagree that they’re mentally/morally defective “haters”, telling those who make it past that they’re destroying themselves, and telling those who get past that that Whites would never ever destroy the jews because that would be “self-destructive”. It’s impossible to imagine this because Whites aren’t like jews. Whites aren’t ruthlessly deceptive parasites.

  4. If I read your reply correct Tan, what I stated as the jews self deception, is actually my own self deception in thinking jews are basically lying and deceiving themselves in order to get what they want. When in reality they are just being jews and any deception I perceive is my own, correct?

    So what we see is jews being jews end of story? Then us Aryans using our minds to try too rationalize or make sense of what they do as related to how Aryans would do, act or say?

  5. Basically, yes Chris. To the extent deception is a problem, I see it as Whites deceiving themselves (with encouragement from others) about the true depth and nature of jewish deception.

    Note how the lies change depending upon how racially conscious the White is. First jews are “white”. Then jews are supposedly lying to/harming themselves. This is not just lying, it’s an inherently inconsistent series of lies. It reminds me of how the typical argument in defense of jews inevitably shifts from “you’re paranoid, the jews don’t do anything”, to “you’re just jealous, you wish you could do what the jews do”. The one consistent thread is to imagine some way, any way, to excuse the jews, even if it requires contradicting the other excuses.

    True self-deception is a personal phenomena – unconsciously lying to oneself to protect oneself. What the jews do is qualitatively different. They engage in the lying collectively, which requires consensus, which requires consciousness. They tell the lies to themselves AND everyone else. If you consider it as part of their crypsis – a persistant, characteristic trait of jews – then it is no doubt encoded in their genes.

    BTW, the idea behind “White privilege”, the “invisible knapsack”, is that Whites are engaging in a form of deceptive group behavior that serves group interests, i.e. Whites are guilt-tripped for supposedly doing a fraction of what jews actually get away with without challenge.

  6. Fantastic, Tan. Makes sense to me what you say. It should have been clear to me by now but these jews are a work to understand. Seems you must really step outside the Aryan mind to really grasp these parasites. Thanks…

  7. interesting poll. Lately I’ve been thinking about precisely this issue: has Holocaustism – a murderous, anti-White narrative – replaced Judaism (a more general, anti-“other” narrative) as the Jews actual Religion. Proof positive. At the local B’nai B’rith synagogue, before entering and again when leaving, the Jews walk through a physical cemetery of oddly-shaped boulders, each inscribed with the name of a Nazi camp, ghetto, etc., and a purported victim total

  8. Unconsciously lying? Interesting thought but isn’t lying a product of abstract thought, thought the product of language and language the most ancient of memes? The meme is collectively reinforced in the same manner as religion…fear. vilification and even violence.

    The first thing to note is the vilification of unbelievers. Those with an unbelieving heart will be judged, for, presumably, they’ve done something (morally?) wrong. The vilification of unbelievers threatens exclusion from the group to anyone on the fence. And then there’s the fear of Hell (antisemitism) that’s engendered. The net effect of the vilification and fear is that a desire to believe comes about in the mind. “ – See more at: http://philosophytalk.org/community/blog/neilyneil/2013/12/self-deception-and-problem-religious-belief-formation#sthash.FMTug0m2.dpuf

  9. Thanks for responding to my comment. I think you are correct that it is difficult for Europeans (or for me at least) to comprehend Jewish activities, because it is foreign to our thinking patterns. Sympathy or excuses are obviously inappropriate for an existential threat. I was trying to understand the extreme animus toward Europeans, which is so intense and emotional. Researching this further, I came across an excellent article that addresses this:
    “One reader commented, “I am just now becoming aware of the Jewish question and all it entails, but one thing about the Jews that I don’t understand is why. Why do they hate us so much? Why do they want us to die?”…This question was answered by William Pierce…Why would they seek to destroy a society that had made them rich, powerful, and influential?…Pierce related the “the old fable about the scorpion and the frog… In destroying Western civilization and committing genocide against the “cancer of human history” as they call us, Jews are not destroying themselves as the scorpion in the fable did. They will move on to exploit others after they have finished the West off. From a rational standpoint it is doubtful that they are maximizing their self-interest by such behavior, but that is neither here nor there. They are motivated by insatiable greed and hatred, not reason…hatred is irrational. It is an emotion—in this case, an ungovernable one. Jews harbor murderous hatred for their victims. This does not make sense to Gentiles, or need to make sense to them. It is simply a fact…Pierce’s main point: “The simplest answer, which also is the most profound answer: Jews do what they do because they are Jews.”

    I guess that my answer is that the compulsion to destroy my kind is not easy for me to understand, as it is not fair, equitable or sensible as far as my goyishe kopf can process it. It is connected to powerful emotions, which are part of Jews being Jews, beings that think differently than I do. Whether the destruction will serve Jewish long-term interests is irrelevant, because it is simply a fact of their wired-in thinking and behavior patterns. Because of their nature, this is necessarily their goal, and organized Jewry is embarked upon very rational projects to achieve it.

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