Race and Jews – Part 4


A recent twit from Richard Dawkins to his 1.05 million followers (retwitted by 325, favorited by 498):

Biologists disagree over how, or whether, to define race. But there is NO sensible definition whereby either Judaism or Islam is a race.

This is intellectual sleight-of-hand, a word game in which Dawkins has substituted “judaism” for “jews”. It is the same trick the jews themselves use – emphasizing the ideological, the religious disguise, to distract from the biological, hereditary nature of the group itself. Dawkins is a world-famous biologist, specializing in evolution. He is too intelligent to not comprehend the fallaciousness of this game.

He may have been trolling, intentionally mocking the fallacy. More likely he was lamely trying to defend himself from the jews and muslims who call him a “racist”. Jews deliberately conflate jewishness with judaism, encouraging others to do the same, but they also don’t hesitate to cry “racism”, because they understand better than anyone that their connection to each other is racial.

The pretense that jewishness equates to religion falls apart as soon as you start asking questions. Which religion? What about so-called “jews of no religion”? For a more detailed examination see Pew Polls Jews, as well as Jewish Crypsis – Religion – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Kevin MacDonald’s article, Get into Twitter. Be Depressed., elicited a comment from James Reinfeld calling attention to my recent work:

Tanstaafl at Age of Treason is doing podcasts on intellectuals such as Francis Parker Yockey and their thoughts – or really their lack of adequate thoughts – on the Jews. The impression I get from these confirms the frustration I had myself in looking up the wise old men of the white race for thoughts that might help us in this crisis.

A pithy summary. I’m also disappointed with the feeble criticism of wise old “anti-semites” like Wilhelm Marr.

Before Kevin MacDonald, no one knew anything about the Jews, and the danger to whites as whites. Attempts to grapple with a Darwinian challenge using theological mental tools, passing references to Jewish attitudes and habits with no development on the potential danger they posed and no advice on how whites should defend themselves as whites, or at most inclusion of Jews on lists of alien peoples who really posed nothing like the same threat – these just didn’t cut it. Nor is there guidance to be had in hyper-nationalist perspectives, that had no notion of whites as an endangered in-group, and rather saw some particular nation as in competition with all others (merely including Jews).

Jews are and have been conscious of themselves as a collective with shared interests and enemies, while we have been unconscious. This has given Jews an enormous advantage over us.

From the publication of the Culture of Critique trilogy and the additional material that followed, we can say that at least tiny numbers of whites had for the first time a matching awareness. That’s quite new. Really, it’s a 21st Century phenomenon only.

Kevin MacDonald is a refreshing exception amidst the cowardice and ignorance that prevails today. MacDonald’s analysis is both comprehensive and coherent, but the general thrust – that the jews are biologically alien and conspire to advance their own interests, against the interests of their White hosts – is not new.

Many Europeans have seen the jews for what they are – implacably alien, harmful, an existential threat – especially since the Enlightenment. In Germany the National Socialists, the “nazis”, understood the jews in this way, and organized to defend themselves.

Reinfeld’s point about “hyper-nationalist perspectives” is that it plays into the divide-and-conquer tactics jews use. If Americans, Britons or Russians had awakened and recognized the jews as the Germans did then World War II might have been averted, or at least the jews might have lost. At any rate the world would be a very different place today.

Andrew commented on the previous installment:

I am unsure about the degree of Jewish self-deception versus conscious deception. I tend to side with Dr. MacDonald here. On the micro level, I am sure they know very well that they are slithery and deceptive in their conduct. But on the macro level, I think there is a lot of self-deception at play.

. . .

I see their need to destroy Europeans as an emotional compulsion that they are mostly not self-aware of. A circumspect, self-aware, not self-deceiving organism would not be hell-bent on destroying its host (or undertaking the other ultimately self-destructive policies that we see).

Note how difficult it is to believe that the jews are self-destructive and contrast this with the premise of the suicide meme, that Whites are inherently self-destructive. The truth is that no organism evolves to destroy itself.

Jews, like any group, exhibit a range of behaviors. Applying their favorite adage to their primary concern we could say, “Two jews, three opinions about what’s best for the jews.” Whites should be wondering whether it’s good for Whites that any jews are free to run around, pretending to be White, telling Whites what to think and do, regardless of whether all jews are hell-bent on destroying Whites, or why.

On the one side are jews like Tim Wise. Wise’s “White Like Me” shtick serves as the barest disguise for a resentful mischling who is quite literally hell-bent on destroying Whites.

On the other side are jews like Lawrence Auster. Auster was the quintessential “good jew”, a self-professed Christian convert, (neo-)conservative, and race realist. Like Wise, Auster insisted that jews are “white”, though only because he was hell-bent on defending the jews, and thought Whites could still be of some service to this end.

As I wrote in On Jewish Deception:

Self-deception, in its most literal sense, is about lying to oneself to protect oneself. It is a personal mechanism for dealing with a personal problem – avoiding mental anguish by mentally avoiding reality.

The primary problem for Whites is not in trying to distinguish between jewish deception or self-deception, it is White denial, the propensity of Whites to deceive themselves, to imagine ways to avoid facing the harm and pain caused by jewish deception.

“It’s not the jews! There is no jewish conspiracy. That’s just craaaazy talk.” This line of thinking is strongly and constantly encouraged by the jews. It is a line eagerly adopted by those who wish to avoid the very real pain the jews readily inflict on those who refuse to accept it.

Speaking of conspiracy, let’s return to Eric Goldstein’s book, The Price of Whiteness: Jews, Race, and American Identity, page 16:

Race as a Framework for American Jewish Identity

Jews had long been understood as a “race” in Western societies. According to Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, racial terminology was applied to the Jews as early as the fifteenth century, when Purity of Blood Statutes were enacted in Spain to restrict Christians of jewish descent from holding certain privileges. By the mid-nineteenth century, the opposition between “Aryan” and “Semite,” which had grown out of the study of philology, had become an orthodoxy of racial science in Europe. In America, however, where racial theories grew in response to a history of colonization, slavery, and westward expansion, Jews did not become a primary focus of racial discourse. White Americans spoke of the Anglo-Saxon heritage that had endowed them with a talent for good government and contrasted themselves to African Americans, Native Americans, and other peoples of color. But despite the national preoccupation with these groups, by the mid-nineteenth century there were also a number of European immigrant populations—mainly the Irish, Germans, and Jews – who began to be referred to in racial terms as they became more prevalent on the American scene.

The evidence of just how distinct jews are from Europeans is in archaeology and biology as well as philology. This is beside the fact that jews are most clearly distinguished by the way they distinguish themselves. It was the collective behavior of jews and their quick rise to power that alarmed White Americans and distinguished them from other immigrants.

The “Purity of Blood Statutes” are also known as Limpieza de sangre. The Iberian Reconquista and Inquisition is one of many instances in history, better known than most, where jews were at least partly exposed, recognized for what they are: racial aliens living among and preying upon their hosts. As MacDonald put it:

Fundamentally, the Inquisition should be seen as a defensive reaction to the economic and political domination of these “New Christians.”

Jews have long been understood as a race because it fits reality. This understanding didn’t start in Spain or 19th century America. It started when the jews started. Even today jews euphemize their racial nature as “peoplehood”. They see themselves as a people connected by heritage, by genetic descent – a connection that transcends language, religious beliefs, or current place of residence.

Goldstein’s book could just as well have been titled “White Like Us”. Reading between the lines we find an expose of jews hyper-conscious about identity, obsessed not only with how best to see themselves, but how to best manipulate others into seeing them.

14 thoughts on “Race and Jews – Part 4”

  1. “Note how difficult it is to believe that the jews are self-destructive and contrast this with the premise of the suicide meme, that Whites are inherently self-destructive.”

    This is a very good point. I’ve heard it many times: surely jews can’t be responsible for Muslim (and non-Muslim) immigration, since many Muslims are hostile to jews. That would be counter-productive, they argue, why would they bring destruction upon themselves by inviting antisemites? They cite reports that a handful of jews flee from Europe to Israel due to “rising antisemitism” which they blame on Muslims. Yet, these people have no problem acknowledging that Europeans – or at least the Europeans who are in charge – irrationally invite hostile immigrants into their own countries, that European civilization is “committing suicide”. The presumption is that jews, unlike Whites, are too clever to act irrationally. (Now, I don’t think Muslim immigration actually is that harmful to jewish interests, though many jews would probably prefer to swamp their White hosts with non-Muslim non-Whites instead.)

    Some also point to the counter-jihadist movement, which is to a large extent led by jews like Geller, Ye’or and Horowitz. That ordinary influential jews and a small number of counter-jihadist jews simply have different views about what’s good for the jews doesn’t occur to them.

    By the way, this is Geller’s latest vomit… https://archive.today/VLJuj It’s amazing how obsessed she is with jewish interests. The fanaticism oozes out of her every word, the anger over non-jews not serving jews well enough.

  2. Vic,

    Auster is to Wise as Geller is to Susan “the White race is the cancer of history” Rosenblatt.

    A pro-jew zealot like Auster, Geller is more vociferously anti-muslim and yet is afforded a higher jewsmedia profile because she doesn’t strike anything that could be mistaken as pro-“white” pose. A full-throated jewhadess who chooses to wage jewhad in dar al goyim instead of living with her own kind in Israel. Similar cases I can think of off the top of my head would be Melanie Phillips, Diana West, Debbie Schlussel, and Brigette Gabriel.

    You coming back to Twitter?

  3. They haven’t told me why I was suspended – probably has to do with the Luciana Berger thing, I heard a lot of accounts were shut down over that. It’s almost a week since I made an unsuspension request, they haven’t replied to it yet. If they don’t lift the suspension soon I suppose it’s a permanent ban, in that case I’ll have to create a new account if I can be bothered.

  4. “Before Kevin MacDonald, no one knew anything about the Jews, and the danger to whites as whites.”

    Wow… how about a brief google search. The historical references for “anti-semitism” are endless and the Jewish sources are easily the most detailed. There are plenty examples of awareness in the past.

    White self-deception. This is closer to “whites unable to self-identify as distinct and white”. This condition hearkens to christian universalism the greatest problem being the inability (or choice?) to recognize the other. Whites have painstakingly jumped through hoops to accept the other as equal in color-lessness and failed to recognize the other doesnt want anything to do with color-lessness. Far from it… they want recognition of their otherness and reparations from whites for whites’ painstaking hoop-jumping failing to establish “equality” [whatever that term means] or as they like to say today removing the barriers creating inequity.

  5. A couple of thoughts. I read KMac’s trilogy, enjoyed it, and learned a great deal from it. However, the work was punctuated with the phrase, “group evolutionary strategy.” But to what purpose? As a traditional and evangelical Protestant I expect that those who regard Darwinism as science on the order of g. relativity and not as the alternative religion that it is would in turn expect someone like me to notice (bristle? – no, I understand this is McDonald’s thing) such. But I would simply ask the reader of that work to objectively ask and answer the question: Is there a function to be seen in this phrase or is it merely gratuitous? I only found it an irrelevancy that slightly marred the work. My larger point, however, is that a Bible presuppositionalist (believer) simply understands that people groups (races) exist within human kind. In other words, there is no problem whatsoever for the objective person who is also a Bible believer to acknowedge what his eyes and mind inform him of – that races exist in the world.

    This leads me to the often bafoonish Dawkins. He is reputed to be a scientist of note. Whether this has anything in truth to do with a scientific acumen or a literary one I can’t say. I’m sure his disciples would wish to illumine me. But your commenting on his riding the race-omnibus illustrates the fact that it is the ride that all the elites or quasi elites are on. It is the safe ride, the comfortable ride, the lucrative ride, the ride of the go along, get along crowd. All walks are on it – the “science” men as well as the clergymen and everything in-between.

    As for the argument proferred with a question, “why would the Jews destroy themselves by turning the West ultimately into an anti-West?” the answer that occurs to me first is that the first tier of societies feel they are secure from disasters of many kinds. The rest remain oblivious to impending doom. As long as there is the NFL on the tube, a 24-pack in the fridge and the occasional decent vacation they can’t be bothered to lift a finger for these, shall we say, abstract issues. And the Jews are better situated in this regard than the rest. As a group they are in the drivers seat and they know it. The hubris that attaches to this state of mind can have a further blinding effect.

  6. “group evolutionary strategy.” But to what purpose?

    The purpose, if you believe in group selection, is to further the well-being of the group by sacrificing the fitness of the individual.

    KMac also suggests that a middle ages ‘Societas Christiana’ was also a group evolutionary strategy.

    Thirteenth-century Western Christianity was, ideally at least, a societas christiana: “All of society came to be viewed as an organic unity, whose raison d’être consisted of striving for and ultimately realizing the perfect unity of Christ on earth.” Christianity had become “a single social organism”—unified under the pope, substantially independent of secular power, and with a high level of religious enthusiasm and commitment at all levels of society. The group, not the individual was paramount, and every aspect of behavior was evaluated according to its effect on the harmonious organic whole. (Kevin MacDonald, Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, 1998, 119)

  7. @D/Jones

    I see no “evolution” here, but merely the playing out of human nature. It is as I say, my presupposition is that it has been created as such; Darwinists see it otherwise. It is in the constitution of all creatures to preserve themselves according to their peculiar resources.This holds extending outward (only for human beings interestingly however) to the broader kindred (racial) community though not as cogently as is the case with the immediate. This weaker concern has been exploited dramatically by Jewish cultural critique for a century. And what did they seek to sabotage? Essentially the Christian moral and cultic underpinnings of the West. And what is left? Whatever Jewish brokers and their bought-and-paid-for clients tell us. My world-and-life-view prompt me to mention the generations-old evolution debate which I otherwise am not interested in in this forum. No doubt Tanstaafl is neither.

  8. Victor Mandrake: “I’ve heard it many times: surely jews can’t be responsible for Muslim (and non-Muslim) immigration, since many Muslims are hostile to jews.” / … / “Yet, these people have no problem acknowledging that Europeans – or at least the Europeans who are in charge – irrationally invite hostile immigrants into their own countries, that European civilization is “committing suicide”. “

    They don’t care about logic!

    I think the Jews want more Arabs in the West because they are more afraid of White people than of the Arabs. And they hate us more than they hate the Arabs. We are told that the Arabs hate the Jews, but they actually work together in Western countries. The Arabs vote for the Jews and the Jews distribute our countries and our resources to the Arabs. The Jews do not lose their protected jobs to the Arab immigrants. They are not affected as much as White people by unemployment. They are less often than us the victims of Arab random violence in the street. Many of them look more or less like Arabs, which offers some protection. I think that Nordic looking people are the main target of Arab violence, and especially of collective rapes. The Jews also live in safer more affluent areas and often have their own segregated schools. In France, those schools are protected by the state paid police to make sure there will be no contact with the Blacks and Arabs who make White lives more vibrant. In the US, the proportion of Jewish students in the elite colleges keeps increasing while the White students become a smaller minority due to affirmative action. There is probably a similar trend in France. And all the time, Jewish power keeps increasing.

  9. Tan in the previous post: “As Alex Linder recently remarked: Whites assume jews aren’t conspiring, because whites don’t. Jews assume whites are conspiring, because they do.”

    If you don’t know anything about the Jews and the Jewish problem, it is natural to come to the conclusion that our fellow White people, especially the liberals and our ruling “elites”, have a suicidal inclination. That’s why you are right to reject any talk of suicide. It is crucial to spread the info: the western governments and media have been hijacked by the Jews, who are the driving force of the race-replacement program, and only see themselves as Jews, not as White people. In short, it’s genocide, not suicide.

    Tan in this post: “The primary problem for Whites is not in trying to distinguish between jewish deception or self-deception, it is White denial, the propensity of Whites to deceive themselves”

    All people involuntarily deceive themselves about why they have arrived at a particular opinion. We think we have arrived at our opinion by using logic, when in reality, we mostly conform to public opinion. And public opinion is heavily manipulated by the Jewish media and the Jewish controlled authorities. Media propaganda can be effective because it feels a lot like peer pressure, and we are genetically programmed to conform to peer pressure.

    When we first become aware of the Jewish problem, it takes a few years to guess how deep the problem goes. At first, we keep minimizing the problem and we fool ourselves that this is because we are decent, moderate people. But the real reason we refuse to jump to the natural conclusions is peer pressure and Jewish intimidation (but it isn’t only that: it is also because we discover something that is mind-boggling).

    I think the Jews have a natural ruthlessness and a collective tradition of dishonesty towards non-Jews, but just like us, they can also be subject to involuntary self-deception. After all, the ruthless Jewish pressure and intimidation also applies to the Jews themselves. But maybe they also practice deliberate self-deception.

    By the way, the Jews are half-Arabs, and the Arabs are well known for lying all the time. It is part of their civilization! If they are lying to everyone else, why not to themselves…

  10. “group evolutionary strategy.” But to what purpose?

    To continue to live.

    I see no “evolution” here, but merely the playing out of human nature.

    Just imagine MacDonald had said, “group biological strategy”. The Jews coalesced into a group that essentially functions as an organism unto itself.

  11. “Note how difficult it is to believe that the jews are self-destructive and contrast this with the premise of the suicide meme, that Whites are inherently self-destructive.”

    Those claims are usually made in WN circles that stay away from the Jewish question. It can be summed up like this:

    – The Jews cannot be self-destructive
    (In other words, they can not be the driving force behind race replacement,
    since they say that non-White immigration is destructive for them)


    – Whites are inherently self-destructive
    (they are the ones deliberately organizing their own race-replacement)

    Meanwhile, in WN circles where Jews are correctly recognized as the driving force behind race replacement, the following claims are often made:

    – The Jews are not conscious murderers/genociders
    (they deceive themselves into believing that their motivations for pushing race replacement are humanistic, not genocidal)


    – White people are consciously suicidal
    (There is no self-deception on their part. They are not so stupid that they cannot see what is happening. Their lack of reaction can only mean they are suicidal.)

    In the mainstream jewsmedia, we get nonsense like this:

    Jews are the first victims of diversity,
    but they recognize that diversity is good for vibrancy.

    Even though diversity is good, it is antisemitic to claim
    that Jewish support for diversity results in more diversity.

    Immigration is a natural, unstoppable, rain-like phenomenon.
    Efforts to stop it must be opposed, or White people will die.

    On Age of Treason we get this:

    Actually, White people are not suicidal.
    It’s the Jews who are the driving force behind race replacement.

    And from some smart-alecks on the net, we occasionally hear this :
    (which doesn’t make any sense!)

    Stop blaming the Jews for the invasion,
    Blame the Whites for not preventing the Jewish-led invasion!

    It’s interesting to notice the link between the suicide meme and the self-deception meme. The subject of Jewish self-deception is interesting but not very important. Of greater concern to us is White self-deception and Jewish deception of White people. But deception is not the main problem anyway. White people may minimize the problem, but they have not been deceived into approving race-replacement. The real problem is the anti-White regime imposing the race-replacement policy by force.

    I think the idea that Jews practice self-deception can be useful because it makes it easier for White people to accept the idea that Jews are the driving force behind the race replacement program. But White Nationalists should never say that White people are suicidal.

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