Why Ferguson Burns


No new AoTR today, I’ve got too much else going on.

The black chimpout/intifada in Ferguson came to a head last night. Diversity is divisive. I have nothing to say that I haven’t
already said on Twitter months ago.

What I said in the 2nd hour of Discussing Trayvon/Zimmerman with Carolyn Yeager in the summer of 2013 also applies, and even more so now – the open air zoo, the role of jews and the jewsmedia in creating, exacerbating and perpetuating it and transferring all the blame for it to Whites.

Jewish rule is disastrous for Whites.

4 thoughts on “Why Ferguson Burns”

  1. Whites must first see themselves and organize as Whites before they can force anything. A key step is the recognition that it is jews and their servants and pets doing all the forcing right now, causing tremendous harm and suffering for Whites.

  2. I think Ferguson is the opposite of the intifada, as in fact you indicate when you say the media transfers all blame for Ferguson to Whites. Do they blame Jews for the Palestinians’ behaviour?

    The intifada is a revolt of the enslaved against their enslavers, for self-rule and independence. In the US the Jewish-scripted multicult is the enslaver, the party that won’t let Whites free but instead insists on their responsibility for all other groups’ welfare and conduct.

    I’m an outsider so I may be wrong, but a well-wisher nevertheless.

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