The Jew Republic Disconnect Isn’t


Whatever happened at The New Republic we know that there wouldn’t be a story without the jews. Yet so far mainstream jewsmedia accounts haven’t even hinted that there’s a jewish angle.

Over the past week a collection of strictly jew-less and thus at best half-true accounts have been offered by Scott McConnell at The American Conservative; Jacob Heilbrunn at Politico; Dana Milbank, Ben Terris and Cinque Henderson at Washington Post; and Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic. The most elaborate attempt to explain the story, minus the jews, has been Ryan Lizza’s long article at The New Yorker, Inside the Collapse of The New Republic.

Every one of the aforementioned authors knows that TNR was “a jewish magazine”, as former editor Peter Beinart described it in Haaretz. None of them made any explicit mention of this, even though it meant leaving a gaping hole in their story. No account of the latest shakeup discussed, for example, how the “anti-semitism” card got played over similar, but less substantial staffing changes in January of 2013.

While searching for some exception to this bolshevist omission I ran across an even more detailed Beinart-like article aimed at explaining the story to jews. Anthony Weiss’ article The New Republic Exodus Raises Doubts About Magazine’s Jewish Future was cross-published by several explicitly jewish media outlets. Weiss described how “the jewish identity of the New Republic” made it “a primary address for American Jewish thought” and “one of the elite American media outlets with a strong focus on Zionism and Jewish intellectual life”. He noted:

Evidence of The New Republic’s Jewish DNA could be seen in the lists that have circulated on the Internet of the approximately 60 percent of the masthead who quit. Easily half are Jewish — including Foer and Wieseltier, whose resignations on Thursday under pressure from management triggered the general exodus — and many have written about their own Jewish lives.

A number of prominent Jewish staffers at the New Republic have gone on to greater prominence at other publications.

Weiss also supplied an explanation why the jewish magazine was not being described as such in the mainstream American jewsmedia:

The magazine also came to serve as a sort of successor to the mid-century journals, like The Partisan Review and Commentary, that had served as homes to Jewish public intellectuals. Wieseltier famously joked that The New Republic saw itself as “a sort of Jewish Commentary” — the joke being that Commentary, which was founded by the American Jewish Committee and continues to publish, is explicitly Jewish.

The New Republic was never explicitly or exclusively Jewish, either in its staffing or its focus, and it was defined as much, if not more, by its self-declared (albeit idiosyncratic) liberalism. Still, it retained what Berman described as a “Jewish sensibility,” and became a center for young Jewish writers and journalists.

Get it? Jews who disguise their jewish identity and interests, as at TNR, are being more jewish than those who more openly advertise their jewishness, as at Commentary. The joke is on the clueless goy readers, and on Hughes, the sucker who poured millions into the magazine and thought he actually owned it.

The upshot is that what appears to be a disconnect isn’t really. The pretense, in the American jewsmedia at least, that the jewish magazine isn’t a jewish magazine is only a continuation of the same old dissimulation that has always been going on at TNR. Such crypsis is in fact an age-old modus operandus of the jews.

Last but not least, Weiss also provided a more plausible reason for all the stomping and screeching than any of the jew-less explanations have:

Although Hughes rehired Foer and retained Wieseltier, observers noted a shift in its focus on Jewish issues. “Chris Hughes really has a different sensibility than [former owner/editor] Marty Peretz,” said [Judith] Shulevitz, who just stepped down from The New Republic. “He didn’t have the lightning-like focus on Israel and foreign policy that Marty did.”

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  1. Quite right G.M., thanks.

    Such crypsis is in fact an age-old aspect of the criminal behavior of the jews.

    No teeth, no cavities. And closer to what I was trying to convey.

  2. The truth about the New Republic: Kinsley, Krauthammer, Oliver North and a liberal magazine’s demented war on liberalism, at Salon, is the first mainstream jewsmedia article I’ve found that actually addresses the jewish angle. Naturally the author, Eric Alterman, is a jew.

    Alterman tries to minimize the jewish part of the truth by burying it, admitting at one point that:

    One could, if one were sufficiently conspiratorially minded, draw a political TNR map of the world based wholly on the Israel connection.

    Instead he spins out a long-winded human interest story, full of “liberal” and “conservative” personalities fighting over numerous long-dead isssues.

    However, the nuggets Alterman weaves into his tale are telling:

    [Previous owner Gilbert] Harrison’s staff feared Peretz to turn TNR into a liberal version of Commentary, with all issues decided on the basis of what was “good for the Jews.” Peretz went so far in this direction, says [former editor Philip] Terzian, that he instructed his editors to pick up material from the Israeli embassy that he would later run as TNR editorials. “It was a very wild place,” recalled Henry Fairlie, who remained close to Peretz until his death in 1990, “run by a sort of Jewish cowboy with an open shirt.”

    The only point of contact between the old liberals and the New Rightists was a consistently pro-Israel hard line.

    Fred Barnes, a born-again Christian, was less a member of the close-knit Peretz mishpacha than [Mort] Kondracke

    Mishpacha is Hebrew for family.

    It is impossible to write about TNR without coming to grips with Peretz and Israel. It is not enough to say that TNR’s then-owner is merely obsessed with Israel; he says so himself. But more importantly, Peretz is obsessed with Israel’s critics, Israel’s would-be critics, and people who never heard of Israel, but might one day know someone who might someday become a critic.

    Norman Podhoretz has argued that “the role of Jews who write in both the Jewish and general press is to defend Israel.” Critical reporting of Israel, Podhoretz insists, “helps Israel’s enemies–and they are legion in the U.S.–to say more and more openly that Israel is not a democratic country.” Peretz has never advocated anything quite this explicit, but one could argue, not wholly inaccurately, that his primary task as editor and owner of TNR has been to praise Israel and subvert those he deems to be her opponents.

    Jewsmedia’s gonna jew.

  3. “Jews who disguise their jewish identity and interests, as at TNR, are being more jewish than those who more openly advertise their jewishness”

    Great job drawing out the implication.

    “Peretz is obsessed with Israel’s critics, Israel’s would-be critics, and people who never heard of Israel, but might one day know someone who might someday become a critic”

    I’ve heard this description before and I only really read our writers. Is Alterman lifting from one of ours or was one of ours quoting an old joke about Peretz, I wonder?

  4. What did Chris Hughes buy when he bought The New Republic? A printing press? Offices? A list of regular subscribers? Or did he value the expertise of the Jewish intellectuals who have been writing for The New Republic? Or maybe he was buying Jewish cooperation because it is next to impossible to launch a new non-Jewish magazine?

    I don’t understand what makes the value of Facebook and why it can not be dethroned by other networking systems, and I feel the same way about most newspapers, especially those that no longer have a paper edition. I wonder what makes their value.

    What we desperately need is a large circulation newspaper that tells the truth about race-replacement and takes position against it. Such a newspaper would be of huge value to White people. How come it seems impossible to do that and make a fortune in the process? In a sane world, phony Jewish intellectuals who lie about the deliberate race-replacement policy would not be seen as an asset!

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