Moral Fraud


Concerning elementary morality and the moral inversion by which the active promotion of jewish interests is regarded as right and good for everyone, including the Whites jews demonize, while any expression of White interests is treated as wrong and evil for everyone, including Whites themselves.

This moral fraud is driven more or less directly by jews for the benefit of jews. It both enables and is enabled by jewish power, flowing from the highest levels of government and mainstream corporate media outward.

The jew-driven anti-White guilt-trip harms Whites, causing confusion and even psychological problems. To the extent White “pathological altruism” (see the two previous podcasts) plays any role it is clear that jews are the racial aliens whom White leader-traitors treat most obsequiously. The most poisonous policies (e.g. welcoming invaders and punishing “holocaust denial”) are enacted to satisfy the jews, in spite of the desires of the majority of Whites.

Multiculturalism “moral duty” for Germans, Fria Tider (“Free Times”, nationalist media), 4 May 2015 (automated translation from Swedish):

Germany has a moral obligation to accept more immigrants from the third world than any other country. The reason is the German people’s “barbaric” past, according to the Jewish Central Council President Josef Schuster.

It was during a ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp as Schuster declared his harsh judgment upon the German people.

– Germany has spent so much evil to the world. We are deeply indebted to so many countries – we are the last country that can afford to reject refugees and persecuted, he said, according to Junge Freiheit .

Germany is currently the country in the EU, alongside Sweden, currently receives by far the most asylum seekers. The massive inflow has aroused strong protests – which among other things has manifested itself in the Islam-critical demonstrations organized by People’s Movement Pegida.

Josef Schuster took the opportunity during his address to go to the furious attack against Islam critics, which he says makes him “feel bad”.

– When I see that at least 10,000 people in Dresden cheering for an Islam-haters and right populists like Geert Wilders, so I feel bad.

The Jewish leader also emphasized that prisoners who sat in Dachau had to watch how a “supposedly civilized people” as the Germans could turn into a “people of the barbarians”. That “certain citizens” now speak ill of asylum seekers and Jews makes you forced to question how it really stands out with respect for “human dignity” among the German people, he noted. Schuster rounded off by demanding that the government spend more money on fighting right-wing extremism.

German Embassy on Twitter: “In 2015, we are celebrating 50 yrs of GER-Israeli ties. More about this important partnership:”, 7 May 2015.

German Missions in the United States – German-Israeli Relations:


Germany is profoundly aware of the special responsibility it bears toward the Jewish community and toward the State of Israel as a result of the crimes of the Nazi regime. This responsibility, a cornerstone of German policy, requires remembrance, reconciliation and ongoing vigilance – now and in the future.

Graffiti was evil and beyond mere mischief, Derby Telegraph, 8 May 2015:

Mr Fisher, the father of two mixed-race children, put up street adverts. The nursery logo shows three children, two white and one of mixed race, holding hands together.

What could be more innocent or warming than that, you might think?

But to one or more people, it seems that it was so incendiary that they slapped on stickers announcing that “multiculturalism is genocide”.

Just to add to the menacing effect, a skull and crossbones was also featured.

Who are these people? There can be no question this was an impromptu act. These stickers had been printed, a calculated act to spread whatever perverted message the offenders want to portray.

And what is the message that they want us to accept? That allowing children of different coloured skins to mix together at nursery is a practice which will lead to death and destruction of our civilisation?

Genocide – the word has such horrors, ironically being brought into play as we mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day and victory over a Nazi regime which practised it.

German Left Haunted by the Holocaust — Split Over Israel,, 10 May 2015:

Growing up in reunified Germany, Eva Meyer remembers being overwhelmed by the Holocaust studies that were part of each school year. Meyer and her classmates were assigned to read books about the Holocaust. They heard personal stories from Holocaust survivors. They had to write essays about the Holocaust, too.

Learning so intensively about the horrors committed by Germans left her feeling shame and guilt, Meyer said. But that same education communicated something else:

“There is Israel, and that’s the solution,” Meyer said, describing the role that was assigned to the Jewish state in her education. “That’s the salvation. It makes you feel better. All the shame and guilt is not that bad, because there is Israel and everything is fine now. And whatever Israel wants — give it to them. And whatever a Jewish person wants — don’t ask, just give it. That’s what I learned about it.”

Even as Germany’s conservative Christian Democratic government reaffirms its historic commitment to a special relationship with Israel, public opinion polls show that 62% of Germans overall view Israel negatively. A 2012 survey by the German magazine Stern found that 59% of Germans described Israel as “aggressive.” Seventy percent agreed that Israel pursues its interests without consideration for other nations.

Presidential Proclamation –Jewish American Heritage Month, 2015 | The White House

As we celebrate the rich heritage of the Jewish American community, it is impossible to separate their accomplishments from the struggles of Jewish people around the world. American Jews have worked to strengthen the promise of religious freedom because their ancestors were tested from the moment they came together and professed their faith. Today, they continue to teach us empathy and compassion, inspired by the lessons of their parents and grandparents who knew how it felt to be a stranger, and to stand up for a more perfect Union for all — relentlessly pursuing tikkun olam — because they have always understood that we must recognize ourselves in the struggles of our fellow man.

This year, Jewish American Heritage Month begins as the world commemorates the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau by American soldiers, and we are once again reminded that the vibrant culture of the Jewish people has not always been embraced. As tragic events show us all too often, Jewish communities continue to confront hostility and bigotry, including in America. Our Nation shares an obligation to condemn and combat anti-Semitism and hatred wherever it exists, and we remain committed to standing against the ugly tide of anti-Semitism in all its forms, including in the denial or trivialization of the Holocaust.

Jewish American Heritage Month 2015:

Even those Jewish soldiers and sailors who were serving elsewhere in World War II understood that defeating the Axis would be a defeat for blind hatred of any ethnic group or nationality.

Blind hatred better describes the behavior of the White Allies in that war. The jews, in contrast, were far more conscious of exactly who they hated and why. They were enraged that the Germans recognized them as racial aliens and had rebelled against their rule.

Counter-Currents Radio: Greg Johnson interviews Richard Edmonds is well worth a listen. Edmonds describes the hostility of the contemporary (judaized) British establishment and the BBC toward the native Britons. He traces it back before WWII. He describes how they deceived Britons on immigration, how the Tory (torah) party leaders repeatedly “played the race card”, intimating they’d stop immigration only to increase it once in office. He notes the moral tone of the establishment’s post-war narrative being typified by (jew) Studs Terkel’s The Good War.

This is the moral fraud. That war was good for the jews. For Whites it was an unmitigated disaster.

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  1. Can’t seem to play the audio for this episode – don’t see the Flowplayer v2.2.2 control on this page (the one you use to click ‘Play’, adjust volume, etc.) as with the other episodes. Control not visible either in Firefox or IE.

  2. Another excellent podcast Tan. Your reasoning is well thought out and concise. You are by far the best WN leader at present. Keep up the great work. It would be nice if you had a reblog feature on your site.

  3. Lately I’ve been wondering if there’s such a thing as evil, and if there is, if Jews represent it. Being heavily influenced by Nietzsche, I tend to disagree with the concept of evil and simply see Jews as parasites. But does this fully explain what the Jews are?

    More and more I’m starting to believe that Jews are evil. What other race behaves the way they do? What other race rationalizes murder, crime, and lying as good? Even the Mongols and Turks at their most vicious and destructive didn’t go so far as to rationalize that they were helping the world through rape and pillage.

    Jews do. Their major religious holidays celebrate acts of genocide. They’ve ritually murdered children in passover rituals; they’ve admitted to this. They purposefully kill animals so that they experience terrible pain before they die. They have an instinctive hatred of beauty. Is it so hard to believe that a race of people can be collectively evil?

    This is how M. Scott Peck defined an evil person:

    -Is consistently self-deceiving, with the intent of avoiding guilt and maintaining a self-image of perfection
    -Deceives others as a consequence of their own self-deception
    -Projects his or her evils and sins onto very specific targets (scapegoats) while being apparently normal with everyone else
    -Commonly hates with the pretense of love, for the purposes of self-deception as much as deception of others
    -Abuses political (emotional) power (“the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion”)
    -Maintains a high level of respectability, and lies incessantly in order to do so
    -Is consistent in his or her sins. Evil persons are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency (of destructiveness)
    -Is unable to think from the viewpoint of their victim (scapegoat)
    -Has a covert intolerance to criticism and other forms of narcissistic injury

    Does this not perfectly describe Jewish behavior? The deception (both of non-Jews and Jewish self-deception), the avoidance of guilt, the projection of sins onto non-Jews, the abuse of political authority, the inability to see things from the perspectives of others, the culture of criminality?

    This is not to say that every single Jew is evil. However, when we look at them as a group, as a nation of people, can we come to any conclusion other than that they are driven by hateful and destructive tendencies for no reason? They don’t even benefit themselves in the long run, as there’s no reason for them to hate the people who like them. Yet, they do. In fact the more philosemitic a nation is, the more Jews seem to hate it.

    I’m inclined to think that there’s not an ounce of humanity in people like Schuster, Adelson, or the jewish torturers who rampaged across Europe in WW2. They are an utterly depraved people.

  4. Oh boo-hoo… Germans in all their good graces make room for thousands of refugees annually. Meanwhile the usa receives 70k per year.

    I guess there’s a direct relation to jewish Population in this equation.

  5. Brilliant post, holocaust survivors gone wild. I want at least one person to compliment you for writing it. I can also say that, as someone who is in business w/ Jews, I feel like the points you made were in reference to people whom I know personally.

  6. holocaust survivors gone wild – 13 MAY 2015 AT 5:09 PM

    Lately I’ve been wondering if there’s such a thing as evil, and if there is, if Jews represent it.

    Holosgw, perhaps a reframing of the terms will make this sort of question easier to answer.

    So, instead of: Is there’s such a thing as “evil”? with all its theological baggage and squabbles about terms and meaning, one could ask: Is there such a thing as pain?

    Obviously there is. From the physical to the psychological. And have jews inflicted an inordinate amount of pain of the world? I think the answer is without any doubt, a resounding yes! If you look at all the wars, revolutions, false flags and social mayhem that jews have engineered in the 20th and 21st centuries they represent the epitome, the world champions of pain inflictors on humanity.

    Being heavily influenced by Nietzsche, I tend to disagree with the concept of evil and simply see Jews as parasites. But does this fully explain what the Jews are?

    More and more I’m starting to believe that Jews are evil. What other race behaves the way they do? What other race rationalizes murder, crime, and lying as good? Even the Mongols and Turks at their most vicious and destructive didn’t go so far as to rationalize that they were helping the world through rape and pillage.

    Organized jewry is, in any commonsense view, “evil”, for the simple reason that they have inflicted incredible amounts of pain on the world, through organizing mass slaughter, and so on, to hundreds of millions of people.


    For my latest blog post, The Awakening Project, click here >>> KATANA

  7. Looking back on National Socialism, it’s kind of depressing. Even after all their blustering, all of Goebbels’ ranting about how Germany was going to shut their lying, Jewish mouths, the most the Germans could do was stick Jews into day camps and give them food, shelter, and medicine.

    Meanwhile, hate-filled Jews instigated a global war on Awakened Europe and ruthlessly annihilated it. Even then the Germans didn’t do what was necessary. When inmates were dying in the camps the Germans were frantically trying to keep them alive. Meanwhile, German children were getting incinerated from Allied incendiary bombs.

    Even the National Socialists didn’t bring the Jews to justice. The Romans were the worst enemies the Jews ever had. The National Socialists were humanitarians by comparison because they lacked the hatred necessary to win. This is exactly what L.F. Celine said, and why he knew the Germans would lose when they occupied France. They drank wine and romanced French women while they didn’t raise a finger to French Jews.

    When the Germans invaded the USSR they stopped the Ukrainians and other Slavs from dishing out righteous retribution to what few Jews remained after the bolshevik government evacuated them ahead of the German advance. It was simply crazy. The Germans waged a humanitarian war while the Allies waged a war of annihilation. And who won? The army that was most driven by hatred.

  8. Swedish vice PM: Fortune seekers equal to holocaust victims | THE SWEDEN REPORT.

    Another politician in Sweden, the “vice prime minister from extremist green party Miljöpartiet”, has expressed her jew-centric morality:

    “We are turning the mediterranean into a new Auschwitz!” (there’s that sneaky “we” again)

    The author of the article is also morally outraged. How dare this politician compare “the infamous Nazi death machine to Africans that voluntarily hop on boats in the hope of getting a better standard of living”!?! “[W]hat kind of person would use the holocaust as an argument to support their own hubris and misguided humanitarianism”!?!

    In other words, the comparison is wrong because it’s an insult to jews.

    The morally outraged blogger signs as “an American living in Sweden”. Barbara Spectre maybe?

  9. @HSGW, the problem with hate is that it clouds the mind and causes mistakes. I want to deal with the jews in a rational clear headed way. Allow them comfort but deny them any real power.

    I agree with you that what happened in Germany is depressing, very depressing. Let’s right the wrong.

  10. Jerusalem forum recommends new laws on cyberhate, anti-Semitism | The Times of Israel:

    “European institutions and governments need to take strong proactive steps to address the current outbreak of anti-Semitism in order to assure the continued vibrancy of Jewish communal life in Europe,” read a statement issued Thursday.

    Here the jews are directly perpetrating their moral fraud, openly dictating how “European institutions and governments” must “assure the continued vibrancy of Jewish communal life in Europe”, while elsewhere they psychopathologize anyone who favors continued European life in Europe.

    “Outbreak” – even the parasite sees their relationship with their hosts in virological terms.

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