Talking with Henrik Palmgren, Hour 2


The second half of my conversation with Henrik, recorded on 21 September 2015. The first half was published in mid October.

In this half, before getting into the invasion and rape of Europe, the rise of Trump, and anti-Nordic hostility, we touched briefly on the discovery of Homo naledi, which was described in a NOVA episode titled Dawn of Humanity.

As I mentioned, The Ugly Nationalist Politics of Human Origins is an example of the legacy of Franz Boas, the jewing of race science, with contemporary Boasian storytellers like Jonathan Marks not only hijacking the objective authority of science to promote a reality-distorting anti-“racist” narrative, but relatively openly describing how and why.

What and who were our ancestors?

It might seem as if the answer to this question is simply a question of biology, but in his new book Tales of the Ex-Apes: How we think about human Evolution anthropologist Jonathan Marks argues that the story we tell about our origins, the study of our evolutionary tree, has cultural roots. Evolution isn’t just a question of biology, he argues, it’s also a question of mythology. Our scientific facts, he says, are the product of bioculture and biopolitics.

The study of who we are and where we came from is inherently political, even as science. Understanding what he means by this is best explained by way of example. Take, say, race. In the U.S. the 19th-century “American school” of physical anthropologists used racial features to hypothesize that there were separate origins for the races. As late as 1962, the evolutionary “fact” that the black race was 200,000 years less evolved than the white race was used to argue in favor of segregation.

Evolutionary biologists often explain the emergence of morality in terms of Darwinian imperatives about survival and breeding.

This is about who gets to partake in, and to tell, the authoritative scientific story of our origins. It’s a lot more than biology.

There is much more to say about the semitically correct migrating/mixing/Out-of-Africa narrative and how it distorts science and morality. A recent, typical demonstration of the effect was provided when Bill Clinton preached his understanding of racial purity and mixing.

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  1. Boas was inconsistent in his ways – because he surely did not believe what he publicly professed; he was dualistic. It was for The Agenda.

    “If we happen to measure an individual belonging to the Central European type, we must compare his measurements with the ideal Central European type. It would, evidently, be wrong to compare him with the standard obtained from measurements of North Europeans.” – Franz BOAS, ‘Race, Language and Culture’, Macmillan, New York, 1940. “It will probably surprise many readers to learn that the author of these words was none other than Franz Boas. It follows necessarily from what he wrote that in his opinion the subrace was not a mere figment in the minds of certain anthropologists, as so many who quote certain other passages from Boas’s writings would have us believe.” (Cited in BAKER: ‘Race’, page 212)

    THE BIOLOGY OF THE RACE PROBLEM (1962) by GEORGE, Wesley Critz, Ph.D.
    Page 81

    “Herskovits states (p. 49) that ‘… while Boas devoted a great deal of energy to combatting racial determinism, especially in the later years of his life, this meant in essence no more than utilizing the results of scientific research in arguing political and social controversy.’ One is led to wonder whether in so doing, Boas selected and excluded facts in accordance with their usefulness for his purpose. Consider the following: In the 1911 edition of his ‘The Mind of Primitive Man’, Boas wrote, ‘Differences of structure must be accompanied by differences of function, physiological as well as psychological; and, as we found clear evidence of differences in structure between the races, so we must anticipate that the differences in mental characteristics will be found.’ He excluded this statement, however, from the 1938 edition.”

    See also page 82 and its quotation from Boas on “the Negro problem” where he advocated race-mixing to eliminate it.

  2. Thanks Tan, you are always appreciated. We must establish colonies in fivewall polycarbonate greenhouses with rock-solid FttH internet to secure the existence of our people n’ all that, ‘cos a) takes teh edge off dem winters, b) no building permits, & c) why the heck wouldn’t we? ;)

    Just tossin’ it out there. Regards, G.M.

  3. I listened to your radio interview in the red ice radio program.

    I have to say you put things in to perspective. You tied up allot of loose ends…

    you just gained a listener….

  4. Tan, I finished listening to all the podcasts, I’m now listening to the interviews. I have some predictions. Eventually we’ll have a leader in a White country that will set the precedent for all White countries to save our race. He’ll be German living in Germany or he’ll be German American. He’ll have a single mom and his childhood will be diverse. Of course this leader will be familiar with Duke and MacDonald but it’s going to be your work that will have a profound effect on him in several different ways and will motivate him to do what needs to be done. You’ll be famous, fame might come posthumously cuz Whites are in very deep sleep, but fame will come. Whites in the future will study your work, write papers, teach TanStaafl classes. In my mind you’re already famous. I’m a fan of Pete Townshend cuz he’s the greatest guitar player that ever lived. I’m a fan of you cuz you’re the greatest JQ teacher that ever lived.

  5. I sure do miss the regular Tanstaafl podcasts. I hope Tan will eventually have time to recharge his batteries, and start doing them again. Tanstaafl’s analysis of the Trump movement and what he thinks Trump might do or renege on doing, if elected would be very interesting to hear.

  6. More a PM than a comment, but I’m OK either way.

    I know you’re taking a bit of a breather, but KMac did at least once invite you to contribute at TOO. I wondered if you’d ever considered challenging the ‘suicide’ talk over there. He’s at it again:

    and you have done almost all the good rebuttal of this stuff.

    I think if some commenter like me used your words he could easily pass over them without much hard thought. But he would have to more seriously consider and respond to your stuff in an article he published, and might I hope thereafter change his language.

    I do think the suicide thing is important. If we lose it’ll be death by a thousand cuts, but the suicide slice is a fucking beheading that MacDonald invites.

  7. Nick, it seems to me that “pathological altruism” and the more general idea that Whites are inherently suicidal has been largely discredited, mainly by the events over the past year. Nowadays whenever someone suggests it someone else challenges it.

    Even normies can see, for example, that the invasion and rape of Europe is driven from above by an elite who are well aware and yet totally hostile to the desires of the White masses. Every day the jewsmedia makes plain their disgust and alarm at the rise of Trump, PEGIDA, AfD, the Alt-Right and “far right” generally.

    MacDonald knows all this yet for whatever reason, probably the work he’s already done on his book, he seems invested in sticking to his thesis that our hunter-gatherer past makes us inherently suicidal. He brought it up in his NPI speech, and though he didn’t mention altruism he used “suicide”/”suicidal” four times. It’s exasperating.

    I have considered fleshing out and summing up my critique of “pathological altruism” but I don’t think it will be productive to belabor the point any further with MacDonald. Most of his fans get it even if he refuses to.

  8. I think it’s more accurate to say that Whites can be lulled into a self-injurious passivity by leaders they have been duped into trusting than to assert that Whites are suicidal.

  9. We know that individual Whites can be lulled, CC, but the White suicide meme is a generalized claim about Whites collectively. It’s obviously false and yet is publicly propagated mainly by some of our most prominent ‘advocates’. That’s a real problem.

    If we want to reach Whites, defend Whites and speak for Whites we do need to be truthful, convincing and on our own side.

    It should be a no-brainer that what Tan identified as the ‘suicide meme’ originates outside us and in order to harm us. If you think MacDonald is wrong to push that idea, I hope you’ll try and tell him so, and influence readers of his comment thread readers at least. Readers here are not at risk of being moulded into thinking Whites are suicidal, but TOO readers get that line often.

  10. We’re the normies, Tan. In both possible senses: most Whites lean strongly nationalist; us conscious nationalists are most normal of all.

    The alt-right isn’t alt or right so it isn’t surprising it labels others wrongly.

  11. Nick, those Whites that are worth their salt should migrate to the Northwest and become involved in the Northwest Imperative. I intend to that myself in the next few years.

    Whites native to and resident in Europe are already were they should be and need only respond as their instinctive manhood requires of them. (Men like Breivik are only ever rightly the thrust of a spear that is determined by better and more prudent men than themselves.)

  12. I’m very suspicious of Trump, as I am of any White elite with extensive Jewish connections. The fact that Trump has Jewish family members makes him compromised in my eyes. I don’t know if he means anything he says and I won’t vote for him, but I give him credit for taking the media and the left head-on.

  13. Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can leave ’til 2019? If you’re sure the kwa is going down the drain, go now. Why risk leaving it too late?

    But if as I suspect will happen the economy becomes even more comfortable, vastly more comfortable, over the next few years; and we get a new winning side in the Culture Wars; and White America / Europe feels better about itself and starts managing Mexican / Islamic repatriation, will Northwestism or Breivikism seem quite so imperative?

    I expect all this to happen even as our relative numbers in Europe and the US continue to shrink and I see American ‘White Nationalists’ and European ‘Identitarians’ today cheering the compromises that will deliver this future. Death.

    I think we need a nuclear Breivik with a global army behind him, very, very soon. Trump, Putin, Tila Tequila, Taylor Swift and Colin Liddell all show promise, but only that, promise.

  14. Trump cares only about his own power acquisition. That he has adopted voicing the interests of a shrinking and vanishing White demographic per Buchanan’s ideas diminishes that not one iota. As Buchanan as recently stated himself, Trump’s election will not stop the diminishment of Europe’s peoples upon the earth. Only we can do that. Those of us who know, who believe and that will fight.

    How are we to do that? By spreading the word. By placing the capable in a position to act when the moment is opportune. By placing our faith that the ancient courage of the White man shall not be found wanting at the moment of truth. All that matters now is preparation for that moment…

  15. The crux and indispensable center of Jewish power is American economic and military might. If Whites achieve victorious separation from that on the North American continent all other dominoes critical to White survival globally shall fall. The critical domino that must fall is the actualization of the Northwest Republic.

    I am convinced that North America already possesses the best genetic material Europe has to offer. We have the needed human material to do it. All we need is for the first one thousand activists to relocate to the Northwest and organize in relation to each other in preparation for the moment of victorious struggle.

  16. Have you considered coming out of retirement for just one special, talking about and explaining the whole echoes thing, because that’s exactly what you have been talking about, how jews define hate, as ((())) was declared hate speech by the ADL. It’s a bilderbook example that proves your point, something too good to not comment on. Thanks!

  17. question is too long for a tweet. In regards to the RPO tweet on Zoroastrian duelism: At this risk of looking foolish or not too bright I ask.
    How is this idea of good and evil bad? Is it how it’s used against us in the moral sense by jews?

    I read the page the quote comes from then looked in the Zoroastrian Duelism on a Zoroaster website. I dont quit understand what RPO is saying. This concept opposed to Aryans ways, that there is no good or evil, just actions or reactions to nature or people?

    Sorry to post here, but you do have a knack at simplifying this type of stuff. Now that you have to but maybe you know a source I can check out to clarify this idea RPO is expressing?

  18. I found this:
    “The “dualism” of Zoroastrianism is known in the “West,” but is mostly misunderstood. In the Gathas Spenta Mainyu, the “Holy Creative Spirit,” is opposed to Angra Mainyu, the Hostile Spirit. This conflict takes place in the human heart and mind, not in the material Universe. It is the constant struggle between good and evil in human beings. This is ethical dualism, the dualism of Good and Evil. In later traditions this changed into a dualism that took in the material world, dividing the Universe into two camps, each ruled by the Good God or the Evil Spirit. This is called “cosmic” dualism.”

  19. [In reference to this twit which quotes from Enemy of Our Enemies Part 2, by Professor Revilo P. Oliver.]

    Chris, Oliver is not saying that good and evil are wrong, but that these moral values are only rational from the point of view of a particular group of mortals. Furthermore he’s pointing out that the Aryan view of godhood was multifaceted and more in tune with natural law. He explains why “Zoroastrian dualism may fairly be called the most devastating mental disease that ever became epidemic on this planet” a few paragraphs earlier:

    The Zoroastrian dualism makes weak minds susceptible to hallucinations by which they identify their interests or wishes with the cause of the Good God and excite themselves with a blind and deadly hatred of their opponents or rivals (who may have the same hallucination about them) as the innately evil agents of the Bad God, to be driven by any means, fair or foul, to the perdition to which they are damned. And nothing basic is changed by replacing Ahuramazda/Jehovah with an abstraction, such as “democracy,” and replacing Ahriman/Satan with an another, such as “aristocracy.” (40) Ironically enough, this poisonous dualism, which came to us through the Jews, now dominates the reaction against Jewish overlordship, for most of the Jews’ antagonists identify them as “the Synagogue of Satan” etc. ad nauseam, while those who do not, usually regard the Jews as an inherently and almost praeternaturally evil people, instead of regarding them rationally as a specialized race which, being a minority among all the peoples on whom it is parasitic, has learned that its will-to-power must be advanced by cunning rather than undisguised force of its own–a race, furthermore, which quite naturally regards its own interests and purposes as just and justified by either a covenant with a deity or its own intellectual superiority, much as our ancestors felt no compunction as they took a continent away from the aborigines, confident in their own manifest superiority, although some of them were foolish enough to think that the Indians must have been inspired by the Devil to try to retain possession of their own hunting grounds. So long as our minds are clouded by the Zoroastrian myth, we shall be incapable of rational thought for our own survival.

  20. I recall Bertrand Russell once characterized philosophy as just being refined common sense. Philosophy’s conclusions are something a person of average intelligence could agree to – otherwise those conclusions are probably bullshit.

    Reason exists to assist the individual in more efficiently achieving the ends of his instinctual drives. The human brain consumes about 20% of a person’s daily calorie intake. This is much more than is required for non-human creatures. Why? It is the greater development of the human frontal lobe – the seat of reason – which requires this added use of calories.

    From an evolutionary perspective an adaptation such as this would prove much too ‘expensive’ a use of precious resources unless it yielded a correspondingly large boost in reproductive fitness to the individual (ie, he produces more children that in turn live to reproduce themselves). This is quite literally reason’s raison d’être.

  21. Hi Tan, I just wanted to check in with you because it’s been so long. Hope you are doing good, and it seems that you are. I’ll also leave a couple of links which may be of interest. I haven’t checked the factual basis for the first one or fully read the second, but the second link seems to have good information regarding Executive Orders.

    Obama Signs Executive Order Allowing Military To Fight US Citizens

    President Obama has signed an executive order that allows for the US military to use force against American citizens for the first time in history.

    The order was signed on July 1st, 2016 and is titled “Executive Order — United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force“.

    The order looks like the rules of engagement between the military vs ordinary US citizens have significantly and unconstitutionally changed. reports:

    Executive Order — United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force
    Joe Btfsplk said… [at Irish Savant]

    We got here by executive order. James McGregor Burns wrote Congressional Deadlock, complaining that checks and balances were working too well. Executive/emergency orders can be used to go around Congress. The Roosevelts [as Presidents] used such orders to usher in the JWO by 1937.

    Government by Permanent
    Emergency: The Forgotten History of
    the New Deal Constitution

    “War Powers” are used for similar purposes. War on Poverty, War on Drugs used War Powers to bypass Congress. [AFAIK]
    Excerpt from Joe’s link:

    “President Roosevelt’s emergency measures departed from the structural norm of the Constitution, not only changing the relationship between executive and legislative authority, but also rejecting the laissez faire traditions of American economic policy and legal jurisprudence. After the President demanded the four-day business closure of every bank in America and the confiscation of all privately held gold, he then forced the production of all financial banking information upon the government’s demand. The President commandeered this massive change of the banking structure pursuant to Section 5(b) of the Act of October 6, 1917, otherwise known, but not referred to by the President, as the Trading with the Enemy Act. This statute, regulating the affairs of foreign-national non-citizens, was enacted and implemented during World War I, but subsequently suspended at the war’s end.

    Nevertheless, Roosevelt’s decree aimed to “proclaim, order, direct and declare”
    sweeping measures within the domestic domain of the United States; the order
    applied not only to foreign nationals but American citizens and financial institutions that were under no federal regulation. President Roosevelt’s actions, of course, clearly violated myriad provisions of the Constitution, including the Commerce Clause, the Fourth Amendment, the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment, the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment, and the Tenth Amendment, as well as other protections delineated in the text and amendments of the Constitution. Additionally, the President’s order clearly violated the separation of powers doctrine and, even if approved by Congress, the non-delegation doctrine.”
    P.S. Cora Stevens is very astute and her words are true.

  22. Dresden is one (but certainly not the only) indicator for what can happen to a generation of White people who ignore the results when “their own” countries governments succumb to and become a weapon for jewry, or who become the victims for jewry:

    “As such the British Government’s declaration of war against Germany, her own race on the basis of Jewish financial dealings and the lie of ‘persecution’ only confirms that Britain had become a weapon of the Jews.”

    “However, nothing can compare to the saturation bombing Churchill–in collusion with Franklin Delano Roosevelt–had prepared for the city of Dresden between the night of February 13th and 14th 1945. Set up as a hospital city for wounded soldiers no military unit or anti-aircraft battery was deployed in the city. Together with the 600,000 refugees from Breslau, The Dresden Inferno A Zionist War Crime Dresden was filled with nearly 1.2 million people. No interest was shown in targeting military installations 60 miles outside of Dresden. The goal was the German injured and civilians. There was a three-hour pause between the first and second raids. The lull had been calculated to lure civilians from shelters into the open again. To escape the flames, tens of thousands of civilians had crowded into the Grosser Garten, a magnificent park nearly one and a half miles square. According to allied reports it was a complete “success.” Within a few minutes a sheet of flame ripped across the grass, uprooting trees and scattering branches of others with everything from bicycles to human limbs. More than 700.000 phosphorus bombs were dropped on the 1.2 million people in Dresden one bomb for every 2 people. The temperature in the centre of the city reached 1600 o centigrade. More than 260.000 bodies and residues of bodies were counted. Still, those who perished in the centre of the city cannot be traced. Approximately 500.000 children, women, elderly, wounded soldiers and the animals of the zoo were slaughtered in one night. The death toll of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined only amounted to 225,000 less than half the casualties of Dresden. Much greater emphasis must have been placed on slaying ethnic Europeans.”

  23. Captainchaos: “Reason exists to assist the individual in more efficiently achieving the ends of his instinctual drives.”

    Our intelligence helps us improve and adjust instinctive objectives. It’s like Russel’s idea of refining common sense. Our instinct is refined by our reason.

    That is especially true when we are looking for moral and intellectual reasons to resist ZOG’s efforts to destroy the White race. It’s good to have an instinctive racial consciousness, but that is not enough. We must be able to discuss our racial interests openly so as to develop a more rational view and achieve intellectual and “moral clarity”, as Don Advo says.

    Racial consciousness can be felt instinctively, but can also be influenced by logical thought, as shown in Frank Salter’s book “On Genetic Interests”. K.MacDonald said this in an interview with R.Spencer about “the Origins of the White Man” (45:30): “From the psychological point of view, we can’t depend on our natural ethnocentrism (…) we have to depend on a sort of intellectual understanding and that’s the message of Frank Salter’s book. He doesn’t claim that we have all those psychological mechanisms that evolved to preserve our ethnic interests, far from it, we don’t have that. But we have to have an understanding of what our ethnic interests are, and then try to achieve them. And part of that would be to educate and propagandize. If we had control of the media and so on, we would do that. We would be able to create a healthy White culture. No question about that.”

    I don’t know if Salter’s book mentions the link between morality, evolution and the survival instinct, but a simple WN idea I’ve learned on the internet is that morality can not be detached from the idea of survival. We know that personal abnegation is the highest degree of morality. It is the idea of giving priority to one’s ethnic group, one’s nation, one’s race, to the detriment of one’s narrow individual interests. But in left-wing circles, the jews have been pushing as an example of moral abnegation the nonsensical idea that White people should take moral pride in helping to destroy the White race.

    Captain: “Philosophy’s conclusions are something a person of average intelligence could agree to – otherwise those conclusions are probably bullshit.”

    Practical philosophy is compatible with logic, common sense and natural instincts. It isn’t compatible with the Jewish BS that is prevalent in leftist circles.

    Tan: “Oliver is not saying that good and evil are wrong, but that these moral values are only rational from the point of view of a particular group of mortals.”

    In today’s world, we could agree that each nation will keep its own separate territory. It’s better than having perpetual civil war. That view could be seen as a kind of universal morality and would make the jewish tactic of destroying homogeneous nations morally wrong. It’s a more comfortable philosophy than the idea that everything is completely relative. On the other hand, we’ll need to find some place to relocate the third-world population of Western countries.

    What’s wrong with Zoroastrian dualism is also its lack of subtlety. Today in the media, the accusation of evilness most often comes from Jews talking about Hitler or about anti-immigration activists. And it certainly dumbs down the debate.

  24. Tan,

    You clearly have achieved Shitlord Jedi Master status. Not only do you know the essentials of why the kikes do what they do, but you now know the evolutionary psychological essentials of human nature that you are comfortable giving corrective advice to a novitiate.

    *stiff arm salute*

    This should not be an end but only a beginning for you. The only proper resolution to this noble development on your part is to play a part in the achievement of an ethnostate on this continent where Whites may endure for innumerable generations to come on this continent. You have it within yourself to do that!

    Long live the Northwest Republic!

  25. Armor,

    If we lacked any true instinct consistent with racial preservation we would be fucked already.

    Ever heard of Rushton’s genetic similarity theory?

    I can promise you that in answer to the question of “Why shouldn’t your sister spread for a nigger?” that a 95 IQ Mississippi redneck’s reply will not be “Be’cuz of that thar kinship coefficient”.

    I trust it is the same in France. Hopefully.

  26. Chris, no surprise, the jewsmedia headline misrepresents the research paper it describes. The text of Eight thousand years of natural selection in Europe actually indicates that even the most superficial racial differences are encoded in DNA, and that there are discernable racial differences even among Europeans:

    These results document the power of ancient DNA to reveal features of past adaptation that could not be understood from analyses of present-day people.

    Present-day European populations can be modeled as a mixture of three ancient populations: western hunter-gatherers, early European farmers, and Yamnaya pastoralists from the Pontic-Caspian steppe, all of which are represented by samples in our study.

    Lines 63-99 concern skin and eye color, including the real “surprise”:

    We find a surprise in seven Scandinavian hunter-gatherers from the Motala site in southern Sweden who lived around 7,700 years before present. While the western hunter-gatherers of central and southern Europe largely have the ancestral allele at the two major European skin pigmentation loci, the closely related Scandinavian hunter-gatherers have both the derived alleles contributing to light skin pigmentation at high frequency (Figure 2B). Thus, the derived allele of SLC24A5 was common in both the Scandinavian hunter-gatherers and Early European farmers, but not in the geographically intermediate western hunter-gatherers.

  27. It should always be pointed in discussions like this that race is not merely colour – because liars so often pretend it is just so superficial; and also that lighter skinned, more northern and western peoples, such as my own, are not more White than other White nations – because troublemakers often pretend to think so.

    Greeks are as White as Icelanders, regardless of skin, eye and hair colour.

  28. Nick, as a fan of NS I don’t see how you can’t have at least a passing sympathy for Nordicism. Had Germany won WWII the plan was to include all other Nordic countries – save Britain, and I suppose Iceland – in a Greater Germanic Reich.

    Eventually I’d like to see a Nordics-only ethnostate form in North America that includes the Upper Midwest and the Dakotas.

  29. I guess whatever “moral” justification Nordics may need to insist on an ethnostate of their own as I outlined above would go something like this: “This whole fucking continent used to belong to us, and now you say we can’t have five lousy states? Naysayers are invited to get bent.”

  30. Congratulations for not having an election result post!

    White Americans once again vote overwhelmingly in their own interests despite massive, relentless, decades-long indoctrination and bullying leading otherwise.

    White suicide once more proved a fraud.

    No news today.

  31. CC, ‘Nordics’ never have existed as an ethny. It’s LOTR ‘dwarves’ stuff.

    Swedes exist: so do Danes, English, Norwegians, Dutch, Germans, etc.

    And so do Whites. And White Americans.

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