The Jew Wife Problem


I spent hours yesterday reading about the doxxing of the main TRS hosts – the dox themselves, and comments from others about it. I’ve enjoyed listening to their shoot-the-shit Daily Shoah podcast, the future of which is now uncertain, as well as the political analysis on Fash the Nation, which has been shut down by its own hosts, presumably to deter their own doxxing.

Whether any of what they discussed was to your liking, I think it’s fair to say that Whites talking to Whites about things that concern Whites is good for Whites. TRS not only did that, they inspired and facilitated many others to do so as well.

From what I can see, the initial doxxing – first Ghoul, then Bulbasaur, then Seventh Son – didn’t reveal anything especially interesting. They are the ordinary White Americans they presented themselves as. Their doxxing was personally punitive, the main result being that anyone who wants to give them grief IRL will have an easier time doing so now.

It’s not difficult to understand why so many of the few Whites who feel compelled to speak out choose to use a pseudonym. Those whose personal concerns prevail over racial concerns simply keep their mouths shut, and are far more numerous. Like White flight, this is as much a reflection of the utter wickedness of the current anti-White/pro-jew regime as it is an expression of collective White fear and demoralization.

Mike Enoch’s doxxing is qualitatively different. First, because he has been the most pensive and eloquent voice at TRS, its hub, its guru. Without Enoch, TRS would not exist and probably will not continue. The more important difference is the jew wife thing.

A few Daily Stormer commenters argued about the apparent similarity to my situation. The main difference is that I disclosed it myself. I’ve never wanted to be popular, or a leader, but I do care about my race and want to speak the truth about its foremost pathogen, the jews. I’m sure there are many other people in my situation, more than even most jew-aware people realize. Many see their situation differently than I do. I’m not at all surprised some would try to speak some truths while compartmentalizing others.

The truth is that race-mixing is an existential threat to any race, including Whites. Race-mixing with jews is the worst because it helps jews infiltrate and manipulate Whites to think otherwise. As a result even many Whites who aren’t race-mixing deal with such truths by denying them, by denying race exists, or that it matters. And among the Whites who don’t deny that race matters many won’t accept that jews are a racial, existential threat to Whites. The more Whites are forced to confront and overcome any form of this denial, the better.

The most important point that can be made about the jew wife thing is that it is a problem. It matters. It isn’t irrational or immoral for Whites to despise and reject race-mixers, as the jews want us to believe. Quite the contrary, those who deny the problem, lie about it, or try to hush it up are only making it worse.

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  1. You have to realize that if you have a jewess even as a mistress, you’re not just a traitor you’re an outright enemy. Its not just treason or intel, its the (((enemy))) way. (((They))) see jews as a race. Unlike others who consider their Father’s race, their own, the jews do it the opposite, like everything else. To them its the Maternal Parent that determines race. Father is insignificant, but Mother can be unclean, or Shiksa. You aren’t just sleeping with the (((enemy))), you’re breeding them. Worse, your children are theirs, and your love for them will make you not want to fight them, as your own kids are (((theirs))) and not ours.

  2. The truth is that race-mixing is an existential threat to any race, including Whites. Race-mixing with jews is the worst because it helps jews infiltrate and manipulate Whites to think otherwise.

    The way you word it in this podcast is – “race mixing with jews softens the White race.”
    That’s meme magic when you can drive the point home in eight words.

    @Captainchaos I think Enoch is a jew too. He made all those complaints about White liberal women which I agreed with at the time, but if he’s a jew it pisses me off because once again we have a jew attacking Whites and Whites have no idea we’re being attacked because we think he’s one of us and everyone’s laughing and agreeing with the enemy. I wonder if his observations and jokes about White women actually came from his wife.

  3. If Enoch is a jew or not he did a lot of good for Whites. So the outfit being a honeypot or controlled opp makes little sense. How does 10’s of thousands of Whites making jew jokes or even starting to see jews benefit them? Worse for the jews, Whites starting notice in a positive way we are White, have interests as Whites, and the jews are your enemy.

    It is a sh*t show in those threads on 8 chan pol. Who even knows who’s real a troll or just a joker? With the main issue of TDS being too soft on gays, jews etc. Which I do agree with 8chan pol on if thats the case. Not dox worthy softness but… Whatever the case may be of why it was done doesnt matta now, it’s done.

    Either way its a blow. But in battle you take hits there is no way around it. Losing Fash the Nation is an even bigger blow. Their commentary on politics from a proWhite perspective was second to none. Even if being a bit naive at times in regards to jewish power.

    The takeaway, dont lie. You teach your children early on once you start a lie they have a horrible pattern of escalating, usually beyond your control.
    The Death Panel had to have known of the wife and they all kept it hidden from their audience. That is a huge slap in the face, ultimate insult while collecting their audiences hard earned money. They didnt have enough respect for their audience, me being one as well, to tell us the damn truth. At least be the ones to break the news. Not some dox then try to run cover in a Salon article. Which may or may not even be real. The silence since the bomd from them is also irritating. Even if you wanted to keept the info, when the dox became apparent it was coming, the first reaction should have been to get out in front of it. But no….

    Nobody was forced to donate but the White man felt the need to finally help his own people, who
    were supposedly working to help his people. And they got taken for a ride. Yes they woke people up but now look what it cost? Those Whites who are awake will still that way but damge is done.

    Trust is a bitch to regain once lost…

  4. I keep seeing comments from alt righters and WN’s that jews only consider people born from jewish mothers to be members of their tribe. This has to be deliberate misdirection, because I have never a met jew who had a White or otherwise non-Jewish mother who didn’t consider him or herself to be a jew. Nor have I ever met a full-blooded jew who took this position on half-blood jews.

    The “matrilineal descent” lie is dangerous because it allows people like Tim Wise and many other jews to pass as White. Furthermore it promotes race-mixing between White women and male jews, which is the last thing we want. I honestly believe that WN’s who promote the matrilineal jewish descent have some skeletons in the closet or are enemy infiltrators.

  5. Nobody is half xtian, now are they? Jews seem to be the only ones who can be half a religion… shh dont tell.

  6. You can always count on Greg Grinder Johnson to have lowered expectations for our race.

    Thus a partly Jewish woman with weak ethnocentrism and little connection to Jewish culture doesn’t really threaten me. She’s not exactly one of us, but not really one of them either. She certainly could be the wife of one of our people. It might not be an ideal marriage. But if they had children, I would count them as white. Of course hard cases like these do not in any way lessen the necessity of separating ourselves from the Jewish nation.

  7. Judaism is jewish racialism via religion just as communism is jewish racialism via politics and liberalism is jewish racialism via culture. Everything jews do intellectually is meant to perpetuate their own identity in a world they incorrectly see as hostile to them (it’s only hostile because jews hate the whole world).

  8. KSA: “Judaism is jewish racialism via religion”

    I think it’s partly true of Islam too. Muslim “jihad” seems to be a racial war against other races and civilizations.

    But if you are a Muslim that lives in a homogeneous Muslim country, then Islam cannot be a racial thing for you.

    Maybe there is also a brand of Judaism for Jews who live in Israel among other Jews and don’t have any contacts with non-Jews!?

  9. Thanks for that link Cora.

    Johnson is minimizing Friedman’s jewy behavior, minimizing Peinovich’s lie, and worst of all, minimizing the jew problem.

    Peinovich kept his secret from the hoi polloi because he knew it was wrong and would hurt (mostly himself) to disclose it. By confiding his secret to insiders he didn’t mitigate his sin, he shared and thus compounded it. He made his confidants complicit, foisting his problem and its burden onto them.

    Johnson’s support for Peinovich is just as much an attempt to excuse himself. But here’s the thing. If Friedman, or jew-mixing generally, really were no threat, as Johnson maintains, then there would be no need for keeping such mixing secret. There would be no outcry when revealed. There would be no need to express support or make excuses.

    The Daily Shoah is not a neo-Nazi podcast. It does not support a paranoid and conspiratorial view of the Jewish question. It mocks lies and sanctimony about the Holocaust, but it does not advocate genocide.

    Here’s the other thing. Johnson is implying that taking the jews too seriously is the real problem, and expresses this view in the same terms the jews themselves typically do.

  10. Greg Johnson takes it up the ass. That is why Johnson has a vested interest in making alliances with those who oppose the cleansing of White society that true National Socialism represents.

  11. She worked for NBC before and her specialities are “Social Media and Digital Strategy.

    And she was the chapter president of B’nai B’rith . “We have advocated for global Jewry and championed the cause of human rights since 1843.”

  12. Grammarian NatSoc protip: “hoi polloi” means “THE many”, so “THE hoi polloi” is redundant, i.e. “the the many”. People typically do this anyway, but imo they thereby classify themselves as belonging to the many. The irony is purely delish. ;)

    Hail Tanstaafl, hail the ancient Greek people, hail -Nike- New Balance! o/

  13. Johnson wants a White Sodom and Gomorrah, acceptance of drugs and anal but no niggers or beaners.

    Johnson’s support for Peinovich is just as much an attempt to excuse himself.

    His degeneracy makes him dependent on jews. 100% White rule would mean fags back in the closet.

  14. Norvin, from this point on Peinovich will always be that fat guy who’s probably a jew, with the turbokike wife, who lied about it. We’ll see if he can fix the fat part. We’ll see how much of the rest he even comes clean about. My guess is he (and whoever sticks around) will try to laugh it all off, as before, by “turning it into a meme”, playing lots of “I’m a kike” and “jewish and a woman” drops, and deploring “purity spiraling”. Going forward it’ll just be harder to pretend TRS/TDS isn’t like any other jewy “humor”, where the joke’s on the goyim.

    SAFE SPACE, anyone trying to minimize the evidence against Peinovich or his wife is being dishonest. They left extensive trails in social media, plenty of which has been presented on 8/pol. Johnson’s false claim that substantive aspects of this evidence “are simply created by malevolent people out of whole cloth” is a reflection of his own poor character.

    Thanks for the tip G.M.

  15. She appeared on the show once so she must have known, they are separating apparently but we should be skeptical. there are many questions about this whole thing, why would he stay married to a jew and why would she stay married to a “neo-nazi white supremacist”?

  16. I’m 3/4s through Rebel Shoah: Fashy Struggle Session, too disgusted to continue.

    The most important takeaways: Peinovich will try to continue doing what he’s been doing at TRS, the way he’s been doing it. He does not think he lied, but confirms Johnson’s admission that he told others, making them complicit in his supposed non-lie. He wants to be a “media leader”. His position on jews/part-jews/jew-mixers is that he/they should be permitted to “earn” acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

    Rather than bluntly psychopathologizing anyone who takes the jews more seriously, like Johnson does, Peinovich simply shrugs them off as purists.

    I suspect Peinovich is a mischling. He doesn’t exhibit the ineffable visceral disgust for the idea of jew-exclusion any typical full jew would, but he does exhibit precisely the kind of behavior which justifies Whites rooting out jews in the first place. Namely, jews/part-jews/jew-mixers tend to go about dictating what Whites should think and do, their most toxic concern being to make space for jews/part-jews/jew-mixers. Furthermore, they go about this jewing stealthily, and when caught try to deny and obfuscate their jewing and ultimately shift blame and attention elsewhere.

  17. Excellent reaponse to the recent podcast linked by Meow Bltiz. It was cringe worthy to the extreme. It also seems he isnt leaving her which Sven also stated. He shrugs the whole thing off. The entire death panel lied to their base. Then Laughs at us as purists for holding them to the same standards we expect of each other and we thought they of us. It was all a big joke it seems. If theyre base grows after this, it isnt a good sign for the future if we do gain more ground. Jews in purists out.

    I wont swarm your comments to dig into this. It is a good example of another way besides christianity of how jews get into White movements. Its the I know a good one bs or I know a guy whos good but is married to one. (No offense Tan). Also This whole thing is very very jewy from the hiding to the reaction to the information being revealed.

  18. too disgusted to continue.

    What? You don’t like civic nationalist podcasts? :D

    I suspect Peinovich is a mischling.

    I’d like to go back through old podcasts and find all the parts where Enoch trashes White women while his buddies, who very likely know he’s a jew, laugh and agree. But I don’t have time for that.

    He told one story about jew women starting a volunteer program at a holohoax museum, but then White women got involved and pushed the jew women out. And Enoch was laughing at these “liberal” White women for wanting a piece of the holohoax glory. Jew lies from a jew. I bet his wife loved it when he told that story.

  19. A reader notices Johnson’s BS, :

    You say, “She certainly could be the wife of one of our people. It might not be an ideal marriage. But if they had children, I would count them as white. (If you want to be fashier than Hitler, knock yourself out.)”

    But then you say, “The Jews want to smash our families and mix our genes and loyalties to the point that we can never contemplate reversing our programmed march to extinction.”

    If you really are a white nationalist, then why accept people who mixed with Jewish ancestry ?

    The answer: So Whites can have somebody who will create and lead a “media empire” broadcasting the message that jews should be accepted. Duh.

  20. The way Peinovich cucked his inner circle, confiding his contagious disease only after they were already significantly personally entangled with him, is an object lesson in jewing.

  21. Peinovich reminds me a bit of Unamused, AKA “Karl Boetel”.

    Long story short, in 2011 this proto-JRX pro-“white” was increasingly popular, seen as doing “good work”. Eventually it came out he was a mischling. He maintained jews were “white”, but when prodded he sided with jews over Whites. Eventually he let it slip that he thought his “good work” proved all jews must be accepted by Whites.

  22. TRS was pretty interesting a few years ago. It was a breath of fresh air from other more serious podcasts and articles from the Alt Right. But now it feels like a toxic echo-chamber for beta losers with little or nothing going on in their lives.

    Even when Peinovich is found out to be a fraud his fanbase will beg him to comeback so that they can get their fix of Shoah entertainment…

    And all this talk about the importance of agency. Years of marriage and no kids and fatter than a welfare dindu…

  23. I missed that part in the video linked. It slipped out from this fat jews mouth.
    This guy…. yesh what a pos, man. The entire death panel knew. Whats more, how and why nobody said anything for over 2 years. Spencer, Damigo etc. all had to know. I dont know if they did but these guys all talk and know each other. this had to come up especially with how they like to pal-around at bars. Laughs has by all.

    This is either a con by them all. or they all or only some just dont understand jews to the level a leader should and were in some way made to
    shut up about it. How could they all be so stupid to think this would never come out?

    Not one had enough integrity or loyalty to their race or this cause to be honest.

    Svens lines of “I forgot about it”. Really dude? You talk about jews the entire show and it slipped your mind that your partner is married to a jew? I call BS. Besides come on, look at Enoch does he look like a Swede or a Norwegian whatever it was? The ancestry he said he was mostly of many times?

  24. Hey Tan, do you think it is any coincidence that these ass-clowns are riding on the Regnery gravy train whilst Harold Covington languishes in poverty?

  25. All these “leaders” are either supporting him or downplaying the depth of this deception.
    Whats worse, they all, all of them sided with Peinovich friendship over the truth for this cause and our race. That is the blackest of pills.

  26. CC, just as wealth and popularity aren’t good measures of truth, neither are poverty or unpopularity.

  27. Seems maybe I did or not. See comment Ill copy/paste

    “The donator was the one talking about embracing “white-presenting nationalism”.
    Sven: “It’s all about hate”
    Mike: “White-presenting” nationalism was a thing.

    You know what “white-presenting nationalism” refers to, right? It means allowing non whites that emulate our culture to be part of the movement. They are saying they moved away from that to just pure ethnic nationalism. Listen to your clip again and try to be objective.”

  28. An anon asks

    Do these people cucking for Mike not realize that they are doing massive damage to the movement/alt right/white nationalism in its entirety by being soft on this issue? On TDS 122 Sven even opened with not knowing whether or not he should tell someone with an asian girlfriend to dump her.

    This is pathetic. Duke was even defending him.

    They love their close friend Mike, but can they not see the damage to the cause they are causing here? The rift? Can they not see that THEY are the ones that are going to be causing conflict and infighting going forward? If he steps down, there will be no more infighting.

    If he stays, it will be a constant point of disagreement going forward. It won’t go away.

    KulturKampf host Tharru answered

    I guess my take on it is that the personal relationships are overriding some basic, foundational principles. I think it ultimately comes down to a weak character and lack of will to do the right thing.

    TRS introduced me to racism and the JQ as being a subject I could (and should) investigate as well as the idea that American Whites and native Europeans have their own interests and don’t need to cuck because of ‘muh PC’ or ‘muh Jews’.

    But it wasn’t really TRS that red pilled me on Jews or being racist but my specific field of philosophy. If you go and look at the various big-name philosophers across Western history there’s a common vein when it comes to Jews, race, nationality. Voltaire, Nietzsche, Fichte, Kant, Schopenhauer, Hitler, to name just a few.

    And then there’s reading Jewish academic historians themselves like Arthur Hertzberg as well. They’re very open about how they subvert Western (and really any) society to further their own aims – it’s just, there’s been such a mental and cultural brainwashing that no one except people like us thinks to look there. The best source I’ve found on red pilling people on the JQ are Jews’ words themselves on how they view us and Western society. Books like Culture of Critique are great for analysis and meta-understanding, but if you want to get right down to it, go read what Jews think about us, lol.

    Breaking this conditioning and presenting the possibility of looking and talking about Jews and advocating for White interests is what I owe TRS. However, I went from a classical, 1800’s anti-federalist to a fascist because of the actual readings and philosophy/history I looked into – not TRS. Though, maybe I’m a minority or it’s just because m formal college education is philosophy – I don’t know. I’d hope more people were like me and I suspect a lot of /pol/ is like this as well.

    The point is, once you read all this shit, and come to understand the JQ and the only possible avenue for our survival, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how one could reconcile being anti-Jew and also being married to one. Or, for that matter, being pro-White but being married or attracted to non-Whites. Same thing goes with the HQ (homosexual question). Once you peg something as subversive to White/European interests and our preservation, imo, the only rational thing to do is excise that thing like you would a cancerous tumor from the body.

    This whole escapade with TRS and these revelations, in some sense, has been a useful tool in testing our characters and our will to stay true to the path of White survival. I am deeply saddened that I had to part ways with some people I considered friends, but our task is far bigger than any one person’s relationship with another person. This is a lesson I take from Hitler and the concept of struggle and conflict I accept as necessary because of Nietzsche and Ernst Yunger (specifically ‘On Pain’). Our trials and task is even larger than myself and I accept that.

    People, podcasts, and namefags come and go. But holding true to our ideals and principles will ensure the greatest race with the greatest civilization yet known to history will live forever. This, I think, is the answer to your question. I think they simply lack vision and the personal will to see it through.

    Beside Meow Blitz’s short comment above, this is the most substantial indication of a healthy reaction to the fiasco I’ve seen from a TRS quasi-insider.

  29. Hey Tan. You should come back to twitter. I haven’t laughed this hard since the Rick Wilson incident. I hope you noted that in grindr’s display of perfidious faggotry he even managed to work in a take on my favorite “puritan” thesis.

    All in all this was truly entertaining, because just 24 hours after these guys rushed to defend him, he admitted to being at least a mischling..

  30. All jews to the oven says the TRS crew.
    They all must go says the TRS crew.
    Whites only says the TRS crew
    Then MischlingMike reveals his heeb status.
    Now they have their “good one” to defend
    Exceptions now! says the TRS crew.

  31. I’d hope this is a moment where people might pause and think about the altright altogether. Is it even controversial that the original altright of Spencer – and best exemplified, he says, by himself, Brimelow, Taylor – is just a rewarmed serving of paleolibertarianism? Or that paleolibertarianism was a Jew-authored strategy to neutralize the the political momentum generated by the early 1990s campaigns of Duke?

    All that follows stems from that original taint I think. Anglin and Weev and others who cannot be faulted for a lack of sincere pro-Whiteness and antisemitism unwisely adopted a moniker that has linked WN – for at least a couple years – absolutely inextricably with Jews and other non-Whites. You can’t embrace Spencer without having Rabbi Gottfried follow in the wake, or Taylor and Brimelow and their Jew bosses, their pals’ East Asian wives, and their good Blacks etc.

    White not Right.

    And it isn’t just a weird happenstance of history that the most objectively liberal, progressive race has its nationalisms exclusively labelled ‘right’ while the nationalisms of more conservative, intolerant races are promoted most by the ‘left’. Left vs.right politics divides only Whites and the favouring of the left most confounds Whiteness.

  32. Oh heck, I didn’t complete that ‘thought’:

    and when pro-Whites assume a rightist stance they also tend to undermine Whiteness.

  33. I dunno, Tan. It strikes me that this Regnery clique is significantly a wannabe, would-be “elite” comprised largely of what sane, normal Whites would think of as “undesirables” in one sense or another. I know you think Adolf Hitler was a great man, as do I. Ask yourself, was there anything that we know of, that the Fuhrer said or did, that in his lived life he would have given his approval to, that which has been exposed in this thread? Again, I doubt it.

  34. I only love my people because I love my family by extention. There have been three people that I know of who have IQs above 150 born of my mother’s line that have reproduced themselves. They are all of Northern European descent and children of the upper Midwest. They are simple and decent people who love small animals as much as their own children. Not a one of them possesses the carnal ferocity to understand the Jewish will to destroy their tender, rural way of life. I am the only one, so far as I know. I will not let them, their goodness, be destroyed!

  35. Why am I a National Socialist? It is for them. For all that they are. For all that is good in them that I wish to see live on. My upper Midwestern Nordic family. For all that filthy faggot Greg Johnson would apparently throw to the side for a few popularity points and shekels.

  36. Greg Johnson banned me from Counter Queering for saying that which has become stated by the source of contention himself: “Mike Enoch” is a fat kike. Why should a man of Northern European descent, Greg Johnson, side with a swarthoid, parasitic fatass over an individual of his own blood who proclaims nothing but the truth about the latter? Because Greg Johnson strives to be similarly parasitic in terms of shekel-grubbing for an inherently degenerate and destructive mode of life for Northern European people. Faggots and Jews are cut from the same cloth, make no mistake. They both seek to warp society in a destructive way for their own ends.

  37. This affair has done considerable damage to the alt right, particularly its image. I was defending Enoch until I remembered how he was the one who encouraged TRS’ers to call themselves goys, which was something I was always against. I still think TRS has done more good than harm, but Enoch has blown it. If he isn’t a jew himself he’s clearly misguided.

    As for TRS’s cousin website, The Daily Stormer, I don’t know what to think. Anglin is a bit odd but he’s also a great troll. If TRS and TDS are somehow controlled opposition, I’d wager they are Israeli operations with ties to Russia. The way they shill for philosemite Putin and his even more philosemitic ally Trump is really over-the-top. I also believe the Trump family are crypto-jews, but that’s another matter.

    The alt right’s love affair with Trump and Russia are what’s most disconcerting to me. They seem to have completely abandoned Western Europe, even with its growing rightist parties. Yes they are cucked, but no more so than the GOP. Richard Spencer is a particularly shady character with his mysterious wealth, his admiration of Asiatic mystic/Russian imperialist Alexander Dugin, and his Mongol ex-wife. It’s all very odd.

    The alt right needs to understand that ideas which are considered “extreme” need a moderate image to succeed. White Nationalism cannot succeed with uniforms and LARPing, especially not in a democracy that is technically at peace. Uniforms worked for the National Socialists because Germany was basically in a state of civil war during the Weimar era. America isn’t… at least, not yet. Liberals can be freaks with green hair and piercings because liberalism is considered normal. We don’t have that luxury.

    In short, the alt right needs a George Lincoln Rockwell, only without the uniform and German flags. It needs a tough, well-spoken, masculine guy at its helm. Someone who doesn’t sing the praises of a foreign mongrel empire and blather about reviving Roman civilization. The will and enthusiasm are there, but someone- or a group of public people- need to step up and give the alt right or WN an official voice.

  38. Yes, KSA, what we need is a modern, 21st C., re-named version of National Socialism.
    The Alt-Right? Who knows what to think. It would be naive to think the movement hasn’t been infiltrated. Its looking more and more like the whole thing was concocted. Kyle Hunt, for example; “Hellstorm”, but then he gives space and airplay to Sinead who sounds mentally unstable. RedIce? Lots of good content, but they support Spencer and others of his ilk. Anglin? Again, some good content, but he 1) pursued Asian females 2) virulently anti-White woman ( some truth there ) 3) enthusiastic for Trump ( again, not all bad ).

  39. These are the conclusions I’ve come to regarding Jews after reading posts on this and other sites.
    – Jews are a distinct race, not just a White sub race like Irish, Italian, or Swede. They are not of European descent.
    – Many Jews look physically indistinguishable from Whites, so the main differences are internal, as in the brain. Jews may for example be a race of psychopaths, incapable of having empathy for those outside their group. Jews recognize certain traits possessed by Whites and lacking in Jews, like empathy, and ruthlessly exploit these traits.
    – If a White and a Jew have kids, the offspring will still think enough like Jews to know they are different from Whites. Raising a Jew with White values will not work, since inherent White values will not resonate with Jews.
    – Even 1/4 Jewish ancestry is enough to make a person still be considered a Jew and not White.

    If we want to convince others that Jews are dangerous, and anti-White, when they look pretty much like Europeans, we’d better understand exactly how they are different, what makes them dangerous, and if these dangerous differences still persist with only 1/4 ancestry.

  40. Tan,
    I’ve heard your disclosure several times, on audio and here. I’m not sure about doing this. But with some of the careless gossip going on recently, I feel a little compelled to say something.

    I’m sure there are many other people in my situation…

    My gut revulsion toward blacks and browns is a Norwegian birth right, mother’s side. In northern MN, one nigger is too many. But it was the jews, for me, that required an education, one long in coming.

    At age 19, I fell in love with a jewish girl, whom I had met in Israel of all places. She was Belgian. Three years of correspondence passed and a lot of French lessons. I went to see her, again.

    When I first announced to my Christian pastor dad, ancestrally German, that he might someday have part-jewish grandchildren, I didn’t expect his terse response, “I think you should stick around here and find a normal girl.” If dad is guilty of worshiping jews, it’s reserved for only one with nary a good word for the rest. That and his cynical distrust of foreigners should have rubbed off. But the hint didn’t stick. He should have pelted me one. That usually worked.

    Point is, I had no excuse. And had she not thereafter rejected me, I would have married her. Course, I don’t pine over the lost love. That was a dozen broken hearts ago.

    I once heard a good man say he feels as though he has a ‘chink’ in his armor. That man is not the Lone Stranger. Had I gotten my way and married her, I’d like to think that I’d have later awoken, anyway, and handled it with the magnanimity you’ve shown, on all sides. But that’s a stretch and a half.

    Damn but your resolve! And I don’t slight the sobriety nor the gravity this all deserves. I just say the world we live in holds some curious ironies. There are a lot of ‘chinks’ out here.

  41. I worded my previous comment badly. The “conclusions” I listed are just a summary of beliefs from “alt right” sites. I’m not at all convinced they are true. Especially that a woman 1/4 or even 1/2 Jewish should not be considered as a wife, even if she wasn’t raised as a Jew. Seems likely most commenters here don’t have a clue as to why a non-practicing 1/4 Jew is to be avoided. If I met a beautiful woman that was attracted to me, and she happened to be 1/4 Jew ancestry, I sure wouldn’t dump her based on some alt right tweets. And I doubt most here would either. I was hoping someone with experience would fill us in. Tan, do you have any articles on what the important differences are between Jews and Whites, and why even a 1/4 Jew should be avoided?

  42. WaltRight, there are many contemporary examples of particularly toxic part-jews. Bill Maher comes immediately to mind.

    Given the long, tragic history of jew infiltration and subversion (not to mention their heritable genetic diseases) it would be wise for any people to avoid the potential threat and exclude any individual with any detectable amount of jew DNA.

    The NSDAP standard for racial hygiene, the Nuremberg laws, drew the line at 1/4. Over time their restrictions on jews and part-jews became more stringent. It is reasonable to assume the line would have been moved eventually to 1/8 or less.

    The most pessimistic testimony I’ve seen comes via Revilo Oliver:

    Although Nossig’s Intergrales Judentum was published simultaneously in Vienna, Berlin, and New York in 1922, it is now extremely rare and has never been translated into English. Nossig gives his fellow Jews eminently practical advice on the ways by which they can most expeditiously attain the goal and purpose which, as he says, is implicit in the teachings of Moses, i.e., the formation of One World under their dominion. Recognizing that his race controls both Capitalism and Socialism, he calls for a coordinated application of both forces to put the goyim in their place–which, of course, will be good for the stupid animals, if they are docile. The statement I have translated occurs on p. 76, where Dr. Nossig goes on to claim that the “drop” of Jewish heredity, once implanted in an ancestor, will affect the brain cells (Gehirnganglien) of his descendants through many subsequent generations and thus make them susceptible to Jewish ideas of internationalism and One World. Persons of that infected heredity, therefore, are goyim who can readily be mobilized as auxiliaries and used to subjugate their own race and the entire globe to its destined Masters. Horresco referens.

  43. jewish DNA and the fallacy of half-ass Identity

    It would be revealing to set up a control group experiment to determine Heredity vs Environment. Raise a thousand Cohen caliber jewish babies in Gentile homes and note their development and maturity traits, their birth parents being undisclosed, say, till age 35. The reverse situation carried out, as well.

    Interesting, though for practical purposes, we don’t need such an experiment. We’ve see enough for the past 2000 years.

    From Tan’s link above,

    According to Lenz, jews can be recognized at once by their appearance, though the mental particulars of this race are even more distinctive than the physical. (He refers to the jews as “a mental race.”)

    What makes a jew adopt and cultivate his enmity with Whites is genetic, I believe, primarily. For, personality traits always have a strong hereditary foundation. But the opinions and conclusions in a world view that one finally achieves also has an environmental component. And jewish recruitment is throwing a wider loop, these days.

    Exclusion of jews by parental heritage guidelines, 1/2, 1/4, I think (jump in on this if you want) took advantage of the jews’ own matrilineal rules. The ‘how’ is – Those jewish by father, rather than by mother, were more discouraged, or felt so, from jewish identity or marginalized in participation. These guidelines have vital importance when preserving racial, genetic integrity. But socially, it’s being undermined.

    Modern jews are immensely successful and even glamorized. Those jew-wannabes, wrestling with their goy-blood stigma, can overcome self-doubt if determined. The jew-by-mother rule is, now, not so binding. It never made much sense to us, anyway. And now, in judaism, it is openly defied.

    Lucy Cohen’s Father is Jewish – by Harold M. Schulweis – 1993:

    The Talmud states that “the child of a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father is Jewish; the child of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother is not Jewish.” That is the tradition. But that decision was made in the time of the Mishna and the Talmud and was itself quite innovative. Certainly the matrilineal principle appears to be a departure from the Bible itself, in which the bias favors patrilineality.

    Consider some of the heroes of the Bible and the genealogy of Jews as recorded in the Bible: …Joseph…Moses…Solomon…(all took gentile wives)

    The genealogy of the children of Israel as recorded in the book of Numbers is clearly patrilineal.

    Ten years ago, on March 15, 1983, the Reform Central Conference of American Rabbis issued a resolution which equated matrilineal and patrilineal descent. A child of a mixed marriage is to be regarded as Jewish: whether the father is Jewish or the mother is Jewish, the presumption is that the child is Jewish.

    Genetics plays it’s part, I agree. But socially, politically, in recent years, part this, part that has been losing relevancy. “If great granddaddy was indeed jewish, then I, too, am technically a descendant, a literal son of Abraham, inbred or not. No contrived resolution by some Talmudic assembly can take that away.”

    I can’t test in a lab the effects that one drop of jewish blood can have upon a body and mind. But any modicum of jewish identity has consequences. An Hebraic descendant not receiving a full dose of the Diasporic inbreeding, can still stake his claim. Once done so, it’s a dangerous eagerness to prove his place in the tribe.

  44. WaltRight, the 1/2, 1/4 stuff makes quasi-mathematical sense to us. But only a sharp geneticist could determine what is passed on, what is not, and how much. Ancestral self-identification considers blood ties, like ‘twice removed’, and so forth. But DNA is quantized. It doesn’t necessarily follow the generational divide-by-2 algorithm.

    Given that religion often trumps race in a turbulent world, even minus a provable, compelling genetic contribution, we know that there are no hard and fast rules in judaism that really prevent the part-jew from rationalizing himself into a 100% jewish identity.

  45. Thank you for being upfront. I was raised Jewish though I was adopted and am of German/Irish/Cherokee stock. My mother called people from the mid-east camel jockeys her maiden name was Marx. My father (a conservative) too was an Ashkenazim but he was agnostic. He was the most loving man I have ever known. I am so grateful to have him as a father. On the other hand all of my relatives were typical liberals and really thought themselves to be superior or chosen. Currently since I am standing up for my race and the fact that I have a White son. My liberal friends want nothing to do with me. Frankly I could not give a rats ass. I worry and sometimes breakdown and cry about what may happen to our race because I have a son. Most of my lib friends do not have children some of them are lesbians and hate white men though they are white themselves. Pathological Altruism is alive and well in Santa Fe, NM. I just broke with my bf of 13 years because he watches FOX news and listens to Limbaugh and Hannity all day long. He calls me antisemetic because I keep pointing out the JQ. Until those Zionist shills come clean (never in our lifetime) all MSM news is fake. Thank god for Red Ice Radio, John Friend, Kevin McDonald, AFP and to some extent Jeff Rense. I have been red pilled and it has laid before me a lonely road. When you see the light you can never go back.

  46. Advice for Nazi Speakers on the Jews (August 1935):

    But the Jewish Professor Eduard Gans said:

    “Baptism and intermarriage make no difference at all. To the hundredth generation we remain Jews, just as we were 3,000 years ago. We do not lose the scent of our race, even through ten-fold intermarriage. In any relationship with any woman, our race dominates. Young Jews will result from it.”

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