Jews Cry, Trump Jumps


Nothing is more deserving of the epithet FAKE NEWS than the mainstream corporate jewsmedia, which for a year and a half has been promoting the big lie that Trump is a “fascist” “racist” “anti-semite” who is pandering to “White nationalists” and “neo-nazis”.

In reality Trump has repeatedly and explicitly disavowed “racists”, never says anything explicitly in favor of Whites, regularly praises and expresses his desire to serve non-Whites, and behaves especially deferential and servile toward jews. Trump has only ever appealed indirectly to Whites, by posturing as an opponent of (((political correctness))) and criticizing (((the globalist elite))). Recently he has called the jewsmedia “the enemy” and “fake news”. The jewsmedia screeching intensifies.

It’s all an elaborate charade.

Trump fails to treat his supposed enemy as if they really are an enemy, fails to call out their most blatant fakery. The jews despise and attack Trump, and in return Trump declares his love for the jews and defends them. Trump has surrounded himself with jews and like-minded kikeservatives. The jews bark. He obeys.

Federal Authorities Investigate Bomb Threats Targeting Jewish Centers, NBC News, 21 February 2017:

Federal authorities were investigating a wave of bomb threats at 10 Jewish community centers across the country on Monday, the FBI said.

In a statement, the bureau said it was helping investigate the threats as possible civil rights violations. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was also investigating.

Centers in Alabama, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas and New York reported phoned-in threats, the Jewish Community Center Association of North America told NBC News.

No one was injured, and the threats appeared to be hoaxes, the association said.

The events come just weeks after another round of bomb threats targeted 53 Jewish community centers across 26 states and one Canadian province during three days in January.

Ryan Lenz, a senior writer with the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups, told NBC News that the threats coincided with what appeared to be a spike in hate speech and hate group activity since Donald Trump’s election.

“We don’t know who’s behind these threats,” Lenz said. “We don’t know if groups are organizing them. We do know they’re in line with an increase in hate incidents and bias incidents over the last three months.”

On Monday, the Anti-Defamation League issued a security advisory warning Jewish institutions across the United States to review the organization’s security manual and bomb threat guidance assembled by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

“We look to our political leaders at all levels to speak out against such threats directed against Jewish institutions, to make it clear that such actions are unacceptable, and to pledge that they will work with law enforcement officials to ensure that those responsible will be apprehended and punished to the full extent of the law,” the group’s chief executive, Jonathan Greenblatt, added in a statement.

There’s no sneaky double-talk to decode here. Organized jewry is clearly claiming and the jewsmedia is clearly reporting that the “civil rights violations” they’re all screeching about are imaginary. No perpetrators have been identified. The simple fact is that jews expect their screeching alone to compel “political leaders at all levels” to single out and reward jews with very real privileged treatment.

Trump could have responded by maintaining his anti-media, anti-globalist shtick. “Look, this is the epitome of fake news. This is the best example of just how rigged the system is, how corrupt the globalist elite are. The most wealthy, most powerful, most organized group in America, who largely own and operate the dishonest media and drive the globalist agenda, are making outrageous demands based on imaginary claims. And as usual they’re doing this all for their own benefit, at the expense of the American people. Sad.”

Instead the real Trump, the kikeservative anti-“racist” responded.

Trump Calls Anti-Semitism ‘Horrible’ and ‘Painful’, The New York Times, 21 February 2017:

During a visit to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, Mr. Trump said he was reminded of the need to combat hatred “in all of its very ugly forms.” He spoke one day after 11 bomb threats were phoned in to Jewish community centers around the country and a Jewish cemetery in University City, Mo., was vandalized.

“The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible, and are painful, and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil,” Mr. Trump said.

This is the tough guy who never backs down, who always counter-attacks, at least as long as he can pretend he’s not talking to or about the jews. Trump is never more sincere and passionate than when defending the jews who despise him.

Obsequiousness breeds contempt. Feeling emboldened and empowered, the jews are already demanding more.

“The president’s sudden acknowledgment of anti-Semitism is a Band-Aid on the cancer of anti-Semitism that has infected his own administration,” said Steven Goldstein, the executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. “When President Trump responds to anti-Semitism proactively and in real time, and without pleas and pressure, that’s when we’ll be able to say this president has turned a corner. This is not that moment.”

To justify their power and privilege the jews invert reality, claim that the bagel republic is hostile toward them. Trump aids and abets their fraud. He endorses it.

How to square the Trump who deplores “anti-semitic threats” and wants “to root out hate and prejudice and evil” with the Trump who promises to “unite the civilized world against radical islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate from the face of the Earth”? By noticing that there is nothing to square. The jews define “hate” and “evil”. The jews designate the threats to combat and eradicate. The jews call the tune, Trump dances.

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  1. Yup. It would have been so easy and such a perfect opportunity to introduce mere objective ‘anti-racism’ … so many fruitful avenues for exploring truly race-blind policies, even the idea of anti-‘gentilism’ – all while playing their perfect dumbass. He just isn’t the one.

  2. Author JK Rowling helps boost Muslim campaign to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    “Through this campaign, we hope to send a united message from the Jewish and Muslim communities that there is no place for this type of hate, desecration, and violence in America,” the activists wrote. “We pray that this restores a sense of security and peace to the Jewish-American community who has undoubtedly been shaken by this event.”

    United together, against Whites.

  3. Personally I think Trump is playing them.

    Here is the reality, if he said anything that could be construed as anti-semitic they would crucify him even more than they are already doing. They would say see – he is an anti-semite! WE TOLD YOU! All he has to say is show me where I said /did something anti-semitic? And they CANT. They will just screech about it.

    If he says anything pro-white they will also crucify him as being racist. So he appeals to the white population indirectly without mentioning the whites. He dam well knows who put him in office and it wasn’t the freaking Jews.

    I think he is playing this masterfully. Here is how – he does the courting and ass kissing the the media demands yet at the same time OPPOSES every single thing the Jews champion. Open borders, multiculturalism, diversity, America last, large govmt, transgender, amnesty for illegals and the gay agenda? NOPE, not happening.

    We shall see how this plays out. Frankly I think they are waiting to destroy him. If he makes a big mistake they are going to go for his throat and will try to impeach him.

  4. Mike Pence denounces anti-Semitism during visit to vandalized Jewish cemetery near St. Louis – U.S. News –

    Appearing before the cameras at the cemetery, Pence – speaking through a megaphone – said that “there is no place in America for hatred, prejudice or anti-Semitism,” using the direct term for racism and hatred of Jews, which the Trump White House has come under criticism for failing to mention in earlier statements on the matter.

    Pence also applauded “the people of the state of Missouri” and the local governor for supporting the local Jewish community in the face of the attack. He mentioned that “many of the headstones that were vandalized have already been repaired” and said this was a testament to the care of the Jewish community to its history and heritage.

    No arrests. They don’t know who did this or why. How does it compare to other acts of cemetery vandalism? Nobody even pretends to care.

    There is no reason to call it an “attack”, much less for VPOTUS to make a special personal appearence to do so, other than to appease the jews.

  5. I think he is playing this masterfully. Here is how – he does the courting and ass kissing the the media demands yet at the same time OPPOSES every single thing the Jews champion. Open borders, multiculturalism, diversity, America last, large govmt, transgender, amnesty for illegals and the gay agenda? NOPE, not happening.

    Sorry Tom, I think these beliefs fly in the face of the evidence.

    Trump promised a wall with a big beautiful door. So far it’s still just the door. He called for a complete and total shut down on mooselimbs. That turned out to be only partial and temporary even before the jewdicial system shut it down. He hasn’t said a word in opposition to multiculturalism, diversity, or the jews’ degenerate sexual agenda. In fact whenever he mentions “America First” he makes sure everyone knows he’s talking about rainbow nationalism – a liberal multiracial LGBTQ country club anyone can join as long as they share (((our values))).

    Trump is playing his White supporters, not the jews. He speaks implicitly against the jews (the media, the globalist elite) and Whites side with him. The rise of the alt-right indicates that he could be more explicit. He won’t because he sides with the jews, not agaist them. Meanwhile they are in the process of demonizing and destroying him. War is coming and they’re preemptively shifting the blame for it to Trump and his supporters.

  6. Trump is instinct without intellect. Instinct can certainly get you far, particularly when it’s matched with charisma, as it is with Trump, but it can’t win political battles.

  7. Trump calls the media “the enemy of the people”, and the people love him for it.

    The jewsmedia does in fact perceive itself as jewed, and does in fact perceive the masses as cattle to be manipulated and exploited. Thus they call Trump Hitler/Pharoah/Haman and accuse him of trying to manipulate and exploit the masses.

    Trump is doing what he regularly did on his TV show, pitting one competitor against another, getting them to fight each other. Like so many of the behaviors jews criticize Trump for, this behavior is characteristically jewy. He feeds on conflict and chaos, as do the jews.

    It is wrong to imagine that Trump won’t point out that the media and globalist elite are jewed because he’s afraid of the consequences. He is even doing so to some extent by calling out (((the media))) war on )))the people(((, getting the jews to screech what it is themselves. He won’t call it out as primarily jews versus Whites because he sees himself as a leader with a destiny of his own, above it all, not a member of any team but Team Trump. He imagines he can play Whites and placate the jews and go down in history as a Great Man. He’s wrong. The jewsmedia will destroy him, ala Nixon.

  8. “go down in history as a Great Man.”

    Meh. We’re all fodder for the grave eventually. What matters is that Trump’s antics ARE moving public discourse in a racial direction, smashing many taboos along the way. So long as he contributes to the outcome of racial survival, I doubt many will care about the purity of his motives in the aftermath.

  9. In other words it’s much like his career as a real estate developer. He conquers New York City, becomes a global celebrity, and even has his own tower, but in the end, his jewish competitors have the last laugh because they took over his entire family.

  10. CC, can you quote Trump going racially pro-White, specifically?

    I can counter-quote him going specifically pro-Black / anti-White on AA in response.

    I have backups I suspect you don’t.

    He’s known to be down with the Jew-scripted Anti-White agenda. Not even controversial, just fact.

  11. KSA: “Trump is instinct without intellect. Instinct can certainly get you far, particularly when it’s matched with charisma, as it is with Trump, but it can’t win political battles.”

    Trump already won a huge political battle by getting elected!

    Tan: “they are in the process of demonizing and destroying him”

    They couldn’t get rid of him when he was a simple candidate. It will be even harder now.

    I hope the reason he is calling out the media war on the people is because he is going to try to loosen the Jewish control over TV stations. He needs people to understand why the media system needs to be reformed.

    Captainchaos: “What matters is that Trump’s antics ARE moving public discourse in a racial direction”

    What matters is that he is preparing to move millions of Mexicans out of the USA.

  12. Trump is playing his White supporters, not the jews. He speaks implicitly against the jews (the media, the globalist elite) and Whites side with him. The rise of the alt-right indicates that he could be more explicit. He won’t because he sides with the jews, not agaist them. Meanwhile they are in the process of demonizing and destroying him. War is coming and they’re preemptively shifting the blame for it to Trump and his supporters.

    Yes, Trump is playing his White supporters as he was created and put there to do so.

    But I’d say the, “demonizing and destroying Trump” is just part of the elaborate psychological war being waged, with him being complicit in that. He’s not a victim, but rather a willing actor in the whole thing.

    As you say here, and something you mentioned in your interview with John Friend* recently, war is coming, somewhere. But again, I don’t see Trump as being the chump here, only his supporters.


  13. I doubt Trump is an actor. I honestly don’t think he is aware of what’s happening and why.

    Trump is an 80s guy. He still sees America as it was in 1987. He thinks we can all come together and contribute to the great American project, which is now seen as “racist” in and of itself, because it assumes that America is a White-majority country.

    He didn’t run on an anti-illegal immigration policy because he’s a WN, he ran on it because to him, it’s a common sense position for any successful politician. Same with limiting Muslim entrance to America.

    I think Trump can score minor victories here and there- and yes, becoming President is a minor victory in the grand scheme of things- but I doubt he has the ability to turn things around in America.

  14. Trump at the CPAC:

    So just in finishing, I say [the fake news] doesn’t represent the people, it never will represent the people, and we’re going to do something about it (…). (source)

    I wish he would bomb the New York Times.

  15. Eleanor Goldberg oy veys, I Was Called A ‘Filthy Jew Rat’ While Donald Trump Tiptoed Around Anti-Semitism, echoes Steven Goldstein:

    “The president’s silence on anti-Semitism is poisonous,” Goldstein said. “The president is directly responsible for creating an incubator of anti-Semitism that’s growing these evil acts, and he has got to take responsibility.”

    For some Jewish people, knowing that one of Trump’s closest advisers is an observant Jew is comforting.

    Not for Goldstein. And not for me.

    “I am sick and tired of this president using his daughter and son-in-law’s faith as talking points,” Goldstein said. “Faith is faith. And he needs to stop invoking them for his political convenience.”

    It’s not enough that one of Trump’s kids is a Jew. It’s not enough that he has Jewish grandchildren. Just because he welcomes them into his home and his administration doesn’t mean we’re any safer from terrible people who would love to see the Holocaust repeated all over again.

    The jews never tire of crying about “anti-semitism” as they tell everybody else what to do for them.

  16. Nick, no I can’t provide a Trump quote such as, “I hate niggers! Back to Africa with them!”

    But Trump surely does speak of the crime and chaos caused by immigrants both here and in Europe. These immigrants all have skin the color of mud. The color of their skin and their detrimental impact on the West is no coincidence. Although he doesn’t come out and say it, Trump knows that and so does the Jewish media. Which is why the media keeps excoriating Trump for his ant-immigrant stance – because it IS implicitly racist. They keep screaming it and Trump keeps telling them to go to hell from the bully pulpit of the presidency.

    The issue of race is being put on the table and the mouthpieces of Jewish race-pathologization, the media, are being shown up as liars. This is a huge step in the right direction!

  17. Tan and Capt. Chaos have got it about right. Trump is essentially another shabbatz goy…in synch, at least, with the neo-con, Zionist warmonger fraction of Organized Jewry. But he’s less in synch with the Universalist tikkun olas, and has at least enlarged the Overton Window. Substantially, Trump’s foodfight with the (((MSM) is meant to distract his White voters from the fact that, one month plus into his regime, there his been no liquidation of Obamacare (“maybe next year…”), no drainage of the DC Swamp, no removal of the sanctions on (anti-globalist) Russia, and no Wall…which, if ever built will, as Tan points out, have a large door in it.

  18. CC, when were ‘immigration’ and other crimes ever not linked in the minds of Whites during the era of mass-invasion, and when did politicians not express concern about either ‘immigration’ or crime? There are videos of Trump virtually word for word calling for the same policies on invasion as Billary or Bernie.

    The gradual increase in the more divisive language from establishment left and right candidates – which divides only Whites, of course – is not new. It’s the only system we’ve known for two centuries. And when Whites in critical numbers start to feel they have no champion in the fight on either side, one pops up, right on cue, to kill-off for another generation the politics we really need.

    We’ll be stepping in the right direction when we step over left/right inanity and only support pro-White politicians.

  19. Rex, I think it’s a thumbnail of the larger picture. Like the jewsmedia, Magerman the hyper-jew is making stink about “White supremacism” which is in reality just a form of alt-jewing he doesn’t like.

  20. Magerman certainly is a hyper-jew, but which ones aren’t?

    Their complete disregard for whites is evident in all that they say, and it doesn’t even take much digging to peel back the curtain.

    Suppose Trump and/or Mercer were genuinely pro-white. In a country that is still 60+% white, how could anything they support be both ‘too pro-white’ ( or too ‘white supremacist’, to use the BS language that Magerman supposedly used about Mercer ) AND ‘harmful to the country’?

    Only someone on a crusade to remove whites from the country or, at worst, disempower them, could fail to see the paradox contained in ‘good for whites, harmful for America’- it doesn’t even register in Magerman’s head that whites have earned their spot at the front of the line.

    Magerman views whites as so disposable/toxic to the country that in his mind ‘good for whites=harm to the country’, when, based on population share, the reverse is true: anything good for whites is least likely to be harmful to the country, anything good for jews is most likely to be harmful to the country.

    Any time a jew says we must ‘act for the good of the country’, it is always a lie.

    Jews act for the good of jews, period. The country is merely geography to them, a fertile pasture to be harvested.

    [i]Mr. Magerman said he told Mr. Mercer, stammering and then explaining his concerns about Mr. Trump’s policy positions, rhetoric and cabinet choices. “If what you’re doing is harming the country then you have to stop.”[/i]

    what Magerman wants to say: ‘Be good to jews. Serve jews.’

    what Magerman says instead, to con whites: ‘Mercer, be good to the country.’

  21. Haxo Angmark: [Trump] “has at least enlarged the Overton Window.”

    He’s about to expel a few million Mexicans through the Overton Window!

  22. Armor, in Trump’s first month in office – when he’s supposedly been so hyperactive – his agents have expelled just 1% of the average monthly total under Obama.

  23. It’s difficult to understand what Whittaker is even rambling about.

    Trump and every other politician and pundit must be goaded into taking an explicit stand on White genocide. A few, like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, have already taken a stand clearly favoring it. Most others, like Trump, merely take a stand against “racism” (Whites being White) and against “anti-semitism” (resistance to jews jewing). Even that is at least an implicit stand FOR White genocide – siding with the jews against Whites.

    Until Whites demand leaders who explicitly reject the jews’ White genocide agenda it will continue apace.


    A jewish prospective. its simply drawing extra attention to the background scatter. (i was going to say “white noise” but thought it may be misinterpreted).

    Who benefits most from anti-semitic boogey men?

    The democrats need the tribe in full force. So there jewish media is working over time to alert the tribe of where their loyalty must lie.

    (to the tribe)

  25. “In many times and places, Jews have been the canary in the coal mine; when racist authoritarianism arrives, we Jews are among the first to sniff it in the air. But that’s not true in this time and place. This isn’t Germany in 1933. In the United States in 2017, the first to be targeted are Muslims or Mexicans — after which they will probably come for Jews, gays, blacks and all the other apparent undesirables who irk Trump’s angriest followers. ”

    the difference in 2017, is jews can now be completely open about their intentions and their strategy. they no longer have to pretend to be a part of society.

  26. Flippity: “jews can now be completely open about their intentions”

    They cannot be completely open or they would get thrown out. They never tell White people: vote for us so we can destroy you completely.

    What’s true is that it has become obvious to people who trust their eyes that White countries are being destroyed. It’s more and more blatant. That’s why you say the Jews are no longer hiding anything.

    But most White people refuse to see the whole truth. They can see that the media and the government (until Trump) are anti-White, but not how far it goes. If the deliberate plan is to wipe out White people, why does no one say so? Most of them don’t know yet that the problem comes from the Jews, who control public discourse, and have a tradition of genociding other nations.

    People have a natural tendency to trust authority. What they would really need to wake up is ZOG to tell them: “Our plan is to destroy all of you. Please try to destroy ZOG now, before ZOG destroys you.”

    That is not exactly what Trump tells people, but still, he tells them that the fake media is their enemy. It is very helpful to have the President say that.

    I think White people should start a massive rebellion right away. There’s no reason to wait until they know about the JQ. Anyway, knowledge of the JQ is spreading fast thanks to the internet, and I’m sure it’s going to facilitate the revolution.

  27. its not about destroying whites. Its about destroying the jew-perceived great white threat. its why whites are not their only target – its all non-jews. Its no longer just blatant, they no longer have to hide – they “can now be completely open” . Because there is nothing stopping them.

    This is the most jewish White House in history and people are screeching about the Russians stealing the election and placing a manchurian candidate in office?

    They will infiltrate every arena and survive. and their ideological contagion has already spread into a significant percentage of the host population. inoculation (awareness) directed at the ideology may be the only effective means to fight the contagion aside from a massive blood letting. I fully expect the virus to survive.

  28. The Jewish Question goes back many years…

    The Jews are a very interesting people: ethnocentric and intelligent, but also very moulded by their history in Europe (which wasn’t nice…).

    The Jews often had strong interests as an ethnicity and as a result of a strong in-group selection for intelligence, the intelligent ones reproduced more successfully. This led to the creation of the Ashkenazi Jewish IQ. As a result of their interest conflicts with the native Europeans, they repeatedly became the target of aggression.

    As a survival mechanism against this, they created intellectual movements within Europe and the West which caused the Left to dominate academia and later politics, education and the media. And that’s where we are right now…. This Soros figure is an example of such a figure. Ethnocentric, moulded by his history and therefore deeply afraid of the West or even for the “white race”.

    Political Correctness (or Cultural Marxism) are what we are stuck with in the current situation, as a result of the Jewish ethnic defence mechanisms. Somewhat contradictory, this leads to a lot of Muslim migration into the West, which is NOT beneficial for the Jews living in the West either. *sigh…*

    Currently, the following steps have taken place in our Western countries.

    1. Indoctrinate the population with a feeling of guilt.

    2. Create an in-group morality based on the idea of making up for this guilt by living up to certain universal morals, such as caring for the entire world, the idea of tolerance; and the idea that every culture is equal (cultural relativism); which will lead to the in-group supporting multiculturalism and mass migration.

    3. The media and academic world must support the in-group morality, creating the illusion that the in-group is very large and therefore powerful.

    4. The media and academia must also demonize, degrade and ridicule the own culture. The own culture and history is seen as “evil”. Other cultures are seen as “exotic”, “interesting”, etc. This goes further than cultural relativism. This is cultural marxism. The own culture is “evil” and “nothing special”, so the way to solve this is by multiculturalism.

    5. Not agreeing with the universal morality of the in-group will leads to social exclusion from the in-group. Those outside of the group are immoral and must be demonized (“nazi”, “hiter”, “racist”, “white supremacist”, etc).

    Once this climate has been established, the trick is to gradually flood the country with mass migration from outside of the Western world. It is the best to do so in a gradual, but constant and consistent manner, so that the new reality becomes “normal”.

    The own country and culture can be destroyed the fastest by importing Muslims, because they carry a very strong negative ideology with them.

    This is how you destroy a culture and it’s currently happening to the West. This is real and this is the process.


  29. a result of the Jewish ethnic defence mechanisms

    The jews are aggressors, not victims.

    Somewhat contradictory, this leads to a lot of Muslim migration into the West

    It doesn’t just happen, the jews make it happen.

    which is NOT beneficial for the Jews living in the West either

    The jews do it because they do benefit.

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