Getting Off the Wall


Immigration was the issue that woke me up.

Living in southern California and witnessing it quickly filling with mestizos and transforming into Mexico forced me to confront the fact that something was seriously wrong. At first I thought the problem was that Californians simply hadn’t expressed ourselves loudly or clearly enough. Soon I learned that the politicians and media knew very well what we wanted, and would even pay some lip service to us, but the opposite of what we voted for kept happening anyway.

I got upset at the mestizos and the politicians, especially “liberals”, and especially the “liberal” media. But eventually I came to see the enemy wasn’t just “liberals” but “conservatives” too. I realized this seemingly insane slow motion invasion wasn’t only happening in California, and it wasn’t just mestizos. Non-Whites from anywhere and everywhere are being invited to colonize any and every country currently populated by Whites. I realized that this invasion was aided and abetted by traitors at the very top of every party and branch of government. I realized this wasn’t a recent development, but that the roots traced back decades, and beyond.

I realized that democracy and party partisanship was a farce, that race was the only lens through which any of this made any sense, that the common thread connecting media and politics was racial animus against Whites. Finally, to make a long story short, I realized it was the jews, as individuals and organized collectively, who were driving the anti-White agenda, and that the push for open borders was only one part of it. Thus I’ve spent the years ever since studying the nature of the jews and their nationalism-for-us-globalism-for-you scheme, scrutinizing other aspects of their agenda, the history of their aggression, their techniques and tactics.

Though I no longer bother thinking or talking much about immigration, I know that building a wall has all along been a key point of contention in the immigration non-debate. Encapsulated in this single issue is everything anyone needs to know, not just about the immigration invasion, but the whole rotten political system, the fraud and corruption and illegitimacy of the hostile jewed elite who run it.

The desire for a wall is ineffably White. It is most definitely Whites who want a wall, and non-Whites, but more important, the jews and the politicians who serve them, who don’t. Whites kinda sorta get this, but are afraid to even think about it, much less say it out loud. We know we will be censored and excluded from the mainstream non-debate on any subject if we say anything “racist”, anything which demonstrates we see ourselves as White in any positive way, however vaguely or unconsciously we might express collective interests or concern for a collective destiny. We all know we’ll be especially demonized and vilified if we say anything critical of jews. So instead we try to argue in terms of laws and money.

The fact is that most Whites instinctively enjoy living among people who look and think and act like ourselves, but we also know that under the current regime it is semitically incorrect for Whites to say so out loud. Whites dislike and distrust the jewsmedia, which constantly instructs us to never forget their “holocaust” myth while they gleefully celebrate replacing Whites with “diversity”. Whites dislike and distrust politicians almost as much. Thus the calls for a wall. Because a wall is perfectly passive and neutral it can’t possibly be regarded as “racism”. Because a wall is concrete and immovable it can’t be as easily ignored or subverted like mere votes or laws. Or so many Whites imagine.

If there was any single desire which rose out of the cacophony on either side of this past judeo-liberal selection cycle in this non-nation, the clearest and most coherent was the call by Trump supporters to “BUILD THE WALL, BUILD THE WALL”. What happened? The jewsmedia still called it “racism”, because they know the wall is something White voters want. But Trump kept promising it anyway, because he wanted to win.

Now that Trump is in office, he’s decided the wall can wait, probably until the next election, if ever. You could tell the fix was in, however, as soon as Trump put the emphasis on Mexico paying for the wall. What was taken as a new and macho answer to the most bogus argument against the wall, it’s supposed cost, was in fact an implicit acceptance of that bogus argument under a new bogus pretext.

“Too bad voters. We can’t build a wall because Mexico won’t give us the money and we just can’t find any anywhere else. Maybe next year!”

Trump, if sincere, could have harped on what building a wall would save. A construction shyster who has surrounded himself with high finance shysters must understand the concept of return on investment. And at any rate, a commander-in-chief who took the title seriously would notice that both the initial outlay and cost of operation for a wall would amount to no more than a small fraction of the DoD budget, and as such doesn’t require any special funding or approval from congress, much less Mexico.

But then Trump, like Reagan, and Thatcher, and Schwarzenegger, and all the other politicians who have disingenuously dog whistled Whites for the past century, never was sincere. As much as the jewsmedia and organized jewry screeched about this or that supposedly semitically incorrect statement prior to Trump’s selection, he is now actually doing quite the opposite while quite explicitly and quite regularly stating his fervent belief in and support for the jews and their semitical correctness.

On the positive side, there must be millions of Whites, worldwide, who are at this moment embarking upon a chain of realizations similar to my own.

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  1. For 400 years the English had a tradition of mounting the severed heads of traitors on London Bridge, sometimes coating them in tar so they wouldn’t rot and fall into the river. Displaying a body after death was even more offensive then than now, such that criminals often confessed to capital crimes in exchange for the promise of a Christian burial.

    We need something similar today — put traitors on notice that they will be stripped naked, hanged until dead, plastinated in that position, and placed on permanent display where thousands of people walk by every day.

  2. The wall would have only been symbolic, it wouldn’t have changed anything, it wouldn’t have changed the fact that we’re gonna be a minority in 2040. We’d still have legal immigration that favors non-whites, affirmative action, diversity quotas, debt, public schools that no sane White person would send their kids to, public transportation that Whites avoid at all costs and only use out of desperation, chimpouts, a MSM that’s 100% propaganda, a government that hates the White middle class and wants their guns, feminism, fag marriage, colleges that rewrite history and turn White women into degenerate freaks.

    Whites wanting a wall in 2017 America is like slaves who work from 6am to 6pm asking their master if they can instead work from 7am to 7pm. It wouldn’t change anything but the master says no because he hates and fears the slaves and he doesn’t want them getting uppity and asking for something else down the road.

    The desire for a wall is ineffably White. It is most definitely Whites who want a wall, and non-Whites, but more important, the jews and the politicians who serve them, who don’t.

    It’s pathetic that such a trivial expression of White identity can be so easily squashed by a small wandering tribe of inbred psychopaths.

    On the positive side, there must be millions of Whites, worldwide, who are at this moment embarking upon a chain of realizations similar to my own.


  3. @ Dave —

    Good thoughts.

    The “god” of Israel had a yen for impalement, if only briefly and ficticiously, so why not use it against its devious servants?

    I see no reason an impaled body cannot be preserved quite efficiently. As soon as they breathe their last, a sort of clear, polyurathane or somesuch can sprayed to make the corpse a permanent landmark.

    Europeans were a fundamentally more serious people when executions for vile crimes were public and frequent.

    The expense of caging criminals for decades is also starting to fray at the nerves, with cash-strapped citizens quite curious as to why paying for the luxurious incarceration of, say, Charles Manson, is in anyway serving law and order.

    You take a long thin pole, stick one end in Charlie’s bum and the other on a hillside. Cleverly manuvering the stick to his elbow, it can take up to three days to die. Vlad the Impaler scared the Ottomans out of Europe for centuries using this simple technique, and it also has the advantage of being low tech and cheap.

    Just a suggestion, I’m sure plenty of you have more.

  4. Trump declares May as Jewish Heritage Month.

    I am so f’ing pissed I let myself get conned by the alt right about Trump and voted for this POS. I saw all the red flags about him but I bought into the whole “better than Hillary” thing. Never again.

  5. I was under the delusion when Trump was elected that he was going to do something. Once Trump attacked Syria for no reason that delusion has been shattered. Trump is owned by the Jews just like all the other politicians. The only difference is that Trump played to the white population to get them to vote for him. I am not sure he ever had any intention of delivering what he promised. So far the courts have done a very good job of torpedoing his presidential orders. What I find very interesting is despite his constant slobbering over the Jews the media has not let on him one bit. The pulled back briefly right after the Syria attack but they are right back at it. Its kind of interesting if you think about it: he slobbers all over them and is constantly gushing about the Jews and Israel yet at the same time the media constantly attacks him.

    Trump might be the ultimate Manchurian candidate. He says and pretends to do things – going through the motions but knows its all a dog an pony show so he can say – see I tried but nothing really changes. The wall is an example of this – “gee wiz kids, I tried to get the wall built but I cant get the money. Gosh golly gee – you know its like all those other people who oppose me doing it. I tried”.

    I dont know but one this is for sure, white countries are doomed if something is not done.

  6. The Daily 202: Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation – The Washington Post:

    1. There are explicit restrictions to block the border wall. We knew last week there would be no money to start construction on a project that the president says is more important to his base than anything else. But the final agreement goes further, putting strict limitations on how Trump can use new money for border security (e.g. to invest in new technology and repair existing fencing). Administration officials have insisted they already have the statutory authority to start building the wall under a 2006 law. This prevents such an end run.

    The $1.5 billion for border security is also half as much as the White House requested. Additionally, there are no cuts in funding to sanctuary cities, something a federal judge said last week would be required for the Justice Department to follow through on its threats. And there is also no money for a deportation force.

  7. @ Disillusioned —

    You correctly note:

    “… Trump played to the white population to get them to vote for him.”

    He really did; and the press acted like it was real too.

    This should make us all wish that the US congress/senate follows Australia and other nations that make it an crime not to vote. Misdemeanor, but subject to a fine.

    Bring it on!

    I’d love to be the first one to file a Federal lawsuit alleging that if I must vote, the government must at least pretend to offer a choice.

    Obama was George W.s third term, and Trump is Obama’s third term, unless you just want to split the difference and say Hillary won but she’s just letting Trump handle the truly big issues of state. Chocolate cake and all that.

  8. there is a solution.
    read “the brigade” by harold covington. obviously a how too manual disguised as fiction.
    everything in place in the northwest u.s.a., all it needs is you.

    either move to Washington, Oregon ,idaho, west montana, or send ten a month to help fund. we can’t take the whole country back, but we can take a chunk with only a token number and in America’s current state it can’t stop a new white nation…nations are easy to create, a dozen new ones were created since 1990. a white country, with white news, and whiteeducation for youth..
    the northwest is a start, it will expand, but we must regroup there first, we must take a section, to get our breath…when your drowning don’t debate it with liberals , get air,

    read the book, and decide to be a part of the only all white country on earth. (even iceland is starting to get non whites) everything is in place….it just needs you.

  9. Trump Tells Supporters: You Were ‘Vicious’ But After Win Are ‘Mellow’ – NBC News

    In the video from Orlando on 16 Dec 2016 it’s clear Trump was admiting his dogwhistling was insincere. He called his supporters “vicious” for chanting “lock her up”, a promise he had reneged on immediately after winning, and revealed that in his mind that insincere promise was connected to another, to “build a wall”, which he wouldn’t more definitively renege on until several months later.

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