The Reaction to the War on Whites


Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far Right presents a concentrated glop of typically neurotic jewsmedia psychoanalysis and psychopathologization targeting Whites. The main concern is to explain how the relatively mild-mannered Tea Party reaction has transformed into the much more outspoken race-conscious and jew-aware alt-right reaction:

Reactionary energy helped deliver all three branches of government to a Republican Party in the grips of an alt-right-curious anti-PC bomb-thrower the faithful called their “god-emperor” (or at least helped him along with last year’s affirmative action for white people, a.k.a. the Electoral College). But at no point during the campaign, even, could you have mistaken the unruly energy on the right for anything so organized as a party or as purposeful as a protest movement. It was — and is — a counterculture. One formed in the spirit of opposition to everything the existing Establishment stood for: globalist, technocratic liberal elitism. The amazing thing is, in November, for the first time in American electoral history, the counterculture won everything.

So what follows here is an attempt to really reckon with the alt-right and its fellow travelers: to organize and catalogue influences, philosopher-kings, and shit-posting foot soldiers; to track the movement’s history, its future, and the story of how the modern internet made it possible; to study its grievances, its media savvy, its symbols, its heroes and villains, its president and its critics of the president, its billionaire supporters and the underemployed message-board-dwelling “advocates” who serve as its creative engine. The movement is not a monolith — though it would also never be mistaken for a rainbow coalition — and part of what we’ve focused on is just how the various wings work together in concert.

The two recurring key words are White and reaction. The attitude shared by all the cited “experts” is unapologetically anti-White, their common theme being that they deplore Whites and White behavior. Even the cited “experts” who aren’t explicitly anti-White don’t have any problem associating with those who are. And despite the fact that the reaction they are talking about is decentralized and disorganized, and thus amorphous and incoherent, the anti-White consensus is that they are in fact talking about a collective White phenomenon.

What these full-time thinkers and writers have trouble explaining is why their White enemy is reacting, and what Whites are reacting to. I say what’s happening can be explained very concisely, and in plain language: Whites are reacting to jewing, and more specifically, Whites are reacting to a jew-led war on Whites. It is not so clearly stated in the jewsmedia exactly because the jews wage war by deception. The constantly stated imperative to “combat racism and anti-semitism” is as close as the anti-White/pro-jew regime gets to an open and forthright declaration of war.

While anti-Whites explicitly fault Whites for reacting, most also at the same time pretend there is no organized, collective, hostile anti-White force causing this reaction. It just happens. These professional anti-White combatants like to pretend Whites only imagine there is a war on Whites. Even more often they pretend that what’s happening is actually a White war on them, projecting their own group consciousness and motivations onto Whites. Though Whites are relatively confused and clueless, anti-Whites fear what might happen if Whites ever actually start to think and organize to the extent they themselves do.

The portion of this particular jewsmedia effort which best illustrates what I’m talking about is titled Fourteen Scholars on the Roots of the New Reactionary Rage. The “scholars” are actually racial partisans, professional non-Whites and/or anti-Whites, mostly jews and blacks. Undoubtedly the editors solicited and published this anti-White perspective because they share it.

Among the most glaring language:

White supremacy. Pure and simple.

white nationalists … white nationalism … white nationalists … white nationalism … white nationalists … white nationalism

Everything has been infected by this notion of white identity politics.

it’s all about protecting this idea of the white male identity

the strain that holds everything together — say, anti-communism, anti-women’s rights, anti-unionization — is the foundation of white supremacy

But it was life-long professional jew Leon Wieseltier who very succinctly captured the essence of the war on Whites, how jews wage war under cover of this narrative which inverts cause and effect, and their fear of this truth coming to light:

What’s crushing to me about them is not that they’re all racist or anti-Semitic, because I don’t think that they all are, it’s that for none of them was racism or anti-Semitism a deal breaker. I don’t believe the majority of people in 1933 Germany were anti-Semitic. But for the majority of them anti-Semitism wasn’t a deal breaker. Some of it is about bigotry, some of it is about ideological fanaticism. It’s possible to be anti-government and not racist. The controlling emotions of the alt-right are rage and anger and resentment and fury. It is possible to be critical of the globalization policies of the 1990s without the anti-elitist madman. It is possible to believe that trade deals should include worker protections without becoming haters. But populism is a paroxysm of anger. Populism always passes. It exhausts itself.

It is possible to explain what Whites think and how Whites behave without being anti-White. It is a jew-constructed and jew-serving anti-White narrative that such explanations are perceived as “racism”, or more tellingly, “anti-semitism”. Visible non-Whites have some idea that they’ve got it good, but if Whites stop feeding them they may have it not so good. Jews, in contrast, are driving the whole process, and thus have a much clearer understanding. Jews realize they aren’t White and posture as “white” only to better manipulate and parasitize Whites, to better conduct the very war and feasting upon Whites which is making Whites resentful and angry. What jews fear is Whites clearly understanding this.

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  1. It was — and is — a counterculture.

    It’s not a counterculture. A counterculture goes against social norms and Simon wrongly thinks Whites who reject forced diversity/social engineering are the fringe instead of the norm.

    And despite the fact that the reaction they are talking about is decentralized and disorganized, and thus amorphous and incoherent, the anti-White consensus is that they are in fact talking about a collective White phenomenon.

    The reaction may be amorphous and incoherent (I had to look up amorphous lol) but it’s also instinctual and natural and true, which has more power than anti-nature organized jewry.

    It is possible to explain what Whites think and how Whites behave without being anti-White.

    Possible for jews?

  2. Yes, the White reaction is instinctive. No, jews can’t not hate it. “Racism” is normal and natural and necessary for survival. “Anti-semitism” is anti-parasitism.

  3. A secondary theme of the glop (and one of the typically jewy ways jews jew) is to deliberately conflate the White reaction to jewing with the jewed reaction to jewing.

    The latter reaction, or alt-jew, is typified by Steve Sailer (who imagines he’s at least part-jew and explains himself as trying to moderate and thus preserve the current regime), Paul Gottfried (the Frankfurt Schooler turned “right”-posing jew who mentored Spencer and coined “alt-right”), Mencius Moldbug (the mischling who specifically rejected White nationalism because he didn’t think it was good for jews), and the neo-reaction (har har, the joke’s on you again goyim) movement Moldbug spawned.

    Alt-jew is easily recognized by its two most characteristic beliefs: 1) that the current regime is bad, somehow, and 2) that “anti-semitism” is worse, period.

    From what I’ve read of and about the Straussian “Claremonters” (eg Michael Anton, Charles Kesler, Julius Krein) it seems very much like yet another alt-jew intellectual movement.

  4. The constantly stated imperative to “combat racism and anti-semitism” is as close as the anti-White/pro-jew regime gets to an open and forthright declaration of war.

    The “acceptable” face of the foregoing:

    ‘To diminish left-wing anti-Semitism, American Jews can support progressive causes, ally with people of color and Muslims, and oppose the Israeli occupation while remaining watchful for anti-Zionism that bleeds into Jew-hatred. Fighting the rising anti-Semitism of the right, however, will require education, vigilance and a sturdier spine.’

    The unacceptable face of the foregoing:
    “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing).
    Emily Goldstein.”
    Race Mixing Agenda in Advertising and “Entertainment” for Globalism (and Greater Israel)

    Some might say White resistance exists to save Jews from their own self-destructive tendencies!

  5. Some jews push X, others oppose X, all agree the problem is “anti-semitism”. Two jews, three opinions about what’s best for jews.

  6. What this article shows is that they dont like it that the white population is waking up. They will say and do anything to maintain control over the dialog. So as usual they are bashing anyone who goes against the Jewish agenda. And if you do than you are committing the worse sin known to man which is being racist, anti-Semitic or anti-whatever. As long as you do and say what it is they want and accept your own marginalization without so much as a peep, than they are good.

    Here is how I get under white people’s skin, this is what I say.

    Did you get to vote on becoming a minority in your own country? How about your parents? Do you really want to be displaced? Yeah I didnt think so.

    Even the most diehard liberal is a racist somewhere inside and this usually gets them. Than they start watching videos. I have converted probably 10 people already including some hard core liberals.

  7. We can probably safely categorize the AltRight as AltKosher, not necessarily all the ground troops of Whites. but the head faces are more worried about heeby-hysterics than White survival.
    AltKosher would rather we dont talk about jews, which is just right for jews and genocidal for Whites.

  8. If a tumor could speak to the person on which it’s growing, it would say exactly what Jews say to Whites.

    “Stop pestering me! Why don’t you like me? There is something wrong with you, but it has nothing to do with me! Don’t ever try to remove me! You need me! If you remove me you’ll die!”

  9. “Two jews, three opinions about what’s best for jews.”

    I only once spoke face to face with a prominent Jewish advocate who used this old line. It was Lionel Blue. I responded, “with us, it’s two people, three opinions, about what’s best for everyone.” I just wish it could have been true to say, “about what’s best for us.” Even in that situation it was hard to lie.


    “Some jews push X, others oppose X, all agree the problem is “anti-semitism.”

    Yes and somehow they know that at least some of them have to push or oppose absolutely everything from A thru Z. And they are so sensitive and hyperactive that often Jewish numbers will migrate from issue to issue according to its potential as a pivot point, even if it does not seem to us a racial, or religious or cultural fulcrum.

    They are finely tuned athletes, you have to give that to them: it’s just their sport is genocide.

  10. What should be pointed out more often is how anti-Semitic the Israeli jews are ,they continue to genocide the rightful inhabitants of Israel ,the Palestinians ,who ARE Semitic people unlike the eastern European jews residing in Israel today.It’s estimated only 15% of the jews there are descended from the jews spoken of in the Torah.That said ,who are the real anti-Semites and isn’t it about time we call a spade a spade.

  11. Beyond Economics: Fears of Cultural Displacement Pushed the White Working Class to Trump | PRRI/The Atlantic Report:

    Overall, the model demonstrates that besides partisanship, fears about immigrants and cultural displacement were more powerful factors than economic concerns in predicting support for Trump among white working-class voters.

    . . .

    It is notable that many attitudes and attributes identified as possible explanations for Trump’s support among white working-class voters were not significant independent predictors. Gender, age, region, and religious affiliation were not significant demographic factors in the model. Views about gender roles and attitudes about race were also not significant.

    In other words, their model shows Whites as a group voted for Trump because we perceive the immigration invasion as a threat, even if only to ourselves as individuals.

    White working-class Americans who express concern about immigrants are more likely to agree the U.S. needs a leader willing to disregard the rules.

    . . .

    White working-class Americans who have more authoritarian leanings—are classified as either high authoritarian or authoritarian—are significantly more likely to embrace a leader who wants to upend the rules.

    Authoritarians who like rule-breaking? That’s cognitive dissonance talking.

    Whites voted for Trump because he promised to enforce existing immigration laws and end “sanctuary cities”, and did so despite the fact that organized jewry and the jewsmedia continually screeched that he was violating their taboos.

    To describe candidate Trump primarily as a rule-upender is to tacitly admit that the unwritten semitically correct rules are more important than the written laws, or to put it more bluntly, that the jews rule. At any rate president Trump has reneged on his promises to uphold immigration laws, and instead nowadays regularly professes explicit support for the jews and their unwritten rules.

  12. Meet the Jews who vouch for Trump aides Bannon and Gorka | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    What’s unusual here is that those seeking Jewish surrogacy are not politicians — they are staffers and hires, not even the kind who need to be confirmed by the Senate. Under previous presidents, their equivalents certainly cultivated Jewish leaders to solicit support for policies. But it’s hard to recall previous administration staffers who encouraged Jewish buddies to make phone calls and write essays to defend their personal honor.

    *jewing intensifies*

    All the screeching that Trump/Bannon/Gorka are anti-jew is bogus, blatant hyperbole, not mere hysteria but an hysterical inversion, a projection of the actual pro-jew mindset of the current regime. Likewise the corresponding bogus claims that Trump/Bannon/Gorka are pro-White. What the controversy as a whole actually demonstrates is that jews and Whites are political opposites, enemies, with the jews consciously organized and operating as a collective, acting upon this view, and Whites mostly not.

  13. The Revolt Against the Elites – And the limits of populism, by Good Goy O’Rourke, The Weekly Standard, 13 Feb 2017:

    The election of 2016 was terrible because it wasn’t an election, it was a rebellion. America is having a civil war, or, to be more accurate, a War of Incivility. The war is not between Republicans and Democrats or between conservatives and progressives. The war is between the frightened and what they fear. It is being fought by the people who perceive themselves as controlling nothing. They are besieging the people they perceive as controlling everything.

    This is a good example of jewsmedia hand-wringing about the war which simply avoids identifying the jew versus White who/whom at the crux of it. Like Sailer, O’Rourke spends the bulk of his essay trying to bury and laugh off the truth with verbiage.

    Among poli sci savants, such contrariness at the ballot box is defined as “populism.” But it’s a definition that does nothing to define the phenomenon. Populism is just a name for an opinion common in most democracies: There exists a large herd of the clueless, and running circles around them is a small pack of wiseacres.


    The results of populism can be disastrous—a Hitler, a Mussolini, a Franco. In Europe, between the First and Second World Wars, the results of populism were more disastrous than anything since the Black Plague killed a third of the continent’s population.

    The (((wiseacres))) agree, everybody else is the problem.

    Yet people are fearful, and they blame their fears on the leadership elite.

    Partly this is because the leadership elite haven’t done a very good job. Take the Middle East, for example. Demons have been unleashed in the Middle East. Elites failed to address the problems that caused the demons to be unleashed. Indeed, the elites seem to have been breeding demons, in the kennels of elite diplomacy, elite geopolitics, and elite military strategy. Then the elites turned those demons loose in the Middle East as if demons had ever been an endangered species in the region, as if elites were trying to reintroduce them.


    The elites fail and don’t suffer any consequences from their failures. As it is with elite carelessness about refugees, so it is with elite carelessness about immigration. To elites immigration means nannies, household staff, and fun new ethnic restaurants. Elites don’t see any similarity between Trump’s border wall and the gated communities where they live.

    To be fair to elites, quick changes in social mores, economic norms, and political givens confuse everyone, especially those who thought they were leading the Mores, Norms, and Givens Parade.


  14. @kerry owens
    11 May 2017 at 3:24 am

    Regarding Torah-Troo-Jooz.

    1. Torah is full of exceedingly unpleasant personalities and subject-matter generally. Read the relevant portions of Nature’s Eternal Religion by Klassen. Oh, and in the adjunct to the Jew Book, there is much unpleasantness from Jebus. Not only “resist not evil” but he calls a woman a dog and says in Luke 19:27: “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay [them] before me.” John 8:44 isn’t JC railing against the Tribe, it’s a renegade’s rant for the established heretical (in his eyes) order to go back to the ways of troo-joo Moses.

    2. “A Joo is a Joo is a Joo” someone once said. Here’s one reason why:

    MOURANT: The Genetics of the Jews (1978), Chapter 10:

    “The general conclusion to be drawn from the blood-group data is that the Ashkenazim are essentially a single population, largely, if not mainly, of Palestinian Jewish descent. The strongest evidence is their systematic resemblance to the Sephardim, whose Palestinian ancestry is more firmly established by historical records. As already stated, these two major groups of Jews differ distinctly with respect to each main blood-group system, but the difference for any one system is never very great. This is what one would expect for two populations of common origin but separated for not much more than a thousand years. The incorporation of a Khazar component in the Ashkenazim cannot, however, be ruled out completely.”

  15. For the Whites who DO clearly understand this, especially those Whites who are currently positioned in such a way as to possibly do something constructive – what happens next? What can these Whites actually do that is both within the structure of our “law” and at the same time would actually ease the burden most if not all non-compromised Whites are feeling/have been feeling and will be continuing to feel if nothing changes to cease or at least “ease up off of” this clearly unfair & in most cases felonious insanity? I site the paragraph below, the last paragraph of the article. Thank you.

    “Jews realize they aren’t White and posture as “white” only to better manipulate and parasitize Whites, to better conduct the very war and feasting upon Whites which is making Whites resentful and angry. What jews fear is Whites clearly understanding this.”

  16. Aspiring indy/alt-right journalist Jason Kessler grapples with the jew problem: Media Obsession with Jews & Nazis. Looks and sounds like a perfectly normal, rational White man. His conclusion – “you can talk about disproportionate jewish influence within the elite levels of power without being a ‘neo-nazi'” – is wrong, but he’s on track to figure that out.

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