Jews Celebrate Victory in France


The anti-French sentiments of jews have been most frankly expressed in the jewsmedia aimed at jews.

Big in Israel: Macron captures 94 percent of French-Israeli vote – Israel News –

Many French-Israelis said they voted because they feared a Le Pen victory. Le Pen’s threat to strip French-Israelis of their dual citizenship stoked anxiety, and many feared that a Le Pen victory could spell trouble for their Jewish friends and relatives left behind in France.

French-Israelis vote overwhelmingly for Macron | The Times of Israel

French Jews ‘relieved’ Macron won but worried over Le Pen’s electoral gains | The Times of Israel

Saying ‘anti-Semitism defeated,’ Israelis fete Macron victory | The Times of Israel:

“I look forward to working with President Macron and together to take on the shared challenges of our two democracies,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement which included his congratulations.

“One of the greatest threats facing the world today is extremist Islamic terror, which carries out attacks in Paris, Jerusalem and many other cities around the world. Israel and France have a long-standing alliance and I am sure that we will continue to deepen our connections,” said Netanyahu.

Likud MK Oren Hazan, a brash backbencher who had publicly supported Le Pen and alleged that others in the ruling party did as well, was silent in the immediate aftermath of the results Sunday night. Hours before the results were announced, he wrote on Facebook that victory for Macron would be a disaster.

“If France becomes the first European-Islamic power, then it will be impossible to undo and Jews… will not be able to walk around there at all,”

However, most in Israel had opposed Le Pen, who finished with only 3 percent or so of the vote among expats in Israel in the first round of voting.

Similar sentiments have been expressed in more cryptic form in the jewsmedia aimed at non-jews.

(((Anti-Trump))) jew Yascha Mounk declared victory in France, but reminded his readers the broader war on Whites is not over yet. Four reasons not to be cheered by Emmanuel Macron’s defeat of Marine Le Pen:

Finally, and most important, a lot of the commentary on the rise of populism is treating the success of candidates such as Trump as though they were the result of a mysterious virus that might subside just as quickly as it spread. But to make this argument is to close our eyes to the fact that the current challenge to the political system has been steadily growing over time—which suggests that it has deep, structural causes.

There continues to be real debate as to just what these causes are. But there are some obvious candidates: Over the past decades, the living standards for most ordinary citizens have stagnated in both North America and Western Europe. Countries on both sides of the Atlantic have had to deal with high levels of immigration while overcoming deeply entrenched racial hierarchies that privileged whites over everybody else. At the same time, they have seen a growing chasm between affluent urban centers and a stagnant periphery, which feels increasingly neglected. To halt the rise of populism, moderate politicians will have to find answers to these immense challenges.

(((Anti-anti-Trump))) jew Marc Thiessen also declared victory in France, and jewsplained why this is good news for Trump-supporting jews. Le Pen’s defeat is good news for Trump:

The media are framing the defeat of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election as a defeat for President Trump and his brand of populist nationalism.

Then there is the cloud of anti-Semitism that hangs over Le Pen’s National Front. At the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum National Days of Remembrance ceremony, Trump delivered a strong denunciation of Holocaust denial, declaring that “there are even those filled with such hate, total hate, that they want to erase the Holocaust from history. Those who deny the Holocaust are an accomplice to this horrible evil.”

One of those “accomplices” is Le Pen’s father, who as leader of the National Front dismissed the gas chambers of the Holocaust as a “detail” of history and declared that the Nazi occupation of France was “not particularly inhuman.” Marine Le Pen called another anti-Semitic remark of his a mere “political gaffe” and distanced the party from her radioactive father in a campaign of what she called “dédiabolisation” (or “un-demonizing”) to bring it into the political mainstream.

But recent reminders of the National Front’s anti-Semitism almost certainly depressed her vote. After winning a spot in the presidential runoff in April, Le Pen handed the reins of the party to Jean-François Jalkh, her handpicked successor, who was then forced to step down days later when it emerged that he had praised a Holocaust denier and declared it was “impossible” for the Nazis to have used Zyklon B gas to kill Jews. Le Pen defended him and called the charges a “defamation.”

And there was also Le Pen’s own “gaffe” when she declared that “I don’t think that France is responsible for the Vél d’Hiv” — the infamous 1942 roundup by French police of 13,000 Paris Jews who were interned in a stadium near the Eiffel Tower before being deported to concentration camps. The arrests were carried out not by Nazi occupiers, but by the French themselves. For Marine Le Pen to deny French complicity in this “detail” of the Holocaust suggests that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

There is a big difference between American-style populism and the virulent strain that exists on the European continent. So it is a mistake to read the French election as a rejection of Trump or his agenda. French voters did not cast their ballots for open borders and global supranationalism — rather, they rejected the National Front with all its racist baggage.

Wherever jews live and however they express themselves the vast majority don’t feel any sympathy for Whites, French or otherwise.

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  1. From your reading do you think we are at peak jew power or is the worst yet to come? Is its latency approaching zero.

  2. I think Trump will outlaw “hate speech”. I think the jewed globalist elite will make the penalty for “anti-semitism” death and impose it worldwide. I think peak jew will come when nobody can imagine it getting worse. Unfortunately we’re not there yet.

  3. Peak jew means jews exterminating millions of Whites a la the Red Terror and the Holodomor. We cannot afford another one of those.

  4. Marine Le Pen, like Trumpenthal, is thief-thick with the Jews. Ditto Wilders. The so-called “nationalists” who voted for her have been spared a heavy dose of buyers’ remorse. TINVOWOOT.

    @KSA: the neo-con Jews/cuck goyim plan is to arrange another White-on-White massacre like 1914-45. This time terminal. Via a nuclear war between ‘Murka and Russia. They calculate that Israel is safely south of the main blast-and-radiation zone. The hardLeft universalist Tikkun Olas are more patient, and expect to achieve the same end by the ongoing kosher Culture of Death (abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminist) attack on the White birthrate + continued open-borders insourcing of anti-White ethnics. There does appear to be an increasing overlap between the 2 factions.

  5. Russia and America are hardly White countries anymore. I still think Europe has a better chance of survival than either of them.

  6. It seems so. The suicide meme is still going around, but it is now more often called out and rejected than not.

    Really, with the jewsmedia itself constantly crying out in pain as it deplores the “populist” revolt, the alt-jew attempts to describe what’s happening as suicide are more blatantly disingenuous than ever.

  7. That article is an excellent example of the meta-narrative of jewed anthropology: One Race, the Migrating Mixing Nigger Race. “Nobody’s pure anything, but we’re all pure Africans! Those damn nazis!”

    What the DNA evidence reveals is that speciation is the rule, cross-breeding the exception. Recent research has vindicated the basic understanding race scientists had prior to WWII – that racial differences are significant and biologically rooted, encoded in our very genes. The mythical Aryan invasions have been substantiated by recent archeological and genetic evidence, not disproven.

    The toxic narrative promoted by the jewsmedia and jewed academia – that mixing is the historic norm, that “nazis” were/are wrong, that racial differences are skin deep or social constructs – is all contradicted by the actual facts.

  8. I think Tan is right as I also see Trump outlawing speech the Jews find offensive given his over the top emotional rant about anti-semitism not long ago. I believe we are moving ever closer to European style soft tyranny when it comes to speech whereby whites and only whites will be punished for speaking their minds about certain racial groups while everyone else has free reign to attack us.

    As I feared he’s already implementing the Likud party plan for the Middle East after he promised he would withdraw from that region. Anyone so close to Jews and who has a deep affection for Jews as Trump does can’t be trusted. He’s a judaized white man and my worst fears about him are coming true.

  9. Tan, I recently said at Majority Rights that the survival of the White race on the North American continent will come down to the leadership into battle of Germanic alpha males with giant brass balls. Do you think that is an inaccurate statement?

  10. I wanted to get your thoughts on this whole “white sharia”

    What an interesting question for Tan! Will he answer? There’s a very significant and revealing divide between racist Christians and racist atheist/agnostics when it comes to feminism.

  11. age 103. Bathing in women’s tears or circumcision blood?

    Couple of shows for your scrutiny

    1) Luke Ford – 7 May 2017 – Greg Johnson Of Counter-Currents Discusses Ethno-Nationalism
    d/l via e.g.
    Johnson made some good comments to the Orthodox Jew convert but then speaking with Woes I heard GJ not wondering why Marine Le Pen didn’t query the election result for tampered voting papers etc. She didn’t ’cause she is false opposition (check connections, check tactics), that’s why, and he must surely know that, being a bright sort of chap.
    Still prepared to hang with Enoch too?

    EPISODE23 – As The Turd Turns (latest turd ruminations) w/Damon & No Planes.
    yep, it’s one of those talkshoe phone chats that goes on… and on… and on. Unusually this one, at least as per normal when played back at x2 or x3 had a few interesting insights.
    The current govt/media assault on ‘Russians’ is actually against the Russian Mafia / mishpucka?! There’s dimonts in them thar cat-litters!
    Host sounds like Rich or Keef off Truth Militia.

  12. I don’t think this comes down to a feminist/antifeminist issue and it’s differently not christian/atheist thing, this is a dumb poorly thought out meme that someone who in the past has said themselves to have jewish ancestry took the extreme writing an article advocating domestic violence and spousal rape.

  13. I don’t think this comes down to a feminist/antifeminist issue

    I haven’t seen the “White Sharia” meme push anything other than anti-feminism and anti-homo.

    it’s differently not christian/atheist thing

    From what I’m seeing the Christians don’t have a problem with the context of the meme but dislike “sharia” as it’s just a crappy word. The atheists (not all of them, but quite a few) are flipping out, taking the meme literally, White knighting and saying retarded things like “White Nationalist Feminism.”

    this is a dumb poorly thought out meme that someone who in the past has said themselves to have jewish ancestry

    Weev wrote an article about the “White Sharia” meme but he’s not the creator and he definitely has no control over which memes succeed and which ones fail. That’s the beauty of a meme. It takes on a life of its own and it’s either accepted and people take the time to spread the meme and keep the message alive or it’s rejected and goes down the memory hole. I agree it’s dumb but it’s also been effective in separating the WNs who want to make significant cultural changes within our race and the WNs who want to keep all the jewy customs but just not have any niggers around.

    advocating domestic violence

    An ounce of domestic violence prevents a pound of Merkel.

    spousal rape

    Oxymoron and jewish myth. A man can’t rape his wife.

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