The Jew Coverup


I stumbled across this coverup of a coverup at Wikipedia. The Freudian Coverup:

The Freudian Cover-up is a theory first popularized by social worker Florence Rush in the 1970s, which asserts that Sigmund Freud intentionally ignored evidence that his patients were victims of sexual abuse.

Early within Freud’s career, he believed that little girls often experienced sexual abuse, since most of his patients were predominantly women and consistently reported childhood instances of sexual molestation. Many of Freud’s patients suffered from a common Victorian diagnosis, hysteria. Since his hysterical patients repeatedly reported sexual abuse, most often naming their fathers as the abusers, Freud drew a causal connection between sexual abuse and neurosis. This became the frame for the seduction theory, in which he pointed to a direct connection between sexual abuse in childhood and adult hysteria. According to Florence Rush, author of The Freudian Cover-up, this repeated and persistent incrimination of fathers by his patients made him uneasy, and led him to abandon the seduction theory.

Freud wasn’t trying to protect fathers, he was protecting his tribe. An Analysis of Freud’s Jewish Identity:

Freud’s early patients were almost exclusively Jewish women, yet there is little mention of this in Freud’s writings. Working with these women, Freud recognized the limitations of electrotherapy, the treatment of choice for mental illnesses such as hysteria, and argued that electrotherapy was successful only because of its suggestive effects rather than because of its actual effect on the nervous system. The missing variable in Freud’s rejection of electrotherapy, as Gilman notes, was the prevailing question in 19th-century medicine: race. Indeed, Freud found, upon his return to Vienna from Paris, that statements about the Jewish predisposition for forms of mental illness were commonplace. In fact, some sought to make a distinction in mental stability between secular and nonsecular Jews. These debates led Freud to abandon the idea of hysteria as an inherited disease with a racial component.

The so-called Freudian coverup happened at about the same time jews generally began abandoning the idea of race and started pushing anti-White “anti-racism” instead, just as an immune response to rampant jewing in Europe, the first truly racially-aware White state, was rising to state power in Germany. What a cohencidence.

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  1. Chuck Woolery: “Believe it or not. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were both Jewish. I was shocked to find, most of the original Soviet Communists were Jewish”
    Chuck Woolery: “Amazing to me, I point out that Marx and Lenin were Jewish, Fact of history, and now I’m being called anti Semitic? why do people do this?”

    Screeching jews swarming Chuck, spitting venom, right now.


  2. What Howard Morley Sacher refers to as “the unconscious desire of Jews, as social pariahs, to unmask the respectability of the European society which closed them out” was, in Freud’s case at least, the conscious desire of a conscious pariah, “There was no more effective way of doing this,” Sacher continues, “than by dredging up from the human psyche the sordid and infantile sexual aberrations that were frequently the sources of human behavior, or misbehavior. Even Jews who were not psychiatrists must have taken pleasure in the fact of social equalization performed by Freud’s ‘new thinking.’ The B’nai B’rith Lodge of Vienna, for example, delighted in listening to Freud air his theories.”
    The Ordeal of Civility, Chapter 3

    The Nazis recognized Freud’s fraud and burned his books. Today, however, universities are not racist and for a small fee a professor will enlighten you with Freud’s theories and bring you down to the social level of jews where everyone gets to do whatever they want because deep down we’re all perverts.

  3. Go have a look at ‪@chuckwoolery ‬twitter. A boomer tweeting about jews, he is beginning to see and the jew-screech in the comments only enforces the position he is right, which means Hitler was right.

  4. Chuck Woolery: “There appears to be confusion regarding my remarks about Marx and Lenin having Jewish roots. Make no mistake about this, I stand with Israel”

    Cuckery, confused by the tsunami of hate coming his way, imagines he can placate the jews, forgets they “never forgive, never forget”.

  5. Chuck Woolery: “#KarlMarx and #Lenin betrayed the #Jewish people,their people, and ultimately persecuted them without mercy through #Communism.”

    To find out who rules over you, just ask whose interests you’re blubbering about even as they shit on you.

  6. Chris, the yip-yapping of the Alt of Mutts and SI Rosenbaums are two sides of the same shekel. One attacking Whites in ways they’d never attack jews, the other defending jews in ways they’d never defend Whites.

  7. Was Freud really just a sex-mad old fraud?:

    His friend’s (well, ex-friend’s) eventual damning verdict on Freud was that ‘the reader of thoughts merely reads his own thoughts into other people’.

    Psychoanalysis is the reading of jew thoughts onto Whites.

    In The Interpretation Of Dreams, he reinvented himself as a uniquely sagacious authority, finding examples from literature and history to prove that all human behaviour had always been ‘Freudian’.

    . . .

    How unfair it seems that many of the great physicians who worked alongside Freud are now forgotten, while Freud is a household name.

    The jew and his tribe, just jewing.

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