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Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-14:

He’s a conscious martyr, similar to #HeroAndersBreivik. He refuses to accede in the diminishing of his own act, in the erasure of its significance. Which is what the court, the psychoanalsyts and his own defense, or some portion of the three, is trying to do. It’s the same thing as that article on the alt-right concerning Nagle’s upcoming book yesterday. The powers that be refuse to acknowledge the data (((their))) horrorshow called society has produced, and, in turn, refuse to admit that an honest, rational man could be driven to kill people to try to change things.

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-15:

Racism: Whites Defending Themselves Is Worst crime of All
Far worst than gang rape, which the anti-White all-jew media call “grooming.” This is Rotherham. You probably remember what went on there. If you’re not noticing that other races are different…and threatening to your own…then you’re well down the road to not defending your own kind, literally your own sons and daughters. And this is a part of what the judeo-Bolshevik scam-conception of ‘racism’ means. If you’re not allowed to observe that X race is different from yours, and actually endangers it, then the flip side of that is you are forced to play make believe. Society becomes a form of charades. As I’ve said, it’s akin to being a kid forced to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” by the madman who highjacked your schoolbus. The jew says: “You can’t call things what they are. That’s hate. And it’s a crime.” You can only call things what we say they are. This all changes when we kill the jews, and that is the only thing that will change anything – violent racial self-defense. It’s already started, it’s just infrequent. Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof and Tim Mair are three who dared defend their kind.

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-19:

What’s the Cutting Edge for the White Movement?
Rallies have grown, and become better coordinated than in years past. That should continue. But ultimately, fine words butter no parsley. Alt-put, unapplied torches save no monuments. I believe the time for violence is here: Anders Breivik fired the starting gun for the Age of Killing the Enemy.

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-22:

Liars Call It Suicide
It is murder by jew. Call it what it is. The libertarians won’t. The Takimag twinks won’t. White Nationalists must. Between 1997 and 2010, for example, the last Labour government allowed a staggering 2.2 million people to settle in this country, the equivalent of two Birminghams. Under David Cameron, the Tories promised to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands. Yet the latest figures show that annual net migration is about 273,000, roughly a city the size of Hull arriving every year. He observes immigration has always been “immensely unpopular.” Then why are you using the term suicide instead of murder? Someone directs this. Someone the political leaders are afraid of. They’re not really leaders, are they? They’re cucks doing the bidding of a superior force – Soros, Rothschild, et al. The solution is to exterminate jews and all who serve them. And that’s the bottom line. No one can gainsay that argument and conclusion. It is pure White gold truth.

Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-23:

The Latest Terror Attack: Manchester
What’s the point? To terrorize people so routinely they give up and accede to a world government in order to end the terror. It says this in the Protocols. The governments letting these ‘people’ in know exactly what will happen. They intend it. They seek an outcome. Until jews are exterminated, there will be more of these attacks. The jewish media are on the same side as the terrorists, and so are the jew-controlled nominally Western governments.

Many Whites are starting to realize that the proper response to the situation we’re confronted with doesn’t involve apologizing or cucking harder. And it’s starting to dawn on others, a bit farther along, that voting and demonstrating harder aren’t viable solutions either.

Thanks Trump!

Alt-jew types grudgingly acknowledge there is a war on “whites”. Alt-right types grudgingly acknowledge the jews are driving it. They’re all basically dragging their feet, looking for a way to avoid putting one and one together, or searching for some alt-answer.

Alex Linder has a singular knack for cutting through the bullshit, identifying the crucial dots, and connecting them – clearly stating the existential threat and the justified response. As he often puts it: WHITE GENOCIDE IS (((THEIR))) PLAN: COUNTER-(((EXTERMINATION))) IS OURS.

If you alt-feel compelled to argue whether every alt-jew is responsible this merely makes you an alt-nazi, your time and energy flowing into the alt-end moderates, gatekeepers, and entryists desire.

As the old saw goes, the beatings will continue until morale improves. The war will remain one-sided until Whites stop deploring those who fight back. The problem is moral fraud, not clarity, too few Linders and Breiviks, not too many.

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  1. the more people who are aware of the jewish problem the more likely people willing to do “extreme” things will have proper (((target))) selection.

  2. Nigel Farage: “Political correctness has taken over because we’re scared of being called racist. Time has come for government to protect its citizens.

    Getting warmer. To learn who rules over you, just ask why “anti-semite” is on beyond “racist”.

  3. Respect to both you Tan and Alex Linder for not only having the intelligence to get to the root causality, but also a man-pair for spreading the light. Thank you.

  4. Whoops:1984 thoughtcrime . . . one mention of Anders Breivik or Dylann Roof and it’s instant paralysis–OMG! Come on folks–no need to go hide your heads in a holes until the evil names fly on by.

  5. Let’s You and Them Fight, Part #6,666,666

    It really is all starting to pan out as the ‘conspiracy theory’ scenario of Xians -vs- Muslims as per Pike’s alleged prognostication!

    Manchester Arena was just a time-consolidated series of aggressions of varying degrees from lethal to psychological only. In this regard it differs from this example only in number and degree:

    Report doesn’t state race of victim so you can assume in this case it was White.

    This sort of one-on-one aggression is happening all the time now in the UK, microaggressions-to-murder (I’ve had it myself) and it’s 99% blacks and ‘Asians’ against Whites. UK Government knows this, has promoted the conditions which facilitate it, and does nothing to stop it. Ergo UK Government WANTS this, and has ceased being legitimate.

    Actions speak louder than words. Watch what politicians do, don’t just listen to what they say. And go back and re-read what they said then compare it with today.

  6. Funny that with all the insinuations of direct action in this thread no one has mentioned Harold Covington’s novels. If the IRA had been nothing but a bunch of lone wolves mounting one-off attacks they never would have gotten their payoff from the British government. Think about it. Start promoting a workable strategy, and this bullshit.

  7. Linder Daily Commentary, 2017-05-29:

    Jew claims about Leo Frank are a perfect illustration of the Ultimate Brazen Lying jews celebrate as The hallmark of their ‘culture’: chutzpah. Their tribal tell, itz. Except it’s not a tell because they openly brag about it. In a sense, the entire race, and its history, is nothing more than an extended piece of performance art. (Shia LaBouef-ing across the ages.) The art being lying. Notice that jews claim to be both the “father of modern advertising” (Lasker above) and “father of public relations” (Edward Bernays). If there’s deception involved, the sperm is wearing a yarmulka.

    Jews mistreat everybody. This turns into everybody mistreats jews. All other nations, literally every other time and place and people, has uniformly hated jews. What’s the common denominator? Jewish behavior – screwing other people, then lying about it. Jews aren’t victims, they are criminals and perpetrators; falsifiers, scammers and propagandists. They are every bit as criminally inclined as blacks, but they prefer a different type of crime. And unlike blacks, they have the verbal ability and media access to hide the facts. A nigger walks up to an Asian, hits her over the head, and steals her purse. A jew falsifies history, and gets nations to pay it billions for the imaginary atrocities it suffered in the Oy!-locaust. That’s the only difference: higher IQ affords jews a chance to steal on a higher level.

    The jews are using their lies, their bogus narrative history of Leo Frank, to indict White America as ‘anti-Semitic,’ their favorite scam-concept – guilty from the start. It has nothing to do with whitewashing themselves, it’s purely a racial attack on whites. And an attempt to persuade whites of their original sin of racism. Whites must never defend themselves. They must leave their very children open to jew predation lest they be accused of anti-semitism, which is their dirty word for the natural reaction to being swindled and lied about. Of course, that goes for racism too, another jew-created scam-concept, as we see in the UK, where 1400 white mary phagans in ONE SMALL TOWN (#Rotherham) are pimped and whored out by invading muslims. It’s all of a piece, and all with one end in mind: white genocide. NOI is far too generous in assessing jew motives. Jews are simply and always liars. Don’t ever assume they don’t actually know the truth – they do. They lie and lie calculatedly and deliberately, and they do it across generations.

    There have been many Leo Franks, though their specific crimes differ. From recent years: Milken/Boesky, Madoff, Polanski, Dominque Strauss-Kahn. The most infamous example of jew wagon-circling, around Dreyfus, occured just a few decades before Frank. Whenever jews screech “anti-semitism” it is invariably to distract from the harm one or more privileged jews have caused non-jews.

  8. Are you out of your mind with this “all ye brave men kill the kikes” thing?
    They will just crush the economy by multi-level attacks on the banking system if there were a citizens revolt of some kind, at that point who is going to join the resistance? With Alex the fuckwit safely hiding out in the twittersphere. Also it is obvious cuck-cops will be inserting lead in your arse at the same time you brave patriots. So you will be dead and your kids will starve – pure genius I think not.
    No ‘broers’, The only alternative is a military coup.
    Only a combined military can target the several heads of the hydra.
    Alex needs to shut the fuck up and work out how to inspire and aid the right individuals of senior rank in the military before talking again; otherwise, he is just going to:
    1. get retarded folk needlessly killed for attacking targets of no value,
    2. increase the pressure to take all private firearms.
    3. Other men of reason will be turned off.
    OR is that the whole fucking idea?
    Even the Jews know to reach out to men with power if you want things done.
    Alex “get yourself killed for shit-all” Linder got it right? er no, my arse has made better sounds than his babble.
    Hitler would have had Dylan Roof shot, or has no-one worked that out?
    I can guarantee Alex Linder is inspiring no useful military men with his juvenile ravings, he is just making things more difficult for those in the military who have already worked out what to do.
    If the Military were seized and directed to take the necessary steps, I am sure Alex will be on the target list also, just to keep the retards from being further provoked. It’s Tomahawks on Chateau Rothschild or nothing. STOP PROVOKING THE RETARDS FOR FUCK SAKE.

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