The Weinstein Problem is Evergreen


It takes an hour of dancing around for these two jews, Rubin and Weinstein, to get across what’s happening at Evergreen State College – that Weinstein has been mistaken for White and thus falsely accused of “racism”, that he is in fact an anti-White jew. In Weinstein’s Wall Street Journal op-ed and short interview with Tucker Carlson he avoids mentioning these particular aspects of his identity, though they are crucial to making sense of the controversy. It is only over the course of the long interview with his tribemate that it emerges Weinstein is only speaking out, and being given sympathetic jewsmedia attention, because he sees himself as a righteous jew and “anti-racist”.

The exchange between Rubin and Weinstein is so long and elaborately coded because they both well understand that bluntly stating what’s going on would give the game away. The name of the game is “anti-racism”, a jew-led and racially-motivated assault on Whites whose scope and harm extends far beyond this recent and relatively minor incident at Evergreen. The “social sciences” departments at universities have for decades effectively served as “anti-racist” weapons labs and proving grounds, where anti-White rhetoric and tactics are developed and tested before being deployed more broadly for use by governments and corporations.

“Anti-racism” is a full-spectrum assault. At one end are jews who openly identify and organize as jews to advance the interests of jews. These jews claim moral authority as an historically marginalized and oppressed minority while barking commands at ostensibly non-jew institutions. On the other end of the spectrum are jews who infiltrate and influence ostensibly non-jew institutions from the inside, where they dissimulate as “white”. These jews claim moral authority as “fellow whites” while shitting on Whites.

There are more jews along the spectrum than at either end – some more pro-jew, others more anti-White. But all their “anti-racism” pushes in the same general direction, faulting Whites for being White while excusing jew jewing. The terminology of semitical correctness is orwellian, the rationale tautological. Opposition to the assault on Whites can by definition only come from “racists”. Noticing that the assault on Whites is led by jews, or that jews network to protect each other from such targeting, is “anti-semitism”. To distinguish Whites from jews is “racist”. To fail to distinguish jews from Whites is “anti-semitism”.

So what’s going on at Evergreen is really just a bit of blowback. “Anti-racism” has always been a mask for anti-Whitism, but its true nature is now becoming more overt. It is starting to materialize as official restrictions and physical attacks on Whites, unabashedly justified as compensation for “White privilege” or “White supremacy”. The attack has progressed to the point that any White in a position of power or privilege who might unapologetically identify as White has already been removed, so now it is starting to redound somewhat onto the army of transracialist jews who have steadily and stealthily taken their place.

The controversy around Evergreen shines a light on the “anti-racism” double-talk. For years, when the “Day of Absence” was a passive-aggressive non-White boycott targeting Whites, Weinstein sympathized. He even thought it wan’t effective enough. Now that the event has metastasized into a thinly-veiled White ban, where anyone with whitish skin is actively harassed, Weinstein is suddenly opposed. His various attempts to explain this change are telling.

Speaking in brief to a general audience Weinstein is dishonest. Put on the spot about his racial motives by Carlson, the otherwise articulate Weinstein “uhh… wells…” his way past it. He’s just “deeply progressive” and “troubled about what this implies about the state of the left”. He specifically blames the Evergreen administration for his troubles, and particularly George Bridges, though he struggles to explain why. Credulous Carlson fails to press Weinstein, all too eager to mistake him as a victim of the “Campus Crazyiness” rather than one of its quite willing and conscious proponents.

In his WSJ op-ed Weinstein is even less forthcoming about his identity and motives. Instead he focuses on channeling Niemöller, painting himself as a canary in the coalmine. Here too Weinstein lays the blame on Bridges, though apparently only for being more committed to the anti-White “anti-racist”/”social justice”/”critical theory” agenda than he is himself.

It is only when speaking at length with Rubin, who cohencidentally happens to be a friend of Weinstein’s brother, that we get a glimpse of Weinstein’s real identity and motive. Early on Rubin asks Weinstein why he changed his position on Evergreen’s anti-White “Day of Absence”, why he is only now speaking out. Weinstein explains, “I’m jewish, and, umm, alarm bells go off when I’m told I’m not supposed to be somewhere”.

Much later in the interview Rubin kids Weinstein about his “deep progressive” shtick and they share a knowing chuckle. Weinstein smirks as he admits he’s an “anti-racist”. He complains there isn’t enough “nuance” in existing narratives, either on campus or in the jewsmedia, wishing he could just say, “oy vey, stop attacking me already, I’m an anti-White jew”, without saying it.

Indeed, Weinstein is “anti-racism” personified, the tip of a gigantic but largely hidden and ever-shifting jew-berg. He’s vilified by anti-White goyim, who actually hate him for behaving like a jew, but who would never dare say so because that would be “anti-semitism”. And he’s lionized by White goyim, who mistake him as a “fellow white”, but who would never dare say so because that would be “racism”. To top it off he paints himself as the victim while he calls for the head of his nominal boss. As he subtly intimates to Rubin, Bridges’ crime is in taking “anti-racism” too far, thus failing to protect jews like himself from the harmful effects of the anti-White war they are waging.

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  1. Brilliant article… seriously, this is a really solid analysis of jews jewing.

  2. A yellow star on a lanyard, to be pulled out when needed, like an undercover cops badge; might be the answer for the Prof.

  3. The obvious solution is to help identify the problem amongst Whites while ensuring more Satanic Jews get their Anti-White Rhetoric upside their sloping skull by their brown pets. It will accelerate. All you need to do is insulate yourself while pushing more Jews to face to face confrontations with their brown orcs. These xenomorphs do not see a distinction between Satan’s children and us. Truth is, not being brown or darker is all they see at all.

  4. I think you’ll like this latest episode of “Messenger From Mars”:

    I was going to critique it on a number of points, but since it *is* Messenger From Mars, I decided I couldn’t be bothered.

    He should go and minister to the Tribe or on some leftist site. Trust the dumb goyim to give him a soapbox instead.

    What’s goodforduhjooz.

  5. One of the Jews at TOO covered this:

    “Then they came for … me?” The SJW Frankenstein monster turns against its creator at Evergreen State …

    His editor helped him cover it up:

    ‘Comments are closed’

  6. Bret’s brother, Eric Weinstein twits: “Intersectional Shakedown, n: Protection racket where underrepresented groups sell protection from bigotry charges for apologies/concessions.”

    The racket is “anti-racism”. “Underrepresented” is a curious qualifier, a term the racketeers themselves use to invert reality.

    The racketeer cries out about being “underrepresented” as they bark demands at you.

    Under the slightest scrutiny you find jews waaaaaay OVERrepresented on all sides of the “anti-racism” racket. And as a group jews are the template. The Original Victims. The first and foremost experts on turning victimology into profit and privilege. For over a century the ADL, to mention just the most blatant and powerful example, has provided the working model for racial shakedown artists.

    Some shyster liked this twit from the one Weinstein because it reminded him of Israel and what the other Weinstein wrote in the WSJ and because somebody has to have the courage to stand up and point out that the jews are the real victims.

    The shyster concludes the lesson in jewing by echoing a talking point from the woe-is-me shtick Bret Weinstein gave Rubin:

    The Intersectionality Shakedown method is particularly effective because it targets the people who are not what they are accused of being

    “Anti-racism” is a jew racket. The intended targets are White. It is particularly effective because jews pose as “white”, and are mostly mistaken as “white”, but they actually think and behave differently. Crypsis matters. The most important part of jewing involves spinning jewing as something other than jewing.

  7. Thanks for the TOO coverup link.

    “Then they came for … me?” The SJW Frankenstein monster turns against its creator at Evergreen State:

    But my argument here is more basic. To this Mob of young people screaming “Black Power” at him, Bret Weinstein is White. His Jewishness is irrelevant. Similarly, his email indicated that he thought that the “Day of Absence” was discriminatory against Whites and that this discrimination was wrong. His attempt was to defend the rights of Whites. This was the sin that led The Mob to demand his head.

    Like Weinstein I am also a Jewish, White-looking college professor. But unlike him I am not a leftist or a progressive. When or if The Mob comes for me, my Jewishness, such as it is, will be even less protection than his was. And his was no protection at all.

    I think of events such as this as an ideological sorting opportunity.

    . . .

    But like Weinstein, a factor in my journey was the realization that to The Mob I am just another White male.

    This jew’s apologia is entirely jew-serving. He isn’t any more concerned about what’s good for Whites than the Weinsteins, Rubins, Jacobsons, or any of the other “right”-posing jews who express their oy veying to each other in code. His argument is more insidious. “I’m here to tell you goyim that jews are white. Trust me.”

  8. Lots of lolz at 24:25 in the full Rogan interview.
    Weinstein complains that the “coalition” (whatever that is) has decided that even if you’ve been historically oppressed (Weinstein uses the example of Asian men and White women but we know his only concern is the jews) but today you are successful then you can only be an ally in the “coalition.” Of course Weinstein is appalled that his victim status would be lowered to ally (where he would be subordinate to welfare niggers) just because he has a cushy job at a university. He seems to lament the good old days of anti-White activism and doesn’t like what it’s become today. And that’s funny af.

  9. He seems to lament the good old days of anti-White activism and doesn’t like what it’s become today.

    Right. And he’s pissed at whatever White faculty remains, especially in the administration, because they’re cucking so hard so fast that it puts him and his slow-and-steady stealth-jewing at the hindmost.

  10. @38:00 – @55:00 “This is PC run amok”, says Rogan. Weinstein says the students “have become tools of something they really don’t understand”. He describes the crux of the conflict as an attack on rational logic-based science (which he admits is a White male construct) by an “anti-racist” post-modernism (which he does not admit is a jew construct).

  11. Jonathan Haidt: “Insightful analysis of the intellectual conflict on campus: Modernists vs. Post-modernists, by @MichaelAaronPhD

    The crypto-jew cries out in joy as he cites an alt-jewsmedia jew’s “insightful analysis”.

    Even the few interesting bits are coded:

    Postmodernists, on the other hand, eschew any notion of objectivity, perceiving knowledge as a construct of power differentials rather than anything that could possibly be mutually agreed upon. Informed by such thinkers as Foucault and Derrida, science therefore becomes an instrument of Western oppression; indeed, all discourse is a power struggle between oppressors and oppressed. In this scheme, there is no Western civilization to preserve—as the more powerful force in the world, it automatically takes on the role of oppressor and therefore any form of equity must consequently then involve the overthrow of Western “hegemony.” These folks form the current Far Left, including those who would be described as communists, socialists, anarchists, Antifa, as well as social justice warriors (SJWs). These are all very different groups, but they all share a postmodernist ethos.

    *gesticulating intensifies*

    This type of elaborate pseudo-analysis is designed to distract from the elephant in the room. The oppression narrative is just an extension of the standard jew version of history – Whites as villains, the archetypical oppressors, jews as victims, the archetypical oppressed.

    In the end, the Weinstein/Evergreen State affair poses a significant crossroads to modern society, extending well beyond the conflict occurring on campus. Evergreen State represents the natural culmination of postmodern thought—roving mobs attempting to silence dissenting thought merely based on race, informed by far left theories that weaponize a victim status drawn solely from immutable, innate traits. Unfortunately, I cannot place full blame on the students either, as they have been indoctrinated with these ideas on the very campus that is now serving as the petri dish for applied postmodernism.

    It is no coincidence that, while society outside the walls of campus looks on with disbelief, administrators to this point have been siding with the students. For if they were to repudiate the actions of the students, they would also need to repudiate the ideology with which they have been brainwashing them.

    There is no better example of “theories that weaponize a victim status” than “anti-semitism”, or more specifically, “blood libel” and “the holocaust”.

    Jews (and some kikeservatives) are flocking to spin Weinstein as THE victim exactly because he is a jew. It starts with Weinstein himself. They won’t mention the jew origins of the ideology they oppose because that would constitute a repudiation of jewing, including their own. They only oppose the anti-White agenda to the extent they perceive it as bad for jews. Thus they provide nothing more than an obfuscatory critique of that agenda. They just want to tweak the weapon a bit so it doesn’t harm jews.

  12. Eric Weinstein: “RT our pledge never to apologize for your race/gender/orientation: “I will not pay the intersectional protection racketeers.” #nooriginalsin”


    The demonization/psychopathologization/criminalization of “anti-semitism” is a direct result of jewing. Whenever the knock-on effects of such jewing somehow impedes further jewing the jews just jew harder. Call it intersectional jewing. For example, when Ezra Levant opposed jew-instigated Canadian laws against “hate speech”, but only to protect jew free screech aimed at mooselimbs. Or when Weinstein only opposes that portion of anti-White “anti-racism” that impacts jews.

    Fashy Haircut/Nathan Damigo: “Imagine spending your whole life claiming you are oppressed by another race of people while desperately clinging to them.”

    I.e. imagine you’re a jew.

  13. Tan, did you ever read Amren promoted WHY RACE MATTERS by CUNY prof Michael Levin?

    Levin was one of the Jewish architects of the Alt-Right Part One, known as paleoconservatism, alongside Gottfried and Rothbard. His book would more accurately be titled, WHY IQ MATTERS, and honestly subtitled, AND WHY RACE DOES NOT MATTER.

    Back when Duke was a real electoral threat Jews like Levin and Weinstein were forced to stack up just a little more honesty before they began manipulating. I think we’re going to see much more Jew-scripted ‘race-realism’, and Levin’s work will be the model.

    I just uploaded a word version here if anyone wants it:

  14. I’ve never read Levin’s book, but yes, there will be many more of this kind of “race realist” jew slithering forth, trying to push a cartoonish view of race and iq-fetishism aimed mainly at convincing Whites that jews are “white” and “smart” and therefore can be greatest allies if only Whites would do more for them.

  15. “Two incompatible sacred values in American universities” Jon Haidt, Hayek Lecture Series

    Oct 2016. Haidt jewing the truth. He describes the growing schism in academia between Truth (the old White way) and Social Justice (the new jewed way) while hardly mentioning Whites and never mentioning jews. Weinstein does essentially the same thing the same way for the same reason – trying to explain away the jew-led war on Whites as merely an ideological difference, which is supposedly bad only because it somehow harms the social justice warriors and their cause.

    For an hour Haidt describes the jewing of culture – victimhood culture, microaggressions, fragility, safety culture, blasphemy laws – getting lost in the trees as a way of excusing an increasingly explicit anti-White/pro-non-White forest. Haidt cites Marx as the origin and Larry Summers as a recent victim, but never mentions the role of jews or their “holocaust” narrative. Eg, slide @25:00 lists the “sacred” groups, no jews.

  16. A Letter to Bret Weinstein from some Jews bent on the destruction of White Supremacy:

    We want to talk about the ways that Weinstein is positioning himself as a Jew to invalidate the claims of racism being raised against him. We want to examine Bret’s invocation of his Judaism as a prop upon which his anti-black language and behavior has rested. We must speak about this because if we remain silent we accept this unacceptable usage of our shared history.

    This is not an isolated incident. This is about Weinstein, but it also about white Jews acting in complicity with and upholding white supremacy, passively and actively. We seek to counter Bret’s narrative and de-center his place in the wider struggle against institutional racism on campus and beyond.

    Poe’s Law – more jewing, or a troll?

    At any rate Campus Reform is scandalized: Students accuse Weinstein of hiding behind Jewishness

    The fact is that Weinstein revealed himself as a jew to protect himself when attacked by anti-Whites. If jews were actually “white” then it wouldn’t have worked. Yet it does work, as demonstrated by the alt-jewsmedia leaping to Weinstein’s defense.

  17. Strategizing for the Coalition of the Reasonable
    $100 or more per month
    A two-hour roundtable (google hangout) every month, in which the goal is to bootstrap the Coalition of the Reasonable, uniting cogent perspectives from across the political landscape.

    If I had money to burn and time to kill I’d join this circle jerk and troll them with vague racist suggestions and PC faux pas. If they tried to correct me I’d accuse them of sexism :D

  18. Tuck disappointed and led his audience to believe that (((Weinstein))) was a good progressive who thinks things have gone a bit too far. IMO, Weinstein thought he was safe from the black mob since he was Jewish but he’s too dense to realize that blacks rarely make distinctions between white and Jew and to them, Jews are white enough to qualify for punishment. This is a Frankenstein of the Jews own making and they can stew in their own vomit.

  19. (((vocabulary))) watch: nuance

    The word a jew reaches for while struggling to describe their attempt to moderate some especially toxic aspect of the bulk of jewry’s jewing while not actually calling it out as jewing.

    IIRC Weinstein used it at some point with Rubin.

    Another example here: Evergreen State College Controversy (HBO)

    @1:50 Weinstein describes himself as an ally of non-Whites who just doesn’t agree with some of their methods.

    @5:10 The talking head echoes a jewy student echoing Weinstein, using “nuance” to describe her vexation with anti-Whites who won’t let her tell them how to do it.

    Fleischman and Murphy also used the term to describe their own Weinstein-like posturing as sympathetic critics of “left”-jewing.

    “I’d like to screech, ‘I’M AN ANTI-WHITE JEW’, but I’m trying to be more nuanced.”

  20. (((vocabulary))) watch: nuance

    After Marie Harf got laughed at and meme’d to death on Twitter for reading directly from the jewsmedia reality show script which stated “we’ll win the war on terror by giving terrorists jobs” her script writers then had her explain to all us dumb dumbs that the argument was too nuanced for some to understand. lol

    Yes, Fleischman was perfectly nuanced too. I have to admit it was hard for me to follow the genius of someone whose race awards themselves so many Nobel prizes, even so I listened sooper hard to her NOT RACIST nuanced HBD explanations. All that talk about race possibly being slightly more than a social construct was very Hitleresque. OMFG is she a Nazi??!! No. She just has an especially nuanced intellect because of her superior genes and young upwardly-mobile urban-American lifestyle.

  21. This is Jews using blacks to get a payout from whites.

    The jews are the first and foremost parasites on Whites – the original dindu nuffins, expert extractors of gibsmedat.

  22. Bret Weinstein on the Peculiar Genius of Social Justice

    The jew biologist jewsplains the “genius” of the jew-driven war on Whites in biological terms, without mentioning jews. Wherein lies the “genius” of it. For every openly hostile anti-White jew screeching OY VEY MUH HOLOCAUST END WHITE SUPREMACY there’s an apologist like Weinstein who pretends it has nothing to do with jews jewing.

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