Niggers and Kikes, United Against Whites


Notice all the cucks and niggers pretending to be offended at Bill Maher’s latest act, calling himself a house nigger. Among other things it demonstrates the power of taboos, how simply uttering certain magic words can unleash a torrent of emotion and vitriol, even if much of it is fake.

The nature of this power is revealed in who censures whom. If political correctness is a war on noticing, as Breezy Steve Sailer often notices, then semitical correctness is the war on noticing jewing. Thou shalt not mention jews or their jewing – that’s the One Strange Trick behind the current prevailing structure of taboos.

This tantrum Maher triggered has everything to do with mistaking him for “white”. In reality he’s anti-White. Indeed, he’s a shape-shifting transracialist mischling, a professional celebrity crypto-jew. He’s an actor-provocateur whose career consists of playing the white-faced minstrel, pissing on White norms while tilting impotently against semitical correctness. His job, couched in snark and irony, is to stake out what is or isn’t taboo and for whom, to spell out the unwritten rules by making an example of himself.

It is the pretense that Maher is “white”, an exemplar of “white privilege”, which makes his use of the word nigger “racist”. It is the white-washing of this jew’s jewing which makes it perfectly semitically correct to loath him. To call him out and loath him for being a particularly toxic jew is the exact opposite, perfectly semitically incorrect, six gorillion times worse than saying nigger.

Just prior to the hysteria Maher inspired the jewsmedia was busy promoting a positive attitude about niggers saying nigger. The difference is complementary, not contradictory. Whereas Maher’s shtick is aimed at demoralizing the White goyim, The Carmichael Show strikes a defiant tone aimed at emboldening the black goyim.

The jewsmedia’s PR included this helpful little aside:

The use of the word is not unprecedented – see All in the Family. But that aired “before political correctness,” jewsmedia house niggress Loretta Devine said at NBCU Summer Press Day

Yes, see All in the Family, the icebreaker for prime-time anti-White talmudvision. Bill Maher’s jewing pales in comparison to Norman Lear’s. The old kike is jewing away to this day, ever more openly relishing it as he descends into senility. In May Lear invited Jerrod Carmichael on his podcast specifically so they could say nigger together.

Listening in you’ll notice that the real Carmichael, behind the uppity talmudvision nigger act, is a true jewsmedia house nigger. Jewsmedia jews made him, own his black ass, and he’s happy with the arrangement. More to the point, notice that neither Lear nor Carmichael bother to pretend jews are White.

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  1. I think the word nigger has very little to do with blacks. It’s jews that made it taboo, it’s jews that destroy Whites who dare say it. There was a White guy in DC who lost his job for using the word niggardly in regards to a budget. Niggardly doesn’t even mean nigger but the words are phonetically similar and the jews thought his usage of a word that sounds like nigger to be very uppity and threatening so they made sure he lost his job, because, you know, we can’t have Whites in America running roughshod over PC by using words that sound like nigger.

    The use of the word is not unprecedented – see All in the Family. But that aired “before political correctness,” jewsmedia house niggress Loretta Devine said at NBCU Summer Press Day

    Lol! I thought they used one of your words, I actually checked the article to be sure ;)

  2. The White Despair in your tfeed was an interesting listen. We know why Whites are dying, jewing. AntiWhite 24/7, demographic displacement. It’s a heavy load for Whites these hosts dont see it.

  3. Kevin MacDonald deserves all the credit for popularizing the term crypsis wrt jews. I picked it up from him and use it frequently because I have focused on exposing this particular aspect of jewing. I am personally affected and thus feel a responsibility to alert others to the problem, but I’m also certain jew-mixing and passing is more insidious and has a much broader impact than is generally understood, even by many people who otherwise consider themselves jew-wise.

    If you’re in the mood to spend a few hours on the topic, you can listen to my 16-part series on crypsis, which starts here. You might even start with what is effectively an introduction, the 3-part series on the nature of jew power, which explains why crypsis matters.

    The echo meme is a fantastic development. I’d like to write or talk about that some time.

  4. Off topic, but ’tilting impotently’ in general is critically important.

    Every voice and school of thought given any media exposure will be somehow compromised by bad and self-confounding ideas.

    It is there at the origin point of our given, public political culture, the left/right dichotomy, where it’s commonplace to note quite correctly that conservatives never conserve anything and socialists are the ones most in favour of policies that will harm the economic interests of poorer people. But it can be observed in every supposed alternative that is given any measurable public airing, from greens, to anti-war activism, to monetary reform or nationalism.

    This compromising at the ideas level ensures that every active supporter of any movement with mojo is a person unable to think critically about the issues, while the smart and principled fraction who might be in a position to take power are turned off; it means the movement leaders are morally or intellectually deficit and so controllable; and it allows for an immediate tactical takeover should the need arise, where ideological flaws and lies would be exposed and the leaders revealed as impotent tilters.

  5. Good point Nick, deeper than what I was getting at. I was just trying to say that Maher is essentially an updated “reality” talmudvision version of Archie Bunker, and that these are performers very conscious that their role is to tilt impotently, to a laugh track. But the shoe does also fit the typical judeo liberal democratic politico who does basically the same job straight.

  6. As if on cue, Archie Bunker in the White House |

    All this would be funny if it were a fictional movie, but it’s the president of the strongest power in the world, who even without a reckless push on the nuclear button is undoubtedly a danger to American democracy and world peace.

    Trump is a more thorough-going kikeservative than any president before him. He will outlaw “hate speech” and wage war to please the jews. And they will make sure he gets all the blame.

  7. The alt-jewsmedia (eg. ZeroHedge, Campus Reform) pretends blacks invented this jewspeak.

    It’s all so convincing since even blacks believe it to be their own dogma.

  8. Trump is a more thorough-going kikeservative than any president before him.

    Wouldn’t this be true for anyone who would’ve won in 2016 since jews have more power than ever before?

  9. The “left” vs “right” paradigm isn’t completely meaningless. The “left” is more anti-White, the “right” more pro-jew. Cruz or Bush may well have been as obsequiously kikeservative as Trump, but imo Clinton would have been less, more like Obama.

  10. Journal criticized for not consulting black scholars on race:

    A leading journal of political philosophy took up the Black Lives Matter movement in its June issue without a single contribution from a black academic, triggering an outcry from African-American scholars.

    Many black scholars said they felt insulted and ignored, and some took to social media to express their indignation. Two wrote open letters to the Journal of Political Philosophy.

    In April, the American Historical Review apologized after allowing a professor with views seen as supporting white supremacy to review a book on school segregation.

    Intersectional jewing is at the heart of the Tuvel, Weinstein, and Maher controversies. Does it play a role in this one?

    The journal issue in question: Journal of Political Philosophy – Volume 25, Issue 2 – June 2017.

    The “white supremacist” is Raymond Wolters, who wrote some articles for AmRen. See History journal apologizes for assigning review of book on urban education and inequality to someone viewed as a white supremacist. Wolters also wrote for TOQ/TOO: Excerpt from “My Journey to Race Realism”: The Burden of Brown.

    In both controversies the unquestioned premise is that Whites are bad/evil because they are White. In both cases there is only the standard anti-White jewsmedia coverage, no alt-jewsmedia noise-making or squid ink, apparently because only Whites are being attacked, not jews/crypto-jews.

  11. Nixon is right about the jews. But it wasn’t homosexuality that destroyed the Greeks, it was racemixing with the Turks that did them in. Aristotle and Socrates weren’t gay, they were healthy White men living in a healthy White society. Their statues didn’t have oversized schlongs because they didn’t obsess on sex like we do today thanks to jews constantly making everything about naughty bits. White men were able to be affectionate, physically and with words, without any stigma or fear of “being gay” because jews weren’t in charge and they hadn’t invented their psychobabble yet. The sexual revolution/gay agenda robbed healthy White men of the ability to bond with each other and it’s very sad that men have to be so standoffish with each other.

  12. I’m struck by how discombobulated Nixon’s perception was, but at the same time how true his instinctive sense of the threat was. If only that fucking faggot had voiced his concerns OUT LOUD… but then he was a perfect exemplar of the SILENT MAJORITY he spoke of and failed to speak to or for.

  13. We have to get over the “all Jews are bad” idea. Some are on our side.

    If anything deserves to be called “pathological altruism”, this is it.

  14. The “good” (i.e. not viciously harmful) jews are irrelevant, just like the “good” Muslims. “Good” jews and Muslims are the equivalent of disarmed enemy soldiers on a battlefield. Harmless, but still part of the enemy army.


    Weinstein left Penn after freshman year. Took another 5 years to complete 3 years to get BA at UC-Santa Cruz. Apparently met wife there. She took PhD (biology) at Ann Arbor in ’01 or ’02. Got job at TESC in ’04. Hauled along her masters-holding husband Bret. Got him a job on faculty. He co-taught with soft stuff like “The Science All Around Us.” Then completed PhD in ’07.

    He is not a scientist. Nor a hero. He stirs shit then runs away claiming victimhood. According to video (by one “NeoUnrealist”) linked in a blog comment at Sailer, Weinstein tells his students that genes are racist for directing behavior in socially unacceptable directions, like preferring your own children over someone’s on the other side of the planet. But it’s OK because we can use talk therapy to change genes’ minds.

  16. Nick, we make a fundamental error if we even begin to adjudge a jew good or bad. As MacDonald emphasized, the jews are engaging in a group strategy while we engage in an individualist strategy, and group strategies outcompete individualist strategies. “Individual” jews, therefore, aren’t even a unit of moral agency with respect to which the concept of judgment is applicable.

    If you aren’t seeing the jewish group when you see a jew, you didn’t understand MacDonald’s insights. The question to be answered in regard to relations with jews is simply whether the interaction is good for the whites.

  17. Nice to see you here, ben tillman.

    Can it ever be good for Whites to have Jews involved in the discussion about what’s best for Whites?

    MacDonald is already siding with his ‘good Jew’ Alethia against commenters at TOO who are somehow too pro-White.

  18. I agree with your observations.

    Shouldn’t non-Jewish whites be taking steps to defend themselves in this war
    being waged against them?

    I don’t see how they can unless they are willing and able to communicate with one another.

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