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Stephen Miller Stayed in the Shadows to Kill His Boss’ Deal:

That Miller operated largely out of view was by design. Multiple sources in the Trump White House tell The Daily Beast that he is acutely aware of how other senior Trump aides—including former chief strategist Steve Bannon, another immigration hardliner—have been banished to the doghouse by President Trump for assuming too large a public profile.

Miller worries about being portrayed as the true master of Trump’s immigration policy—a “President Miller” capable of vetoing any “deal” the actual president might strike with Democratic leaders—and has operated more carefully and less ostentatiously than someone like Bannon.

“He actively fears becoming that… [and] goes to great lengths to avoid the ‘Bannon overlord’ image that killed Bannon” in the Trump White House, one of Miller’s West Wing colleagues told The Daily Beast. “The last thing he wants is for the president to see him as some showboat.”

Perfectly typical jew behavior. Miller hasn’t been hounded with the same loxist gusto as Steve “GOY BYE” Bannon or Sebastian “NAAAAZI IN OUR WHITEHOUSE” Gorka. Rather than admit Miller is treated differently because he’s a jew, the pretense here instead is that he just cleverly avoids attention.

In reality, the use of the “President X” meme to goad Trump into firing someone has been driven exclusively by the jewsmedia, which has conspicuously passed on using it against Miller or the gaggle of influential jews who supposedly fear Trump. Again, the reality is that the jews around Trump are taunted primarily by their own tribemates, who want them to more emphatically speak and act for the benefit of jews, against Whites. And unlike the string of non-jews whose heads jews have demanded and Trump has consequently dumped, the jews whom jews screech at have a tendency to retain their positions of power and influence.

The irony in all this is that while the screeching about “President White Supremacist” grows ever louder, the true master is President Jew, and the kikeservative-in-chief is totally OK with that.

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  1. Breitbart, racists and the dirty work of laundering the ‘alt-right’ | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    Truth be told, the evidence that Breitbart News is anti-Semitic has always been weak. Bannon and Breitbart often deal in tropes that set one’s anti-Semitism detectors a-tingling — mongering of global economic conspiracies, creepy talk about dangerous “elites” — but stop short of singling out Jews. And they can point to the site’s reliably pro-Israel reporting, which is often to the right of mainstream Jewish groups on some Israel issues.

    There are two ways to look at the evidence in the BuzzFeed story. The more charitable is to regard Bannon, Marlow and other Breitbart editors as gatekeepers trying to keep the loonies and bigots out of a movement they consider reasonable and well-intentioned. After all, as Bannon is known to ask, doesn’t the left work hard at keeping the communists, anarchists and anti-Zionists out of its own mainstream? According to this reading, Bannon might be compared to William F. Buckley, who used his own platform at the National Review to purge the conservative movement of its anti-Semites, Birchers and other lunatics.

    But the more apparent portrait is of a budding media empire that seems intent on growing its own market share, and political power, by courting some of the coarser and most hateful elements on the American right — or turning a blind eye to the staffers doing the dirty work. It shows its one-time star literally seeking the approval of the farthest of the far right, even as he and they agree that Breitbart risks too much in acknowledging their influence.

    That was the conclusion conservative blogger Ben Shapiro reached when he resigned from Breitbart in March 2016.

    “Breitbart has become the alt-right go-to website, with Yiannopoulos pushing white ethno-nationalism as a legitimate response to political correctness, and the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist meme-makers,” Shapiro wrote, referencing the “Establishment Conservative’s Guide.”

    Buckley, ur-kikeservative.

    This is a graphic example of how jews White-wash both their jewing and counter-jewing, quite consciously shifting blame, screeching about what they know is really a cabal of jews, mischlings, and kikeservatives trying to jew the reaction to jewing, mischaracterizing them instead “White supremacists” trying to somehow jew the jews.

  2. Trump suffers from the same malady as 99% of Whites suffer, he’s tolerant of (((special))) people.

    Typical Whiteness, hard on their own and tolerant/kind to the outsider, always.

  3. Fred W: “the same malady as 99% of Whites suffer”

    I guess you are being ironical. Of course, there’s no malady of White people. It’s the Jews. Our societies have been hijacked by them. White people are being manipulated through propaganda, censorship, intimidation, conformism. And they are made to work for the Jews and for other non-whites.

    “Typical Whiteness, hard on their own and tolerant/kind to the outsider”

    More irony. Of course, being less demanding of inferior people could make sense, but you cannot be hard on your fellow soldiers, and accommodating to enemy soldiers. The Jews want to destroy Trump. He doesn’t have any good reason to tolerate their evildoing. Maybe he thinks he’s not strong enough to take them on.

    When yielding to intimidation, you can rationalize to yourself that you are tolerant to outsiders, and hard on yourself. But if Trump was hard on himself, he would sacrifice himself instead of his own, and he would do it to help defeat Jewish power, not to please the Jews.

    Anyway, I still hope that he will start showing some fighting spirit against the Jews at some point. You never know!

  4. Is it the Jews’ fault or is it some flaw in Whites that is at fault?

    What causes lung cancer? Is it cigarettes or the fact that some are gullible enough to start smoking and too weak-willed to quit? Take your pick!

  5. It’s a flaw in White society. The willingness to accept racial aliens. Induced by theology, I think.

  6. Ramblingly off topic :

    The other day, I was listening to some broadcasts made by William Pierce in the late 1990s. There are more than 300 of his broadcasts archived on the internet. I have listened to a few dozens of them. They are always excellent and very informative.

    I like to listen to podcasts made recently by people who are still alive and taking part in the general conversation among dissident White people. That way, I can even write comments on some website and participate. That’s what you can not do when listening to the archived broadcasts of William Pierce. He died 14 years before Trump was elected.

    Even so, I think I’ll have to make an effort to listen to all of his broadcasts. His message is very powerful, straightforward and red-pilling.

    The other day, I picked at random a talk entitled “Thoughts on Discrimination” (Jan 11, 1997). In that talk, Pierce mentions a bunch of crazy feminists in a Texas high school, who want their daughters to be permitted to wrestle high school boys (as a school sport).

    In 1997, not only was racial discrimination forbidden, but the PC brigade was already trying to abolish discrimination based on sex or IQ. The reason for banning IQ tests is not only that Blacks are less intelligent. I guess there is some crazy Jewish semi-religious ideology behind it.

    The brainwashing affects everyone. For example, more and more teachers are “squeamish about opposing those who want to do away with grading”. There is also a refusal to accept that some people are better looking than others. That’s how in 2017, an African freak won the Miss Finland beauty contest.

    About women in the army, Pierce taunts his listeners: “I’ll bet some of you slow learners out there still don’t believe that the government will be sending women into combat within the next three or four years.”

    And then his conclusions:

    First, it’s easy to see that this compulsion to be undiscriminating is a progressive disease: it doesn’t stop at any point; it just gets worse and worse. It starts off as a mildly wacky denial of reality and progresses to total insanity.

    Second, it is a disease to which most normal, otherwise sane people are susceptible. They don’t ordinarily develop the disease by themselves, but it can be induced in them by a sufficiently skillful and prolonged brainwashing campaign.

    And, of course, if you want to persuade a nation’s people of something that really goes against their grain, something that is completely at odds with reality and contrary to common sense — for example, that there’s no difference between Blacks and Whites except skin color — you really need to have a powerful brainwashing tool at your disposal: something like television, say. But if you and your fellow brainwashers own Hollywood and constitute the most powerful single group in the radio and television business…

    Pierce also explains how the “need to conform is so strong in most people that it can override reason”, and how the Jews manipulate public opinion by convincing us that people like us believe this or that.

    Last paragraph of Pierce’s talk:

    So if you’re a person who still has a little contact with reality and you believe that it’s crazy to force high school wrestling teams to be sexually integrated, you can understand now that the right thing for you to do is not waste your time arguing that it’s not good for boys and girls to fight against each other on the wrestling mat. The right thing to do is help me to continue building alternative media for reaching the public.

    I especially like his conclusion: Don’t waste too much time arguing that mixed-sex wrestling is a bad idea. It should be obvious to everyone, anyway. It’s like arguing that children need to learn things at school, that art had better be beautiful than ugly, that Western governments should protect White people instead of replacing them and shipping the factories to China.

    By the way, if you google “mixed-sex wrestling”, what you get is porn videos. There must have been an effort by the feminists, twenty years ago, to push for mixed-sex wrestling in high schools, but the idea was so over the top that it probably didn’t last.

    In the field of education, you could argue, one separate issue at a time, against a whole series of disastrous policies that have been imposed by the progressives. You can use logic, statistics and common sense to argue against the tendency to do away with grading, against the ban against rote learning, against the whole word method, and so on. That is probably what a lot of rebel students do in education schools. They would like to convince people that progressive methods don’t work. But they won’t achieve anything by logical arguing. They don’t realize that so-called progressive methods are deliberately imposed to destroy the children’s education. They don’t realize it is done on purpose. They don’t know about the Jews. (*)

    In the artistic field, you can try to explain to people that beauty is preferable to ugliness.

    In the field of race replacement, you can argue in favor of the continued existence of White people. You can argue that we don’t need the cheap labor, and that diversity is more a calamity than a strength.

    But in fact, the Jews are behind each of those issues, in opposition to White public opinion. Jews are particularly supportive of the race replacement program, which is opposed by Whites. But in my view, if you claim that White people lack a strong racial instinct, you could just as well argue that they lack artistic sense, which is presumably why they tolerate the promotion of phony modern art by the Jews.

    Apparently, White people also lack the firm conviction that the purpose of school is to impart knowledge to our children, or they would do something about the destruction of the schools. In a more general way, White people just lack decency and common sense —or they would be more fanatic in their resistance to the Jews. In short, the problem is not just our feeble racial loyalty. White people are deficient in every aspect! —But that is obviously not my real view. I think we would be all right if only we could get rid of the Jews.

    What must be blamed for lung cancer:
    Cigarettes? or the failing judgment of cigarette smokers?

    I would blame the Jews. If not for them, I suspect advertising for cigarettes would have stopped a long time ago. In Germany, the national socialist government was strongly against smoking. I bet there was a surge in smoking in that country right after 1945.

    More examples:

    • In the school system, most people think it’s important to impart knowledge to the students. But teachers are squeamish about the idea because they know the authorities don’t like it. The teachers think that the dislike of knowledge and its transmission has to do with some advanced theory of education favored by the progressives. In fact, the problem comes from the Jewish saboteurs in the administration and the media. But the progressive education specialists think they are defending enlightened principles.

    • In my own corner of the world, Breton separatists keep denouncing the French central state. I share their views, except that they would rather not notice that the French government has been hijacked by the Jews. If you are a separatist, the first thing you need is an independent TV station. I guess the French wouldn’t like the Bretons to have their own TV station. But so far, the media is under Jewish control and opposed to the preservation of any White identity, French or Breton. The problem doesn’t really come from the French. But out of prudence and ignorance, Breton nationalists would rather blame the “French” government and not name the Jews. It means they are not doing their share in helping to save the White race.

    Meanwhile, French nationalists would rather blame Islam and the USA rather than ZOG. In the USA, people have no one else to blame, so they blame the liberals. But they also blame the Jews, since their tradition of free speech is not completely dead. And so, more and more people get to know about the JQ.

    • Last week, I saw the Weinstein story mentioned on (((French TV))). They had the bright idea of presenting it as a problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Nothing to do with the huge domination of Hollywood by anti-White sexual perverts abetted by the jewsmedia and jew-controlled politicians.

    It is always the same thing. With every problem, we are encouraged to keep our nose to the ground and not get the big picture. For example, student’s parents will resist the idea of mixed-sex wrestling in high school, but will refrain from looking at the Jewish source of that idea.

    Even if we didn’t know about the Jews, we would have to conclude that average White people do not suffer from any particular malady. The malady comes from the top of our society, from the government, the media, the universities, and other “top” institutions..

    (*) If you are a dissident teacher and have come to realize that the problem comes from the Jews, I think you should engage in passive resistance. When teaching, you should rely on your common sense and try to ignore the bad advice you have been given. But you should not waste your time trying to convert fellow teachers to your views. You won’t be able to turn the system around anyway. We need to spread the idea that ZOG is deliberately destroying the school system. But teachers are not in the best position to do so. They can be fired too easily. Unless they do it anonymously on the net.

    When we get to realize that it’s the jews, we may feel a big weight on our shoulders. We realize we have to do something to help our people against our collective enemies. The idea that White people may lose the battle is depressing. On the other hand, many of us probably experience relief on learning the truth. We finally understand what is going on. It no longer feels like the whole western world is crazy. A clear understanding of who is our enemy and what is at stake should give more meaning to our lives.

  7. You don’t need Pierce to tell you that most Whites are basically retarded human sheep. Just read Nietzsche.

    Interestingly, Hitler once made a gift of Nietzsche’s complete works to Mussolini. Even going so far as to hand pick the leather that the works were to be bound in. I’d say that constitutes the Fuhrer’s stamp of approval!

  8. Good responses, Armor.

    CC, anyone who thinks Whites in general and in particular are retarded human sheep is plainly wrong.

    Now people who adopt a position because they think celebrities espoused it …

  9. Anyone dumb enough to believe that they can “vote” away the Devil’s meat puppets is delusional. In truth, this scum has no “strategy”. It is a mindless and worthless parasite. There is no thought. It is a delusional and mindless monster. Made by the Devil to destroy. It has no thought or ideas. It pursues anything vile and perverted. Democracy is of the Devil, no more and no less. Only a few are fit to rule, and never can such be chosen by lot. The tactics are simple, like the rat itself. Most people respond to a “consensus” if you will. It is necessary for any functional society. The sewer rat hijacks this by creating a “false consensus”. Since this mindless parasite has no society but merely a hive mind like a bug, its mass media serves two purposes. First it creates the “false consensus” amongst the victim population. Stacking the deck with shills and puppets and putting their mindless ugly smug mugs up as some kind of thinking creature called an “expert”. There is no thought. No ideas. Just the same old scam. An instinct, like a bug or pest. Its mass media has something people have called “predictive programming”. It has a purpose. Its not just brainwashing gullible youth. Its transmitting the orders to the meat puppets. That’s how the conspiracy stays in step. A mindless parasite receiving orders through the electric jew media. Simple Simon is a mindless monster. A meat puppet of the Devil. Controlled by the media the Devil set up to remotely control his ugly and obnoxious meat puppets.

  10. Hi, I wanted to ask Tanstaafl a question about an old blog post that is closed for comments.
    I recently had a DNA test done, and 23 and Me said that my haplogroup was related to Markina Gora, so I did googled “Markina Gora” and found the blog post: “Understanding Kostenki 14 (Markina Gora).”
    I was really shocked by the anti-Jewish comments, but you seem knowledgeable about the science.
    I understand that you think political correctness affected the science surrounding K14. Not surprising.
    But were you trying to say that Jewish people are not descendants of Kostenki 14?

  11. Trump is beyond philosemitic, he is basically an orthodox Jew. Why else would he be dropping notes into the grave of the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneerson who is regarded by the Chabad Lubavitchers as the messiah..

  12. If white people were really up to speed on christian theology they would believe what god has to say including John 8:31-44 and understand that the children of Israel and especially the the Jews are indeed in the devils camp and that it is extremely dangerous to have so much as one of them in what we think are our countries for any reason… Right now white people do not really have countries and governments of their own. They live in concentration camps ruled by the children of the devil.

  13. From the TFeed

    Language and Our Genes with Dr Steve Jones
    Word of Mouth

    Michael Rosen and Dr Laura Wright talk to geneticist Steve Jones about how language is used to talk about genetics, and how genetics influences language.”

    Michael Rosen @10m29s yeah he’s definitely got THAT gene for blabbing into a microphone at the ‘B’BC.

    UCL (((the godless institution of Gower Street)))

    @24m27s has Steve Jones gone Lamarckian?
    “…that’s because we have this new means of transmitting information, not through sperm and egg, but through words. And once that happens, the need, in inverted commas, to evolve goes almost away. [… ‘speech and language have interfered with natural selection’…] the more you learn about genetics, the less you feel it tells you about what it means to be human…”

    I don’t get this, someone please translate. Has he spoken to an organ transplant surgeon recently?

    Also, there seems to be some nod to the ‘ideas’ apparently propagated in cult book ‘The Language Crystal’ by “Lawrence Lyons”…

    Haha, sad but hilarious. One is reminded of Mullins’ New History of the Jews, p12:

    “Why do they let the Jews appropriate their goods, and even their
    lives? In reality, the Jew does bring something with him. He brings
    his wits, and he brings his determination to remain in the host country,
    in spite of all efforts to dislodge him. Using his wits, the Jew pretends
    to offer something that the host people want or need. The Jew offers
    trade connections with foreign lands, information about enemies
    or potential enemies; or he appears as a comedian or a magician
    offering entertainment; or he appears as an occult being, offering
    new roads to heaven and guaranteed passports to paradise. If the
    host people needs money, he offers that, or the promise of money….”

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