13 thoughts on “Anti-White Zeitgeist”

  1. What a hateful RACIST! What a NAZI! Doesn’t this RACIST NAZI get it?! In the current year, it simply is NOT “okay to be white”!!! The wonderful and long-suffering People Of The Book have told us this, so it must be true! After all, it was white people, most of them CHRISTIAN MALES, who gassed 6 jabillion of those poor people and made lampshades and soap out of them in Nazi Germany and everywhere else!!! This WHITE DEVIL ought to be BEHEADED, along with his entire RACIST NAZI family! The nerve of this murderous, violent, genocidal NAZI DEVIL, claiming that it’s “okay” to be white! I hope the police find out who he is and just EXECUTE him on the spot!


  2. It would have been a great Halloween stunt to have had a monk in a white hooded cowl place fliers saying “White and Christian”. He could then give them a little splash water.

  3. Beria wasn’t Jewish. But because of his lifework he is often carelessly lumped in with a crowd populated with and serving Jews. John Bolton won for himself the same fateful dishonour regarding neocons.

  4. ‘IT’S OK TO BE WHITE’ signs were posted at FGCU this week:

    [Anti-White sociology professor] Thornhill said he thinks the signs are meant to be intimidating.

    “I think it’s meant to try to attempt to silence students or faculty or just Americans who are going to not tolerate racism, that are going to challenge it, that are going to demand racial justice in different social spheres,” he said.

    IOTBW fliers threaten university-sanctioned police-protected dissemination of militant non-White/anti-White (((victim narrative))) propaganda.

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