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The team at the BM Sunwheel Office were saddened to hear of the death of West Midlands racial Nationalist and activist Paul Hickman. Paul Hickman was the broadcaster behind the on-line radio ‘Voice of Albion’ and operated on the internet as ‘Birmingham Nationalist’. Ruthlessly hounded by self-styled anti-fascists, Paul lost his job and struggled to find work, his political activism also drew on to him the unwanted attentions of the State and its agencies. From what little information coming to us here, we are led to believe that Paul Hickman took his own life. A sad situation for someone still in their thirties and a loss to British Nationalism.

Also, from the sidebar at Renegade Broadcasting:

After 2 years of restrictive bail for posting non-PC stickers, being harassed and doxed by antifa and losing his employment, former Renegade host Paul Hickman took his life. RIP.

Listen to Paul’s archives here.

This is sad news. I first spoke with Paul Hickman a little over four years ago when he was starting his program Voice of Albion at the White network. I had the pleasure of joining him on air on two occasions, in February and April of 2014.

I did not know Paul well, but had hoped to meet him in person someday. He helped educate me in several ways. He was a somber and perceptive man. He could clearly see the horror unfolding in Britain specifically but also for the White race more generally. He had been increasingly openly active in the British National Party, but by 2014 had became dissatisfied with the leadership of Nick Griffin. In response Paul became more radical, in the best possible sense, shifting his attention and support to British Movement and National Action.

At tWn Paul focused mainly on the life and work of BNP founder John Tyndall, whom he clearly held in high esteem. He moved his program to Renegade in April of 2014 and while there interviewed a variety of bright contemporary European nationalists. Paul’s conversation with Simon Sheppard is a favorite.

At Renegade Paul also produced a three-part series on Arnold Leese’s book My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder, originally published in 1938. Leese was a brilliant writer, a learned student of the jew problem, not nearly as well known as he should be. I recommend Paul’s reading and discussion of Leese’s book as a way to get to know both of them.

Voice of Albion: Jewish Ritual Murder (10-8-14)Download

Voice of Albion: Jewish Ritual Murder [II] (10-29-14)Download

Voice of Albion: Jewish Ritual Murder [III] (11-12-14)Download

Paul Hickman was an intelligent and articulate man, an activist who tried to help his nation and his race, at great cost to himself. He will be missed.

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  1. Lol seeing one of my comments as “anon” from three years ago with my usual typos. “Raising kids as racially aware parents” Tempus fugit.
    Yeah where is that show? Lol. Anyway RIP Paul..

  2. I’m sad & angry to learn this.

    Europeans can’t even question their own WWII history without facing imprisonment by the ones chiefly responsible for the war.

    Their lugubrious self-pity would be laughable if the suffering they cause others wasn’t so grave.

  3. Losing Paul is a hard blow. After all his brilliant front line activity, he leaves us to save our White Race, with the help of his secure building blocks. Looking down from Valhalla. You will always be remembered and respected Paul. R.I.P.

  4. The first radio interview I ever did was with Paul Hickman and he was without a doubt, the best interviewer I ever came across. A real gentleman. Here’s the programme.
    If anyone believes we are NOT fighting against a truly evil system, then the example of Paul Hickman is there for all to see – a good man prevented from earning his livelihood, thrown out of his jobs, hounded, persecuted and driven to suicide by the forces of darkness that rule this land. We’ll not forget him, we’ll turn our fury into energy and fight for victory and we WILL avenge him!

  5. A fundamental component of the Aryan (if you will) racial psyche seems to be the willingness to destroy the self in service of (presumably) higher ideals, even if that destruction is whole, genetic, or in any and/or all other ways comprehensive as to the observable material components of the world we seem to see. E.g. this article, the subject of which could’ve self-shamed and apologized and found religion and cobbled together a degraded life, yet one of more successful reproduction, therefore being more genetically successful but less honestly so.

    During a certain stretch of time, this trait may have provided some material benefit, but it does not in a world in which all the technology we invented with the (necessary?) assistance of this trait was given to the partial or total control of others. E.g., our formal education, medicine, technology, and all other forms of service and/or leadership, which are unrecognizable enemy organs to our distant predecessors.

    Should Hickman have lied in order to live? Should we change who we are in order to protect our ability to blaspheme? It seems that, if we do not, we will cease to exist, yet if we do, we will cease to exist in another way, perhaps a more terrible one (unless all we care about is temporally brief survival in a world in which dishonesty has become necessary).

    This parasitical conundrum makes us question whether our fundamental openness, relative to others on this planet, is a survival-conducive trait. We see the effectiveness of Christianity, here, wherein many of us have been trained to redirect all our spirituality toward a rabbi, because the false dichotomy makes us think it’s either this world only, or the all-powerful rabbi only. Will we ever develop a spiritual sense that transcends the rabbi-worship that has been used so effectively to misdirect our inherent belief that non-genetic success matters more?

  6. Any one know his family? Any one confirmed the body? Any one know if this isn’t too convenient? Mi5 legend being retired?
    If some one can produce evidence of his actual demise i would appreciate it.

  7. Strangely I never heard of Paul Hickman, but by the description it sounds like his untimely passing is a real loss for white nationalism. It sounds like the harassment and persecution he suffered at the hands of the state and non-state actors finally took its toll. We’re human and can only take so much, after all.

    His travails are evidence that the U.K. and most other Western nations have become Bolshevik run hell holes thanks to Jewish power and influence.

    RIP Paul, thanks for all you did for your people and hopefully we can all find ways to honor you.

  8. I worked with Paul as Fund Holder when he was BNP Regional Organiser between 2011 and 2013.

    We arranged several fund-raising meetings, went on protest trips, leafleted together during the course of those couple of years. These were happy times, especially the barbeque evenings we attended.

    He was certainly very dedicated to the Cause and a jolly good organiser too.

    I find it hard to believe he was driven to such despair as to take his own life.

    RIP Paul, my old colleague.

  9. He was certainly very dedicated to the Cause and a jolly good organiser too.

    Weren’t there any ppl in the BNP or allied organizations he could turn to?

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