Barrage on Farage


Nigel Farage: ‘Jewish lobby’ has disproportionate power in the US.

Farage is about to get the Hagel treatment. The jews, who have tirelessly organized and lobbied to codify the conflatation of jews and Israel, are screeching that Farage has…conflated jews and Israel while noticing they organize and lobby. Under jew rule speaking about jew power is a criminal offense.

Like any good kikeservative, Farage will likely attempt to atone by humiliating himself. This would involve loudly professing that he is not a “racist”, has always especially loved the jews, their lobbying, and their state, maybe while visiting one or more of the many prominent places of jew-worship and sliding a pile of shekels their way. The jews will then undoubtedly return to demonizing him, and he will return to acting as if they don’t exist except when told to speak or perform some service for them. As usual.

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  1. This powerful Adelson-funded Israel lobby could soon rival AIPAC’s influence in Washington – U.S. News –

    During an event in their home, several months before last year’s Presidential Elections, Mr. Adelson, standing before an IAC crowd, smiled and said: ‘You all know who Miri and I vote for, it is probably not a secret.’ The audience laughed. Then, he became serious, and said that if the IAC ever becomes a partisan organization, it will fail. He continued and emphasized – to win the fight for Israel and the future of the Jewish people, we must have everyone as a part of the IAC – Democrats and Republicans alike.”

    Two “rival” jew lobbies, three opinions about what’s best for the jews.

  2. Jews Should Concern Americans More Than Russian Influence, Nigel Farage Says:

    “Nigel Farage’s comments about the role of a powerful ‘Jewish lobby’ in America plays into deep-seated anti-Semitic tropes about supposed Jewish control of government,” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt told Newsweek. “This is fuel for white supremacists who exploit and spread conspiracy theories about ‘evil, controlling Jews.’”

    Conflating a Jewish and Israeli lobby is not only conspiratorial and false, said Greenblatt, but could “have the unintended consequence of encouraging anti-Semites and extremists to exploit them.”

    The jewsmedia is part of the conspiracy, cites full-time anti-White jews as if they are supranational authorities.

  3. “Conspiracy theory” is a semitic trope, a loaded term jews cry out as they swarm and screech in unison.

  4. My favorite quote:

    The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

    He is toast, they are going to put the stones to him. You can criticize any other group but the Jews.

  5. Nigel Farage, Trump’s Favorite British Politician, Goes on Anti-Semitic Riff About ‘The Jewish Lobby’:

    Many already understand the ignorance embedded in the notion of a singular “Jewish lobby.” But it’s worth unpacking for those less familiar. As Bard College historian Walter Russell Mead has put it:

    To the addled mind of the Jew hater, “the Jews” act in concert, of one mind, with irresistible force and with a single pernicious agenda. Israel policy is thus set by the fiat of the 1.8% of the population that is Jewish, rather than the prevailing opinions of the 98.2% that is not—a formulation that ignores both the diversity of views among the 1.8% and the political ideas and preferences of the non-Jewish majority.

    In other words, the problem is not the suggestion that Jews—like members of every other group—express and advance political views. The problem is the suggestion that they share one agenda and somehow impose it on the world’s non-Jewish majority, both of which are demonstrably false conspiratorial claims. Reducing Jews to an ideological monolith that acts in unison—from America to Israel, Sheldon Adelson to George Soros—is textbook anti-Semitism and self-evidently absurd.

    Two jews, three “what’s good for the jews” agendas, all screech “STUPID CRAZY CONSPIRACY TROPE CANARD!!1!” whenever anyone notices.

  6. The full show: – it starts with a brief interview with former White House kikeservative Gorka.

    Farage was responding to Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage… bound together in an unholy alliance. Cadwalladr’s theory:

    Try to follow this on a daily basis and it’s one long headspin: a spider’s web of relationships and networks of power and patronage and alliances that spans the Atlantic and embraces data firms, thinktanks and media outlets. It is about complicated corporate structures in obscure jurisdictions, involving offshore funds funnelled through the black-box algorithms of the platform tech monopolists. That it’s eye-wateringly complicated and geographically diffuse is not a coincidence. Confusion is the charlatan’s friend, noise its accessory. The babble on Twitter is a convenient cloak of darkness.

    Yet it’s also quite simple.

    It would be simple if Cadwalladr were describing the jew lobby or the jewsmedia. But instead:

    This is a power network that involves WikiLeaks and Farage, and Cambridge Analytica and Farage, and Robert Mercer and Farage. Steve Bannon, former vice president of Cambridge Analytica, and Farage. It’s Nigel Farage and Brexit and Trump and Cambridge Analytica and WikiLeaks… and, if the Senate intelligence committee and the House intelligence committee and the FBI are on to anything at all, somewhere in the middle of all that, Russia.

    Cambridge Analytica looms large in a related article Cadwalladr wrote last December, Google, democracy and the truth about internet search. The basic idea is that the internet is bad for the jews. The crux of her argument is that there’s a vast anti-jew conspiracy network, powered by Google and Facebook. Furthermore, she imagines this network is driven and tracked by Cambridge Analytica (meaning Bannon and the Mercers), whose data was used by Trump (Kushner actually, though she never mentions him) to target “propaganda” and get elected.

    Cadwalladr’s theorizing starts with the premise that jews are good. Thus she is forced to imagine a world in which the jew lobby and jewsmedia don’t exist, but instead jewed corporations and kikeservative lickspittles constitute an “unholy alliance” conspiring, monolithically, in unison, against the jews. And this, cohencidentally, is exactly how the jews see it.

  7. Cohencidentally, right now the jewsmedia echo chamber is screeching about Mercer.

    Jon Swaine: “Mercer email to staff also contains most extensive public account of his conservative politics he’s ever given. Denies being racist.

    Laura Rozen: “wow. Mercer distancing himself from the white supremacists

    The louder anti-White kikes screech “White supremacy”, the more obsequiously kikeservatives toe the semitically correct line. And vice versa. That’s the totally jewed reality of contemporary political discourse.

  8. A few selections from a long thread of raw uncoded jewing.

    Sophie Ellman-Golan: “Non-Jews: An important thing to know right now is that Jews are feeling v anxious that Jared Kushner will be the primary scapegoat. We know he deserves to go down—we want him to be stripped of power & held accountable. What’s scary is what will come next.”

    Sophie Ellman-Golan: “Non-Jews: You need to learn and listen for these code words. Do not fall for the age-old trick of turning this investigation into a conversation about “Jewish influence.” We know the influence behind/courted by this admin. It’s white supremacy, not Jews”

    Sophie Ellman-Golan: “Final note: if a tiny voice in your head is saying “well Jews DO hold an awful amount of power in this country/the world,” that voice is anti-semitism and white supremacy, and it’s not gonna help any of us get free.”

    Sophie Ellman-Golan: “The tiny voice that says “Jews DO seem control a lot of industries/power” is the same voice that says “Black people DO seem to commit more crimes” and “Muslim people DO seem to commit more terrorist acts.” If you know the last 2 are bullshit, please acknowledge the 1st is too.”

  9. An alt-jewsmedia take from Pollack at Breitbart, Jake Tapper, Newsweek, ADL Smear Nigel Farage with False Antisemitism Claim:

    Certainly Farage did not say what his critics claim he did. He did not “go after the Jews,” as the Examiner claimed. He did not suggest Jews control the government, as the ADL’s Greenblatt charged — quite the opposite, in fact, as he pointed out that other groups also lobby the U.S. government. And he certainly did not say that “Jews Should Concern Americans” in any way, as Newsweek‘s Goodkind suggested (and Jake Tapper, in retweeting, repeated).

    Farage’s critics do not care about the truth. They do not care about defending Jews. They just care about smearing him and Trump, hoping their false accusations of antisemitism will live on in search engines and news archives.

    As with the Hagelcaust, and the Gorkacaust, all the screeching is coming from jews, because they’re jews. And as usual, nobody else who supposedly holds power dares to open their mouths.

  10. @’Jez Turner appears at a central London Magistrates Court’

    Listening to another podcast, it was said near every other word of the Crown Prosecutor was “hate”. Magick spells and incantations.

    This “hate” * flash bomb has to be defused and the defence Briefs in these cases schooled in the effective deployment of an equal and opposite.

    Now Bob Whitaker is no longer with us, will the weighty responsibilty fall on Horus to come up with le mot juste? It’s got to be concise, encapsulated, not multiword rationalising. Those who explain are on the backfoot already.

    Don’t look to me – ‘prate’ doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue of 90% of Brits. ‘Debate’ might figure in it though.


  11. Congress to recognize the 100-year anniversary of Balfour Declaration | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    “The Balfour Declaration of 1917 represents a pivotal moment in Jewish history and the creation of the modern State of Israel,” Manchin said in a statement, adding the resolution “reaffirms our support for one of our strongest allies and most steadfast friends in the region as we remember an important moment in their history.”

    The resolution states that Congress “commemorates the centenary of the Balfour Declaration; affirms its commitment to maintaining the strongest of bilateral ties with the State of Israel; and recognizes the importance of the establishment of the modern State of Israel as a secure and democratic homeland for the Jewish people.”

    ZOG in the US commemorates ZOG in Britain. A century on and jews are still screeching when anyone notices they control either government.

    The Secret Drafts of the Balfour Declaration reveals some details of the jew conspiracy driving the original declaration.

    Another example, recounted by Jeffrey Goldberg in 2005, illustrates not only the same subversive alien influence, but the same chutzpathic tendency to double-down after exposure:

    aipac’s leaders can be immoderately frank about the group’s influence. At dinner that night with Steven Rosen, I mentioned a controversy that had enveloped aipac in 1992. David Steiner, a New Jersey real-estate developer who was then serving as aipac’s president, was caught on tape boasting that he had “cut a deal” with the Administration of George H. W. Bush to provide more aid to Israel. Steiner also said that he was “negotiating” with the incoming Clinton Administration over the appointment of a pro-Israel Secretary of State. “We have a dozen people in his”—Clinton’s—“headquarters . . . and they are all going to get big jobs,” Steiner said. Soon after the tape’s existence was disclosed, Steiner resigned his post. I asked Rosen if aipac suffered a loss of influence after the Steiner affair. A half smile appeared on his face, and he pushed a napkin across the table. “You see this napkin?” he said. “In twenty-four hours, we could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.”

  12. at some point, though – probably about the time the (((debtbuck))) collapses – a shabbatz goy slightly less cowardly than the common ruck will tell the truth about the ZOG and, when the usual chutzpahstorm descends, respond with something like:

    “F you Jews. You know it’s true, and now I’ll say it again…”

    instead of the usual whining and apologizing. Then

    the floodgates will open.

  13. The debt-load need never ‘collapse.’ If only. We’d have every reason to demand a new financial model. But Jews won’t ever run out of zeros to add. Ignore all conventional economics talk. If, for some reason, they decide to collapse the system that promises them endless profits eternally, beware the better option they have in play.

  14. Ellman-Golman is gold.

    “The tiny voice that says “Jews DO seem control a lot of industries/power” is the same voice that says “Black people DO seem to commit more crimes” and “Muslim people DO seem to commit more terrorist acts.” If you know the last 2 are bullshit, please acknowledge the 1st is too.”

    Pretty much all White people KNOW that Blacks do commit more crimes, and Muslims more terrorist acts. We are generally much less conscious of Jewish power and control of key industries

  15. ‘NOT ENOUGH’ Britain’s top Jewish writers slam Jeremy Corbyn for tolerating Labour anti-semitism under the cover of opposition to Israel:

    They accused Mr Corbyn of tolerating anti-Jewish views which are disguised as opposition to the state of Israel.

    The high-profile trio said that anti-Zionism – the belief that Israel should never have been established – often leads to conspiracy theories about Jewish people controlling politics.

    They wrote in their letter to The Times: “We do not object to fair criticism of Israel governments, but this has grown to be indistinguishable from a demonisation of Zionism itself – the right of the Jewish people to a homeland, and the very existence of a Jewish state.

    “Accusations of international Jewish conspiracy and control of the media have resurfaced to support false equations of Zionism with colonialism and imperialism, and the promotion of vicious, fictitious parallels with genocide and Nazism.

    Today’s letter was timed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which saw Britain officially support the establishment of Israel.

    Three jews jewing jewily, screeching that Britain’s kikeservative government must do more for the jews.

    With direct opposition to jewing outlawed, jews leverage that protection to outlaw even indirect opposition, e.g. criticism of their alien state. According to jew logic, opposition to jewing should be criminalized because jews are jews.

  16. It’s Jew vs. Jew as Congress weighs a new definition for anti-Semitism | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    Tuesday’s hearing of the House Judiciary Committee took up a bill that would, among other things, define as anti-Semitism language that “demonizes” Israel.

    Of the nine witnesses who addressed the committee, five said the language was necessary to stem anti-Semitism on campuses. Four argued it infringes on freedom of speech.

    The witnesses at times directly addressed one another, violating congressional protocol. Exchanging barbs, each side questioned the bona fides of the other in defining anti-Semitism. In a bizarre twist, the co-authors of the language that the bill would codify argued opposing viewpoints.

    Two jews, three opinions about what’s best for the jews. They can’t decide whether they want to make the conflation of jews with Israel official or illegal. So they’ll do both.

  17. Patel fallout ‘will set us back 20 years’ – The Jewish Chronicle:

    The implications of the political scandal which cost Priti Patel her ministerial career will have a devastating impact on British Jewry, senior figures have predicted.

    Communal representatives and pro-Israel activists believe the affair will bolster antisemitic conspiracy theories and damage relationships with British politicians for a generation.

    One senior communal figure said: “This will set us back 20 years.”

    The implication is that “British jewry”, “communal representatives”, and “pro-Israel activists” see jews as distinct from Britons and openly conspire to put the concerns of jews ahead of all others.

  18. Letter penned by Prince Charles sparks controversy | Daily Mail Online

    Last night, Stephen Pollard, influential editor of The Jewish Chronicle, said: ‘To me this is the most astonishing element of the Prince’s letter. The “Jewish lobby” is one of the anti-Semitic themes that have endured for centuries. It is this myth there are these very powerful Jews who control foreign policy or the media or banks or whatever.’

    Mr Pollard described the letter as ‘jaw-droppingly shocking’, adding: ‘That they [the Prince’s comments] come from the heir to the throne is unsettling, to put it mildly.’

    While the letter is inflammatory, there is no suggestion Charles holds anti-Semitic views.

    He has many prominent Jewish friends and in 2013 became the first Royal to attend a chief rabbi’s inauguration ceremony. In a speech that year, he expressed concern at the apparent rise of anti-Semitism in Britain.

    “Powerful jews are a myth”, screeches the powerful jew, “shocked” at the powerless uppity heir to the throne.

    ‘Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in US? I must be naive, I suppose!’

    This was thirty years ago. Since then each POTUS has been more kikeservative than the last, and jew screeching has intensified.

    Among those to come under fire for using the term ‘Jewish lobby’ are General George Brown, the highest-ranking military officer in the US as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was publicly rebuked and disowned by President Gerald Ford in 1974 after claiming that a ‘Jewish lobby’ controlled Congress.

    Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage was criticised earlier this month when he referred to ‘a powerful Jewish lobby’ in the US.

    In 2006, Chris Davies, former leader of the Lib Dem MEPs, was forced to resign after he used the term.

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu also came under fire when he used the phrase in a newspaper article in 2002.

    The Prince’s reference in the letter to the influx of European Jews also caused dismay.

    It is not clear if he is referring to immigration before or after the Second World War, or both. Mr Pollard said: ‘It is the absolute classic Arab explanation of the problems in the Middle East.

    ‘And it is what everyone has always said the British aristocracy actually thinks – the idea that Jews were some kind of foreigners who had no real place in Israel until we decided to make it their homeland. Historically it is nonsense and it’s quite stunning when it comes from the heir to the throne.’

    The list of supposedly powerful people who have “come under fire” from the jews, for somehow vexing the jews, is much longer than this. The parasite sees every place as their homeland, every host as some kind of foreigner.

  19. Jeez! In 1986 Charles was 38 years old. He’s generally seen as a thoughtful, engaged, intellectual type. Yet his comments there suggest a total absence of accurate background information on matters so critical. I’d say the same about the Arab leaders who thought of Israel as a US colony also. This reminds me of GHWB and James Baker, saying ‘Fuck the Jews, they don’t even vote for us anyway!’

    I can’t think that gross stupidity on Jewish issues among potentially powerful non-Jews is a purely natural, uncontrived state of affairs.

  20. The kick/lick dynamic. The supposedly powerful licker sometimes forgets their place, thus triggers a truly powerful kick. The kickers, for their part, send mixed signals by pretending the lickers are the kickers, especially while kicking them.

    Here’s the jew take on George H.W. Bush:

    For many in the Jewish community, Bush’s presidency could be encapsulated in his offhand quip to reporters in September 1991 during an AIPAC lobbying effort on Capitol Hill in support of the proposed $10 billion loan guarantee to Israel: “I’m one lonely little guy” up against “some powerful political forces” made up of “a thousand lobbyists on the Hill.” The comment triggered a spate of antisemitic letters and comments for which the president later apologized.

    Bush didn’t even dare to say jew lobby, but the kickers knew who the lonely licker was talking about.

  21. Prince Charles’ letter from 1986 blamed Jews for unrest in Middle East – Europe –

    This article puts the perfectly typically hysterical jew reaction (“jaw-droppingly shocking”) right next to the letter’s perfectly mundane understatement. The contrast between the jews’ brazen public screeching and Charles’ furtive tentative private musings could hardly be greater. Nixon and Graham were likewise furtive, and the jew hysterical overreaction just as screechy, but at least those goys explictly acknowledged that jewing posed a domestic existential threat.

    The article ends by revealing a recent secret visit Charles made to his grandmother’s grave. Naturally it fails to mention that she, like her grandson, was an obsequious kikeservative:

    She stayed in Athens during the Second World War, sheltering Jewish refugees, for which she is recognized as “Righteous Among the Nations” by Israel’s Holocaust memorial institution, Yad Vashem.

    If Charles had simply parroted the jew narrative and blamed Britons, Europeans, or Americans then jews would be trumpeting his righteousness. Instead he vexed them by imagining he could criticize them, even if only in private, even if only out of soft-headed sympathy for their fellow semites. Whenever and wherever jewing is exposed the jews try to cover it back up by crying that anti-jewing is the real problem.

  22. Stormer, Volume 12: Hong Kong Phooey – Daily Stormer

    Another Island nation kiked us. Samoa alleging “TOS/AUP violations” and seizing our domain. I read all the terms on the national registry. There’s nothing applicable. Is there a secret, unwritten policy insisting one not talk about Jews in every nation in the entire world? Where can Jews be discussed? Does anyone know? Why is this one single group supposed to be universally protected from all criticisms of their collective behaviors? What country will let us talk about Jews?

    . . .

    All I know is that a dozen countries have shut us down now. This is a massive, worldwide conspiracy among kikes to shut off this website. There’s people hunting for our staff. There’s governments pointing guns at registry operators. This is a scale of censorship that has never been applied to any publication in the history of man, and yet: we still post.

    The world’s foremost problem.

  23. Nigel Farage: “I recently made some remarks praising the achievements of Jewish Americans and was condemned (as usual). Where is the outcry from the same commentators over Prince Charles?”

    “C-charles is the real nazi.” What a faggot.

  24. “A typical example of jew double-talk.”

    Of course, Jews are taught a dual morality from childhood, one set of rules for Jews and another for gentiles. It only follows that double-talk would be a consequence. Also, the duplicity they are notorious for is a result of their teachings.

  25. I would think that the specific character of the culture produced by Jews is an expression of their characteristic genetics, Fred W. It cannot be the other way around when all other cultures on the planet have expressed similar cultural ideas both good and bad at times, but yet none appears like the Jew to be so determined to dominate, subjugate, destroy, enslave, genocide, subvert, etc., other peoples, as an ideal.

    All groups over-extend, outrage in violence, and commit crimes, on occasion. But why do Jews have no even distant rivals in the category of ‘National Religions Celebrating Successful Genocides’? It’s because every normal people collectively comes to regret war and mass murder. They don’t.

    The standard modus vivendi for everyone else is live and let live. The typical mindset of the collective Jew is, ‘Who next to invade or destroy?’

    And if the influences were cultural not genetic, would not the Jew, the most widely dispersed and cosmopolitan of all nations be the most average, not the anomalous outlier?

  26. Daily Stormer: “Another Island nation kiked us. Samoa alleging “TOS/AUP violations” and seizing our domain.”

    I’m sorry, but this is proof that the problem doesn’t come from the Jews. How many Jews in Samoa? Certainly not enough to noticeably influence the Samoan government’s policies.

    (Only joking!).

  27. “I would think that the specific character of the culture produced by Jews is an expression of their characteristic genetics”

    Amen, to that!

    The culture is an expression of their genes and the culture reinforces the genetic attributes, like regenerative feedback. The culture jump starts the genetic attributes.

    In yeshiva, preteen even kindergarten, children are encouraged in the stereotypical jewish concepts. They are heavily pressed in all things yiddishkite. This gives their genetic character a big stimulus to early development and to come to fuller expression. Their insular culture and breeding are both self- reinforcing and crosslinked ( a super strong structure ).

  28. “Jews take it for granted that their jewing is by definition good and right”

    Yep, they are taught this from childhood. After all, they are self- destined to rule the world.

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