Discussing Breivik on The Friday Show (with Mike Conner and Matt Parrot)

I’ll join Mike Conner and Matt Parrot on the Friday Show, live tonight at Voice of Reason, Friday, April 27th at 9PM ET. In today’s Breivik headlines, Anders Breivik: Unraveling Violent Crimes and Mental Illness, at ABC News: “When people struggle to comprehend what lies behind the mass murder of adolescents gathered for a weekend […]


Breivik Trial, Day Five

Courtroom twitterers: Paul Brennan (paulrbrennan) on TwitterHelen Pidd (helenpidd) on TwitterTrygve Sorvaag (trygvesorvaag) on Twitter Selected twits from 20 April 2012, in chronological order. @helenpidd: Breivik: “I am not a racist, I am an anti-racist.” Concerned with the “anti-European racism” in the Norwegian media. @helenpidd: Breivik complains that “cultural conservatives” such as himself has no […]


Kay on Breivik on “The Jew”

The mainstream reporting on Breivik’s thinking has so far neglected to dig into his opinions on “the jews”. Perhaps that’s because it would be difficult to describe that thinking faithfully without either embarassing or infuriating “the jews”. Jonathan Kay at the National Post seems to think he has found a way. Kay has skimmed Breivik’s […]


Anti-European Experts Driving Media Narrative on Breivik

Norway massacre exposes incendiary immigration issue, Reuters, 25 July 2011 (my emphasis): Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik said he killed 93 people to spark a “revolution” against the multiculturalism he believed was sapping Europe’s heritage, and experts say a frank debate about immigration may be the best way to prevent similar explosions of violence. In some […]