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Pardon the Interruption

Some time between the 16th and 17th my previous hosting service, 1and1, decided to take my server offline and lock me out of their admin console, “for your own protection” due to “a possible case of attempted abuse”. It was several more days before I was able to get through to their 9-5 security team to find out what was going on.

They claimed I had violated their terms of service, specifically regarding “hate”, and stated they no longer wanted my business. They wouldn’t grant me any further access to my server, but they did provide codes so I could transfer my domain registration elsewhere. Fortunately I had backup copies of the bulk of the data, but a couple of the most recent comments were lost.

I had long wanted to upgrade my operating system and software, and the plug-pulling gave me an opportunity to do that. I found a new hosting service, www.orangewebsite.com, who I feel better about giving my money to. They’re based in Iceland, take payment anonymously, and sound serious about free speech:

I found content on a website hosted on your servers that I find offensive. How can I ask you to remove it?

We are a free speech hosting provider and, thus, the cost of that is that there may be content hosted on our servers that some people might find offensive. Once we start taking down such web sites, then we are no longer a free speech hosting service provider.

We’ll see how long it lasts. Their terms of service don’t currently mention “hate”, “racism”, or “anti-semitism”. But then every day the jewing grows more overt and obnoxious, all over the world.

Sidebar Link Update, Dec 2010

A commenter astutely noted that many of my lame-ass links are vestigal and could stand some reevaluation and pruning.

Many dead links were removed, a few were moved/renamed/recategorized. As I ran out of steam the links lower down got less and less scrutiny. It was simple enough to zap the whole Wrong section, but I put off a more thorough review of the Right/Jihad/Neocons links for later.

My current interests are reflected in the following highlights, mostly additions:


The Occidental Quarterly – Western Perspectives on Man, Culture, and Politics – Visually upgraded and relaunched a few months ago. White nationalist Yggdrasil returns: Why The Occidental Quarterly Exists.

Former TOQ editor Greg Johnson has moved to Counter-Currents Publishing. About.

The Occidental Observer – White Identity, Interests, and Culture. Read Kevin MacDonald’s Mission Statement. Matt Parrot upgraded the site, combining the magazine and blog.

Instauration MagazineThe Authorized Online Edition of Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration Magazine 1975-2000.

Solutrean Liberation Front. The blog of Kyle Bristow, author of White Apocalypse.

From The Provinces – Reaction and Rebellion in Red America. John Pelham cross-posts to Occidental Dissent as Hunter Wallace.

Vanishing American – Back from hiatus.

Hail To You – What you’re looking for, is what is looking.

INCOG MAN – SICK OF THE BS! – Dumped by wordpress.com, link updated.

Racial Realities – angrywhitefemale.

Rebellion Blog – Old Rebel.

Southern Nationalist Network – Independence & Identity!

Free The Order / David Lane – Better late than never.


Immigration Control Platform (Ireland)



Erectus Walks Amongst Us – The evolution of modern humans. Out of Africa is bunk, Which Way Western Man?

The Peopling of Europe

Anthroeurope – A humble anthropological study of Europe