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Catching up with John Friend


On Tuesday night John Friend and I discussed what’s happened since last year.

Topics included the ongoing jew war on Whites, the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, kikeservatives, Twitter, the jewsmedia, Trump, Bannon, (((the echo meme))), alt-right, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Jared Taylor, Hitler and national socialist Germany, White racial consciousness.

Secure America, For Israel


The twits at Secure America Now are pumping out judeo-con double-talk: America must support Israel defending itself!

Institute for Policy Studies provides some “left-wing” jewish insight into SAN:

Secure America Now (SAN) is a hawkish advocacy group founded in 2011 by pollsters John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell. The group produces political ads and policy analyses in an effort to “inject national security issues into the public dialogue.”[1] A high-profile “member” of the group is Devon Cross, a longstanding neoconservative activist who has supported a number of militarist advocacy initiatives, including the Project for the New American Century.[2]

Secure America Now has been criticized for attempting to mask a right-wing, “pro-Israel” agenda with misleading claims about bipartisanship. For instance, in a report about a poll it released in July 2011 that purported to demonstrate that Jewish Americans were abandoning the Democratic Party, the Washington Post’s Plum Line reported, “Republicans are touting yet another poll that purports to predict the end of the Jewish allegiance to the Democratic Party. Citing a new poll by Republican John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell, the GOP’s favorite ‘Democrat,’ they have convinced themselves that this time, Obama really is in trouble among Jewish voters.”

The pro-Israel agenda is bipartisan. “Left-wing” organizations ordinarily mask it. What makes SAN “right-wing” is that it doesn’t. SAN also makes no attempt to explain how “standing with Israel” helps “Secure America Now”. To do so would mean acknowledging that 1) the jews run America, 2) they care far more about Israel than America, and 3) SAN exhortations to “stand with Israel” and “stop Iran” are about signaling a willingness to serve the jews, not Americans.

Predictably, such obsequiousness amuses the jews.

Anti-White is Not Code for Anti-Jew

Embedded in Gawker’s snarky White Man March Happens, Nobody Cares I found this twit:

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one, which captures one of the major themes of the hostile reaction to the White Man March, reduces to just two – anti-White whine. However, with just a little work I thought it could help prove a point:

Sure enough, I touched a nerve:

Brian Stuart describes itself as a dangerous fat activist, humorless feminist and pedantic liberal. He has produced a series of similar cartoons, all crying out for noses.

If anything illustrates the jewish origin of the anti-White zeitgeist, it’s right here. As anyone can see, all it takes to turn humor into hate is to mistake jews for Whites.


Anti-Whiteness is Trending

In White proverbs the BBC notes that anti-Whiteness is trending, though they try to spin it as something fun and innovative. Don’t hold your breath waiting for anti-”racist” groups to sue Twitter over this. They defend jews, not Whites.

The fact is that the Twitter hashtag #WhiteProverbs is just another manifestation of a peculiar form of complaining which has taken several other names in the past few years – “First World Problems”, “White Problems”, “White Whine”, and “Microaggressions”. The consistent mislabeling of these trendy expressions reflects their dishonest nature. Names like “#AntiWhiteProverbs”, “Anti-White Problems”, “Anti-White Whine”, or “Micropassiveaggressions” would more accurately convey what’s really going on.

The attached screenshot and 21 Racial Microaggressions You Hear On A Daily Basis capture the core themes. The grievances come entirely from non-Whites ostensibly incensed by a naive, deracinated White unconsciously trampling on some aspect of their fragile non-White self-image. More than half of the whining boils down to self-criticism couched as an insult. The non-Whites seem most unhappy and insecure about their hair, their looks in general, their alien name/food/customs, or their language troubles. And they blame it all on Whites.

In their minds the worst offense of all is when Whites say that race doesn’t matter. As the execrable Bill Maher puts it, denying “racism” is the new “racism”. It’s not that any of these anti-White assholes want Whites to wake up and have our own racial consciousness. What they want is for us to learn and cater to all the little nuances of their identities.

Whites thinking that race doesn’t matter definitely is a big problem – for Whites. Instead of doing what non-Whites want, Whites should be thinking about what’s best for Whites.